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Alex Barros-Curtis, Labour’s lawyer, said in evidence to the High Court that the code was kept secret because it was regarded internally as ‘incendiary’. Now, under pressure of an impending court case, the party has been forced to disclose it. #StarmerOut…
In a preliminary hearing in the High Court in February, LA4J won their arguments about how the case should proceed and had their costs awarded against the party for that hearing. Last week Labour released the withheld code that formed a central part of the claim. #StarmerOut
It appears that the code has been used to decide which complaints to pursue – and to judge those complaints – since September 2018, with its use continuing uninterrupted under the Starmer regime. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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Part of Kaplan's new job description is to help Labour win elections. Yet, when he was Deputy Head of the Israeli Labor Party's April 2019 G.E. campaign, that party – which long ago had a near-monopoly – collapsed to a pathetic 6 seats. #StarmerOut…
"There's no such thing as a 'former' spy." Asa Winstanley broke the story of Assaf Kaplan.

A failing elections campaign operative for the Israeli Labor Party, Kaplan had nonetheless been hired by Keir Starmer's UK Labour Party.
But the most stunning part of the story was not simply that Starmer had hired someone from outside of the UK, or even that he was an Israeli (given Israel and the Israeli Labor Party's open hostility towards UK Labour's last leader Jeremy Corbyn). #StarmerOut
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Yesterday's Guardian - Patriot games. In 2007 Gordon Brown stood up in parliament to give his first speech as prime minister. His theme was “reinvigorating Britishness”, and he offered a series of policies to promote the idea. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
His plan was to end the 1924 edict that allowed the union jack only to be flown from public buildings on only 18 designated days a year. All public buildings were to be encouraged to fly the red, white and blue at all times, schools, hospitals, prisons & police stations.
“The union flag is one of the most recognisable symbols of the UK,” Brown’s proposals argued, ''It is critical that this symbol is not hijacked by those who seek to work against values of tolerance and respect.” #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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Sir David Garrard gave The Independent Group/ Change UK £1.5 million. In September 2020, the Guardian reported Sir Garrard was due to meet Sir Keir Starmer's General Secretary David Evans. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
Before the 2005 General Election Garrard (Net worth£100 million in 2005) secretly provided the Labour Party with a loan of £2.3 million at a time when loans on commercial terms did not have to be declared, to be repaid on 28 April 2007. #StarmerOut
Following the discovery of the loan in the Cash for Honours scandal, Garrard withdrew his nomination for a peerage. The loan was extended & Gerrard eventually called for it to be repaid in 2015, in a reaction against the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.
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Both Sir Keir Starmer and his advisor Baron Mandelson are members of the Trilateral Commission, an organisation with dark connections to what’s termed the ‘Deep State’ that believes we the people have too much freedom, too much democracy. #StarmerOut…
A BBC profile of Mandelson says, "Peter Mandelson has won himself a place in the history books as the man who - along with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - consigned the Labour Party to the dustbin of history and created New Labour." #StarmerOut…
In rebranding Labour as New Labour, the three architects moved the party's policy away from the Left, which may reflect their membership of the right wing, neo-liberal British American Project. They were originally invited to attend in 1983.
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Where is the Forde Inquiry Report?. Also over one year ago the Labour party formally reported members of Sir Keir Starmer's leadership campaign team to the Information Commissioner, accusing them of hacking into the party's membership database #StarmerOut…
Jenny Chapman, the former Labour MP who chaired Sir Keir's campaign, said no-one on the team had the "capacity" to hack into any of the party's databases and "they wouldn't do it anyway". #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
The ICO has confirmed it had received a report of a membership database breach, and would make inquiries. I understand from multiple sources the Starmer team members were accused of what's called "data-scraping" - seeking to obtain certain information from a wider set of data.
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Today. ''Concerns have begun to focus on former MP Jenny Chapman, Keir's director of politics, and Morgan McSweeney, his chief of staff.'' ''“The problem is that Keir’s team is very inexperienced. We are in a bit of a state.'' #StarmerOut…
Senior Labour ''MPs'' want Keir Starmer to bring in a “Big figure” to provide greater direction to his leadership, amid concerns within the party that caution and a lack of ambition are holding back his performance. #StarmerOut
“People do underestimate the mountain of sh*t Keir inherited,” said one senior MP. “It is a monumental task. But there is a complaint of a lack of grip.”

