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1/ How to consistently profit in crypto?

After 5 years of crypto investing, and spending #dyor hours everyday without exception, I've developed a guide which will ensure that you will never get #rekt investing in crypto.

Thread below: 👇
2/ This has been written for newcomers to crypto, who want to make gains without getting rekt in the process. Advanced users feel free to discuss/contribute in the replies.
3/ Quick intro about me:

Computer Science graduate, MarTech consultant at a bluechip brand, tech entrepreneur & crypto trader/investor. Been to the moon and rekt for equal measure. Used profits to see the 7 wonders and fund a master's degree at a prestigious university.
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My biggest gains this year where on $sol #solana $matic #polygon $Gala #galagames

But many people this year will have got #REKT'd on projects like #dogecoin #shiba

Starting out in #crypto is hard.
Here is a simple thread top stop you getting wrecked 🧵👇

RT if you like ☺️
You hear stories of people making millions overnight like @ProTheDoge , who bet everything on $DOGE. But 99% of the time its pure luck.
New investors are seduced by the #moon potential of smaller projects & invest more than they can afford to lose.

Remember to always only invest what you can lose & take profits when you can!
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🥳🐳 SimpleFi V1 is now live! 🐳🥳
It's our first step in building DeFi’s most powerful analytics tool!
Use the app to know how you're doing with your DeFi investments:
Read on to learn more about V1 & what comes next
#InvestLikeAWhale #DeFiForEveryone
So what is SimpleFi V1? It's a powerful ROI calculator that tells you how you're really doing with your DeFi investments. #ProfitOrRekt?
If you don't know if your farming rewards compensate for impermanent loss in the underlying LP for example, well now you do! 2/7 Image
We built it because user-friendly tooling is severely lacking in DeFi. Even degens and apes need to know if they're making money or getting #rekt. But that's just the start for SimpleFi 👀 Soon we'll launch our investment optimisation engine and portfolio management tools 👀 3/7
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[Thread] Dernière partie de la trilogie avec les 13 erreurs des débutants #crypto #investisseurs.

Orienté vers l'investissement, les erreurs peuvent être nombreuses et coûter très cher.

C'est #dimanche, il faut beau, profitez en pour vous détendre en terrasse bien couvert. ⬇️
1) #Investir des fonds que vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de perdre

C'est la règle d'or de tout investisseur et c'est d'autant plus vrai en crypto. Un simple hack de votre matériel et vous finirez #REKT.

N'investissez JAMAIS JAMAIS de l'argent qui vous est nécessaire.
2) #Investir de l'argent des autres

Vous avez réussi quelques #trades et prenez le melon ? Sachez que votre belle histoire peut couper court en cas de chute, #hack ou mauvais placement.

Qu'allez vous dire à ces personnes qui n'ont peut-être plus rien ? Ne faites jamais ça.
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[THREAD : Le LEXIQUE de la CRYPTO :] 🤓 N.5

Petit (faux) #Thread qui sera un peu particulier, en effet ici, j’essaierai de donner une définition simple et concise de différents termes qui pourraient paraître flous ou barbares à un débutant. 📝
Le thread sera mis à jour au fil de vos demandes en DM ou en commentaire donc à vous de jouer et de faire vivre ce thread ! 👀
👉[Partie Vocabulaire de Tweetos Crypto]

🔸NFA : Not Financial Advice (Pas un conseil en investissement).

🔸Hold/Hodl : Action de garder ses cryptomonnaies sans les vendre.

🔸Too the moon : prix qui passe à la hausse chercher de nouveaux ATH 🚀
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MEV is the unfriendly AI of #Ethereum.

Ethereum is growing this dark monster called a "generalized frontrunning algorithm" that basically steals from you whenever you do anything on #Ethereum.
An example of what The Monster can do:

You have a position on AAVE that's in danger of being liquidated because the market moved against you. That's OK though, you can just send a transaction to add collateral or reduce leverage...
Well when you do that, The Monster sees your "avoid liquidation" transaction, and inserts a liquidation transaction before it.

So, first, The Monster liquidates you, then your extra collateral arrives - after you've been #rekt.
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[THREAD] 10 exemples de "bags scientifiques" #BSC + présentation de mes réflexions perso

Il y a de tout dedans: des projets déjà installés à l'échelle de la BSC (fondamental + hype + exécution) ayant déjà bien pump, des projets solides qui pourraient exploser prochainement...
... & même des shitcoins qui ont pas encore été shill par les degens de TikTok 😂

L'idée n'est donc pas de vous dire d'acheter sans réfléchir, mais plutôt vous présenter mes stratégies pour vous aider à développer les vôtres & mener à bien vos recherches futures sur la #BSC
1 - $NAUT / @astronauttoken / MC: 10M - Holders: 6.1k

J'ai déjà parlé du $NAUT & de sa tokenomie qui génère de l'instant yield, mais c'est pas pour ça que je le garde

Je hold $NAUT car j'y vois l'occasion d'arriver early sur un Launchpad qui s'annonce solide (j'en ai loupé bcp)
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As of Tuesday (4/6), all of DeFi has $52.14B in TVL. @NexusMutual has $341.1M in TVL.

