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Best Candlestick pattern strategy for Btst:-

Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern
Please read full thread.
Tried my best to explain in a simple and effective way.

#StockMarket #Btst #stockmarketcrash
This pattern contains of 2 candles.The first candle is known as the mother and the second is known as the child.
The first candle will be a large candle and the second will be a smaller candle that is completely inside the mother candles high and a low is known as a child candle. Image
If market is in consolidation zone and it gives breakout and forms inside bar candlestick pattern. Then it will be good for btst entry. Image
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Google Trends - A Thread

1) Bear Market - Nearing 2020 Highs

2) Recession -

Reaching previous peak levels of 2008/2020

3) Stock Market Crash - Yet to gain significance traction

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📌 pinned thread of threads 🧵 Image
here is a preemptive half-apology for my love of all that is verbose and my utter lack of ability for brevity. You may walk away from my threads and musings coping, seething, laughing or crying but you'll walk away with a little more than you knew before. 🤞
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Confused about which stock to buy this #stockmarketcrash?

Here are 9+ ideas to start ⤵️

• Interest in analysis
• Basic signup on
• Finology one subscription (optional).

1. Rising Stars

Microcap companies with good profit and sales growth along with return ratios.

Stocks: 36

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Biggest companies in the world 🏆

◆ Saudi Aramco $2.33 Trillion
◆ Apple $2.22 Trillion
◆ Microsoft Corp. $1.89 Trillion
◆ Alphabet $1.46 Trillion
◆ Amazon .com $1.09 Trillion
◆ Tesla $0.73 Trillion

(By Mcap)

Biggest Indian companies 🏆

◆ Reliance Ind. 17.67 Lakh Cr
◆ TCS 11.69 Lakh Cr
◆ HDFC Bank 7.37 Lakh Cr
◆ Infosys 5.95 Lakh Cr
◆ HUL 5.40 Lakh Cr
◆ LIC 5.24 Lakh Cr
◆ ICICI bank 4.98 Lakh Cr

Where do you invest?

#stockmarketcrash #invest
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#ElonsProblems - So Elon Musk's #TwitterTakeover coincides with #Tesla stock losing 35% of its value in five weeks. I know it will bounce back, but I feel like there's a little #karma in all this. :) Image
2/ #ElonMusk #ElonsProblems - #Freespeech most vociferous advocates seem the least likely to understand it.…
3/ I actually truly appreciate #ElonMusk for #Tesla and #SpaceX. But I don't appreciate his Napoleonic overreach, name-calling, disregard for #freespeech or #whistleblowers. His legal problems are of his own making.…
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Mindset Moment 🧠

Sheesh, If you’ve been an active investor in the markets over the last 6 months, you don’t need ShadowInvestor™ to tell you what a hell of a ride it’s been.

Fears of rising rates and a slowing economy has completely flipped the switch on investor sentiment.
And that’s triggered a sell-off that’s seen the average tech stock fall by 37%.

We'll focus on tech for today but markets in general are looking heartbreaking & this could apply to you.

Pandemic favourites like Zoom & Peleton are down about ~80% and Australian tech about ~90%🤯
But despite the recent declines it’s easy to forget just how long this tech bull run has been going for.

Take e.g. ARKK, The famous tech ETF from @CathieDWood is down ~50% since this time last year.

But despite this, the ETF is still up ~40% from 2yrs ago (AKA pandemic).
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One reason for the market fall is FII selling. But what are they buying?📈

• Voltas
• Saregama
• GMR Infra
• CG Power
• Clean Science
• Bharat Electronics

(Based on FII stake increase by more than 1% from past 2 quarters)

Which one do you own⤵️
Do you think the selling will start in these stocks also and affect their prices?⤵️

#stockmarketcrash #buythedip
What are your opinions about Saregama @sahil_vi & @WealthEnrich? 🤔
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How to profit from stock market Volatility? 📈

A thread 🧵

#Niftybank #price
For all the potential investors, storming out in this volatility, seeing all the panic in the market and wondering what to do, this is for you.

Firstly. CALM DOWN!

#Russia #UkraineRussiaWar
➡️𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆?

It is the rate at which the price of a stock increases or decreases over a particular period.

Higher price volatility often means higher risk, which in turn helps an investor estimate the fluctuations that may happen in the future.
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Few industries that may get affected due to an increase in OIL prices🛢️

• Cement
• Airlines
• Paint manufacturers
• Auto

But ‘How’🤔

Let's find out in this thread🧵

#RussiaUkraineWar #CrudeOil
India relies on other countries for more than 80% of its crude oil requirements🤯

As oil prices breached $100/ barrel for the first time since 2014, it is perhaps India’s biggest macroeconomic challenge.

#stockmarketcrash #Inflation
Effect on some sectors and why⤵️

• Cement - Because power and fuel expenses account for 25-30% of the sector's total operating cost.

• Airline - Because aviation turbine fuel accounts for a big share of its operating cost.

• Paint - Because oil is a major raw material.
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What India imports from Russia📊

•Mineral fuels & oils 28050 Cr
•Pearls, stones & coins 7316 Cr
•Fertilizers 3014 Cr
•Project Goods 2055 Cr
•Animal, veg. fats & oils 1979 Cr
•Paper & paperboards 815 Cr

(Apr-Dec 2021)
Some other major imports include things like Plastics, Chemicals, Nuclear reactors, Rubber, Electric Equipments, etc.