Although another said: “There is deep frustration in the shadow cabinet over a lack of direction.” #StarmerOut
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Lord Waheed Alli gave Sir Keir Starmer £100,000, he worked with David Cameron at Carlton Communications. He co-founded Shine Limited with Elisabeth Murdoch daughter of Rupert Murdoch, owner of The S*n. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks #CONLAB
As well as Keir Starmer & the Labour Party Alli has donated directly to anti - Corbyn MP's Jess Phillips, Owen Smith, Angela Eagle and Liz Kendall. Lord Alli's TV production company Silvergate Media sold to Sony Pictures Television in a £148million deal.…
July 2019. A peer worth an estimated £200 million might also have a bone to pick with its ''Hard-Left'' shift under Jeremy Corbyn: “I love the Labour party. That’s what I believe in, you’re not going to take it away from me. By all means, bring it on.” #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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Deputy Leader of Croydon Council Alison Butler has close family ties to Keir Starmer's GS David Evans and has been involved in decisions to award contracts to his firm, The Campaign Company, without declaring a conflict of interest. #StarmerOut…
David Evans is the father of Alison Butler’s daughter from a relationship in the 1990s & Alison Butler’s son from another relationship is also employed by The Campaign Company.

Ms Butler was criticised for failing to declare conflict of interest and the quality of the work.
The Campaign Company was founded in October 2001 by Labour Party officials David Evans and Jonathan Upton. In May 2020, following Keir Starmer's selection of David Evans as General Secretary of the Labour Party, TCC came under scrutiny. #StarmerOut…
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People call me dramatic for saying we're becoming a fascist state,

We tick everyone of those 👇

I wish I was "being dramatic"
"It could be that Corbyn manages to run the gauntlet&get elected.
It’s possible. You should know, we won’t wait for him to do those things to begin to push back.
We will do our level best. It’s too risky and too important and too hard once it’s..happened.”
"A huge cache of leaked WhatsApp messages and emails show senior officials from the party’s right wing, who worked at its HQ, became despondent as Labour climbed in the polls during the election campaign despite their efforts."…
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Labour Together's most significant donor to date is Martin Taylor, who has given the group over £700,000. £143,992 of Taylor's donations were reported as being "non-cash". So that's over half a million in cash then?. 🤔#StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
The investigation into Labour Together, which counts among its current Directors' Lisa Nandy, Steve Reed, Jon Cruddas, Martin Taylor & Sir Trevor Chinn was opened in December 2020. Martin Taylor & Trevor Chinn are also donors both to the group & Starmer #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
Allegedly failing to declare over £800,000 in donations, its former managing director is now Keir Starmer's Chief of Staff, Morgan McSweeney. McSweeney was also Secretary from July 2017 to April 2020, when Starmer became leader of the Labour Party. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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David Lammy is financed by Trevor Chinn (A Director of Labour Together, now under investigation!) Chinn also sits on the Executive Committee of BICOM.

Conservative Friends of Israel and BICOM co-ordinate together. ''Get Brexit Done'' 1/23 🧵 #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
2/23. BICOM Links to Conservative Friends of Israel.
According to Peter Oborne:

