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Some interesting stuff about #INC #Incentive Token(Edited)🧵/

Base INC Emission in the farm is 1 INC per second, Yet we have 20x and 10x multipliers on the pools in terms of INC emissions at the moment. What does that mean for supply? Is it going to be far higher than expected?
Interestingly enough, there have been 2,678,400 seconds since the first PLSX/WPLS farm was opened at launch(Roughly). Yes there have been many more farms opened since then, but to find out what the average emission rate is we need to use this figure.
Lets divide the total supply at the moment for INC of 2,712,739.466 by 2,678,400 sec. We get 1.01339006 INC per second. Very interesting considering we have a 8 farms at 20x multipliers and one at 10x. This should leave us at an average of 18.8 inc per second currently.
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Some interesting stuff about #INC #Incentive Token🧶🧵:

Base INC Emission in the farm is 1 INC per second, however if we we look at the total supply (2,710,590.643 INC) and do some math to find out the average emission rate since the farms launched, we get 9.7842 INC per second
If that rate were to continue, we would end up with approximately 308,703,283.52 #INC in one year. This assumes the Farms would continue to emit INC at the current rates and the number of farms stays static over a year - Highly unlikely IMO, But you never know.
This is nearly 10x higher supply than the base emission rate. At this pace, there seems to need to be some form of utility outside of simply earning to give it sustainable value after farming, long term. This is where two features within the smart contract come in to play.
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Carbon Browser is the hype you don't want to miss!

Here's why:
📈 Pulsechain integration this month
📱 IOS launch coming soon
💻 Many new features to explore

Everything you need to know about @trycarbonio 🧵 👇 Image
But first, let's get to know what is Carbon Browser.

Carbon Browser is a free, decentralized web browser built by Carbon X Labs. It's fast, private, and secure with over 5 million downloads and 50,000+ daily users. Available on Android now and coming soon to iOS, MacOS, and PC
Carbon ( $CSIX ) is not your average browser.

Built for Web 3 users, it comes with a VPN and firewall to guarantee privacy and security.
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Ok, I'm not the watch dog for #PulseChain, that's way too much on one guy. But here is a quick note on how to spot/avoid a rug pull on any chain using @dexscreener


1) On dexscreener, filter to your favorite chain. There are 7 scam tokens in top 22, with obvious red flags. Image
@dexscreener 2) click into one of the top volume scammy looking tokens. On this chart, on 5 minute scale, you can see 99% of fake volume is in the first bar. Image
3) here's another. Fake volume gives the impression that it's popular and safe. Crowd loves a crowd. This scam is being observed on several top chains. Image
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There has been a number of SCAMS launched on #Pulsechain in last few hours.

PLSX/USDC is one. $51M fake volume, fake tokens, fake pair. 98% owned by admin.

Locking buyers in, cannot sell. BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL FOR FAKE SHIT brothers and sisters! Image
Seen on BSC, Arbitrum and now PulseChain.
Dexscreener shows CS/USDT as #1 volume maker on BSC today, with $164M, all taking place in just 5minutes. Obvious scam to draw attention to itself on leadership boards. Victim buys because "it looks real", then can't sell. Then rugged. Image
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Team PH builds products that support the @RichardHeartWin ecosystem so we naturally look around at what’s available and what is coming. A lot of new people aren’t aware how rich this ecosystem is already. I thought I would write a thread just highlighting some of the stuff……
.@liquidloansio is the biggest third party team seeking to solve the problem of immutable collateralised stablecoins on Pulsechain. A fork of @LiquityProtocol a well known and battle tested protocol that’s survived a full cycle now, it would not surprise me to see these guys……
.@POWERCITYio is an ambitious, friendly, and dedicated team of committed RH people. They are doing things in the stablecoin space, NFT space, and other things as well. They share lineage with liquid loans through their co-founder @JustAskJesse

I am probably most excited about……
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Our goal is to make it easy for economic energy to flow into $HEX and #PulseChain across the world 🌎
But let me explain the process. Image
We are not a money transmitter, as we sit outside the flow of funds at all times (see below).
There is of course a money transmitter, and that is our banking partner, and they have MTLs that allow them to accept customers across the globe (and almost all states in the US - a little tricky with NY, SD and HI)
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A Note on KYC:
Financial institutions need to comply with KYC rules/regulations in order to operate. We believe in a future where traditional banking isn't required and #DeFi increases its reach. The reality is that we aren't in that position yet.
When using our FIAT ONRAMP that can support large amounts of economic energy, you are creating a digital account with our banking partner, so you need to perform KYC. We just make it really easy.

