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The Role of #Editing in #Copywriting: Why You Should Always Review Your Work Image
1. your goal is to create engaging and persuasive content that resonates with your audience. However, even the best writers can make mistakes. That's why it's crucial to edit and proofread your work before publishing it.
2. Editing is an essential part of the writing process. It allows you to refine your message, clarify your ideas & eliminate errors that can undermine your credibility. A well-edited piece of content is easier to read, more persuasive & more memorable.
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🧵1/12: Writing your first case report can be a rewarding experience as it allows you to contribute to medical literature and showcase your clinical expertise. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started! #CaseReport #MedEd #MedTwitter
🧵2/12: Start by selecting an interesting or unique case that adds value to the presentation, diagnosis, or treatment of a condition. The case should provide new insights or challenge existing knowledge. #MedicalWriting #CaseSelection
🧵3/12: Look at existing literature for similar cases. If there are less than 20 cases reported on PubMed, it's a good indication that your case might be worth sharing. A thorough literature review is essential for a successful case report. #PubMed #LiteratureReview
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1. Writing a novel starts with a great idea. Jot down your passions and experiences for inspiration. Read the news, conspiracy websites, chat forums, try new things, meet new people, delve into unusual corners of life.

#writingtips #novelwriting
2. Research is key to writing a captivating and believable story. Understand your characters, setting and world. You don't have to be a pilot, but find out how a pilot might react in a given situation. Research is also a great chance to meet new people.

#research #writingadvice
3. Try to write regularly. Set a realistic daily or weekly goal and stick to it.Consistency is key. 500 words per day will give you a first draft in 150 to 250 days.

#writinghabits #novelwriting
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This is how I prefer to use @YouSearchEngine #Chat and #ChatGPT to assist me with my writing.
First I write the content myself in draft form. Then, I turn to @YouSearchEngine #Chat or #ChatGPT to help me improve my writing - like a super autocorrect! I use prompts like: “Rewrite the following in better English:”
The original content is still mine because I wrote all of it in draft form. #GenerativeAI like @YouSearchEngine #Chat or #ChatGPT save me time and effort by improving my writing, like a human editor would.
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📢2022 was a HUGE year for AI with releases like DALL-E, stable diffusion, and ChatGPT.

🧵This tweet thread focuses on 20 mind-blowing AI technologies that will save you hundreds of hours of your time.⌛️

#ArtificialIntelligence #Tools #Business #AI #Technology #Innovation

👉Smartly is an AI-powered ad marketing system that allows teams to create, test, and publish the best-performing ads for their targeted consumers.

#ArtificialIntelligence #Tools #Business #AI #Technology #Network

👉Howler AI assists you in developing your pitch while using its algorithm to provide a tailored list of journalists who are a perfect fit for your niche.

#ArtificialIntelligence #Tools #Business #AI #Technology #Network
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Breaking: Ratification of CETA unconstitutional. Supreme Court.
Patrick Costello TD succeeds in a hugely significant vindication of citizens' rights and their place in the constitutional architecture of Ireland.

The court judgments will need close reading. There may be a legislative path to legitimate ratification, avoiding a referendum.
The seven judgments will appear on shortly - link
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#Propaganda #protip: Never forget that #Editing is #Lying.

Read this #WaPo story:…. Than look at this 3-tweet thread by Michael P Senger: . Almost NOTHING of what Senger points out as misinformation appears in the WaPo piece.
And of the one or two claims that do make it in, there is no hint whatsoever that the claims might be false.

The CDC has stated that the vaccinated can catch and spread the disease, e.g., but Kagan’s statement to the contrary is not challenged.
Another egregious example is in this Vox story;…. The #Biden administration apparently claims that covid is more deadly than smallpox, yellow fever, or cholera. That is complete nonsense, unbelievably wrong.
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As @thedreadmachine's Kickstarter campaign for Mixtape: 1986 progresses, I thought it might be fun to provide some insight into why I voted for each of the 16 stories that made it into the final table of contents.

