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#byoblu, per continuare a ricevere #donazioni, rispolvera #Wakefield autore del film #Vaxxed. Il medico radiato si era inventato la stupidata, a cui molti stupidi ancora credono, che i #vaccini provochino l'autismo.
Un mantra dei #novax ovviamente smentito totalmente dai fatti. Image
La #codacons voleva proiettare al Quirinale il film sui presunti eventi di autismo causati dal #vaccino. Era il 2016, la ministra #Lorenzin scrisse a #Tajani per evitare la messa in onda di un film che avrebbe diffuso un messaggio totalmente sbagliato e fasullo. Image…
Doveva essere proiettato al #Senato ma per fortuna le polemiche lo bloccarono.
L’incontro era organizzato dal senatore Bartolomeo Pepe. Noto senatore nato nei Cinque Stelle, #novax, morto di #covid nel 2022 quando la malattia era "mild" (secondo loro) Image
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Ho analizzato il film #novax #Invisibili
Pezzo per pezzo e punto per punto. E in più ho scoperto come è andata realmente a finire.
Leggetelo. E' una pericolosa e fuorviante opera "artistica", che può generare panico ed ha questo unico obiettivo 1/4
🔹"Ad un esame attento, questo film pieno di banalità ed intriso di una morale inquietante e ricca di paranoiche affermazioni, pieno di personaggi assolutamente da evitare nella vita reale e che si sono macchiati, per motivi economico-narcisisti, di una distorsione della realtà"
🔹"Le vittime di questa narrazione sono stati i soliti noti: autentiche mucche da mungere, pronte e ed educate alla paura, che sono state circuite per raggiungere i propri loschi fini." 2/4
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1/🧵Our speed in understanding Long COVID is accelerating‼️
Here I cover a smorgasbord of recent COVID data on…
📍Brain Aging
Knowledge is Power.

We are all at risk of losing Brain Power from #LongCOVID.

Let’s learn…
2/ COVID ages our brains 😫
Cognitive decline is part of growing old, but this is scary.
Hot new data w age-matched uninfected control ICU patients show how COVID is associated w Molecular Signatures of an Aging Brain.
See Fig 2 a/b/c BELOW
3/ Genetics

This study included normal controls. Gene expression changes occur during acute COVID19 in hospital that are associated w subsequent LongCOVID.

This was especially seen in antibody producing Plasma Cells, which explained symptom clusters.
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#VAXXED #Apocalypse #EndTimes #circlejam
Ово није узроковано дрогом или неким лековима

-Можете видети људе из целог света, (Јужна Америка, Русија, Азија, Америка) укључена је Африка где те синтетичке дроге не постоје

-Имају крви око уста

-Један носи маску, то је особа која "брине" о свом здрављу😷
Не дрогирајте се, носите маску

-Имају исту врсту конвулзија и грчева које се виђају код особа са неуролошким поремећајима узрокованим вакцинацијом против ковида.

Следи Зомби Апокалипса
This not caused by "flakka" or any other drugs

-You can see people from around the world, (South America, Russia, Asia, America) Africa included where those synthetics drugs don't exist

-They have boold around the mouth🩸
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Tips for post-covid concerts- what can we do to keep each other safe and to continue enjoying live music
1. Don't go if you have covid!
This is hopefully very obvious but you SHOULD NOT go to a concert if you have covid. Most venues, if not all, will have covid restrictions that require either a negative covid test or proof of vaccination. To be safe I would always take a test!!!
2. Wear a mask!
Again, very obvious, but also very important. Masks do not only keep you safe, but also those around you, and even the band! Especially if the show is inside, wearing a mask will give us a better chance at keeping the spread of covid at bay.
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Here are 2 family members, similar ages/#MedTwitter history, #vaxxed & #boosted, dev symptoms & tested pos same day, got Paxlovid same day. Day 4 tests below. Why are we still using a 'one size fits all' strategy to exit isolation when rapid tests are readily available, @CDCgov ?
I doubt policy will change (note: shortening isolation to 5d was done to minimize societal impact from loss of essential workers to isolation in Jan #Omicron wave), so you should choose to rapid test to exit isolation. A positive = contagious, no matter how many days it's been.
Here's another example. Two more people, again similar age/health history, both vaxxed and boosted. On the left, patient #1 on day #13. On the right, patient #2 on day #5. We'll see what happens with patient #2 but I'd be willing to bet they can leave isolation well before 2 wks.
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Invited to a destination wedding earlier in Apr. Awesome place that holds a special place in my ❤️(Vail). Lots of people I miss. All #vaxxed. Many boosted. No masks required. No rapid tests. Declined. One positive couple next AM. Groom & all but 4 guests got #COVID19. #pandemic
In care you’re wondering who did NOT get infected, the common elements were 4 doses of #COVID19 vaccine OR known/suspected past infection + 3 doses of vaccine, with last dose being recent.
That includes the bride. But if you want to know how to put that “in sickness and in health” thing in action, having discordant #COVID19 test results when you should be honeymooning is one way. 🤒👎

