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#WagnerGroup financier Yevgeny #Prigozhin seized the #VictoryDay holiday as an opportunity to mock #Putin and question his judgment.

Prigozhin has previously attempted to upstage Putin’s authority through similar rhetorical stunts. 🧵⬇️
2/ #Prigozhin referred to a “happy grandfather” figure who “thinks that he is good” during a discussion of ammunition shortages and #Russia’s future prospects in #Ukraine.
3/ #Prigozhin then rhetorically asked what #Russia and future generations should do and how Russia can win if the “grandfather” turns out to be a “complete asshole.”
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#Putin declined to use his #VictoryDay address to make any significant rhetorical changes and reiterated existing narratives, preparing for a protracted war & framing #Russia as successfully resisting the entire West.

#Ukraine latest w/ @criticalthreats: ImageImageImageImage
2/ #Putin similarly declined to use recent notable events such as his annual New Year’s Eve address or his February 2023 address to the Federal Assembly to offer any concrete vision on how to reverse #Russia's military’s setbacks in #Ukraine or reframe the war.
3/ #Putin has instead used these events to reinforce long-standing rhetorical lines aimed at preparing the Russian public for a protracted war in #Ukraine by evoking the memory of World War Two without calling on Russian society to support full mobilization.
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🇷🇺 Cette exposition du Musée de la Grande Guerre patriotique de Donetsk rend hommage à 75 000 civils morts à #Donetsk.
Pendant la Grande Guerre patriotique, les Allemands jetaient leurs victimes dans la mine.
#VictoryDay #ImmortalRegiment #Donbass #Russia #May9 #RedSquare
🇷🇺 Pendant l'occupation allemande, la fosse de la mine n ° 4/4 bis dans le district de Kalininski de #Donetsk était le lieu d'exécution de civils. Les nazis ont jeté les corps des morts dans un tunnel creusé pour l'extraction du charbon.
#VictoryDay #Russia #Donbass #May9 #Moscow
🇷🇺 Lors de leur retraite, les Allemands ont fait sauter la fosse. Après la libération de la ville, il s'est avéré que la mine était remplie de corps sur plus de 300 mètres. Selon les estimations, 75 000 personnes y auraient été enterrées. Seulement 200 environ ont été identifiées
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#Putin is attempting to use the #Moscow #VictoryDay parade to show #Russia’s continued influence in Central Asia but the late announcement of Central Asian leaders’ attendance likely indicates their reticence to show direct & public support of the war.🧵⬇️
2/ Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, and Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon are reportedly attending the #VictoryDay parade in #Moscow on May 9.
3/ #Kremlin-affiliated news outlet Vedemosti reported Japarov’s visit to #Moscow for #VictoryDay on April 23, while Russian media reported Tokayev’s, Mirziyoyev’s, and Rakhmon’s visits on May 8, only one day before the #VictoryDayParade in Moscow.
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#West has unleashed ‘real #war’ against #Russia, #Putin tells #VictoryDay parade | May 9
- President Putin insisted that the West’s “untamed ambitions, arrogance and impunity” are to blame for the conflict.…
#Putin tells #RedSquare parade 'real war' unleashed on #Russia | May 9
- “Today civilization is once again at a decisive turning point,” #Putin said at Moscow’s annual commemorations celebrating the defeat of #NaziGermany in #WW2.…
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[Thread] "We will have to rebuild everything and we, the young people, will have to try to do everything so that such atrocities never happen again."

Allow me for #VictoryDay to deviate from my subject to share with you excerpts from the memoirs of my late grandmother. Image
In fact, this is not very far from my usual subject, which was sometimes (partly) inspired by WW2 and the fight against fascism. Star Wars is a good example. By the way, #StarWarsVisions The Spy Dancer by @Studiocachette , released a few days ago, is inspired by real events. ImageImageImageImage
These memoirs were written in the 2nd half of the 20th century, transcribed by my brother after my grandmother's death, and then translated by myself.

Here are four extracts from the life of my beloved grandmother, Jacqueline, in France during WW2. In 1944, she was 12 years old. Image
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@ANTIFAscismNews @CanDCain @fluxus2 Watch:
Ukrainian Jewish Committee: Our government encourages the glorification of Nazi collaborators"
Edward Dolinsky on YT speech in 2020

and see Mr Dolinsky's twitter. He is Director of UJC.
#StandwithRussia against #naziukraine and #NATO
@ANTIFAscismNews @CanDCain @fluxus2 Russia proscribes nazism. ImageImageImageImage
@ANTIFAscismNews @CanDCain @fluxus2 Thanks to @FrankTrenton1 for 3 above memes.
Info re Russian ban on nazism available via

