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THREAD: So...Newsom appointed @AlexPadilla4CA to be our next Senator.

We were part of a campaign pushing for a progressive appointment. Part of that campaign was sending prospective candidates questionnaires, and Padilla (well, a surrogate), filled his out

Here's what we got:
Padilla claims to support decisive climate policy such as #GND2030, banning fracking, ending development of the fossil fuel infrastructure, and direct emission regulation. Padilla views climate change as ‘an existential crisis’.
What did @AlexPadilla4CA say on voting rights? Priorities include: a constitutional amendment to overturn #CitizensUnited, reinstating the #VRA, banning photo ID laws as well as dramatically expanding early/vote by mail options.
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1. Am I correct that @SenSanders, as the #Vermont at-large House member, voted for 2001 #AUMF? It's my understanding that House member @RepBarbaraLee was the only member to vote no.
2. That's the vote that has us in #Afghanistan, #Syria and #Iraq and justified #Guantanamo. We all agree the 2002 AUMF for Iraq re-invasion was foolish. If we want to talk about that then we should talk about the fact that two of the folks who hid Saddam's nuke program are
3. @TheJusticeDept's Bill Barr and likely @WhiteHouse #Cipollone. So if @BernieSanders wants to open up the intel on the Iraqi nuke program that led to invasion, you came to the right place. My January 15, 2019, Pre-confirmation Bill Barr post.
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A very different start to this #DemDebate from earlier debates where they barely touched on foreign policy & military issues within the first 2 hours.
First volley is between 2 old men defending their past judgment. One barely more coherent than the other.
Klobuchar & Buttigieg at least speak about their qualifications to lead in the future. Warren speaks eloquently on her Armed Services exp. More of this, please. #DemDebate
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1. Trump has 2001 #AUMF to authorize him to conduct warfare against groups that attacked in 2001 including Al-Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliates. It doesn't include Iran. @StateDept can list persons as members of designated #FTO but that does not authorize their assassination.
2. @POTUS had no AUMF for #QassemSoleimani so he needed to make a Presidential "Finding" that authorizes the operation and he must transmit it to Congress within 48 hours. But there was a problem. EO 12,333 prohibited political assassinations.
3. Presuming that we have probable cause, we could try to arrest QS for terrorism but extraditing him could result in a claim immunity. Under Bush we engaged in renditions that have been criticized as unlawful. But the act of being listed does not in of itself authorize
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President Trump says the U.S. will levy more sanctions on #Iran in response to Iranian strikes on American military bases in Iraq. No mention of any direct military response #NexstarDC Image
President Trump touted America’s military might, talked about new missiles and technology, but says “WE DO NOT WANT TO USE IT” with respect to #Iran #NexstarDC Image
There was a renewed call for negotiations among #Iran, US and our European allies-while simultaneously criticizing #IranDeal. President also says he’ll be asking NATO to be more involved in the Middle East after #IranAttacks #NexstarDC Image
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Horrific. My colleagues and comrades. May your lives be spared this catastrophe of policy not of your making.
For those missing the significance of this: after 17 yrs of asymmetric conflict & attacks - US forces now under attack by CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS OF WAR. Our casualty calculations are not based on this scenario. As in, we're unprepared for scale of catastrophe that may be unleashed.
Also no doubt our Iraqi colleagues and allies are likely to pay the highest price with these attacks. They do not deserve this.
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On #ConstitutionDay, let's remember that one of Congress’s most solemn constitutional responsibilities is deciding when & how we send America’s sons & daughters into danger overseas. And tomorrow marks 18yrs since Congress approved the #AUMF that's keeping them in our longest war
As a nation, we are long over-due to have a thorough and honest debate about replacing the outdated 2001 #AUMF. U.S. troops downrange need to know they have the moral support and legal backing of their country.
Congress hasn’t given them that and—especially with Donald Trump thumping his chest about attacking Iran if Saudi Arabia directs him to—it’s past time we do so.
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Mayor Pete is unamused by Yang's vote-buying lottery stunt. Although more Amy Klobuchar laughter throughout this debate, please. #DemDebate
Can we have a no-yelling rule for the next #DemDebate?
Agree or disagree with her policies, Warren is far classier, clearer, and likeable than old men yelling. #DemDebate
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3. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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1. @HouseForeign demands administration's legal opinions on use of force against #Iran

Letter cites this great essay by Just Security's Brian Egan and @bridgewriter which concludes that efforts to shoehorn #IranWar into #AUMF is "thoroughly unconvincing":…
2. Letter by Chairman @RepEliotEngel and @RepTedDeutch:

"Given the life-and-death stakes of the current situation between the United States and Iran, we can think of no issue where it is more imperative for the Department to explain its rationale."…
3. Readers may also be interested in this essay by @jgeltzer (former NSC, DOJ), @LukeHartig (former NSC, DoD) and @rgoodlaw (former DoD)

reaches same conclusion as Egan and @bridgewriter…

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1. Defect in US War Powers Act & its #AUMF & what @RT_Erdogan and his #ISIS army exploited in Syria is fact that an AUMF only authorizes war. It identifies the enemy but if @POTUS is a traitor like @realDonaldTrump he/she can surrender under and AUMF with a complicit Congress.
2. When the articles of impeachment are considered, it is critical to add treason to ISIS. Test it on @WHNSC Bolton. Trump surrendered in face of the enemy. He has adopted Turkey's doctrine in Syria that is doctrine of ISIS & Al-Qaeda. Trump & Bolton give them aid and comfort.
3. An AUMF is declaration of defined enemy under treason clause of Art. III. @Trump should have to face this charge. We need to do it before any more Americans are attacked by AQ and ISIS forces @POTUS has surrendered to in Syria. @foxandfriends @hogangidley45 @WhiteHouse
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1. At the risk of trying to bring some nuance to Twitter, what follows is a #thread on U.S. law vis-a-vis the war powers, and why the legality of the #SyriaStrikes as a matter of U.S. law (to say nothing of int'l law) is both far from certain and revealing of far deeper problems:
2. Let's start from first principles. For uses of military force to be lawful as a matter of U.S. domestic law, the authority to use such force must stem either from an Act of Congress or from the President's powers under Article II of the Constitution.
3. As the government has already implicitly conceded, no statute authorized these strikes.

Although both the Obama and Trump administrations have relied upon the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (#AUMF) to use force _in_ Syria, those strikes were against #ISIS.
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The ISIS-inspired mass shooting in San Bernardino was the realization of our gravest fear after the Paris attacks... #POTUSSpeech
...that those radicalized by ISIS propaganda here at home would choose now to act on its malicious urgings
These attacks demonstrate urgency of defeating ISIS & depriving it of time, resources & space in Iraq and Syria to plot and plan against us.
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14 years ago, President George W. Bush signed into law an AUMF targeting terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, as well those who harbored them
When I cast my vote just a week after the 9/11 attacks, I could not have imagined that fourteen years later the AUMF still be in use...
...and that it would be relied upon to wage war against terrorist organization, ISIS, not in existence in 2001 & often at war with Al Qaeda.
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