#RussiaUkraineWar #government
We are dependent on various things and if there is a Price increase, then many of our sectors will be impacted.

➡️Track them now on

#stockmarketcrash #inflation
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#RussiaUkraineConflict begins, and markets are crashing the world over. Wars come with an irreparable human cost. But what about the impact on us far away? If your portfolio looks red and you are worried, this is for you. A #thread 🧵
#sensex #stockmarketcrash
Let’s travel back in time to see how wars have affected the markets. We'll look at the largest #drawdowns because of war, and use the movement of S&P 500 index to track impact. 2/n
March 1939, Nazi Germany enters former Czechoslovakia. Markets go down🔻 -20.5% in 22 days. And how long did it take to recover⬆️? About 12 months. Within a year, the drop was eliminated. 3/n
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#RussiaUkraineConflict #stockmarketcrash #oilandgas

The World 🌎 would be Bleed if the sanctions issued on russia 🇷🇺continue for a longer period of time: Here’s Why?

A Thread 🧵

1. Russia is responsible for 4.2% of the Worlds aluminium 🏗 Supply.

2. Russia happens to be the 3rd largest producer of Petroleum🛢after Saudi Arabia & the US & is the 2nd largest producer of Natural gas⛽️after the U.S.

The main Consumers of Russian Oil and Gas 🇷🇺🛢are the European Union 🇪🇺💶(48%) & China(31%)🇨🇳.

3. Russia also happens to be the largest producer of Palladium which is widely used in manufacturing Automobile batteries 🚗🏎.

4.Russia is the 2nd largest producer of Barley 🌾 whilst Ukraine🇺🇦is the 4th largest producer. Barley happens to be the main ingredient in Beer🍺.

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Top 9 Upcoming IPO's for 2022:

A Thread 🧵 :

Retweet, Comment & Share.
1. LIC

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India is the largest and the most awaited IPO in India. The government plans to sell around 5% of its stake in the company.

@LICIndiaForever #LICIPO
#LIC #IPO #StocksInFocus #StockMarket #stockmarketcrash
2. OYO

OYO is a leading name in the hospitality sector led by @riteshagar. It plans to raise INR 8,430 crores through its IPO. This amount will be raised through fresh issue of Shares and Offer for Sale.

#oyo #IPO #StocksInFocus #stocks #stockmarketcrash
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Everyone will tell you this during Market Crash 👀

•Don’t Panic
•Have Patience
•Avoid Hurry Selling
•Buy the dip
•Rebalance when the worst is over
•Always have a backup plan

But only a few share some practicals. Let's do it today.

A thread🧵
It is next to impossible to predict a fall. But when it happens we are left with two options:

❌To panic sell good stocks.
✔️Stay calm and look at the crash as an opportunity to invest in more quality stocks.
Now you would ask that everything is in RED. How to differentiate quality stocks from fundamentally weak stocks?

We have an answer.

Let's look at 5 important ways to identify quality stocks.⤵️
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Let's deep-dive into Tata Power with long #Threads 🧵

Vision: Empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions.

#TataGroup Image

It is one of the few #stocks that we accumulated in 2020 #stockmarketcrash with long-term view.

So, let's go in detail about Tata Power to understand its biz., future prospect, potential growth etc...

#stockmarkets #sharemarket #investing #StockMarketindia Image

Before we proceed in detail about Tata Power, request you to please go through quoted thread on 'Megatrends for Energy', which gives an idea for potential growth of Tata power in all 4 pillars.

#TataGroup #StockMarketindia #sharemarket
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Rates down, VIX down, stocks down.

This is the opposite of nearly every day the past 2 weeks.
All of @CathieDWood's @ARKInvest funds putting in monster capitulation volume on huge bottoming candles. ImageImageImageImage
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#stockmarketcrash lol
you idiots don't know what a stock market crash is

money is moving out of tech and into value stocks now

the growth stocks are over for now because of bond prices

last March when it fell 30 percent was a stock crash under TRUMP
Although bonds were stable, money started to flow out of technology stocks again as the morning progressed, with Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock falling 2.0% to its lowest since late December, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) stock falling 1,6% and Square (NYSE:SQ) falling 5.2%,
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#stockmarketcrash @POTUS @GenFlynn Trump and team are breaking up the monopolies and extracting the fiat money from our economy! All expertly planned. Have faith; there is no better business person to lead us through this transition than our fearless President!
These 11 #Globalist companies control what you buy…
These #Cabal Media companies control what you think
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Time to be greedy when everyone else is fearful? (1/2)

India VIX or Fear index hits highest levels of 42 since 2008. The 14 week RSI of VIX has crossed 80. It has never before traded at such overbought levels before.

#VIX #fear #bearmarket #stockmarketcrash
#nifty Image

Is the panic bottom in place now? Is the carnage over? Let’s wait and watch…

#panic #shortselling #bse #nifty @SOVITCMT
@abhishekcjain @VMK100 @Geetu_Moza @vijaybhambwani @amarkoradia @CMTAssociation
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