✔️ Russia Duma ban on public demonstration of nazi leaders:…
✔️And regarding art, literature and media:…
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While #RussiaIsANaziState spent all night bombing us on eve of their 9 May myth, I use that time to deploy truth of this myth because this is all Russia has. Nothing else. Lies. #VictoryDay 🧵
1. Russia exists as nation of stolen cultures, people, achievements. This country is held together by myth of greatness that Russia alone defeated Nazi Germany. As you see even now, they lie about who they are and who everyone else is.
2. Without Russia there would have been no Nazis to defeat and no WWII to end. Russia funded German socialists also known as Nazis and provided resources in exchange for Nazi weapons:
“such as oil, grain, iron and phosphates.”…
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Kremlin #propaganda continues its all-encompassing #disinformation campaign against Poland embedded in the context of the Russian #WARINUKRAINE. Recently, the #RU regime has exploited the issues it believes to have the biggest potential to pit the Poles against Ukrainians.
Examples of the anti-Polish narratives pushed by Russia:

- #refugees from Ukraine are freeloaders
- the Poles use Ukrainians as cheap workforce
- the Poles steal the money allocated for the refugees
- Poland wants to seize the western part of Ukraine
- #Warsaw uses #Kyiv as a tool of its own political agenda
- the Poles have forgotten about the horrors of the Volhynia Massacre
- Ukrainian intelligence services recruit their agents among the Poles
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@valtioneuvosto @TyttiTup #EUarchives The Legal Entity of ‘Greater #Germany’ - The first president of the #Brussels #EU
- Walter #Hallstein, #nazi-German lawyer, chief architect and first president of the Brussels EU from 1958 to 1967, gave this speech in January 1939.…
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Russia deploys 6 ships, 2 submarines near #Ukraine in Black Sea.

Ukraine’s Operational Command South reported on May 8 that the ships are combat-ready and equipped with over 50 cruise missiles.
#Odessa #SnakeIsland #BlackSea #VictoryDay
Aftermath of a Russian missile strike in #Odessa, reportedly on NATO agents inside a hotel.
#Ukraine #VictoryDay #VictoryDayParade
#Mariupol #SnakeIsland
The Russian Aerospace Forces, during a special military operation, destroyed the "Grigory Kuropyatnikov" corvette ship of the Ukrainian Marine Guard near #Odessa region.

#VictoryDay #mariupol #Azovstal #UkraineRussianWar #Ukraine #Kiev #SnakeIsland
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🔴: #Russia 🇷🇺 celebrates its 1945 victory over Nazi Germany on Monday with a show of military might even as its army battles Kyiv's forces in the east of Ukraine 🇺🇦

Watch President Vladimir Putin's speech #live on FRANCE 24 ⤵️…
🔴: 🇷🇺 President Vladimir #Putin begins his speech by telling Russian troops they are defending their country in Ukraine, calling it the "motherland" ⤵️
🇷🇺🔴 "Russia has always fought for the security that is required for the international community," says #Putin

Putin says he offered a security system to the West in December but that it was "in vain" ⤵️
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Piazza Rossa.
Poco fa il portavoce del Cremlino #Peskov ha annunciato che la parte aerea della Parata del #VDay è stata cancellata a causa delle condizioni meteo.
Sotto questo post riporterò le parole di #Putin e le notizie più importanti dalla #Russia.

Hackerati i sistemi tv russi: "Le vostre mani sono coperte di sangue dalla morte di migliaia di ucraini e bambini", si legge. @igorsushko
Il momento dell'arrivo di #Putin alla parata del #9maggio.
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#Russia's failures make them the least worthy of any nation in the world to celebrate victory today.

Over the next 12 hours, this thread🧵will provide 509 examples of why their #VictoryDay #деньпобеды parade should be renamed #FailureDay #Деньнеудач

Reply with your examples⬇️
Blowing up schools filled with civilians whose homes you've destroyed is no victory.

Why Russia's #VictoryDay #деньпобеды parade should be renamed #FailureDay #Деньнеудач /1
Murdering 600 children and other civilians hiding in a building in a city you came to "liberate" is no victory.

Why Russia's #VictoryDay #деньпобеды parade should be renamed #FailureDay #Деньнеудач /2
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Ankara, Beirut, Buenos-Aires, Madrid, Paris, Beijing, Rome, and Sydney celebrate #VictoryDay #May9
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As Europe is yet again left with a fascist dictator dreaming of resurrecting an empire, let’s talk Victory Day in Russia and Ukraine.

To understand modern Russian identity and how the invasion of Ukraine perfectly fits into it, you have to take a close look at the #VictoryDay.
It might surprise a lot of people, but the Soviet Victory Day was not nearly as big as it is in modern Russia.

