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Just reading at the moment - The Right to Repair - Reclaiming the Things We Own @APerzanowski…
#repair #righttorepair #intellectualproperty #consumerrights #competition
'Legislation and regulation are part of the solution, but fixing our culture of repair will demand lasting changes to our behaviour as consumers and citizens'. @APerzanowski (p 268)…
#repair #righttorepair #intellectualproperty #consumerrights #competition
'Protecting and restoring repair will require us to rethink product design, recalibrate market incentives, and shift the social norms of our consumer culture to better reflect the value of repair' @APerzanowski (p 13)…
#repair #righttorepair
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'“Everything Is Free” [about #Napster] has become a modern standard in the age of streaming alienation'
Gillian Welch, David Rawlings Talk 20 Years Since Landmark Album ‘Time (The Revelator)’… #music #copyright #everythingisfree
Covers - Everything Is Free (Live) - Lisa Mitchell via @YouTube
Covers - Everything is Free (Live) - Phoebe Bridgers w/ Julien Baker cover Gillian Welch via @YouTube #music @phoebe_bridgers
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1/🧵 Another week of exciting content on the #WalledCulture blog:
➡️ @glynmoody covered how digital images of #PublicDomain works get captured, why #artist nor #academics should sign away their rights, & why Singapore 🇸🇬 sets an example to follow with its updated Copyright Law 👇
👉 Cultural digitisation for the many, or cultural depredation for the few: time to choose…

#Museums #ArtGalleries #PublicDomain #GLAM #CHIs #Wikimedia #Wikipedia #WalledCulture
👉 Why are #TaylorSwift and #academics all in the same boat? And why is she more fortunate?…

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❌ Did you know that 99.99% of the content removed by Google is related to copyright & trademark violations? ❌

We've written to @GoogleIndia about recent instances of @YouTubeIndia copyright strikes against independent news media + content creators! 1/5…
#Copyrightlaw as a weapon against political dissent and fair critique in India? 🇮🇳

Seems like it! Big media houses have found that “complaint bombing” a particular video or channel that is critical of their work prompts @YouTubeIndia to actually take that video down! 2/5
What YouTube fails to consider: The content creator’s right to fair use under Indian and US #copyright law — it’s even mentioned in its own policies❗️

Legitimate reportage & journalism is removed, and channels are frozen by #YouTube at the requests of large media houses. 3/5
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Does the US #copyright law apply to Indian users of the internet? In today's digital era, where memes and reels are "remixed" and shared with ease across platforms — this is an important question. Thread: 1/n…
Copyright issues are the biggest reason content is taken down!

96.2% takedown complaints received by Google related to copyright infringements, while Twitter restricted 684.6k accounts between July 2020 and December 2020 due to copyright complaints. 2/n…
Important: What is the DMCA and does it apply to Indians?

DMCA is the law that protects the intellectual property rights (IPR) of digital content creators. India was a signatory to the WIPO Copyright Treaty ('96) — this has put the DMCA at par with other domestic IPR laws. 3/n
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The @EU_Commission may abandon central user rights safeguards against #uploadfilters in its upcoming #copyright guidance on implementation of #Article17! Civil Society groups including @communia_eu @EDRi @EFF are raising the alarm in an open letter today. What happened? A thread. Thumbnail of open letter, included in blogpost at the end of
Last year, @EU_Commission published a draft guidance that said that only obviously copyright-infringing uploads could be blocked by #uploadfilters, trying to convince the European Court of Justice not to strike down #Article17 for violating fundamental rights.
The Court held a hearing on the Polish complaint against #Article17 in November, where the Commission promised that legal uploads, such as parodies or quotations, would be protected.…
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Morgoth makes an interesting category error in the (otherwise excellent and well worth a watch) new video

(jack plz) nwioqeqkdf.blogspot .com/2021/04/the-nostalgia-of-futures-past.html

at around 11 minutes in, Morgoth puts forward *the technology* as having frozen us in the perpetual past-future mix, by making the past content easily accessible.

close, but not quite. Image
the past content is easily accessible *in contrast* to the current content - which is held down by #copyright.