#editing #publishing #amediting #anthology
(Before I continue this thread, the campaign:…)
1. @Joduckwo's story "One of Those Nice Guys" subverted my expectations by the end of page 1, packing in detail and immediate intrigue that kept me guessing. The ending is tight, which I appreciate after reading so many promising stories that fall apart by the last page.
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Here are 10 items for any editor’s 2021 to-do list.

Resolutions for Editors, No. 1: To remember it’s not your byline on the story. Also, ask yourself: “Am I making this better, or just different?”

#editing #writing #NewYearsResolutions
Resolutions for Editors, No. 2: To be positive. When you find a gem in the 20th paragraph don’t say, “You buried the lede.” Say, “This part is so good we gotta move it up.”
Resolutions for Editors, No. 3: To be positive, Part 2. Imagine you’re editing a poorly organized story but find a few paragraphs that do flow. Build on that. You can say, “This part has good transitions, but others not so much. Whatever you're doing here, do it everywhere."
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An Editor’s Thanksgiving.

Nine things editors are (and should be) grateful for:

No. 1: Writers who read their work out loud.
An Editor’s Thanksgiving, No 2: Writers who love the sound of words—but still use the dictionary to make sure they’re using the words correctly.
An Editor’s Thanksgiving, No. 3: Writers who don’t file 1,000 more words than promised.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/01/2020-2…

CRISPR gene editing in human embryos wreaks chromosomal mayhem…
#human #editing #mayhem #CRISPR #gene
Distributed consent and its impact on privacy and observability in social networks

#distributed #networks #SocialNetworks
Irving Wladawsky-Berger: How Will Covid-19 Transform Urban Life?…

#urban #coronavirus #cities #change
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🤓 @alysanahmias has a shared #Google doc with her editors in order to remotely track required changes.

🔢Have a timecoded list of changes
🔴🟢 Use a color-coded system for amends
📞Regularly speak on the phone to talk through the edits

Get organized!
Use a timecoded #spreadsheet to track the #animation cues needed for the #film.

@alysanahmias "I could be a little old-school, but there is no replacement for tone when having a creative conversation. I might seem harsh on paper and I want to ensure the tone is understood."
When working with #remote colleagues make sure that you have calls to get to know your collaborators.

Talk about your fav films, and your passions, so you understand their unique circumstances.
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This @ProVideo x @editblog interview became part demo, part Q&A, part announcement:…

Some highlights...

#Remote #Collaboration #Editing #Workflow #Cloud #CloudStorage #PostChat

What is Postlab?

@paul_matthijs: Postlab saves you from emailing project files, keeping versions around, and shuttling media.

(Video jumps to 04:13, watch through 04:56)
How do Productions work in Postlab?

• They can store #FCPX Libraries *and* #PremierePro Projects.
• Changes are tracked.
• Libraries and Projects are versioned.
• Think Project Locking, not Bin Locking.

(Video jumps to 04:56, watch through 05:51)
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1/15 Thread about EDITS.✏️As someone on both sides of the publishing fence I wanted to talk a bit about the editing process + how to deal with it. Having your book edited can be terrifying - after all, it’s something you’ve worked on for ages + now it’s in someone else’s control!
2/15 Of course that feels weird. AIM: the aim of edits is to make your book better + to ensure it appeals to as many readers as possible. Often, as the author you’ve spent so long working on your ms that you naturally become a bit blind to it + so another pair of eyes is crucial.
3/15 One thing to keep in mind throughout is that you + your publisher have the SAME goal - to sell books + reach readers. We’re all on the same side! ATTITUDE: when you receive big edits on your ms, the temptation is to read them all at once, panic + respond with a knee-jerk
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Today I thought I’d share some thoughts about being a freelance editor. My editorial experience is with genre fiction. #editing
Many freelance editors are also authors but it’s not necessary to be one, as the skill sets differ. #editing
Success as a writer doesn’t automatically translate to being able to edit effectively, and vice versa. #editing
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