In fact, Victory Day in Russia is basically what independence day means for most other nations.
Victory Day provides a perfect bridge between the imperial, Soviet, and d modern-day Russia. It also feeds the unresolved imperialist ambitions of Russia.
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As #VictoryDay over #Nazis is celebrated, the attack on the land and the minds of the free world continues. How #Kremlin is weaponizing memory and flipping narratives, using #Stalin's legacy. (A mini-thread of 3 articles). (1/3)…
How the #Kremlin whitewashes and justifies its crimes: an example, with a Russian tank in Ohio. "Made it to Berlin--will make it to Washington.) (2/3)…
A short article on "Immortal Regiment" in 2022, amidst #PutinWarCrimes, is forthcoming shortly. (3/3) Understand the hybrid war and its tools. Recognize flipping narratives, laundering history, and other strategies, and do not let the aggressor justify another genocide.
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Nel corso dell'incontro alla Casa Bianca previsto fra 48 ore, Joe #Biden chiederà a Mario #Draghi di continuare ad essere Mario Draghi.
Assicurare sostegno in sicurezza (traduzione: invio di armi pesanti) all'#Ucraina, rendere l'Italia un simbolo della cessata indipendenza europea dal #gas russo. Di più: auspicare che la Penisola diventi un hub mediterraneo per le forniture a tutto il Vecchio Continente.
Ancora: mostrare come Roma, data per persa un paio d'anni fa in ragione dell'abbraccio contiano alla #Cina, abbia invece smentito i pronostici.
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Russians are celebrating #VictoryDay on May 9. USSR and Russia raised generations on the idea that the defeat of nazism belonged solely to Moscow. This artificial cult of victory has created 20-year-old murderers and rapists who committed atrocities in Ukraine. How? A thread
For decades, the Soviet regime offered an alternative to reality: The Great Patriotic War (41-45) instead of WW2 (39-45). If Ukraine took a turn to the truth after the USSR collapsed, Russia only strengthened their victory madness.
This reality stated that only #Russia defeated nazis, ignoring the Western front, lend lease and that most battles happened in Ukraine. They avoided the term “nazism” as it correlated with socialism and collaboration with Germany. Everyone was called fascist, even Hitler.
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Why did #Russia invade #Ukraine? Is it because Ukraine wanted to join NATO? Or because #Putin sees Ukrainian as part of the Russian whole? It's a lot simpler.
In this thread I will give the overall reason for the #RussiaUkraineWar and explain the Russian political doctrine. [1]
Russia sees itself as a logical successor to the U.S.S.R, and considers that it established itself as a world super-power on 9 May 1945. Once the Soviet flag flew over the Reichstag, the world entered its new post-colonial order, one in which Russia is calling the shots. [2]
This is why the #VictoryDay is the most grandiose Russian holiday, and why the "victory" motif is so prevalent in the modern Russian discourse. [3]
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Dear #Shusha, you are free!
Blessed is the history of freedom!
Happy Victory Day, my Azerbaijan!
#VictoryDayİnAzerbaijan 🐺🇦🇿🤟❤️
Today is the day of victory of the Azerbaijani people. Happy Victory Day, my Azerbaijan! May God have mercy on our martyrs.
May God protect our people. #VictoryDayİnAzerbaijan
Thank you very much for your support, dear Turkey. Our brotherhood is eternal.
The first year of Azerbaijan's Victory Day is celebrated in the streets of London. #VictoryDayİnAzerbaijan
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Na ovaj dan #May9 #EuropeDay #VictoryDay mogao bi se podeliti jedan mali thread na temu: kako je Deda razoružao 373. nemačku "Tigar" diviziju 💪 ☺️ Priča sledi:
10.05. ujutro borba je počela malaksavati,
da bi kasnije prestala. Oko 7č. kom. te divizije, zatražio je da se prekine sa vatrom i ponudio pregovore.
Oko 8č., svojim kolima i belom zastavom, u pratnji naših automatičara,
stigao je gen-maj. Fon Grafenštajn, kom. »Tigar«
U pregovorima su učestvovali komandant 9. brigade Veljko Stojaković, komandant
7. krajiške brigade Rade Brkić i komesari obeju brigada.
Oko 9 časova na pregovore je
stigao i pukovnik, španski borac Vojo Todorović, komandant 10. divizije.
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Celebrating Victory Day today!

On this day, June 25 1876 an alliance of Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho wiped out Custer and the 7th Calvary at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Mitakuye oyasin
In Lakota, the day has a few different names; Peji Sla el Kicizapi (the fight at the greasy grass), Peji Sla el Wicakasotapi Hehan (when they wiped them out at the Greasy Grass), and, my favorite, Mila Hanska Wicakastakapi Hehan (when they made the long knives cry).
Prior to the battle Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) had a vision of soldiers falling into the camp, which they did. It would become the second time in a decade that the US military would get eliminated completely by the Lakota Oyate, first in 1866 when Crazy Horse
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Happy #VictoryDay from SSI! ✌️

On this date 75 years ago, we are celebrating the formal acceptance by the #Allies of #WorldWarII of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces marking the end of World War II in #Europe. ImageImageImage
Approximately 1.5 million Jews fought in the regular Allied armies. In many cases, the percentage of Jews fighting was greater than the percentage of Jews in the population.

About 500,000 Jewish soldiers fought in the Red Army during World War II.
120,000 were killed in #combat and in the line of duty; the Germans murdered 80,000 as #prisonersofwar. More than 160,000, at all levels of command, earned citations, with over 150 designated “#Heroes of the #SovietUnion”— the highest honor awarded to soldiers in the #RedArmy
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