I now know where Paxlovid is & isn’t available is about a third of US states.
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1/🧵🎥 “It’s a very bad disease. It can be overcome.”
My #COVID patient tearfully speaks of his BIG DECISION on the ventilator.

This soldier & leukemia survivor made it through 3 weeks on a ventilator. How?
Video shown w his permission “to help others find hope, Doc.”
2/ This immunocompromised man was in massive viral septic shock from COVID.

Huge doses of vasopressors.

Gargantuan levels of O2 & vent pressure to save his life.

Lungs, Kidneys, Heart and Brain all failed.
3/ His wife was there with him daily.

We put up pictures of his kids and pets.

We talked to him about the things he loved every day (even when sedated and seemingly unable to hear us).

Somewhere in all of that, he made a silent decision…
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1/🧵 WAKE UP - #COVID is a Ball & Chain for heart disease & stroke.
This 154,000 pt study & others solidify COVID as a PREDICTOR of a variety of CardioVascular Dzs.
Translation: #LongCOVID pts suffer heart attacks, strokes & much more.
2/ SHOCKER: Amazing work scientifically. Every med student is taught to gauge Cardiovascular risk history: Smoking, Obesity, HTN, Cholesterol, Family History…

Add COVID to the list. Solid data from @NatureMedicine of US Veterans used >11M contemporary + historical controls!
3/ Main figure shows both hazard ratios & excess burden per 1,000 persons of highlighted types of problems like strokes, V Tach & #POTS, myocarditis, heart attacks, heart failure & blood clots in 154,000 people 30 days after COVID vs. 5,637,647 contemporary controls.
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1/🧵 What is #LongCOVID⁉️
A disabling malady from ongoing inflammation, autoimmunity, & potential viral reservoirs (GI, brain?)
NEW DATA: The Lungs “light up” on special MRI Scans 3 to 9 months later in patients never hospitalized for COVID.
2/ These #LongCOVID pts had NORMAL CT scans but when asked to inhale Xenon, an inert gas, the MRI showed their lungs transferred gases (think oxygen) into the bloodstream abnormally. This is alarming evidence of another weird form of organ damage from COVID not visible on CXR/CT.
3/ Oxford Prof Dr. Gleeson says these patients, who were never in hospital & didn’t have acute severe illness w their COVID19, have been experiencing symptoms for a year after contracting the infection.
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1/🧵 WHY are Booster Rates so low⁉️

Only 1 in 4 Americans is Boosted. People get vaxxed & then bag the best protective approach.

I honestly don’t get it??

Let’s review some studies:

750k people boosted (Pfizer) showed 90% ⬇️ in death vs non-boosted.
2/ Another study of ~750k people showed vaccine (Pfizer) effectiveness at 7 days after 3rd dose w 93% effectiveness. WOW

BLUE (3 doses) on this graph shows WAY better protection than RED (2 doses) =
⬇️ hospitalization
⬇️ severe dz
⬇️ death

It’s clear!
3/ And that explains clear results posted by @DrEricDing 👇 that show impressive reductions in hospital admissions…

You want to stay safe at home right??

You don’t want me as your doctor because that comes w an ICU & ventilator. Get #boosted.