Despite the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and BICOM not formally merging there is a huge amount of co-ordination. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
3/23. 2009; Pro-Israeli organisations in Britain look set to see their influence increase if the Conservatives win the next election, a film scrutinising the activities of a powerful but little-known lobby warns. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
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Keep this in mind as we dig deeper into another entity, the Tribune Group!. Labour Together are under investigation, Directors include Lisa Nandy, Steve Reed & Jon Cruddas. Researching registered donors to Keir Starmer, we encountered an intriguing anomaly. 1/24 🧵 #StarmerOut
2/24. Labour Together are under investigation for “Multiple” potential breaches of electoral law by the Electoral Commission including failing to declare more than £800,000. This was opened in December 2020 but let's look at The Tribune Group first. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
3/24. Nov 2020. So who are The Tribune Group of MP’s, and why would they delete a site that identifies who they are, and what they stand for?. Are Margaret Beckett and The Labour Tribune MP’s Group Keir Starmer’s Fifth Column?. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
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Why isn’t Keir Starmer calling for Robert Jenrick to resign?. asked Stephen Bush in June 2020. What's happening in Newham?. What links Blair, Keir Starmer's General Secretary David Evans, his ex Alison Butler & Brick by Brick?. 1/9 #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
2. Oct 2020. Jo Negrini and the multi-million-pound problems with her brainchild, 🚨Brick by Brick. Chris Wood is the former local government executive appointed by Housing Minister ROBERT JENRICK to conduct an “Urgent Review” of Croydon’s omnishambles.…
3. ROBERT JENRICK sends Chris Wood to investigate Brick by Brick, Negrini was Croydon’s council CEO from 2016 until Sept when she was last seen scurrying through the revolving doors at Fisher’s Folly with a £440,000 “Golden Handshake” stuffed into the pockets of her designer suit
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Today - A pro-Israel activist standing as a right-wing candidate in the election for Labour’s new National Women’s Committee has trained with the Israeli army.

Izzy Lenga is an officer in the Jewish Labour Movement, a pro-Israel lobby group. #StarmerOut…
The Jewish Labour Movement is a Zionist organization affiliated to Labour which acted as a proxy for the Israeli embassy during its long war against Jeremy Corbyn. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut…
The Electronic Intifada has obtained this photo of Lenga wearing an Israeli army uniform, wrapped in an Israeli flag and carrying an assault rifle – the type of weapon carried by Israeli occupation soldiers when they enforce Israel’s military rule over Palestinians. #StarmerOut
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2019 - A Wikileaks dossier exposes Peter Mandelson in 2006 “Pushing British oil and other corporate interests in Iraq” attended by UK military officers, Iraqi oil directors, and the likes of Shell, BP, Rolls Royce, and HSBC in the Iraqi city of Basrah.…
WikiLeaks shows us what our elected officials do when they think we’re not watching. From the invasion of Iraq & Trident to Saudi Arabia & the Chagos Islands, WikiLeaks has published documents that should leave British politicians not only red-faced but facing court. #StarmerOut
The government of Gordon Brown “Put measures in place to protect US interests” during the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq. The full nature of that ‘protection’ remains unknown. No US officials were ever called to give evidence in public for the inquiry. #StarmerOut
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😲''Harold Wilson famously said that the Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing. I very much hope that I can count on you & other officers, members, and elected representatives across the country – to help us to live up to that aspiration.''🤬…
David Evans has responded to more than 280 local party chairs and secretaries who complained to the general secretary last year about his guidance limiting the debate of certain motions, LabourList can reveal. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
One CLP secretary made the case again that local officers, who are volunteers, have been “subjected to enormous stress and pressure” due to the guidance issued by David Evans and the orders of regional directors. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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Nov 2013. Sir Keir Starmer's donor Sir Trevor Chinn is a senior advisor to a private equity firm known as CVC Capital Partners -- a firm that includes Atos board member Bertrand Meuier reclassifying disabled people as fit for work #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
Very much related to this Atos connection, CVC Capital Partners owns a controlling stake in Virgin Active (Richard Branson's chain of fitness outlets), which is ironic given the role that Atos plays in literally performing health miracles on the disabled....
...via their disgusting "Assessments" that are incorrectly reclassifying disabled people as fit for work. (For more on Branson's pioneering efforts to destroy the NHS, see "Labour Used Virgin 'Restricted' Report to Open NHS to Healthcare Companies.") #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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Peter Mandelson urges Starmer to remove remaining "Antisemites who are still in our party in large numbers." Will this include Wes Streeting, Margaret Hodge, Nia Griffith, Stella Creasy, Ed Miliband and Sir Keir Starmer who were reported last year???.…
Speaking at an event organised by the Labour To Win group last week, Mandelson used the famous SAS motto "Who Dares Wins" as he assessed the direction he believes Sir Keir should take at the helm of the party. #StarmerOut Image
Lord Mandelson has launched an outspoken attack on the "Corrupt Far-Left" and said there should be no let up by Sir Keir Starmer in his efforts to remove the "Antisemites''

