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What is going on in the #treasury market? 10 year treasury just hit 1.13%. Yet my fair value model has it at 1.75% (incorporates Copper/Gold and other ratios - r2 of 90%+) #bonds #yields #YieldCurve ImageImage
This is right as fears of growth slowing down are coming up #jobs #ADP…
Yet, the #ISM Manufacturing PMI is still in a highly expansionary state at 59.1 Image
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[START HERE] Next Friday, July 30th, at 4:15pm the Federal Reserve will be PUBLICLY releasing the total derivative exposure numbers of all the biggest domestic AND foreign banks AND their lending clients- INCLUDING Citadel! #MOASSGUARANTEE #amc #gme /A1
This is why we found Citadel Connect. The Federal Reserve is auditing the entire financial system thanks to the directive issued via Federal US Code Chapter 12, which was updated July 1, 2021. The ATS dark pool was also FOIA'd @Charlie1337420 /A2
How was the 2008 crash caused? Because of out of control derivatives. This report is an annual report that banks can easily lie about. Now it must be a daily average reported every quarter. Here’s JP Morgan with OVER $40 TRILLION in derivatives exposure TWO YEARS AGO. /A3
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We have had a lot of questions after yesterday's tweet about the #ShortSqueeze Signal in #AMC.

Below are some answers to the most common ones.

If you have emailed our support please bear with us, we will reply to your email. Please also remember to use the help on the platform.
"44.53% mean return" refers to the history of this trading signal in $AMC. The signal has happened 12 times in the past, the average % change in the share price 6 trading days after the signal has been +44.53%
#ORTEX generate many different types of trading signals. you can read more about them here -…
as well as on the help section on the platform.
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#AMC - Short Squeeze Trading Signal

A #ShortSqueeze signal was generated based on the recent price increase and the high shorting level in $AMC

The mean return for this signal is 44.53%

ORTEX Trading Signals are based on historical performance and are not investment advice.
#ORTEX Trading Signals are based on historical statistics and machine learning. #ShortSqueeze signals, in particular, are rare, and the duration of the price momentum is particularly hard to estimate.
#ORTEX #ShortSqueeze Trading signals identifies Squeeze events with a high conviction, but may trigger too late, or recommend a holding period that would result in a significant loss.
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #OCGN #MEMESTOCK #MOONING #L2BU Part 2 Skin In The Game - We were talking about the importance of the clearing is what it is used for "The Clearing Fund may also be used to make good losses or expenses suffered by the Corporation or losses
suffered by the Clearing Fund resulting from borrowings pursuant to the authority in Rule 1006(f): (i) as a result of the failure of any Clearing Member to discharge duly any obligation on or arising from any confirmed trade accepted by the Corporation, (ii) as a result of the
failure of any Clearing Member (including any Appointed Clearing Member) or of CDS to perform its obligations (including its obligations to the correspondent clearing corporation) under or arising from any exercised or assigned option contract or matured future or any other
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1/ ‘Statement of Facts’ from USA Justice Departments case against JPM (JPM signed full agreement):

“JPM Precious Metal traders used deceptive orders to benefit clients#s order to artificially lower price at which the hedge-fund could then buy cheap”#silversqueeze Image
2/ how many times did JPMorgan manipulate the price of precious metals ($Gold #silver):

“In tens of thousands of trading sequences”

#silversqueeze #SilverStimulus JPMorgans unlawful practice...
“By placing Deceptive Orders, the PM Traders intended to inject false and misleading information about the genuine supply and demand for precious metals into the markets, and to deceive other participants in those markets into believing something untrue about supply & demand” Image
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There are two separate mechanisms at play, the first of which must trigger the second.

