This was what I worried would happen with @Booker4KY. Not be on the offensive with @RandPaul, who's an abysmal, but only on the defensive when need to. Just like the @KyDems always do, which is a losing strategy. But Booker's running on policies that are materially popular!!!
Here's a fun fact about running in an election... If you run as an Aggressive & Offensive Candidate with Policies that help the People & their Material Well-being, then you win.
Here's how I know; In the 2015 Midterms, @AlanGrayson of the @FlaDems, he won with no problem. He was unapologetic when being a "#Progressive", stands up with his Principles & goes for the Jugular in Political Ads at his Opponents on how their Policies are Wrong, Evil & Bad &...
bringing his Policies up & saying "Vote For Me because I'm on Your Side, Unlike the rest of my Party who's not!"
& some Floridan #BallotInitiatives also won too!
Look at the 2020 Election; Candidates who were for #MedicareForAll won their seats, in both Swing & Non-swing States! Even @BluegrassVotes could probably conclude that being more aggressive on policies for the people is a winning strategy!…
We have Stupid #Democrats who lose to #Republicans every single damn time because they don't layout their Vision & Ideology and are bought by #Corporate Interest, which becomes a result to making Republicans better thus making them lose which makes Democrats deserve it!
The fact that this is @Booker4KY who's not doing that Unapologetic approach, this a complete white line!...
At times I always talked backed at how either @Booker4KY tweets on saying he's for the policies & repeating them, giving platitudes & things along with that nature. That's what some of the Progressives did in the Past!
Granted, it's the past & we are seeing the @USProgressives fighting now right? That needs to be shown when the #Reconciliation/#InfrastructureBill is out which all #ClimateAction provisions are going to be cut out, instead of the #CarbonTax, which will be a burden to the people!
To know what I mean, read this long thread I wrote from a mood in despair. Because I'm not repeating myself as a goddamn record on that issue, because it's obvious what I worry about if @Booker4KY gets in Office & just becomes an Institutional Leftist.
Because to put it short & simple, I worry that when @Booker4KY gets into office, he'll simply forget that he has the power of using the people on his side, calling out the injustice policies & decisions, etc & simply just Go Along to Get Along & just Play "Be an Insider" game.
That's my biggest fear as many of those #Progressives/Institutional Lefties don't do enough, if they don't withhold their vote, like they didn't on @SpeakerPelosi's Leadership, the #StimulusPackage, nor the $15 #MinimumWage, their useless!
I'm worried @Booker4KY would be useless.
Yes, I should hold my position on taking a side, as @BluegrassVotes stated, because I'm not an election analyst... But I lean on it because the @KyDems strategy has just been more Insider-like that it feels like standard politics which gets us Nothing.
Hell they can't even call out the @KYGOP for supporting Endless Wars, like @LeaderMcConnell on #Afghanistan! They barely talk about Universal Policies that would be beneficial & are both Conceivable to Conservatives & a Winning Argument!…
Every issue that people have argued, that others call "Socialist/Communist", actually works in the Developed Worlds like; Denmark, New Zealand or Norway for example. Even @KyPolicy would confirm this & I really don't think it's hard to convince a Republican to these policies!
Again #KY's Hospitals are being overflown & we still have people in #MedicalDebt or people don't often get access to Basic #Healthcare, where as under a Single-payer #MedicareForAll System you have no Medical Bills & you just get help at the point of service!
Kentuckians can't pay their bills, so we need a #UniversalBasicIncome, #FreeHousing, #FreeCollege & #UniversalEducation & all of these things!

