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Suggestions to @DefenceMinIndia @HMOIndia.

1. Increase in number over period of time.
2. Territorial Army should also come up with a similar training for people physically and educationally qualified with higher age.
3. Thresholds of 25% after training period for #Agniveers should be flexible on basis of performance. Some batches may have over 50–60% brilliant individuals and some batches may have 10–15% to the mark up.
This threshold is a limiting factor to quality.
4. State police, paramilitary forces and other related security forces should have a separate provisions from the lot which do not get permanent positions in Army.
5. Private security companies must come up with recruitment schemes for Agniveers in advance for motivating youth.
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A must read thread!
What is Army?
One more by Major Manoj Asthana.

We are not just "PEOPLE" ... in ordinary life.
Then what Is the Army ??

When a cold and shivering jawan gets you a cup of hot tea on a patrol break at 13,000 feet.
When your sixth sense tells you there is something wrong with a guy at 50 meters.

When you meet with an accident and the first thing you check is the serviceability of your legs.

When you speak the language of your boys.

When you sit from dusk to dawn in an ambush on Valentine’s Day, you know army is giving you the red rose.
When you are a master at pump stove, lanterns, solar lights, bukharis and travelling in trains without reservations.
When a girl in the pub is indicated by clock-ray method.
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Contribution of #Mysore Empire - #Thread.

Brithishers knew about #KGF (Kolar Gold Field). In the year 1802, John Warner learned about the presence of gold and demarked the area, allowing him to export a small amount of gold.
From 1881 through 1946, John Taylor & Company exported 10,000 kg of gold to the United Kingdom each year. That's almost 6,50,000 kg of gold from #Mysore State, which is now #Karnataka. Even at that time, #Karnataka was the largest tax-paying state.
Britishers robbed the whole wealth of Mysore State during the 4th Anglo Mysore War in 1799. Due to a lack of money, work on the Mysore Palace was halted for four years. Even Dussehra was not celebrated between 1800 and 1804.
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Soldiers who served under him remember him motivating them frequently, saying, “I will never ask you to do anything that I am myself incapable of doing.”

Every Part of this thread is history which many are not aware.

Please make some time & do read about the Upanishad Expert

When Cariappa warned about possible Chinese incursion, Nehru said- "I think Gen. Cariappa is completely off the track mentally & otherwise"
Please note, whether it is General Cariappa or General Thimmaiah, Nehru never gave respect for the men in uniform.
And General Cariappa built INDIAN ARMY under these Circumstances.
How many know Nehru consulted Edwina during Army Chief Selection?
Read this fascinating story in the image.
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#Engineering #medicine #management

More and more IIT alumni are donating money to their mother institutions (IITs) to build and run medical colleges.

This is excellent start of a revolution. Let's try to predict the direction.

IITs have been truly star institutes of India. Almost all produce occupies highest possible positions home and abroad. And in civil services as well.

Every Indian parent nurtures IIT dream for their children and IIT alumni run coaching institutes also to fulfil that dream.
Intelligent engineers quickly quit their base speciality and enter very lucrative management work in for-profit organisations. Our best brains are well known to make tons of money for investors and share holders. Enriching the whole world in this process.
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Chakravyuh called Indian Healthcare.

Why nobody will be happy and everyone will die miserably in the end.
When you develop a complex system for large number of users, it is best to keep it uncomplicated and have NO conflicts in the basic principles that govern the system.
When conflict is present in basic principles, all components of the system try to get best for themselves AT THE COST OF OTHERS. So everyone ends up unhappy.
Speaking of healthcare, unless building blocks are well fitted and aligned, system will collapse.
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"The #RoshniAct of J&K - #Thread

The #RoshniAct has never been mentioned by the liberal media or the entire Leftist-controlled media.