it's no coincidence that the nostalgia is to content that's from 50...70 years past. Image
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There is a long history of litigation over the publication of unpublished diaries and letters under copyright law and confidential information. I was surprised to see the Australian newspaper today publish such material today, without any indication that they had permission.
See for instance the UK precedent of HRH Prince of Wales v Associated Newspapers Ltd [2006] EWHC 522 (Ch)… #copyright #confidentialinformation
And the Australian case of Commonwealth v John Fairfax & Sons Ltd ("Defence Papers case") [1980] HCA 44; (1980) 147 CLR 39 (1 December 1980) dealt with confidential information and copyright and unpublished government documents…
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There are lots of #intellectualproperty issues that are raised by #NFTs. Let's dive🤿in to cover a few. A 🧵👇 1/
The main #IP issues raised by #NFTs has to do with #copyright law. Copyright law has a mixed reputation in the world of software and #cryptocurrency, but it is definitely a major concern in the art world. 2/
What #copyright issues come up because of #NFTs? Ownership. Who really owns the copyright in the work? The creator? The purchaser of the NFT? A downstream purchaser? The platform? Platforms? The #smartcontract? 3/
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@escar_gm @Lainsua También tener en consideración que limitar la cuenta "nodriza" de un partido, no impide a sus diferentes componentes(candidatos) a proseguir con la difusión de la propaganda electoral de la formación ya que la suma de seguidores de esta formación es superior a los de una cuenta.
@escar_gm @Lainsua Cuando se incumplen normas legales es lógico que se produzca una reacción. En este ejemplo @CiudadanosCs se vieron obligados a retirar toda sus carteles por violar el #Copyright y las normas de un banco de imágenes pero aquí nadie se "escandalizó"…
@escar_gm @Lainsua @CiudadanosCs Aún que esa retirada perjudicaba más al partido, se consideró que fuera lógica la retirada voluntaria. En el caso que nos presentas, la retirada voluntaria de un mensaje que incumplía claramente las normas de Twitter hubiera restablecido el uso de la cuenta de inmediato.
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Representing the world's medical and scientific experts with hand-drawn illustration for 20+ years.

...and pleading for visual artists' IP protection and policy.
#copyright #copyrightregistration #IP #smallclaims #CASEAct @CopyrightOffice @SenThomTillis #DMCA Image
The 7 (seven) published images on the advertisement above cost more than $400 in #copyrightregistration fees. The injustice to visual commercial artists by the @CopyrightOffice continues. We are denied the ability to register more than ONE published work per registration.
Photographers can register 750! If photographers and musicians can register an entire album of work (and receive individual protection to each of the works on the CD), why are visual artists not allowed the same option?
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@Inferbro while legally & technically the entire #ContentID-Fuckup of @YouTube is to be blamed 75% on the #CopyrightMafia, that's even assuming someone get's 50k subscribers and can make a living from Videos.
@Inferbro As a personal example: @4ltYT was killed by the #AdPocalypse, and now I've a single-digit € balance of #Advertising #revenue on my @YouTube's @GoogleAds/#AdSense with no reasonable chance to ever reach 1st payout of €70 cuz in the meantime, I had to get another #Job.
@Inferbro this really puts on a huge damper on my plans to release content, and with <1k subscribers on @YouTube it's not worth opening up a @Patreon, @Flattr or @kachingle for the few cents per month - espechally when this would be taxable income to file.
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Really excited about the 17 authors who entered the Indian #publicdomain in 2021! Authors from all across India feature in this list, so look out languages of India... you just got richer this year! #linguisticdiversity Image
In India, the criteria for expiration of #copyright is 60 years since the death of the author, and that the work was published before their death. This year, books of authors who passed away in 1960 are coming into the public domain.
And here we go- some #Indianwriters featured in our #publicdomain post at the blog...
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Important piece today in @insidesourcesdc from @cmcsherr and @k_trendacosta on the CASE Act making its way into the must-pass end-of-year government funding bill, which Congress could vote on as early as today -->… 1/5
The #CASEAct creates an unaccountable "small claims" tribunal within the @CopyrightOffice, meaning it would be exempt from the regulations and procedures of the judicial branch. The tribunal would be allowed to assign damages of up to $30,000! 2/5
That $30,000 fee could be assigned to an unassuming internet user who wasn't aware they were violating #copyright, isn't aware that they can opt out and go through a traditional court, and certainly can't afford $30,000. 3/5
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1/ Importante para el futuro de #Internet.

Hoy #UE revelará el 1º borrador de Directivas sobre Servicios Digitales (#DigitalServicesAct #DSA) y sobre Mercados Digitales (#DMA o #DigitalMarketsAct) para sustituir la Directiva de Comercio Electrónico del año 2000.