Read on…
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#Propaganda #protip: Never underestimate the power of the Big Lie. There have been NO studies about the implications of this, long term, because there CAN’T be. They would have had to sit on the #vax for YEARS to conduct them. We’ll find out the implications in future years.
Did you know the word “cisapride.” It’s the name of a drug introduced to the U.S. market in 1993, and ‘voluntarily’ withdrawn from the market in 2000. (It’s still available for vet use). Why was it withdrawn? It kills people. OOPS!

How did it ever get approved?
There were deaths among the test subjects in the clinical trials. But there didn’t seem like a lot of deaths, it was plausible that they were coincidental, so the regulators made a judgment call and approved it.

That is not a scandal. The scandal came later.
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1/ Two quick clips from Bannon's War Room today:
Dr. Malone and Mass Formation Psychosis…
2/ Dr. Malone on Bannons War Room podcast today: "The federal policies are an abject failure."
#Pfizer #Vaccines #Omicron #Vaxxed #Variants #Covid…
3/ Here is the 8 hour broadcast by doctors with a New York Beth Din (Jewish law) in 2021. In the Joe Rogan show, Malone explained WHY the rabbis are concerned about the vaccines: +
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🤶Dear Santa: Please, we need some Public Private Partnerships in ##Westchester for Christmas and the Covid Surge! Can you transfer some #privatesector elves to help @westchestergov provide free, accessible (by mass-transit and by drive through) rapid #PCR #testing Also, 1/6
🎅for stocking stuffers, how about enough seven-piece packages of rapid #antigen #testing for home use, available by mail or at local #health departments or local houses of worship or even by #reindeer for every #Westchester resident, free, upon request? Also, 2/6
🎅maybe Mrs. Claus can come on down to speed up our county health department to get #TestToStay rolling in our 40 #publicschool districts? It's been too much talk and no action. Finally, just want you to know, 3/6
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1/ It wasn't a conspiracy theory, it was a #CrimeAgainstHumanity...and it came from Florida. 🧵

The GOP started lying about COVID when Trump called it a "hoax". THAT lie has cost hundreds of thousands of American🇺🇲 lives. It also made them and their friends billions $$.

2/ Trump said it was a hoax on Feb 27, 2020. Community transmission was being confirmed in multiple cities in the US. Around the world, case numbers were increasing exponentially everywhere one was found, and economic disruptions began roiling global financial markets.

3/ Four Republican Senators on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee who knew how bad the virus was, sold their stocks ahead of a market collapse which saw equity valuations plunge up to 40% worldwide in a matter of weeks.

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1/🧵🎥 COVID & Thanksgiving Safety: 🍁

Use of Rapid Antigen Testing❓

I’m getting lots of QUESTIONS about eating Tgiving turkey w people who are not #Vaxxed. A very safe thing to do is have people cleared by a rapid Ag test.

Watch 2 min👇: @michaelmina_lab & I’ll unpack…
2/ It’s NOT a brain biopsy like PCR. More like picking your nose. 😂

Legit Rapid Ag tests you get commercially at a drugstore or online will tell you: AM I INFECTIOUS?

Am I shedding COVID virions in a quantity that places others at risk.

I’m NOT endorsing any one test here. Image
3/ PCR is the most sensitive way to detect COVID globally. @US_FDA & @CDCgov say so and that’s technically accurate. But (1) PCR takes too long & is not practical for YOUR purposes (outdated by the time you’re w mom). (2) PCR will stay positive way longer than you are infectious!
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1/🧵COVID Antibody Lunacy 🌚

Antibodies can NOT be used “rule out” #LongCOVID and should NOT be used to determine if you are immune or if the vaccine “worked.” This perspective in @JAMA_current outlines flaws in such thinking. I review highlights…👇
2/ The FDA already stated we don’t have established thresholds to interpret Antibody tests.

They are NOT usable reliably to see if you were infected (esp after vaccine). The tests are not standardized yet & WHO doesn’t include in #LongCOVID definition.
3/ If you’re trying to prove you had COVID or #Vaxx response, don’t fall for $170 direct to consumer testing for routine Antibody checks. It’s not nearly that simple.

