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@jacindaardern is not especially successful at anything except image management. Two years leading a government of scandal, failure, and waste... yet 89% personal approval. A dithering, reactive response to #Covid19... yet a reputation for proactivity and speed. /1 #nzpol
As we all play to our strengths, so does she. Image management is her consuming focus and her primary decision-making yardstick. And she gets a lot of praise and respect for the result from the media and political commentariat across the spectrum. She should, shouldn't she? /2
Surely such personal popularity is politically impressive? I argue no, because her audience makes it very, very easy. /3
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The choice was NEVER between public health and the economy. We could and still can fight this pandemic and protect people's livelihoods. It requires a massive and urgent federal response. Other countries have done this. We have made a choice NOT to. #coronavirus @COVID19 1/
The "American Way" is to do terribly at epidemic control and economic and social support. We've botched the response both to the epidemic and managing its economic fallout. Again, this was a policy choice. Made proactively by @realDonaldTrump. 2/
He owns EVERY death, EVERY bankruptcy. They are his now. This is his legacy. He could have been #JacindaArdern #AngelaMerkel #MetteFrederiksen. They are leading their countries through this. He is a catastrophe in every way. 3/
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March 18, 2019 James Fetzerblog
By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)
Former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Contractor…
Dr. Scott Bennett, formerly of the U.S. Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, attempted to blow the whistle by contacting the controlled MSM and writing to US politicians after being sacked from his job as terrorist finance investigator…
Okay, this is the prime minister of New Zealand, who's been in the news a lot lately.
And pardon me for saying, but just what is that going on underneath her skirt?

Mind you! #Christchurch was no conspiracy 😁🤣
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#MikeLee #WellHellzBellz #MormunMafia

Jon Huntsman
Mitt Romney
Harry Reid
Jeff Flake
Mike Lee

Whey do they all hate Trump?
Senator Mike Lee Unleashes Rant Against Donald Trump, June 30, 2016

*One month before the RNC Convention.

Never forget, they were trying to steal the nomination from Trump.

♦Mike Lee
♦Bill Marriott
♦Mitt Romney
♦Greg Bretzing
♦Jon Huntsman

Born into The Inner Circle

Called by revelation from God
♦Bill Marriott - Seventy
♦Bob Gay, Romney Bain Partner - Seventy
♦Marion G Romney - Apostle
♦David B Haight, grandpa of Huntsman - Apostle

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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4376: Jacinda Ardern and Donald Trump - a Study in Contrasts #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #JacindaArdern #DonaldTrump #ChristchurchShooting #Empathy #Grief
1/ This photo of Jacinda Ardern was taken in the immediate aftermath of the 15 March 2019 mass shooting at two Mosques in Christchurch. Since the tragedy, there've been thousands of images of the New Zealand Prime minister displaying this same classic expression of empathy-grief:
• Elevated Central Forehead Contraction
• Inner (medial) Eyebrows Upturned
• Upper Eyelids Slightly Closed
• Nostrils Slightly Flared
• Slight Lip Protrusion
• Down-turned Mouth Corners

Any person feeling sincere empathy will, to some degree, display this expression.
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