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Information about the potential connection/ similarities between the victims
#Oregon #serialkiller
@truecrimegisela @ThePascalShow @iCkEdMeL Image
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"Arrest me, Ted!"

Watch: #Portland #Antifa riot arrestee Hailley M. Nolan shut down city hall on May 31 & confronted Mayor @tedwheeler, daring him to have her arrested. (Her prior riot case was dropped by DA Mike Schmidt.) Full video:……
In February 2022, Hailley Nolan crashed a Portland Police presser about an Antifa-linked mass shooting. Nolan ranted about the Gypsy Jokers, igniting a short-lived feud between #Antifa and the bikers.
The Hailley Nolan city hall shut down video was courtesy of @TheRealFarley. Please give that Portland videographer a follow.
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*Next Week In #Portland* Antifa Member @DonovanFarley, who took part in the 2020 Riots that decimated downtown, is going to be graced with $50,000 from the city, based on his LIES Against Police.

This sets a Nasty Precedent. People can just claim "Police Brutality" and Get Paid.… ImageImage
@DonovanFarley No Relation.
@DonovanFarley I'm calling him out!

Donovan "Farley" is a Liar and a Criminal who's extorting $50,000 from the Hard Working Tax-Paying Citizens of #Portland - 3 years after he took part in Destroying this city.🤬

I am urging Mayor @tedwheeler and the Council to REJECT his ridiculous proposal.…
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Downtown #portland PSU campus with @BillboardChris @peterboghossian and @realJamesKlug talking to people about whether children can consent to puberty blockers Image
Downtown #portland PSU campus with @peterboghossian @BillboardChris and @realJamesKlug talking about whether children can consent to puberty blockers Image
This trans activist at the PSU campus at the @BillboardChris event nearly ran me over as an intimidation tactic. He repeatedly intruded into people’s conversations and attempted to harass people into attacking him. When that didn’t work he resorted to trying to steal chris’……
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A violent #Antifa member/journalist in #Portland has been sentenced to no jail time after pleading guilty to 1st-degree criminal mischief, arson & rioting—all felonies. Jarrid Huber became a fugitive last year & was released without bail when arrested.……
Jarrid Huber was among five arrested at the 2021 #Portland George Floyd #Antifa anniversary riot. The extremists marched through downtown in black bloc & smashed up businesses & property one by one.…
In November 2022, #Portland Police announced #Antifa member Jarrid Huber was a wanted fugitive. He had returned to rioting on the midterms & thus violated his prior release conditions. When he was eventually arrested, he was released again without bail.…
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_____ #ShastaCounty California _____



Ran for Mayor of #Portland


Embedded himself > Shasta County

Yesterday, I got a Visitor from RUSSIAN OREGON

ALICE : I'm intimate with 'ALICE' whether 'she' knows it or not

Dear Russian Orthodox Slut,

Is VLADISLAV DAVIDZON home yet? Will he run for MAYOR of #PORTLAND, OREGON again or head south and try #BERKELEY again? Image

( Really - " ORTHO NET " )

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THREAD: #Oregon's failing curriculum policies have taken an astounding amount of resources away from #Disabled students, if this report is correct:…
2/ Comparing the numbers in this report with the total student numbers reported to the public & to the feds is particularly alarming, because the report shows that a full 20% of the unqualified teachers are working in special ed, whereas....
3/ ...special ed students account for only 0.8% of Oregon's total student population. Granted, they should have a higher teacher-student ratio. But not a higher unqualified teacher ratio.
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"Most disturbing & gruesome video I have seen"

EXCLUSIVE details about what the cab camera captured when a Portland #trans suspect allegedly murdered a taxi driver. Moses Lopez wore a tiara & allegedly plunged a blade into the neck of Reese M. Lawhon.…
Reese McDowell Lawhon is the #Portland cab driver who was stabbed to death by a #trans suspect who was released days earlier for allegedly threatening other people with a knife. Reese picked Moses Lopez up at a @VoodooDoughnut for a ride worth less than $10 before having a blade…… ImageImageImageImage
Many have asked why the #Portland #trans murder suspect was quickly released from jail just days earlier for allegedly threatening people with a knife in Coos Bay, Ore. The Sheriff's Office there released a statement saying it is because of Oregon law. Senate Bill 48, passed &…… Image
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This large political advert just went up in downtown #Portland, Ore. Antifa accounts reacting online are quite upset, with some suggesting they could burn it down. During the 2020 deadly BLM-Antifa riots in Portland, Schmidt’s office automatically dropped nearly all of the……
"Looks so - - flammable"

