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Some #MythBusting on #cblive on this thread... We are net food importers, bringing in approx 1 tonne of food per person per yr, making us food INSECURE & at risk of extreme climate issues all over the world for our national food supply .
On Aviation, both Fine Gael and Sinn Féin aim to increase regional airports in their manifestos. Eoin O'B must have forgotten that.. #MythBusting #cblive
Only @greenparty_ie & @pb4p address aviation taxes in their manifestos, with PBP even going so far as charging 20% more for those who fly more than 4x per yr.
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Today I saw a pat who presented in A&E with life-threatening asthma.

MET call. Hypoxic & acidotic & with a hx of asthma. They weren’t compliant with preventative inhalers.

@DrLindaDykes @drrobgreig @jfdwolff @iceman_ex @GongGasGirl @bagheera79 @MDaware
They were treated with back-back nebs, Mg2+, steroids etc.

Hx an hour after eating they had vomited & then went on to an asthma attack. An urticarial rash was also noted. Anaphylaxis was considered but dismissed as a differential. They were reviewed by ICU.
Anaphylaxis & Adrenaline (& this is documented) were discounted as i) No hypotension ii) 1 hour between the ingestion of food & onset of symptoms.

So certain were the teams this was *not* anaphylaxis the pat. was not sent home with Adrenaline. No tryptase was checked.
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#khive #mythbustung Kamala Harris and the story behind this picture: 1/6
2/6 The picture was taken in 2011 and it’s a reference to when she busted multi-state drug traffickers. Here is the press release about it and you will see that it appears at the bottom as “Photo_1”.…
3/6 Okay, so what was up with this?
Text: Attorney General Harris and more than 20 other state leaders came together today to discuss border violence and new opportunities to collaborate in the fight against drug gangs.
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THREAD - so here is a list of the 5 or so most common myths and misconceptions by the general public and fellow non-specialist scientists alike that I encounter in my field of research.
#mythbusting #Factchecking
*MYTH No. 1*: the time, location and size of impending earthquakes can be predicted accurately on many occasions.
No. Anyone who says they can is a total charlatan. Forecasting (years->decades) is getting better, but still not successful on short timescales (i.e. days to months)
*MYTH No. 2*: Seismic monitoring networks and government agencies hide seismic data & earthquake parameters from the public.
No. Anyone who says so is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. It is in no one's interest to hide this data and scientists aren't the best at keeping secrets.
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