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What if the Bidens aren't the real target of the letter from @ChuckGrassley & Senator Johnson to Treasury & State?

What if the Bidens are an excuse to expose firewalls at FINCEN & State's action to protect not just the Bidens but the entire Swamp?…
If you have followed me for awhile, you know I believe that Treasury's FINCEN has played a central role in protecting Swamp Creatures from coming under investigation for financial crimes such as money laundering & tax evasion.

What does FINCEN do with SARs on #SwampCreatures
I'm sure FINCEN received some SARs on these individuals & companies.
So what did FINCEN do when they received these Suspicious Activity Reports from banks & other financial networks?
I'm quite certain Senator Grassley will find out!
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Yesterday @senatemajldr McConnell told the press he wasn't watching the #ImpeachmentHearings:

"I'm going to be paying attention to what we're doing in the Senate."

Does that mean you are finally going to pass all those Bills from the U.S. House sitting in your inbox?
Since he's not watching the #ImpeachmentHearings. How about passing H.R.1. For The People Act, This would expand voting rights, limit partisan gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules & limit money in our politics. Wonder why this one isn't important to Republicans. /1
Or here's a good one:
H.R.582 - Raise the Wage Act. I mean the explanation is in the title. It would lift so many people up in my District 8 and your state of Kentucky. It would raise minimum wages to $15 over 7 years. My Republican opponent @RepRichHudson Voted NO. /2
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So #MariaButina was released from fed prison this morning & per her lawyer she will be on her way to the Motherland TODAY! How is it that she gets a BOP-to ICE-to plane in few hours and my clients sit in ICE detention the full removal period & more?
Let me walk you though the process of effecting removal after completion of a criminal sentence that applies to anyone not named #MariaButina.
#MariaButina appears to have entered into a stipulated order of removal as part of her plea deal/federal sentencing, thus bypassing the need to go before an immigration judge for determination of removability. Nothing unusual here. 1/
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#MarshaBlackburn has problematic links to Russia. To #MariaButina via her long-time friend and campaign aide #KlinePreston and to Russian operative #AlexanderTorshin. See next tweet for more.
Here's #KlinePreston Blackburn's long-time friend and campaign aide who introduced #Torshin to the #NRA. Time for us to take the dangers posed by #ChristianNationalists seriously. They are not for democracy if democracy does not deliver Christian law.…
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to Quoth the #MSM #MarinaButina was a Russian spy who used sex to infiltrate highest ranks of GOP. Except she wasn't a spy, didn't use sex to infiltrate the GOP, and had nothing to do with the Trump-Russia affair." #ByronYork breaks it down… #Qanon #Podcast
It's a great listen - "anatomy of fake news" in a way - however there is more to it. Peppered into it was the #Symbolism coding I teach here. e.g. this constant talk about dogs and questions about "Picking up American Toothpaste" #Qanon #MariaButina
Dental symbolism and Dog symbolism are right next to each other on my pinned thread - What is actually being discussed becomes obvious when one knows the comms. Sadly I don't have accesss to the documents where she discusses it or I would do a decode
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Senate Finance Committee (chaired by Grassley) is now investigating meetings between #Obama admin officials Nathan Sheets & Stanley Fischer and Russian agents #MariaButina and Alexander Torshin that were arranged by the Center for the National Interest.

Here's a previous thread I did on Nathan Sheets

In April 2018, the #Trump administration/US Treasury sanctioned Alexander Torshin for "worldwide malign activity."…
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1. At risk of being one of many to wrongly predict what Mueller is up to, I make this observations based on circumstantial evidence in public record to report that I think something big is coming. First, past four days Trump is shuttered in the White House with just a cell phone.
2. Second, the #SCOTUS CJ Roberts ordered (we presume Mueller's Govt team) to respond to the secret Grand Jury case stay he granted by Dec. 31 at noon. They did it three days early. I think this case may be the Rosneft bribe reported in the Steele dossier. Trump knows if it is. Docket excerpt from Grand Jury case in SCOTUSExcerpt of Steele dossier
3. Finally, case I'm watching at SCOTUS that I think may remove Whitaker as AAG is teed up to discuss in conference on January 11. I have reported extensively on this including detailed analysis of legislative history. IMO #SCOTUS must declare Whitaker to be former DOJ employee. Whitaker cert petition motion to declare not AG case docket.
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#MariaButina #PleaBargain (THREAD)

