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Alright since this blew my headphones apart about halfway through production, I need to guys to tell me if this is going sufficiently hard or not since I can't hear it as well as I would like to
I sweat so much making this, I smell like a gym locker now lmao. Voice not too raw though so that's cool
anyways before i get #rekt by any possible large incoming storms, here are the lyrics as per request
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1/ Five years from now it will be widely recognized that the major financial players in the "cryptocurrency space" (mostly exchanges) made a strategic error in pursuing a horizontal business opportunity rather than a vertical one.

A thread 👇
2/ The simplest and most obvious profit opportunity for exchanges today is to list as many cryptocurrencies as possible (the "horizontal" strategy) and collect fees on the trading that occurs between them. This naive strategy is a mistake in the long term.
3/ There is an opportunity cost to supporting many (sometimes hundreds of) cryptocurrencies. Engineering time needs to be devoted to making sure each project is free of bugs & trojan horses, isn't prone to easy 51% attacks and in dealing with idiosyncratic blockchain APIs.
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0/ This whole bear market I've been repeating that Bitcoin prices move quickly, unexpectedly and in large jumps. If you are following any of the technical analysis talking heads or if you think you have an edge in doing TA yourself, take a few moments to analyze historical prices
1/ The chart below, for example, has data from 1/1/15. The scatter plot shows daily returns. Do you see how many of those are above 7%?
No need to go far, remember 4/1 when BTC moved from 4,150 to 4,900?
How many "experts" saw that coming?
2/ When markets go down, you often hear: "well... I'll just take my money and wait on the sidelines"
The opportunity cost is massive. I remember in 2008, after the crisis, when many investors were on the sidelines and only came back after 2011 at much higher prices.
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I don't think the $crypto/ #Bitcoin space is going to get the capitulation cleansing everyone expects, like 2014-2016 where everyone got bored/jaded and left:
Many 2017 entrants invested >$200, quickly lost it all, but got tied up in following, views, likes, thotness, podcasting, media creation (you can endlessly yap about markets or tech you completely don't understand-- and in this day and age of low bars, it counts as "content"),
These peeps may have $0 in the game, but plenty of reputational, self-esteem, or other skin. To them, $crypto is aspirational just as any other topic that gets them engagement, which gets them the 2 seconds of free dopamine.
I am not exempt, lest you think I'm condescending.
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Some of you may have noticed that I'm sporting a new tag in my screen name. It's not just a fad though, allow me to explain in this lil ol' #thread:
1/ As you (should) know, january 3rd marks the actual birthday of #Bitcoin, as it was the day that Satoshi mined the first blocks and hence set the Bitcoin story into motion. Upcoming jan 3rd will be the 10th anniversary and this would be an obvious time for celebrations.
2/ @TraceMayer took the initiative of a call-to-arms for all HODLers-of-last-resort, to join him and quite a few other prominent bitcoiners like @giacomozucco, @theonevortex and @CaitlinLong_, just to name some, and also sport the same tag in their screen name.
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What if this happens? Would you get #REKT

After all, people are acting as if we're in a bull-run already, and funding pays the bears big time.

Leaving this chart here to open your mind into considering alternative possibilities...
/2 $BTC

First chart is stolen from @CryptOrca (pinned tweet).

Just making up possibilities in case we went completely south, doesn't 'have to' play out...
/3 Keep it simple stupid:

1) broke down major support after 1 year of consolidation.

2) Prolonged bear-market.

Unless I get obvious bullish set-ups / accumulation signs, I will assume $BTC is going lower if we can't close the week above red box.
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Pourquoi avoir une stratégie de cash out?

Il est important tout au long de la montée de vendre vos profits en #bitcoin ou #altcoins dans le but de sécuriser vos gains. Bien qu'on voudrait toujours tout laisser en #crypto, un gains qui n'est pas encaissé n'est PAS un gain.
Premièrement, il faut déterminer des objectifs de ventes pour vos $BTC ou #altcoins (avoir plusieurs prix de ventes) et s'y tenir. Même si la hausse semble vouloir continuer, ne soyez pas gourmand et respectez vos plans. C'est plus facile de perdre que de gagner.
Vos 3 possibilités lors d'un bullrun:
1 - Sécuriser des gains en FIAT.
2 - Déplacer vos profits dans les #alts.
3 - Sécuriser ce que vous voudrez réinvestir en $USDT.

Généralement, je fais les trois.
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