Reactions from Portland #Antifa accounts to the "Schmidt Show" political ad critical of the left-wing district attorney.
The large #Portland advert critical of @DAMikeSchmidt was vandalized almost immediately after installation. 2020 #Antifa riot arrestee Trevor Wilder Smith (TitoBlanco) posted a photo praising the vandalism.
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"I'm gonna burn your house down."

A #Portland homeowner is speaking out after being threatened by a homeless man who moved into a tent next to her house. I investigated @PHP_PDX, the far-left business that set up the illegal camp for the man. The LLC is……
KPTV reported on how the People’s Housing Project LLC set up a free encampment for a homeless man next to a Portland woman's house. She says he repeatedly threatened to burn down her home. People’s Housing Project is run by self-described communists…
The People's Housing Project LLC, which erects free tents around #Portland to encourage homeless encampments, is run by communists Bryan Kim, Zachary Forster, Breeze Pollard & Joseph Cambroni/Jorah Hollander. Forster was arrested at an #Antifa riot in……
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The world rises up against police brutality and murder.
Solidarity with Stop Cop City, Atlanta
all the way from from Bucharest, Romania. ❤
🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴
#Romania Image
Shot 14 times with hands up, autopsy shows.
#StopCopCity Image
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🚨Portland EMS 911: -scanner
10:25AM -12:33PM (Under 2 hrs)
Chest pain / Cardiac
Possible death
Chest pain / Cardiac
Chest pain / Cardiac
Cardiac arrest
🚨Portland 911: -scanner
8:00PM - 8:59PM
Cardiac arrest
Fainting/ Collapsed
Chest pain
Chest pain
Cardiac arrest
Cardiac problem
The new normal #Cardiacarrest #heartattack #EMS #911
Portland 911: 3 reported #Siezures in under 30 minutes. The new normal. #cardiacarrest #heartattack #stroke #seizure #diedsuddenly
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The mayor of College Park, Md., a Democrat & LGBTQ+ activist, has been charged with 40 counts of possessing child sex abuse material & 16 counts of distributing that content. Now-ex-mayor @patrick_wojahn resigned earlier today.…
College Park mayor @patrick_wojahn, who just resigned after being charged with felony child sex crimes, is vocal about LGBTQ+ activism & has been invited to meet powerful Democrats. College Park is an ultra-liberal city where the University of Maryland…
Flashback: In January, a former Democrat mayor of a #Portland, OR suburb (Beaverton) was sentenced to 6 months in federal prison for possessing child sex abuse content. Dennis Doyle had content of children younger than 12. He served in office from 2009–…
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CCTV video of a man being brutally beaten in Hungary by a group of suspected #Antifa militants last week captured only one of multiple attacks on the public. I interviewed a Hungarian National Police spokesperson to gather more info into the investigation.…
Special thanks to my colleague @JarrydJaeger for working on the report with me.

This is the graphic video of one of multiple Budapest attacks carried out by a suspected German-based #Antifa cell. Four have been arrested.…
@JarrydJaeger The overhead strike on the random man walking in Budapest (left) on Feb. 10 by suspected #Antifa militants mirrors the 2019 #Portland attack on Adam Kelly (right) by Rose City Antifa member Gage Halupowski. Gage's actions were celebrated by Antifa.… ImageImageImageImage
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Kenneth George Harold, a US Army solder (separated in May 2022) was federally indicted for his role in inciting a 4/20/21 #Portland #Antifa riot last week.

He's accused of smashing out the windows of a boys and girls center.
The indictment accuses him of texting plans for vandalism and then traveling to Portland from where he was stationed at the time, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (WA) to do said vandalism

The texts indicate he may have also rioted in Seattle. Pretty clear evidence of conspiracy.
There was a case relating to this rioting in Multnomah County (21CR19106) thanks to @DAMikeSchmidt, that case was now dismissed.