Butina has signed a statement admitting that she "sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over US politics" at the direction of the Russian government.
Pre-agreement, the press published:

"Accused Russian spy Maria Butina and Republican operative Paul Erickson, "agreed and conspired", with Russian official Alexander Torshin to lay the groundwork for an unofficial channel of communication with the Trump Administration."
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Hmmmm, some info in here that I never saw before.

#MariaButina had also met with two senior Treasury & Federal Reserve officials back in 2015 - then Fed Vice Chairman, Stanley Fischer, and then Treasury undersecretary for international affairs, Nathan Sheets.

Stanley Fischer had submitted his resignation back on September 6, 2017, to be effective around October 13, 2017.…
At the time he resigned, he had cited "personal reasons."…
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Butina was recently moved from federal facility in D.C. to jail in Alexandria where Paul Manafort is currently being held.
Life comes at you fast!
Butina also worked with the @OUTDChannel to develop a television show highlighting Putin’s “love of the outdoors” that would feature Putin himself. The Outdoor Channel and the @NRA call themselves “strategic partners”:
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The NRA has deep ties to accused Russian spy Maria Butina (she is a lobbyist not a "spy" but whatever)

Looks like weapons traffickers have been using NRA as a business-finding front for some time… via @MotherJones
[2] I am a #2A advocate , and #NRA member . But when it comes to weapons trafficking, that is a no-can-do .

And now we have to face the code-red alarming reality - the current new NRA president is none other than #OliverNorth ... from the days of #IranContra
[3] The Swamp is everywhere

Dont get tripped up:

* The #NRA is not the #2A
* @realDonaldTrump is not "establishment GOP"
* #UraniumOne far worse than guns
* #IranContra / #AwanCOntra included DRUGS -> #OpioidEpidemic
* A few Russians is not a Russian state-sponsored conspiracy
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1. When Russia attacked #Ukraine I saw it coming. Obama angered Putin by cruising two Naval war ships off of Sochi during Olympics. The soon to be grounded USS Taylor, an obsolete Perry frigate, and the command ship the USS White Plains. The @DeptofDefense has great weapons
2. but is completely unarmed when it comes to propaganda defense. I watched the Ukraine Maidan and saw that Russia was getting ready to invade. I did what I could to fight Russian propaganda but without competent @CIA @DefenseIntel capability the Russians just rolled into Ukraine
3. and are still there. We need to wall Russia out of our internet. The @NSAGov can put switches on each entry point for Russian packets. It will take time and there will be cracks but the blocking of all Russian internet traffic must be strategic goal of the US @DeptofDefense.
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Dear #MAGA+#TrumpTrain

36,914 American soldiers died fighting communism in Korea

58,220 American soldiers died fighting communism in Vietnam

Putin embraces the totalitarian ways of Russia's past

Trump AND EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU are insulting and disrespecting both those
lived through hell, and those who died.

You disrespect the families of those whose loved ones served

2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam 10% of a generation

5.7 million Americans served during the Korean War

Over 8 MILLION gave it all to fight communist totalitarianism
But yet you MOCK a real hero like @SenJohnMcCain who served in that fight and follow a joke boy scout like #CadetBoneSpurs

You and your Trump are NOTHING but cowards and traitors following a man committing treason

You are boot lickers to Putin

Putin is NOT our friend!
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With the case of #MariaButina, let me share my own Russsian-run in with a woman who attended a talk I gave a few months ago. She waited for me outside and greeted me in Russian and began to engage me in an anti-US discussion. I reported the contact to NCIS.
I have asked over and over again for Congress to hold hearings and declassify the scope and depth of Russian intelligence activities in the US. This isn’t just people sitting behind keyboards in Moscow.
To say I’m frustrated on a personal level about the unwillingness to discuss this threat objectively would be an understatement. I have no idea why my warnings fall on deaf ears.
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