That leaves most users exposed to potential loss from compromised code. Nexus Mutual was created to solve this problem.

Members of the mutual protect cover holders from getting #rekt. (1/6) Image
Nexus Mutual is a discretionary mutual, which means the mutual does not offer traditional insurance; instead, the mutual offers cover products.

A discretionary mutual model gives members the ability to purchase cover that offers discretionary risk protection to members. (2/6)
With a traditional insurance company, your policy means you have a contractual right to have your claim paid.

With a discretionary mutual, your cover means you're guaranteed to have your claim reviewed by Claims Assessors who determine whether a claim is accepted or not. (3/6)
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"Attacker got away with 2.8m, dai vault lost 11.1m.”
lol ImageImageImage
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Why I'm adding heavily to my long term $MATIC position.
DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. I am not shilling my bags. I don't care if you invest or not. I simply enjoy curating information. I don't make promises, I don't charge money. This is for educational purposes only.
Let's get into it. $MATIC landed on my radar the same way it landed on everyone else's radar. It hit #Binance and pumped to the moon during the IEO Launchpad event. It did a 10x and spent the next 2.5 months retracing.
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This morning I created a Facebook event and (tried) to invite @eviefordham. Apparently I invited some rando named Evie. Girl doesn’t even have the same last name.

No one should allow me to do anything, honestly. @audpants @MaryMargOlohan Image
Poor girl was probably so freaked out by the heavily sarcastic bio I included in the description #rekt
Now she has my home address, it’s fine.
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1/ Five years from now it will be widely recognized that the major financial players in the "cryptocurrency space" (mostly exchanges) made a strategic error in pursuing a horizontal business opportunity rather than a vertical one.

A thread 👇
2/ The simplest and most obvious profit opportunity for exchanges today is to list as many cryptocurrencies as possible (the "horizontal" strategy) and collect fees on the trading that occurs between them. This naive strategy is a mistake in the long term.
3/ There is an opportunity cost to supporting many (sometimes hundreds of) cryptocurrencies. Engineering time needs to be devoted to making sure each project is free of bugs & trojan horses, isn't prone to easy 51% attacks and in dealing with idiosyncratic blockchain APIs.
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0/ This whole bear market I've been repeating that Bitcoin prices move quickly, unexpectedly and in large jumps. If you are following any of the technical analysis talking heads or if you think you have an edge in doing TA yourself, take a few moments to analyze historical prices
1/ The chart below, for example, has data from 1/1/15. The scatter plot shows daily returns. Do you see how many of those are above 7%?
No need to go far, remember 4/1 when BTC moved from 4,150 to 4,900?
How many "experts" saw that coming? Image
2/ When markets go down, you often hear: "well... I'll just take my money and wait on the sidelines"
The opportunity cost is massive. I remember in 2008, after the crisis, when many investors were on the sidelines and only came back after 2011 at much higher prices.
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@ObiWanKenoBit @zanepocock @mrcoolbp @thibm_ @Tom_Harned @alphaazeta @MartyBent @matt_odell @BlockFiZac 1/ Yep—agree, @zanepocock, great job with the thread. A couple things: #rehypothecation **is** fractional-reserve banking by another name. FRB is typically associated with money (+ a central bank), but the exact same thing can happen w/ any asset (eg, a claim to #bitcoin, a loan
@ObiWanKenoBit @zanepocock @mrcoolbp @thibm_ @Tom_Harned @alphaazeta @MartyBent @matt_odell @BlockFiZac 2/ ...collateralized by #bitcoin, US Treasury bonds, Apple shares etc). Rothbard wrote that the only legit form of govt action was to ban FRB—were he alive today, we would have been screaming about #rehypothecation too bc it has the same effect—it distorts the price of money...
@ObiWanKenoBit @zanepocock @mrcoolbp @thibm_ @Tom_Harned @alphaazeta @MartyBent @matt_odell @BlockFiZac 3/ ...(ie, it distorts the interest rate). One beauty of #bitcoin is that it’s a pure experiment in free banking. No govt controls the base money, so all excess/phantom claims to it are created privately by intermediaries—hence, a pure experiment in free banking. It’s a great...
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Some of you may have noticed that I'm sporting a new tag in my screen name. It's not just a fad though, allow me to explain in this lil ol' #thread:
1/ As you (should) know, january 3rd marks the actual birthday of #Bitcoin, as it was the day that Satoshi mined the first blocks and hence set the Bitcoin story into motion. Upcoming jan 3rd will be the 10th anniversary and this would be an obvious time for celebrations.
2/ @TraceMayer took the initiative of a call-to-arms for all HODLers-of-last-resort, to join him and quite a few other prominent bitcoiners like @giacomozucco, @theonevortex and @CaitlinLong_, just to name some, and also sport the same tag in their screen name.
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