Harold also appears to have gotten back his seized property, likely the window punch mentioned in text messages.
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Mugshots of the 6 #Antifa arrested last night in Atlanta for domestic terrorism, riot, arson and a number of other charges
As previously mentioned, this is Francis Carroll's second domestic terrorism arrest.
Madeleine "Henri" Feola (top middle) is a transexual 'writer' with ties to #Portland. Madeleine went to school at Oberlin
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This week a historical 117-year-old church in downtown #Portland, Ore. was destroyed in a shocking arson attack. The arrested suspect is Cameron David Storer, a bearded trans woman who goes by the name, "Nicolette." Read my new report:…
#Trans woman Cameron David Storer, aka "Nicolette Fait" (she/her), has been charged for allegedly burning down a historic #Portland church this week. She's currently jailed in a co-ed medical dorm in a single cell. Read my new report:…
Video of the historic downtown #Portland, Ore. church that was destroyed allegedly by New England #trans woman Cameron “Nicolette” Storer:
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BREAKING: Violent Portland #Antifa member @AlissaAzar, who identifies as a journalist, has been arrested again. She's charged w/felonies related to a violent robbery. Last month a court revoked her parental rights after learning how she endangers her ImageImageImageImage
.@AlissaAzar's arrest on Dec. 27 for violent felonies is the latest of her legal woes. She has a trial for a felony case in April 2023. She was caught on camera bear-macing a woman & others. She has an ongoing @gofundme campaign in violation of its ToS. ImageImageImageImage
Violent Portland #Antifa member @AlissaAzar was accidentally caught on video by one of her comrades (Melissa Lewis) bear-macing a woman at a park before getting hit to the ground. Antifa have tried hard to scrub this video from the internet.
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#Portland #antifa violent extremist Alissa Azar (@alissaazar) was arrested last night for felony robbery (2x), felony assault, theft, and tampering with physical evidence

Azar is currently custody. Her other case in Clackamas county for macing a woman is set for trial on 4/25/23
Video of the bear mace attack that's part of the ongoing felony case in Clackamas county. Azar was punched in the face after macing the woman

Charges may come from this assault and robbery in August, which would make sense with the evidence tampering charge as a camera was stolen.

May know more after arraignment which is scheduled for 2 pm
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Jan. 6 panel unveils report, describes Trump 'conspiracy'…

Woop.there it is. 90 pages of summary of evidence gathered lol wow. The #conspiracy of the @gop trumper #whitesupremacists #domesticterrorists #coupattempt is unveiled! #chudwatch
Let's see how accurate it is... I will post to this thread
Wow already executive summary pages 1-3 of chud tears some from military etc saying they were traitors to this country and are apologizing. The statements before the executive summary talk about what our country stands for..... #chudwatch
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NEW PHOTOS+DETAILS: King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office officially charged Casey Cain(EAGR/EAGER) and Jose G. Betancourth(SATN/SATAN) w/ felony malicious mischief after they allegedly covered #Seattle with numerous tags. Police say this is Cain being questioned. #Seattle ImageImage
BTM TAGGING CREW: Police say Betancourth and Cain were part of the “BIG TIME MOB,” a prolific tagging crew with a massive presence in #Seattle and #Portland. Police say Betancourth is the one in these photos before arrest. ImageImage
ENTIRE POLICE NARRATIVE: Cain allegedly caused more than $200K in damage to #Seattle properties. Police say Betancourth was responsible for more than $100K. Cain made bail while Betancourth remains in custody. Both back in court for arraignment December 22. ImageImageImageImage
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#BREAKING: Authorities say standoff next to #Tesla dealership in Lynnwood, WA ended peacefully after man barricaded himself in auto body shop. Too early to say if related to #ANTIFA threats targeting @elonmusk's dealerships in #Portland/ Pacific Northwest. @MrAndyNgo @stillgray
SPOOKED: Earlier, there were reports of #Antifa extremists planning to target #Tesla locations in response to @elonmusk banning them from Twitter. So any incident at or near his dealerships(especially in PNW) will likely raise more concern than usual.…
STILL IN PLAY? It's unclear how seriously law enforcement agencies in PNW are taking these on line threats from #ANTIFA

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