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#Ukraine : At least 20 Russian soldiers surrender to #UkranianArmy near #Lyman, #DonetskOblast. ImageImageImage
#Ukraine #Lyman : The #UkrainianArmy has turned the battlefields into hell for the #Russian invaders, so the #Russians must choose one of these options
- Death ☠
_ Fleeing 🏃
_ Surrender 🏳

#UkraineWillWin 🇺🇦💪
#Ukraine #Lyman : As we mentioned today, a number of Russian soldiers surrendered to the #UkrainianArmy near the city of Lyman , as shown in this video
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Unfortunately, all peaceful protests have not been effective in #Russia so far. Here is the story of a Russian student who didn't believe in these anymore and took another option to fight the regime – to join the Freedom of Russia Legion.

Also available:…
My translation:
I was an ordinary student. Initially, I was a good student, but I was involved in the protest movement that we had in our country. /1
In particular, I started in 2019, when there was the Moscow case, and many of my comrades and like-minded people were arrested and for the case, the FSB started sewing against them. /2
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Some nice trophys left behind from the 1. Russian Tank Army.
Part 1
Some nice trophys left behind from the 1. Russian Tank Army.
Part 1

#UkraineWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk #UkrainianArmy #Russian #Russians
#UkraineWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk #UkrainianArmy #Russian #Russians
Some nice trophys left behind from the 1. Russian Tank Army.
Part 2

#UkraineWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk #UkrainianArmy #Russian #Russians
Some nice trophys left behind from the 1. Russian Tank Army.
Part 1

#UkraineWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk #UkrainianArmy #Russian #Russians

I wonder @oryxspioenkop can you stil cope?
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Part 2. So in closing, Russia has inferior officers who cannot conduct a successful battle and her "wins" have come with unsustainable losses. Her troops and equipment quality is nose diving and her armies have been routed at least twice and a huge cauldron now exists near
Kherson that has the bulk of her remaining combat power outside of the Donbass. That is not a recipe for eventually victory. Infact that the only way Russia can win would be for Western support to dry up. I do not see that happening. #POTUS is fully committed to supporting
Ukraine as are my political leaders @JohnBoozman, @SenTomCotton, and @RepFrenchHill. Most NATO leaders and many other leaders in the Free World likewise are solid supporters. Holdouts like Scholz who only want to do enough to not get kicked from the Christmas Party invite list
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A story of a Russian soldier. He tells about how he invaded Ukraine in February 2022, but shortly after receiving an agitation leaflet, he surrendered and joined the Freedom of Russia Legion of AFU.

Also available at @wartranslated…
Why did this happen? Why, as a matter of fact, did I become a military man? I'm a young father who recently became one the last summer. And I realized that in the backwoods of Russia, it's a particular luxury, a great luxury, to support a family. /1
But my comrades kept telling me that getting a little bit more in the armed forces was possible. So I kept walking around, thinking about it. /2
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Pardon. The Ukrainian offensive had to slow down for a while.

#UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWillWin #UkrainianArmy #Ukraine️ #ukrainecounteroffensive #UkrainianCounteroffensive #Kharkiv #Russia
Note: The hedgehog was taken for questioning. It turned out that he did it every day. He is a Ukrainian hedgehog. however, he did not expect a Ukrainian offensive there. He was released.
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#Russian President #Putin's day yesterday was spoiled by a report on the events at the front. Putin was informed about the successes of the #UkrainianArmy in several directions at once.
Despite the bad mood, the President took part in almost all the events scheduled for yesterday, albeit in a truncated version.
#Putin fully released his anger already during the report of representatives of the leadership of the General Staff and of representatives of the leadership of the #Russian Ministry of Defense.
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The doc. from the Russian Ministry of Finance,which is distributed online, says that as of Aug 28, the families of the dead soldiers were paid 361.4 bill. rubles, 7.4 mill. for each. The division would give 48,838 CONFIRMED deaths.This does NOT include those LDNR
IT'S TIME 😏🇺🇦 #NAFOfellas
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▪️ Many 🇷🇺units are complaining of a sudden increase in 🇺🇦air power.