Abrimos hilo 👇
2/ #DSA influirá en muchos ámbitos:

#desinformación, libertad de expresión & información, protección de consumidores, #transparencia, modelos de negocio basados en #datos, #privacidad y #ProtecciónDeDatos, regulando como será el futuro de #Internet y de los #DerechosDigitales
3/ La #DSA es una oportunidad para poner las personas y sus #derechos en el centro, creando una legislación basada en los derechos humanos.
Es importante no caer en los mismos errores de la #DirectivaCopyright y las legislaciones de otros países como Francia y Alemania
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A #copyright #Halloween Story: I was reading about @internetarchive's project to digitize the Marygrove College #Library collection. About halfway through the article I was horrified to see a copyright myth brought back from the dead!🧛On Halloween!🎃… /1
The myth from the article is that somehow #fairuse can’t “extend to creating and distributing complete copies of a copyrighted work.” From the #SupremeCourt to the #fairuse statute itself, the fair use doctrine does not have a ban on copying or distributing “the whole thing.” /2
This is a myth that I, and my #copyright colleagues around the country, have been trying to “mythbust” for decades! So let's take shake down this #fairuse skeleton like #VanHelsing! /3
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Jetzt wird es ernst: Das Justizministerium hat den Entwurf für die Umsetzung der #Urheberrechtsreform #Artikel17 veröffentlicht. Statt dem Versprechen, auf #Uploadfilter zu verzichten, drohen Echtzeit-Uploadfilter und weniger Schutz für legale Nutzungen.…
Der Entwurf scheint identisch zu dem Leak von @netzpolitik letzte Woche. Den hatte ich hier analysiert: Die größte Gefahr geht von § 8 aus, wonach Nutzer:innen Inhalte erst als legal kennzeichnen können, NACHDEM ein #Uploadfilter etwas gefunden hat.
Das @BMJV_Bund tut so, als handele es sich bei der Echtzeit-Filterung nur um eine Option, die Nutzer:innen unnötige Arbeit abnehmen soll. Das Ministerium schreibt, dass Plattformen einen "Pre-Check" vor das Pre-Flagging schalten *können*. Das ist falsch.…
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The entertainment industry has started a campaign to re-write the history of Europe's most controversial #copyright law, #Article17, the infamous #uploadfilter provision. The goal: to bully governments & the @EU_Commission into simply ignoring all user rights that we fought for.
Last year the EU adopted #Article17, which requires platforms to magically prevent #copyright infringement before it happens, while leaving all legal content online, and without generally monitoring user uploads. This is impossible, of course.
Most national governments are waiting for guidance from the @EU_Commission to help them make sense of #Article17. The Commission asked for input on a document with some basic principles, my response with @edri & @freiheitsrechte can be found here:
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This week a federal judge laid out the timeline in lawsuit by 4 mega-publishers v. @internetarchive. Both sides have til 12/1/20 to enter settlement talks with a judge or be ready for trial by 11/12/21.…
Archive founder @brewster_kahle: "We had hoped to settle this needless lawsuit.”

“Right now the publishers are diverting attention and resources from where they should be focused: on helping students during this pandemic.”
@brewster_kahle Says @HarvardLibrary #Copyright Advisor @KyleKCourtney: "It undermines the ability of the public (taxpayers!) to access the materials purchased with their money for their use in public libraries...It's short sighted...& not in the best interest of the public.”
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Legal data provider @LexisNexis's commented on the #Copyright lawsuit by 4 publishers v. @internetarchive.

Turns out lawyers are BIG users of #TheWaybackMachine...something @LexisNexis hopes we can keep running even if we lose the suit.…
@LexisNexis 2/ "The fear is that a victory for the publishers could..destroy the #WaybackMachine.

No other organization provides a backup to this content, so if it’s wiped out, it’s permanently gone."
@LexisNexis 3/ From @LexisNexis: "Even if the @openlibrary is forced to close, information-access supporters (including many lawyers) hope that the organization can continue the #WaybackMachine and other preservation efforts that publishers aren’t targeting in the lawsuit."
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Internet Archive welcomes new @creativecommons CEO, Catherine Stihler @C_Stihler. We look forward to working together towards equitable and open access to information for all!…
.@C_Stihler brings 20 years as a legislator fighting for privacy, #Copyright reform & access to digital tools for her 5M constituents & all of us.
Stihler writes: "I have been a longstanding champion of the need to unlock digital access to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity for everyone in society."
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