(If you want to onramp $100 with no KYC, there are other products out there)
We interviewed and performed due diligence on multiple KYC providers, but ultimately our banking partner (like many many other institutions) uses Socure. They also allows us to easily onboard new countries/markets to the $HEX and #PulseChain community.
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This is a thread of FAQs and info on the $WAIT free claim process. With #PulseChain getting close and our FIAT ONRAMP closer, we need to focus, so we will no longer be doing individual support for the free claimers. Be careful of DMs, it won't be us. Image
Use !commands in our TG there is plenty of information. And the entire $HEX community is very DeFi aware - use the knowledge of those around you.
Many ask us about gas fees to claim. There are 3 transactions that require gas in the $WAIT free claim. We don't control the cost of gas/computation on #Ethereum but remember that high fees are the reason for #PulseChain. List of steps below:
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#Pulsechain, la #blockchain L1 destinada al éxito + El Air-Drop mas grande del mundo.

Pulsechain es una nueva cadena de bloques que planea traer consigo TODO #Ethereum (transacciones, contratos, tokens y todo Ethereum, duplicado en Pulsechain)
Tecnología subyacente
#PulseChain implementa un algoritmo de consenso de Proof Of Stake (#PoS) mejor al de #Ethereum.
Ya que en Ethereum hay pocos nodos debido a lo costoso que es tener uno y la mayoria de estos, estan regulados por la #OFAC.
#Pulsechain tendra como moneda nativa #Pulse ($PLS).
Pulse es #deflacionaria, tiene 0% de inflación.
Los validadores solo ganan de las comisiones por transaccion y el 25% de los fees se queman para reducir el suministro circulante.
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1/ Introducing @HeartBridgeCoin - the FIRST & most robust cross-chain bridge to one of the leading Blockchains solving real-time problems > #PulseChain.

The bridge to trade and swap tokens from other blockchain ecosystems to the Pulse Blockchain

Lets dive in!🧵 Image
2/ Heart Bridge is the aggregator of the DEXes and Bridges.
It aggregates over 30 chains and is targeting Pulse Chain next!

A Few features include:

🔹Tight Security

🔹Blockchain Integrations

🔹Impressive Speed

🔹Low fees Image
3/ The goal of this project is to create a bridge that connects all major blockchains, allowing for seamless transfer of assets across different networks.

The Heart bridge currently supports EVM compatible chains including: #Ethereum , #Optimism , #Arbitrum & #Polygon
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Be sure to read each part of this thread it wont be short! hmm how to start some of the many thoughts I have on current matters...
Think I will start with an experience I had in 2016 into 2018 where I found myself following a guy that gained a lot of traction his name was clif high.
He created a monthly report on crypto and vast topics called Alta report (web bots) that were claimed to be from things called spider bots that scanned the web for how humans were interacting with it via key words bit like google trends but would pull back data sets on each.
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Being an #ethereum validator goes like this. View the logs. See it's popping some weird error. Google the error. Run a command that clears some db stuff, or rollback the chain to before the error and it usually fixes.
If you shut down the validators without a long wait, like -t 600 for luck, then you'll get an unclean shut down, and probably 1/3 of the time it will break something. So basically if you don't have a backup power supply, have other hardware issues, you're gonna have a bad time.
Welcome to open source software, were if you don't like how something works, it's your own job to fix it. Erigon is an attempted at making a far better Geth. And #PulseChain is making a better #Ethereum. More burn, faster and FREE COINS.
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In Richard Heart's latest update tweet, he mentioned 4 #PulseChain clients.

Many are still asking what these are - here is a breakdown:

1/ 🧵 Thread
go-pulse is a fork of go-ethereum (Geth).

Go is simply a programming language, Geth is a Go implementation of Ethereum.

Geth is an execution client that handles transactions, deployment, and execution of smart contracts and contains the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

prysm-pulse is a fork of Prysm, a Go implementation of the Ethereum consensus protocol, and is currently the largest consensus client.

It contains a full beacon node implementation as well as a validator client for participating in blockchain consensus.

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As the #XEN claim phase is mere hours away I wanted to condense what I believe to be the all key information you need to develop your claim/mint/staking strategy into one location. Feel free to share!


Thread continued 👇
Let's start with better understanding some acronyms on the XEN calculator.

XEN to mint: obvious

*Mint Term: this is how long you choose to wait before claiming your XEN during the mint phase(longer mints more). Initially the max limit will be 100 days, but after 5k users it will begin to increase. Graphical representation linked here:…

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Backed entirely by PLS, USDL will be the most decentralized stablecoin we have.

Its peg is robust, and the stability pool is one of the best kept secrets in DeFi.

Here’s how it keeps the $1 peg, and how the @liquidloansio stability pool can help you accumulate cheap PLS:

Liquid Loans is a decentralized borrowing protocol where you can lock up PLS and borrow against it.

Much like MakerDAO’s DAI, borrowing takes the form of minting a stablecoin against the collateral – in this case, USDL.

Unlike its competitors, however, Liquid Loans *only* accepts PLS as collateral.

This means that its stablecoin is backed entirely by decentralized collateral.

No USDC or USDT, and no centralization risk.
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Breaking news:

Silvertooth is making his own token🔥

It will be exclusively on the #pulsechain network💪

It is a free token

It is an airdrop, but an invite only🪂

Supply is capped at 555,555,555 tokens

I will own 5% or less with a public address that you can follow.📈
If you get picked for the airdrop you will get 5,555 tokens.

limit 100,000 airdrops

All out of my pocket.