EG: #Vaxxed or previously infected people could test negative on some assays despite having immunity.
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1/ Telegrammed by Dr Malone on this week's NIH admission that #Fauci DID sponsor Gain Of Function Wuhan Covid experiments. Dr #FauciLied is now throwing Peter Daszak under the bus.
"I predict that this is going to get really ugly now." 👇
3/ "Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance broke its reporting rules when conducting bat coronavirus research, with critics immediately contending this means the Wuhan lab collaborator had indeed been conducting gain-of-function research and NIH lied about it."…
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The entire program of the #Left is that people do not get held responsible for their actions. People who don't work get welfare, people who destroy their health with alcohol and drugs get medical care. In return, no obligations on the recipients.
Now we see it was always a #lie. The obligation was to obey the ruling class. Staying poor was what the bosses wanted the poor to do. Their misery provides the smoke screen for the rulers' real goal: exercising power because they like it.
Cutting people off from medical care because they ate the wrong things, used the wrong drugs, had the wrong kind of sex was evil, because it would remove the rulers' excuses for action. THOSE people have an absolute right to "health care," paid for by the productive.
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Cosmopolitan liberal journalists only know how to parrot intelligence community and pentagon talking points, socially engineer the gullible or less well off socio-economically, exploit fears, create negative feedback loops, confirm one another's bias and hyperventilate
They are smug and see themselves as morally and intellectually superior to "regular" citizens. They show special disdain for blue collar workers and the "middle" America. They LOVE controlling and influencing those they see as "beneath" them....
The cosmopolitan liberal journalist in the modern age is tasked with the job of social engineering. The work for the regime to instill obedience to authority in the population. #obedience #socialengineering #journalists

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THREAD: "F**k Joe Biden, Biden is a Pedophile" Hundreds marched through NYC protesting vaccine mandates.
All Videos by @yyeeaahhhboiii2 (FreedomNewsTV)


#VaccinePassports #vaccines
"We all have to develop an immunity to this entire virus" said speaker Del Bigtree, "We're gonna have to catch this cold." he added


Del Bigtree speaking at Anti-mandate Protest in NYC "I told you over 7 months ago, this vaccine does not work". When interviewed and reporters who say that he doesn't have a medical license, he responds "That's why it's so terrifying that I'm the only one getting it right" #VAX
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1/🧵🎥 Tennessee has highest #COVID19 case rate IN THE WORLD 🌎‼️

1/3rd are KIDS, & we haven’t even peaked!

Dr. Jeff Balser, @VUMChealth President & CEO, explains our dire situation. Despite 375M doses of #Vaccine is US alone, we have ~50% overall #Vaxxed & need YOUR help.
2/ This surge is different. The children are disproportionately affected – 1 in 3 new cases. Overall, and this is hard to believe, but we are at our ALL TIME HIGH in admissions. Image
3/ 🎥 Except for immunocompromised patients, almost all in hospital are #unvaxxed. We are re-deploying OR personnel to the ICU and having to curb care for non-COVID pts. It’s just not fair to them. Not getting vaxxed means more suffering for everyone.
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1/🧵 EVIL & the #AntiVaxx Movement:
By no means do I think the #Unvaxxed patients filling our ICUs to capacity are evil. NO. But I do think there is evil involved in the misinformation leading many good, caring people to that decision. And I listen to each. Please hear me out.
2/ Philosophers define evil as “a deprivation of the rationality that proper human action requires individually and as a member of society.” In that sense, we can discuss choosing not to be vaccinated and “cooperation with evil.”
3/ Thus far, “cooperation with evil” has been used as an argument by some in the #antivaxx culture as a reason NOT to get #Vaccinated. The main argument is that Pfizer and Moderna were safety texted w the HEK-293 fetal cell line.
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1/🧵 Should a man who HAS COVID be allowed at the bedside in N95+PPE to be with his dying wife? In last week’s poll, votes cast made it clear that whether he’d gotten #vaccinated mattered a lot. 2 out of 3 said NO if he had not gotten #vaxxed.

WHY did people answer this way?
2/ This poll was stimulated by an actual patient/spouse situation I had where they both had COVID, and the spouse who wanted to visit the dying patient had just tested positive. (Thus, actively shedding virus.) I wondered if vaccination status would matter to people.
3/ For me as a physician, vaccination status does NOT factor into hospital visitation.


⚠️ To understand the state of societal danger right now, I want to put forth an analogy about DEATH using airplanes. Bear with me…
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