On The #RoshiniAct, you will now know and understand what was done by..
#GulamNabiAzad & Kashmiri officials
This #RoshniAct was a plot devised by Farooq Abdullah to officially hand over to Muslims in Kashmir the homes, shops, gardens, and fields of Hindus who had fled Kashmir in 1990, a plot in which the #Congress was also deeply involved.
All of the Hindus who fled Kashmir in the 1990s were slaughtered by their own Kashmiri neighbours, with whom they used to have breakfast and lunch together, enjoy festivals together, and drink tea together for decades!
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@ril_foundation Namaste Ma'am. Am an Indian,currently stuck in Colombo. You would have heard that the cost of essential commodities like Bread,Dosa,Rice, Vegetables everything has skyrocketed.People in Srilanka r finding it very difficult to mannage their daily food requirements
They are seeking help from everyone with a big & benevolent heart.If Ucould help the families with children atleast to cope up with d escalating cost,their heartfelt gratitude will be with U & Ur dynasty for ever.Whatever food supplies you could do,it will make their heart smile
Your act at the time of crisis will surely make every Indian proud.
Looking forward to helping hand. Please Ma'am,what ever you can do,it will be welcome,mainly Food.
I know you will certainly help the needy.
#JaiHind 💐🤘🏼💐
Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu 🙏🏼🕉🙏🏼
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This was an initial deposit made for the running of #StarThamizhTvandFM, Voice of Asia Group.But was cheated by Mr.Navaneethan,Channel Head, StarThamizh Radio.
O was able to get a supporting letter from Minister Ali Sabry addressing Minister of Public Security &CC to IG,SLPolice ImageImageImage
I lodged the complaint in July '21& still chasing for a positive settlement as all the evidences are in my favour.India does timely financial help to #lka,like 7500crore.Can't the Honourable officials including my @PMOIndia @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia help me in getting back my 5mn?
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Career opportunities in armed forces & other institutes after +12.
A detailed thread on it. Do pass it on to the students
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यहूदियों के #चार_दर्दनाक_निर्वासन_हुए!! भारत के अतिरिक्त पूरे विश्व मे वे जहां भी गये, उन पर लोमहर्षक अत्याचार हुए। पशुओ से भी बदतर व्यवहार किया गया।
क्या क्या नही सहा!!
अपने उन 2500 वर्षों के दुर्दिनो के कटु अनुभवो को उन्होंने भुलाया नही। महाकाव्यो मे जगह दी
गीत बनाये।
हृदय मे संजोकर रखा।
सुबह शाम मंत्र की तरह पाठ किया और कठोर परिश्रम करते हुए बीच मे जब भी सुस्ताने को बैठे, उस दर्द भरे गीत के साथ चार आँसू बहाकर चिंगारी जलती रखी

यदि भारत मे हिंदुओ पर हुए अत्याचारो का ऐसा ही लेखा जोखा रखा जाता तो समुद्रो जितनी स्याही कम पड़ जाती
पूरी #पृथ्वी_जितना_कागज भी छोटा पड़ जाता। विश्व के सभी वृक्षो की टहनियो से बनी लेखनी भी थक जाती।
हिंदुओ पर अंतिम तीन आघात-
मुस्लिम आक्रमण
अंग्रेजो के अत्याचार और
स्वराज के पश्चात सेक्युलर शासको की उपेक्षा
ने उनको इस अवस्था मे लाकर पटक दिया है कि वे संवेदना शून्य हो गए हैं।
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My #KashmirFiles movie & theater experience yesterday
☄After Uri I am watching an Indian Movie!
☄Superbly sequenced & lot of thought has gone into lining up incidents in a apt way
I was speechless & dumbstruck at the horrific k!lling & torture our #Hindus in Kashmir faced
in Jan 1990
☄Let's henceforth call it as #Hindugenocide not Exodus!😞
☄My daughter,at one point of time became too emotional & started giving gallies & countering statements-her mind voice was coming out & I had to silence her !
Imagine in #Chennai during
the movie - people shouted #Jaihind & #BharatMataKiJai
But I see they are not #Tamizhians ofcourse!
☄People who get depressed easily should not watch! The k!lling of character sharada was horrendous & we closed our eyes!
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Elections results so far have been as I expected. Nothing surprising as such but I thought AAP would get 70-75 odd seats in Punjab. They were always going to do very good but they have performed better than expected. Massive anti SAD anti CONG voting by people.