Kentuckians need to feel assurance that the candidate isn't going to screw them & fight the establishment!
So people are looking for someone who's looking to change & shake up the System. Make the Elites afraid, which they were when Progressives were elected! But @Booker4KY's strategy on not bringing up any of the real differences of him & his Primary Opponents who are embarrassments.
*This is a sidenote*
I do wish that we soon get Debates with @Booker4KY his Primary Opponents, like @ruthgao4ky for example. Her website said she's for a #LivingWage, #CleanWater, #Education, #COVID19 Relief, #VotingRights, #LGBTQ Equality, #Infrastructure & #GunReform.
I went through her website & on the #LivingWage, it shock me that a Democrat brings up the full stats of the #MinimumWage & the $24 an Hour. But I feel that all her Platforming cases maybe all for show, not all maybe a few, because I don't know much about.
But what I do know is that she was apart of the "Sojourn Church J-Town" which is a Southern Baptist Convention that has many Controversies like; saying Homosexuality is a Sin, Say #Trans are not who they are & as some sort of Unholy fall, Not for #WomensRights & Equality, etc.
They're the things I know about that church, which easily gets money by scamming people with their Religion claiming, "God wrote the Bible through men and without error.", crap. But here's another thing, @ruthgao4ky was the Coordinator of Sojourn J-Town.
Now if @ruthgao4ky had came out & talked to people who brought this point stating, "Yes sadly, I was apart of the @Sojourn. But I now know that #LGBTQIA are worth more as every #HumanRights is, so I'm going to make things right!" since it's on her Issues Website.
But she didn't make any statement, in fact she deleted her LinkedIn account which may have proven it & she should've come out & just admitted to it than cover it up! Look, I don't know much about @ruthgao4ky, unless if @BluegrassVotes knows. But I don't think she will win!
The reason why I think that @ruthgao4ky's going to lose is not only her Name Recognition that's obviously not known, in fact I didn't know about her until a couple months when @Booker4KY announced. But also that both @SenSchumer, @KyDems & the @dccc know that no one will win #KY.
The main reason for they got @AmyMcGrathKY to run was she's a good fundraiser & she could easily milk out money from all that #MoscowMitch/Anti-#McConnell Fear since he's universally hated! He was hated in #Kentucky but she was just a Pro-Trump Dem which didn't believe in fuck!
Again, this was proven & @KySportsRadio wrote about it where he also met @SenSchumer telling him how he rigged our Primary!
So to have butchered your ultimate shot at getting rid of the #GrimReaper of Policies who blocks Legislation, the @DNC are the killers of #Democracy itself!

I know that @RandPaul's in a comfortable Approval Rating in Kentucky & with some of his "#Libertarian" values, he may win.
Which is possibly why the @SenSchumer & the @KyDems aren't going to try any attempt to do any real profiting off of it because they know they got what's left out of Kentucky. Or they just don't care like they didn't care about losing & just getting the fundraising money!
Because @RandPaul is popular in #Kentucky & I feel if @Booker4KY wants to get more attention, I think it's time to change the strategy to hit Rand hard on Policies than ever since Kentuckians are currently struggling & need desperate help! Being nice feels like it ain't enough.
The #Republicans use the old smear "#Socialism" on any Democrat, which is bullshit! @Booker4KY is a Social Democrat, first off. & secondly, I would like for #Democrats to instead run away from "Socialized Medicine" to say "Yeah, I want to give people Healthcare in a Pandemic!"
Same for the #GreenNewDeal, "I want to create Millions of Well Paying Jobs in a #GreenEnergy/#GreenEconomy that transition us away from #FossilFuels into #RenewableEnergy. This will guarantee the Coal Miners who lost their Jobs to have Jobs again with #GreenTech/#ClimateTech!"
He gives data evidence to back up his policies that would help Kentucky's Economy & also bring up more about strengthening #Unions & #Labor, #LegalizeMarijuana & Release all the Non-violent Drug Offenders & Acting on the #Pandemic & having a #UniversalBasicIncome of $2,000, etc!
But I don't see as much energy as there should be in @Booker4KY Campaign!
For one, his website, wheres his Policies to lay concrete blueprints to help change #Kentucky Fundamentally to benefit Kentuckians' well-being?
That's a automatic Red Flag to me!

• • •

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