#GAMMASQUEEZE: Set in place and ready to start driving price upward this week, but HAS NOT YET AFFECTED ANY PRICE ACTION. On the contrary, it was last week's price action that has...
now triggered a gamma squeeze. Basically it's just a term to mean that the price unexpectedly stayed high enough last week to cause thousands of call contracts to expire in the money, forcing tens of millions of shares to be bought from the market to fulfill those calls. Problem
is that there are nowhere near tens of millions of shares available on the free market. The law of supply and demand will naturally drive a substantial price increase stemming from the high demand required by the calls.
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[thread] Most people still don't yet understand the massive significance of what happened on the market this week. Even if you think you might, consider the mechanics of the following mindblowing snowball: Options trading has now officially culminated a #GammaSqueeze on $GME...
...that will trigger a bona fide #ShortSqueeze that could last for WEEKS as it pushes more calls ITM. This has the potential to continue to increase the cost per share of $GME to indefinitely high numbers, as it becomes revealed that options writers and hedge funds may be short..
...several hundreds of millions of #GME shares -- estimates
show that Chicago may even be as high as one Billion shares short that will have need to be purchased (at any asking price) to pay out hundreds of thousands of in-the-money $GME call options that flipped ITM...
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A few words — not financial advice:

The squeeze (the real #MOASS Mother Of All Short Squeezes) has not yet been squoze, or even truly begun. Everything we’ve seen happen so far this week in both $GME and $AMC is FOMO and institutional/retail investor holding and igniting...
...a true #GammaSqueeze squeeze on Friday 2/26. Hundreds of thousands of options contracts will expire in the money, which, when exercised/assigned will flood the market with buy orders for millions of shares Monday morning 3/1. This will be the true beginning of the short...
...squeeze. Today’s action, though incredible, will seem minor compared to what we’re about to see happen. Today will act as a catalyst for what’s about to play out. Today’s movement is officially the activation sequence starting countdown into a nuclear mode historic #squeeze...
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#GameStop stock price rise and volatility:

#shortsqueeze is a special form of Predatory Trading (see my paper @JofFinance with Lasse Pedersen)…

Historical short squeezes
Some more historical short squeezes are

- 1901 Northern Pacific Railroads
- 1923 Piggly Wiggly  [read great twitter thread by @dollarsanddata ]
- 1980 silver short squeeze by Hunt brothers
@Volkswagen (attempted takeover by Porsche)
What's new? combine social media to coordinate + "meme investing"

What's the same? (historical saying)
"He who sells what isn't his'n, must buy it back or go to pris'n." (Daniel Drew)
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We want to share a note about the recent volatility in the stock market. It’s as important as ever to make informed decisions when investing. You can continue to trade on our platform, and here’s some background on what’s happened over the past weeks.
Headlines are filled with the term #shortsqueeze—we want to explain what this means and how a short squeeze works. #stocks #GME What is a short squeeze?
A “short” is when an investor believes a stock price will go down, so they “borrow” stock, sell it at today’s price, then buy it back in the future at a lower price in order to return the borrowed stock. With some stocks, “short selling” can become more common than normal trading
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A simple thread to explain the ongoing rally in the US listed company #GME (#GameStop) and the massive #shortsqueeze 👇🧵 (1/n)
Before we get into the details, let us understand few concepts first.
A. What is free float?
B. What is short selling? (2/n)
A. What is free float?
The total shares held by all the shareholders of a company are called as outstanding shares.
Now, of the total outstanding shares, there are few shares which are not traded actively. (3/n)
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按照 #比特币 目前价格超过3.3万美元计算

搞评:只要比特币存在于世,定价权在中国(政府+权贵+矿主)手上 ImageImageImage
#比特币 #Bitcoin 去年3月最低跌破5千,美国总统选举11月3日1.4万,大选争议中却暴涨,21年1月3日最高价达3.4万,2个月翻一倍还多,只要告知买入,即能合法赚大钱且匿名隐蔽,是最佳跨国行贿手段
1月6日前更是决定美国总统胜负关键,若没结果,还有1月20,结果若定,疯牛行情就没必要了 ImageImage
经历过2015及2020年,如果你还不明白“政治才是一切的主宰”,那么也没必要再琢磨了。 Image
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Bought $HYLN here, speculative trade

No setup here, straight bottom fishing, I'm prepared to stop out no questions asked $22.67 break even stop
$HYLN Sweeeet! Looking to sell any pop over $25 may or may not happen, considering the range i'll give it eoom

#ShortSqueeze 🔥
Baam! $HYLN took profits on 80% of the position here 🔥

Leaving a small batch to ride just in case

Sell the rip, #PayYourself 💰
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