▪️ Although 🇷🇺has never achieved total air superiority, it has been dominant and its forces have grown dependent on air support.

▪️ However, a recent surge of 🇺🇦air assets is severely limiting 🇷🇺operations.
According to Russian sources, a unit moving to engage Ukrainian forces at Balakleya was stopped at Volokhiv Yar and destroyed by Ukrainian artillery.

We are working to verify these claims.
Ukrainian artillery is now engaging Russian positions at Kupyansk. Image
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Arestovich - "This is a specific*****, there is nowhere to be more specific",about the situation in Balakliya
"Balakliya,there was a disaster with the Russian troops.Some of them in captivity have the honor of drinking tea, and the second part will never drink tea again"
Russian troops in Balakliya 😬👌🏻
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The Battle for Balakleya so far:

▪️ 🇺🇦 is on the offensive, with a significant force of armored vehicles spearheading the advance.
▪️ Confirmed reports of 🇷🇺 retreat.
▪️ 🇷🇺 troops have been forced to destroy multiple bridges to slow the 🇺🇦 advance.
▪️ 🇺🇦 foothold established. ImageImage
Additional imagery provided by local sources in Balakleya.

The Russian retreat continues at pace.

Source: ba_novosti
#Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraineWar ImageImage
DEVELOPING: Heavy Russian losses have been reported around Balakleya.

Our team has visually confirmed at least 43 dead Russian soldiers.

#Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraineWar
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"There is no panic" 😂😂😂
Ruzzia how are things in Balakliya?
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Image
#NAFO #NAFOfellas 👋🏻😎 Image
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On Friday, September 2, #Russian President #Putin held an operational meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council. After the main part of the meeting, Putin continued to discuss several topics in a narrow circle.
At the beginning of the closed part of the meeting, Security Council Secretary #Patrushev reported on the situation at the front, focusing on the precarious position of #RussianArmy in several sectors of the front.
Also, #Patrushev provided alternative data on the losses of Western weapons that were provided to #Ukraine. These data differed significantly downwards from the data of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the #Russian Federation.
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The first time Russia tried to annex Ukrainian territories. THREAD
In 2022, we have often heard about Snake Island. There is another island that has been occupied since 2014 and which Russia tried to occupy in 2003. Its name is Tuzla.
As always, we need to look at the background of the situation. Geography and history of the island matter.
The island is situated between Crimea and Krasnodar Krai (Russia). /1
Tuzla Island was formed when the spit that continued the Taman peninsula (Russia) suffered from massive erosion during a major storm in 1925. The island is 6 km long and 600 m wide. /2
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PART 2 of the Interview with a Russian volunteer with a call sign "Maestro" who fights in an artillery unit in AFU. He came from Siberia to join the AFU. Video published on Solonin Mark Solonin Youtube channel.
Text is also available here:…
(I): So there are a lot of questions, but let's move on to not ours. What can you say about them? You've been fighting there for more than a month. Do they have their anger too, or are they forced to fight there? /1
(M): I mean, the closest contact battle we had was somewhere about 500 700 meters. It was like an exception. There was a tank, and the infantry fought it off. So I did not have direct contact so that I could touch it, touch it with my hands, feel and be a part of it. /2
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Interesante video en dos partes donde se puede ver a un M777 🇺🇦 haciendo varios disparos y recogiendo el obús en poco más de tres minutos.
Por cierto, a lo lejos se ven unas estelas de humo ascendente muy parecidas a las de los HIMARS 🧐
#UkraineWar #UkrainianArmy
#ZSU #Ukreaine
Segunda parte del video, donde se puede ver a un M777 🇺🇦 haciendo varios disparos y recogiendo el obús en poco más de tres minutos.
Por cierto, a lo lejos se ven unas estelas de humo ascendente muy parecidas a las de los HIMARS 🧐
#UkraineWar #UkrainianArmy
#ZSU #Ukreaine
Por estelas de HIMARS me refiero a esto, que al subir el video a Twitter se ve que pierde calidad y no se aprecian 👇🏼 Image
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Interview with a Russian volunteer with a call sign "Maestro" who fights in an artillery unit in AFU. He came from Siberia to join the AFU. Video published on Solonin Mark Solonin Youtube channel.
Text is also available at…
My translation:
(Interviewer): I'm not asking which route you took to get to Ukraine. But can you tell us about your motivation? Have you thought that before February, or was it a quick decision?