All on #PulseChain Only!

Will launch when Pulsechain launches.

Make a new wallet and drop your address below.

Drop will be to 55 wallets per week until gone.
Post address below.

Drop will be in order of your post.

This twitter thread is the only way to get it.

Become an early adopter.

drop number will be increased weekly until all tokens gone.

Don't miss out.
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#Crypto Guide: #23

Presenting a detailed 🧵 on one of the best upcoming project @Hypermine2

Been reading and researching about $HMINE and I am truly amazed on the utility and development aspect of the project. Have a read, hope you enjoy it
1.1 @Hypermine2 mission

Building on the success of Powermine that ran successfully on #IOST blockchain.

The mission of $HMINE is to offer dynamic, exciting and community-driven ecosystem to
#BSC and the new and fresh PulseChain community.
1.1.2 @Hypermine2 will channel the spirit of Powermine on both #BSC and #PulseChain -
providing an exciting and highly profitable approach to investing, while incorporating Growth
#DeFi’s established and developed products into its treasury-owned assets.
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1/ Why does the OA have so many $PLS tokens?

Continue reading the thread below.👇
2/ The OA will likely to own 90% of the initial supply. It surprisingly entered at the end of the Pulsechain sacrifice in July 2021, making some sacrificers quite bitter. Maybe they did not understand what sacrificing meant...


3/ Such ownership level is nonetheless important for Proof-of-Stake chains where the ability to produce blocks directly correlates to the share of the total supply. "The only reason why blockchain exist is censorship resistance... otherwise just run a database" RH

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Why #PulseChain $PLS can do 600X or more shorter than you imagine!

There are numbers of reasons why this might happen sooner than we think. I will just try to list few most important ones.

Feel free to share comment etc... 👇

1/5 #Crypto #Airdrop #Ethereum Image
- Firstly it's not rocket science, there is a good benchmark for us to compare.
- @RichardHeartWin already prove his product $HEX which did 10.000X in 2 years!
- Have one of the strongest community in #crypto #Hexicans

2/5 Image
- When #ETH launched in Jul 2015 there were around 3.8M wallets in #bitcoin and less than 10M users overall on #Blockchain projects. Today we have more than 300M people already have exposure to #crypto.
- Many ppl missed 14,738X gains on #Ethereum

3/5 Image
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World’s first asset backed security token to launch on
Think democratisation of energy meets democratisation of money.
A facinating conversation with @GeorgeWentz1 of @MADthefuture
reveals a passionate leader determined to bringing advanced
clean energy to all.
His lifetime practical and theoretical experience in the energy field leaves George uniquely qualified to lead this investment firm.
I probed him on the technologies listed in the investment areas and without revealing any trade secrets
There were
several that I had a personal knowledge of and are extremely exciting including
new tech data centres to be powered by green energy.
Wireless distribution of green energy, Geothermal energy delivered wirelessly
Both invoking the work of Tesla, definitely contentious,
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Selamlar.. Bugün katılacağımız testnet farklı bir chainden olacak. Farklı ve kolay bir testnet.

Daha önce delagatör olmayanlara rehber olur.

'Önemli' ibaresi koymadım ancak paylaşmaya değer buldum.

Keyifli okumalar.. <3

#Airdrop #Testnet #Airdrops #PulseChain @PulsechainCom Image
1- Öncelikle metamask cüzdanımıza PulseChain Testnet ağını ekliyoruz üzerinden.

Daha sonra musluktan tPLS alıyoruz.

Önemli detaylar bu linkte ben pek müsait olamadığım için şu an okuyamadım, siz okuyun
2- Chailnlistten ekleyemeyenler için:

Network Name:
PulseChain Testnet


Chain ID: 940

Currency Symbol: tPLS

Block Explorer URL:
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As $pls and $plsx launch alongside the largest airdrop in history, scammers will pounce on the unexperienced.

Fake airdrops can empty your entire wallet.

A thread on how not to get scammed by fake airdrop scams during the #pulsechain and #pulsex launch.


2/ First, the Golden Rule:

Never share your seed phrase. There is NEVER ANY REASON you should or need to share your private keys with anybody. If anybody asks for it, you can assume with 100% certainty that they are trying to scam you.
3/ Let me repeat that:

Never share your seed phrase. There is NEVER ANY REASON you should or need to share your private keys with anybody. If anybody asks for it, you can assume with 100% certainty that they are trying to scam you.
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1/ Let's compare the #ethereum ICO & price movement to that of #pulsechain.

2/ The #Ethereum ICO worked similarly to Pulsechain's sacrifice phase. #Pulsechain's price expectations/predictions are not as ridiculous as they might seem when you compare the two blockchains side by side.
3/ The Ethereum presale took place from Tuesday, 22 July 2014 to Tuesday, 2 September 2014. The price of ether was initially set to a discounted price of 2000 ETH per BTC, for 14 days, and declined linearly to a final rate of 1337 ETH per BTC.
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