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“Crimean Tatars after February 2022” - a conference organized in cooperation with @AnnaFotyga_PE & @UA_EUMission at the @Europarl_EN

It was dedicated to a tragic date - the day of remembrance of victims of the genocide of Crimean Tatars 1/6

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“In 1991, Mejlis was elected - a representative body of Crimean Tatars. We decided to be part of independent 🇺🇦 then,” told Gunlara Abdulaieva.

A little over 20 years have passed, #Crimea suffered the 🇷🇺 occupation in 2014, Mejlis was announced as an extremist organization 2/6 Image
The entire population of the occupied #Crimea has been under pressure, intimidation and in danger of imprisonment since then.

Aziz Umerov told the story of his sister, #PoliticalPrisoner Leniie Umerova who faces up to 20 years of imprisonment under trumped-up charges ‼️ 3/6 Image
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1. As the federal capital, the Constitution grants the United States Congress exclusive jurisdiction over the District in "all cases whatsoever".

James Comer and Kevin McCarthy should release any prisoner held for a duration of time inconsistent with standard criminal guidelines
2. In the case of the J6 self-guided tour attendees, that is every last one of them.

The Oversight Committee can take charge of the DC jails and release the #J6 #PoliticalPrisoners IMMEDIATELY.
3. They can't change the Biden DOJ or judicial process, but the jail & police falls under jurisdiction of the OGR Cmte.
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The Witness documented the no. of days that the #NSL47 are on remand in custody where they await trials. Most of them have been in jail for >700 days for charges they have not been convicted of, while some released on bail continue to be watched in their daily lives.
The number continues to add up and the time in custody nearly has no foreseeable end. During this time, they were seen as no less than a criminal. Some were held in solitary confinement with questionable health conditions. They are #PoliticalPrisoners in #HongKong - just say it.
The gov wanted to put activists in jail to brake the movement's momentum. They did so by arresting all of them, knowing that they barely had sufficient proof to even begin with. So the prosecutor bade to keep them in custody to make time for investigation. And the court accepted.
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1/5 #Nazarbayev used this format of meetings with religious figures successfully, held power for thirty years. #Tokayev follows the same path. Amends the Constitution, increases the term of presidency, uses the Assembly of Peoples of 🇰🇿 & the meeting with religious leaders. @hrw
2/5 In realiti, the pressure on human rights defenders is intensifying. Tokayev, during the January events, accused human rights defenders of misreporting the #kazakhstanprotests2022 destabilizing the situation. He uses controlled human rights defenders, @MihraRittmann @MSNBC
3/5 the human rights ombudsman and the ombudsman #Azimova for the protection of children's rights to improve his image. At the same time, it persecutes independent human rights movements, does not allow them to register, persecutes them, arranges an economic blockade, @samiraraf
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This #BlackAugust, in partnership with @MXGMNational we're calling for the freedom of 5 #PoliticalPrisoners:
❤️ Dr. Mutulu Shakur
🖤Mumia Abu-Jamal
💚 Kamau Sadiki
💛Imam Jamil Al Amin
🤎Ed Poindexter

Join us today to send them love, support, & hope:… Black August '22 Support Political Prisoners Directly at M4b
Dr. #MutuluShakur is a father, grandfather, healer, & human-rights activist who has been in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for more than 35 years. He was targeted and victimized by the Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) as early as 1968.…  Dr. Mutulu Shakur is a father, grandfather, healer, and hum
@MumiaAbuJamal is an internationally celebrated Black writer & radio journalist, author, and organizer. He is a former leader of the Black Panther Party, and supporter of Philadelphia’s radical MOVE organization who has spent the last 40 years in prison.… Mumia Abu-Jamal is an internationally celebrated Black write
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1. Human rights activist Raigul #Sadyrbayeva went on hunger strike.Arrest,solitary confinement, torture,threat of rape. This is the way they treat an activist whose name is included in the Resolution of the @ParlamentEU @Left_EU @UK_Parliament @rozathun @SenateGOP @SenateForeign
2. So there is even more pressure on ordinary protesters, because they have no lawyers & no support from civil society. For repression, torture, execution, blocking of the Internet, and support of #Putin's regime through the #CSTO & the #EAEU, @UN_Women @mbachelet @PressSec @hrw
3. we demand the withdrawal of #Kazakhstan from the @UN_HRC, #personalsanctions. We demand the release of all #politicalprisoners & civil activists: R. #Sadyrbaeva, Anar #Kaliyeva, Lyazzat #Dosmambetova, Zhanmurat #Ashtayev, Nurjan #Sembayev, Bibigul #Kokanbekova, @DominicRaab
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1, #Germany's new government's #coalitionagreement of the @SPDbt, @Die_Gruenen and @FDP, on the #EuropeanEunion's #EasternNeighborhood: "We are working together with the #EU and its member states on the further development of the #EasternPartnership.
2. States such as #Ukraine, #Moldova & #Georgia, which are striving to join the EU, should be able to move closer through consistent rule-of-law and market-economy reforms. We will react decisively and reliably to democratic upheavals and be a partner to the democracy movements.
3. We want to facilitate civil society exchanges through targeted visa facilitation. We will continue to support Ukraine in restoring full territorial integrity and sovereignty. @UkrVerstehen @H__Ukraine @PromoteUkraine @NEC_Ukraine @intercourier_ua @UaPosition @CPD_UA @gazeta_ua
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1/6 #PoliticalPrisoners — none of whom are charged with anything remotely resembling "insurrection" — told us yesterday they're subjected to routine beatings by DC corrections officers who get kicks off of macing them in the middle of the night, and other physical/mental abuse.
If what I heard yesterday at the rally held by @MattBraynard/@LookAheadOrg for #PoliticalPrisoners was alleged by BLM, the corrupt corporate media would be covering it 24/7, and the fraud @ACLU would have a team of lawyers dedicated to their release.