Baaki although expected, BJP has created history by winning 2 back to back big elections & electing a CM twice. You can love him hate him but can’t ignore Yogi.He is the 2nd biggest leader in the BJP today…Logical successor to PM Modi.He will be the face of 2029 #ElectionResults
Congrats to Goa, Manipur &Uttarakhand BJP units for retaining their states. Especially Uttarakhand that saw 3 CMs in last 5 years got a big victory. 8 yrs of Modi Ji’s tenure have passed & still people are firmly behind him. This shows ppl have faith in Modi Ji.
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I am not sure if I have become a Sanghi, but I will share how I became a nationalist. My periamma is very good at preparing Kesari. I went to her house while I was in my school days, and she had prepared Kesari on that day. (1/n)
As I ate her famous Kesari, I asked what was the special occasion. She replied, "Our Abdul Kalam has become the president of India."

Her patriotism infused much more sweetness in me than her kesari. (2/n)
When Modi became PM, I hadn't heard of him, and I remember seeing him bow in the parliament steps before entering first time. The very scene brought enormous respect towards him. (3/n)
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If this is true - It's amazing 👏

I too was thinking while paying income tax that we are getting squeezed n fooled by Government.

Post visit to Siachen n listening to 3 marathi Soldiers guarding there,
I have no regrets for paying Income tax.
Whatever they said was like -
7 years before
1. Ration 3 months old
2. Fruits 2 months old
3. Salad never received
4. Nobody cared for health
5. Depo for everything g eatable was at Delhi, then by truck to Leh, then by truck to Siachen, then by truck to Border n then air drop at
border post kitchen which used to take 2 to 3 months.

Since 7 years,
3 helicopters everyday bring
Fresh fruit
Fresh ration
Fresh salad
Fresh soups
Good kitchen
Good Chefs
Good waterproof clothing
Home made better quality waterproof shoes
(Earlier used to get imported shoes
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In this tweet I asked about need of legal action in cases of child-on-parent-violence.

Most answers are representative of our social beliefs.
Fellow CAP @VinayakChildPsy supported my stand. Gratitude.

Let me explain -
Myths -
1. Family conditions push boys to violence in "good" families
2. Violent adolescents need help from counsellors and psychiatrists and not be reported to police
3. If mother uses corporal punishment on a child, he is somehow justified in beating her up later
4. Juveniles get away with "anything". Law does not get involved at all.
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Rash Behari Bose, founder of INA, mentor to Netaji. a brilliant revolutionary, entrepreneur who set up the first Indian restaurant in Japan, the brains behind the entire INA movement.
Thread on his death anniversary today
There is a whole lot to Rash Behari Bose, one of the masterminds behind the plan to assassinate Lord Hardinge, the Viceroy, a key mover in the Ghadr conspiracy, meant to weaken the British army from inside, a master of disguise, camouflage and the founder of the INA
In many ways Rash Behari was the opposite of his more famed namesake, Subash Chandra Bose. Netaji was a brilliant orator, charismatic leader, who cud sway the masses. Rash Behari on the other hand was more subdued, the brains behind the scene, a strategist.
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Why should people vote for @myogiadityanath in #UttarPradesh?