"That's why Keir is important" continued the Labour grandee "He exudes calm confidence and strong values'' Image
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Deputy Leader of Croydon Council Alison Butler has close family ties to Keir's GS, David Evans, and has been involved in decisions to award contracts to his firm, The Campaign Company, without declaring a conflict of interest. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks… Image
Inside Croydon has reported that contracts worth almost £200,000 were awarded in the space of four years to The Campaign Company. David Evans is the father of Alison Butler’s daughter from a relationship in the 1990's, one of her sons is also employed by The Campaign Company.
Ms Butler was criticised for failing to declare this conflict of interest and the quality of the work conducted by The Campaign Company has been called into question. The Campaign Company also conducted a review of Derbyshire County Council. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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Jan 2020. "Keir Starmer is not only unsuitable to be leader of the Labour Party, he is unsuitable for any public position down to and including dog-catcher. He serves only himself and not the people." Paul Gambaccini #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut… Image
Mr Gambaccini claimed: “We now know that the overwhelming number of cases against public personalities was false, usually outrageously so. Keir Starmer bailed just in time because the cases he had signed off on were going down in flames.” #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Mr Gambaccini told the newspaper: “I have the most negative feelings about Keir Starmer imaginable. Countless human beings were tormented because of him and he has never apologised.'' Paul’s lawyers insisted that the case should never have been taken seriously. #StarmerOut
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"Desperately Seeking Jeremy Corbyn's Downfall" Peter Mandelson, USA, a right wing group, Executive is spouse to an ex Labour MP, Miliband, Starmer, Blair, Brexit, The BBC, Murdoch, Spies & PFI's. The Epicentre of Corbyn’s Antisemitism Story?. 24 Tweet🧵Part 1 Background & Media
2. Peter Mandelson is a member of a right wing, neo-liberal group, who's Executive is spouse to an ex Labour MP. John Pilger said:

''The group rarely gets publicity, which may have something to do with the high proportion of journalists who are alumni.''…
3. The British American Project for the Successor Generation, is an Elite Corporate/Political talking and networking organisation. It 'Claims' its aims are to ensure that the left and liberal intelligentsia are not hostile to US foreign policy interests. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
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A 20 year journey from the Red Paper to the Private Finance Initiative. Brother Andrew works for EDF Energy. Gordon's key advisors Ed Balls father-in-law, Yvette's dad Tony Cooper, is a long-standing nuclear lobbyist. Brown, Power, Money, PFI & more. 23T🧵…
2. According to Paul Richards, Brown is a longstanding admirer of Gertrude Himmelfarb:

She is the wife of neoconservative godfather Irving Kristol, mother of William Kristol, the cofounder of Project for the New American Century. (PNAC) a neoconservative think tank. #StarmerOut
3. 1994, Brown had moved sufficiently to the right for him to author "Financing Infrastructure Investment" The document was described by The Guardian as 'A call for massive injections of private-sector cash into every corner of the public sector - including Hospitals and Schools'
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JLM (Proxy) vice-chair and LFI member (Embassy front) Ruth 'Strictly Protect' Smeeth introduced Sir Keir (Spy Master) Starmer's debut speech as leader. He praised the former MP as someone who would “Exemplify The Values” of HIS party #SpyCop #Mi5 #Mi6 #CIA… Image
Starts at 1.30 minutes. Sir Keir Starmer’s choice of warm-up act Ruth Smeeth lost her seat in Stoke as the so-called “Red Wall” crumbled and heartland voters deserted Labour, Ruth conveniently forgets Starmer was the Brexit Minister at the time #StarmerOut… Image
“Keir has already demonstrated that our party is under new management but let’s be clear – the country needs new leadership,” Smeeth said. Ruth's introduction ends at 5.05, Sir Keir said the party has to “Get serious about Winning”
#StarmerOut #LabourLeaks Image
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