Instead, it's Mao's America.
In fact, where is @RepWebster when several of his constituents are being denied due process and allege routine physical/mental abuse by DC corrections officers?

Hiding in the Horse Capital or a flat in the Nation's Capitol?
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1/5 This is how Israel is carrying out its mass arrest campaign against Palestinians who are nominally carriers of Israeli ID’s - ie ‘citizens’. #SaveSheikhJarrah #Palestine #ACAB #politicalPrisoners…
2/5 The mass waves of arrests are the settler-colony’s way of reasserting controls and crushing us into submission. Specifically the targeting of children and minors as well as working class youth amplifies the class nature of Israel’s repression and that of the current upraising
3/5 Thus far over 1,700 people have been arrested since May 9th and the campaign continues. The mass majority have been released which shows the level of arbitrary arrests that have been made.
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There Is No Case. Release the Bhima Koregaon 16 and Compensate Them… by @meenakandasamy and @jigneshmevani80
“This leads us to the inevitable question, why has the Modi government were targeted and incarcerated the Bhima Koregaon 16?
None of them committed crimes of any sort. None of them indulged in any violence.”
They remain in jail on the basis of claims made by the police based on electronic evidence. Now, when the two Arsenal reports make it abundantly clear that the electronic evidence was itself planted, all claims of conspiracy fall.
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You can measure the effectiveness of resistance by the fury of the response by ruling elites.
by @ChrisLynnHedges… #ChrisHedges #Resistance #ExtinctionRebellion #JulianAssange #TheResistance #protestors #protests
Accusing Holy Land Foundation Five of “funding terrorism” required a great deal of creativity but also a collaboration between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
by @mikopeled… #Palestine #MuslimTwitter #politicalprisoners
"Two of the rebels I admire most, #JulianAssange, the #WikiLeaks publisher, and #RogerHallam, the co-founder of #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR, are in jail in Britain."
Illustratin by Mr. Fish for Scheerpost
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An incomplete and ongoing list of #politicalprisoners in India.
This video was created by various groups, organizations, and individuals who came together to take a public stand against the ongoing arrest and detention of leaders, scholars, and student activists in India.
This is by no means a complete list. Also the list of political prisoners from Kashmir far exceeds what is in this list. While some prominent names appear, we cannot equate a place under military occupation to the rest of the country.
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Ministry of Truth
@JosepBorrellF asks #Spain's Superior Court of Justice to close #Catalan delegations in London, Geneva & Berlin for "damaging Spain's image" based on documents intercepted by his toytown spy network and social media posts.

The delegation is accused of ''retweeting messages in favour of Gibraltar" and criticising Borrell's comment on us history: "they only had to kill a handful of Indians".

In this case, surely it was Borrell was "harming #Spain's image"?

Borrell's toytown diplomats found it "damaging to #Spain's image" that "there were barely 20 people" at an event with Parliament VP, @josepcosta: an Estelada on a table "looked like a coffin" and "people mocked it on social media"

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"Catalonia and the trial on the referendum: a challenge for the EU". Conferència conjunta amb el president @QuimTorraiPla a Brussel·les

📲 Pots seguir-la en directe aquí ➡️

Last Tuesday, a political trial against members of the previous @govern, against social leaders of the main civil organizations of #Catalonia and against the former president of the @parlamentcat began in Spain #CatalanEU
The simple fact that this trial could take place brings #ShametoSpain and, therefore, to the entire #EuropeanUnion, whose main institutions have chosen to remain silent, when facing such a disgraceful situation where democracy is at stake #CatalanEU
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Livestreaming at 7pm ET tonight! @mikopeled discusses #HLF5 in Brooklyn. Here's where the stream will be: Image
@mikopeled Starting livestream w @mikopeled in 5 mins
Matt Meyer of War Resisters League & Resistance in Brooklyn talking now about the commonalities of political prisoners across movements and communities and the importance of united struggles Image
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