This man works for the people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He is a Yogi, but a modern one; he wears a watch, owns a smartphone, drives a Toyota Fortuner, and craves Gulab jamuns.
After years, the rooms of all the houses that did not have access to electricity feel the light of Diwali every day, and the ink of the journalists who review crimes on the basis of Dalit-Muslim and caste has also dried up. All of this work is sufficient to assess his performance
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-14th round of senior military commander level #India-#China talks will take place today
-#IndianArmy remember #China & #CCP are biggest liars, most untrustworthy & disgrace to humanity
-Rember how Chou en Lai kept lying to PM Nehru & #India
-Better to trust Hyena than China
CIA Report:
-#Chinese diplomatic effort was a 5-year masterpiece of guile, executed & planned by Chou en Lai
-He played on Nehru's Asian, anti-imperialist attitude & his sincere desire for an amicable #India-#China relationship
CIA Report
-Nehru had so carried away in his desire for peace with #China that he told a source:I don't mind giving away a little bit of #Ladakh
-But I don't want #Chinese to take me for a sucker
-Chou en Lai has lied to me so often that I do not feel like trusting him anymore
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#Twitter I need to thank this platform for this where I learnt that #verified (whatever that means), except a couple of them, steal your tweet and people believe ,boy what knowledge!🤔; I also learnt that in matter of minutes people become seasoned phesphologists, economic expert
Sports journalists,advisors to the PM and also the opposition ,critics par excellence of art in all forms, experts on law ,especially the constitution(s), exponents of philately and what not. Boy oh! Boy it's a great learning ground indeed.
P.S. you want to spit on this tweet do
so on your TL, not on mine. #JaiHind
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Mi-17 V5 - #Thread

The #Mi_17_V5's glass cockpit features cutting-edge avionics including as four multifunction displays (MFDs), night-vision equipment, an on-board weather radar, and an autopilot system. The improved cockpit lessens the workload of pilots.
The KNEI-8 avionics suite, which includes navigation, information displays, and cueing systems, is integrated into the custom-built Indian Mi-17V-5 helicopters.
Main advantages

Operability in any geographical and climatic conditions, day and night, in adverse weather.

Operability in high-altitude and hot conditions.

Versatility (capability to effectively perform assault/transport and combat tasks during one mission sortie).
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Detailed Thread.
What you need to know about Mi-17V5 helicopter with Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat onboard met with an accident near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday afternoon. His staff & family members were also in the helicopter.
From News 18
#Bipin_Rawat #JaiHind
An inquiry has been ordered to look into the cause of the crash.

Mi-17V5 is a Russian-made military transport version of Mi-8 helicopters, used for deploying troops, arms transport, fire support, patrol and search and rescue missions.
It is considered one of the most advanced military transport helicopters in the world.

Russia’s Rosoboronexport signed a contract with the Indian government in 2008 to deliver 80 Mi-17V5 helicopters, which was completed in 2013.
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The current episode of #ISISK probaganda #Voiceofhind. Few #ISIS operatives were arrested my #NIA in the recent past.
1.The threat of this poisonous ideology Is real for Hindus, Christians & Jews.
2.They have been raided on #whatsapp #FB & #Telegram.
3. New medium is #Elements
4. #Clubhouse is also used.
5. The strategy is to all align all the local/ regional Jehadi groups to the ideology of #ISISK.
5. Attack on religious places including #Shiashrines, targetted killings, recuriting more jehadis, probaganda thro active use of SM and eventually
*achive ISISK Caliphate.
6. For this objective they are okay to align with any regional/ anti national forces incl naxals/ separatists & hostile nation's agencies.
7. Later finish them or bring them in to their ideology.
8. Check the pointed finger of d Terrorist in the pic.
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During the war in Ramayan, when Indrajit comes out to war after Atikaya's death, He rains arrows and practically nullifies the Vanara Army including the leaders. As he approaches Lakshmana for a fight, Rama tells Lakshmana, now is not the time for Bramhastra. Rama was calm & /1
He said, "Let us both get hit, finding both of us fallen, Indrajit will return to Lanka, being victorious in the beginning of the battle itself." Lakshmana obeyed Rama with complete trust in Him. Both Rama & Lakshmana pretended to fall for Indrajit's Nagastra & Garuda came to /2
their rescue. It looked like Rama took a step backward, it did not feel right to Lakshmana's capability. It feels like He betrayed Lakshmana. Eventually Lakshmana killed Indrajit using AIndrastra saying, /3
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