(Maestro): I wasn't going anywhere after 2014. /1
I understood that Russia was going in the wrong direction, but it was a sluggish story. After February 24, I woke up and looked at the news and realized that there were two sides, white and black, and I could not be in neutral status. So I would have to choose a side. /2
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Amazing interview with AFU Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Rozlach for Many details about battles in the south and the east and military life in general. Translation provided by me and @Anastasiya1451A

Text is also available here:…

(Rozlach): The news of the full-scale offensive caught me at the Shirokiy Lan training range in the Mykolaiv region. We were transferred there from the Yavoriv training range because the command understood there could be an offensive. /1
That is why we were in the south of the country. On the night of February 24, I returned to the unit from Chernihiv - my wife had surgery. I was passing through Brovary when a rocket hit the SDF command building. So I immediately believed that it was severe. /2
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I found a fascinating video from Ukrainian journalist Serhii Peichev about how Russia used sport to achieve its bloody and imperial goals. The video is 20 minutes long, so I will summarize critical things here.
First, we need to go back to 1936. Nazi Germany organized the summer Olympics.
While Germany was becoming antisemitic, many participants of Jewish descent refused to go to Berlin. /1
There have been boycott threats in some countries, but the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Pierre de Coubertin, came to Berlin and showed his support. /2
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Taras Chmut is the head of the @BackAndAlive foundation and a former Marine who participated in the war in Donbas. He gave a very honest interview to @pravda_eng


Translation is also available here:
My translation:
(I): Let's start with the war. In recent weeks we have been anticipating a counteroffensive in the south. What do we need for this counteroffensive?
(C): Probably brains. /1
Because it is impossible to conduct a counteroffensive and publicly warn the enemy about a month before. As for the practical component, nothing has changed in recent months. /2
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How to make a towed gun into a self propelled anti tank gun, part 1

Ask someone to Hold your beer, then you take a hammer, a saw and some nails....

Part 2.

Ad some some Ukrain know how and craftmenship.

3/3 Part 3:

And build yourself a nice MT-12 antitank gun with a range of 8 kilometers, test it and set in in action!

#ukrain #antitank
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Ukraine continues to form its own military traditions

Our fallen defenders are individuals, the pride and honor of the 🇺🇦 State, not some "#cargo200", and every death of a defender of #Ukraine️ is a tragedy for all of Ukraine. (1/5)
@OstaltsevL expressed an opinion about the need to replace the Soviet "#cargo200" with the phraseology "On the shield", and Tata Kepler implemented this proposal. (2/5)
The idea not only found support among veteran leaders of public opinion, but was also supported by the leadership of the #ArmedForcesofUkraine.
@mva_gov_ua @GeneralStaffUA

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Part 2 of the interview with general Marchenko. This one concerns the liberation of Crimea, Cherson, and UA victory.

The text version is available at @wartranslated:…
My translation:
(I): What is the situation with these key crossings over the Dnipro? As far as I understand, we are "perforating" the bridge in Daryivka, the Antonovsky road bridge, too. What about the Antonovsky railway bridge?
(M): It was also damaged. /2
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General Dmytro Marchenko told in an interview on 09.08.2022 why Russia is moving troops to the south, why the occupiers would not hold a referendum in Kherson on September 11, and what Ukraine needs to celebrate its victory next spring.
Maj. Gen. Dmytro Marchenko was in charge of the defense of the Mykolaiv region until April.


Text version also available at @wartranslated:… /1
My translation:
Interviewer (I): Until April, you were in charge of the defense of the Mykolaiv region. What tasks do you have now in the area - from what you can tell?
Gen. Marchenko (M): I can't tell you anything, I help to get a victory. /2
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