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1/🧵Ok it's only 10:30 in the morning and 🤯🤯🤯
Do you astro folx (who were raised in one of the Western monotheistic traditions) remember Ba'al from your Sunday/Hebrew/Qur'an school stories?
The "bad" god in the story of prophet Elijah?>>>
2/🧵Guess who Ba'al was to the Phoenicians?
✨The constellation Orion. ✨
And they observed Ba'al/Orion's movements in giant reflecting pools that were oriented to the directions of the equinox and solstices.
These pools are found in Phoenician temple complexes>
3/🧵all over the ancient Mediterranean, as the Phoenicians were skilled sea-farers/traders.

I had known that the Phoenicians were amazing navigatiors (they got at least as far as the West coast of Africa and the British isles).
And I knew they worshipped Astarte/Venus>>>
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When Vittorio Amedeo II from #Savoy, the 24th of #December 1713 was crowned King of #Sicily (as seen in the relief from #Palermo's cathedral) he reached the Royal title, a dream his dinasty was seeking for centuries. #Utrecht #Spain #France #Italy Continue #thread 🧵
What he could not know is that in #Sicily he found something maybe more precious, for sure a longer lasting asset than his title as King of Sicily: an #architect from #Messina called Fillippo Juvarra. Continue #thread
Juvarra already worked in #Rome and Naples, pupil of the famous Carlo Fontana (see pic), an #architect from #Ticino, hence of Lombard culture, of paramount importance for Juvarra. In #Messina the sicilian architect was able to offer his services to Vittorio Amedeo II. Continue
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Agrigento-Southern Wall
In the C6th BC, fortified walls were initially carved into the bedrock with standing stone block walls of 1.5 metres thick, at 12 km long, encircling the Greek city of Akragas. During 5th-4th BC it…(1/3).
#Archaeology #Roman #TombTuesday #Sicily
.. incorporated towers, ramparts, barracks, cisterns, hidden passages and underground channels. In the Late Roman period (from C4th AD), parts of the wall fell into disrepair and were adapted for use, including tombs and dwellings. From C4th-7th AD..
.. it held an Early Christian cemetery. These arcosolia tombs often had decorated painted plaster ceilings, usually holding 2-3 burials and were closed by a horizontal slab (mensa). This type of arcosolium being above ground is known as ‘sub divo’ (open air).
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#invertefest 🧵on amazing #marineinvertebrates of NW Sicily's Mediterranean. On night snorkel met incredible Spotted Bumble Bee Shrimp (Gnathophyllum elegans)! And Rugose Spider Crab (Herbstia condyliata)? but what's the zooming red shrimp that kept crashing into us? #MySwim 1/25
Other common crabs of the Gulf of Castellammare, Sicily include: Sea Urchin (Percon gibbesi) especially among break water boulders, Warty (Eriphia verrucosa), Runner Crab (Pachygrapsus marmoratus) - by anemone, & Mediterranean Intertidal Hermit (Clibanarius erythropus) crabs 2/25
These enchanting Rockpool/Grass Prawns (Palaemon elegans) were abundant in the crystal clear, bath-warm shallows of Calla Minnola, Levanzo. Love how you can see, on their head, the toothed rostrum & feather like structures at base of antennae & all their internal organs.
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We Need To Protect #Türkiye From Suffering The Same Fate As #Andalusia !

By Yusuf Kaplan


#Islam #Erdoğan #Muslims #Ummah #OttomanEmpire #OsmanlıKhilafat #TheGreatOttomanState
Modern history represents how the #Secularist & #Capitalist #Europe was established while Islam & #IslamicCivilization was grounded to a halt .
After centuries of painful experiences Europe finally realized that it would establish itself on the stage of history unless it shattered the world-guiding global siege of Islamic civilization .
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Ancient Coin of the Day: A lovely Siculo-Punic silver tetradrachm, ca. 320-310 BC, showing a fusion of Sicilian and Carthaginian elements. #ACOTD #Sicily #Carthage

Image: ANS 1967.152.696. Link –…
The Obverse bears a portrait of the nymph Arethusa, surrounded by dolphins, in a scene that would be familiar from the Fifth Century BC coinage of Syracuse.
Indeed the image of Arethusa was one of the defining elements of Syracusan coin issues, as on this glorious dekadrachm from Syracuse, Sicily, ca. 470-460 BC.

Image: British Museum: 1841,0726.287. Link -…
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#Italy #Sicily #Etna #Volcano

37.748°N, 14.999°E;
summit elev. 3320 m

All times are local (unless otherwise noted)
INGV reported that Strombolian activity from all four of Etna’s summit craters, the Southeast Crater (SEC), Northeast Crater (NEC), Bocca Nuova (BN), and Voragine (VOR), was visible during 8-14 February.
The frequency and intensity of explosions at SEC were variable; almost continuous strong explosions originated from two vents in the E part of the top of the cone. Tephra accumulated near the top of the cone and rolled several tens of meters down the flanks.
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#Italy #Medeteraniansea #Sicily #Refugges

On the rescue ship "Open Arms" with around 280 migrants, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. Dozens of people jump overboard to reach Sicily by swimming.
So far, the crew has been waiting in vain for a permit to enter a European port. The situation on board the ship, which was completely overcrowded with around 280 rescued, was critical, said the Spanish aid organization Open Arms on Twitter.

The crew had rescued the people in distress from the Mediterranean last week, but so far asked in vain for permission to enter a European port.
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Without access to numbers and speaking superficially, based only what I've seen with my own eyes, Sicilians are taking the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent 2nd wave far more seriously than the Maltese are.
You won't enter a restaurant without a mask on. Although not a blanket approach, a number of restaurants will ask for contact details and you will fill in a form stating down to the minute how long you stayed at your table. Most dining takes place al fresco.
Big shops limit the number of people inside. Masked people are everywhere, indoors and outside. I haven't seen pool parties, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough.
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Ancient Coin of the Day: A really lovely silver decadrachm, from Syracuse, ca. 475 BC. The Obverse shows a slow moving quadriga with a flying Nike above; the Reverse has a portrait of the nymph Arethusa. #ACOTD #Sicily

Image: ANS 1953.116.1
The portrait of the nymph Arethusa was a popular feature of Syracusan coinage, particularly under the Deinomenids (Gelon I and his successors, Hieron I and Thrasybulos), at the time when the decadrachm was introduced to the coinage.
The design of the decadrachm continued to be refined, so that on later examples, such as this one signed by Euainetos (ca. 400-380 BC), the portrait has moved away from the more severe earlier design.

Image: ANS 1941.153.922
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Thread. What is the link between #red & worms? Why is there an insect whose Latin name is '#worm little worm'? Let's start with a Sanskrit term: "krimija", "worm-made". (I know no Sanskrit, so please feel free to offer better translations). This was borrowed into Persian as قرمز.
2... qermez (contemporary Tehran pronunciation: ghermez), meaning 'red'. Above, popular Iranian children's TV character kolah ghermezi, 'red hat'. This appears to have happened in early Islamic times; in Middle Persian 'red' is 'sukhr' (New Persian sorkh). What about the worms?
3. Well, before the advent of synthetic #chemistry in the 2nd half of the 19th century, #dyes & pigments were mostly obtained from plant roots, or in certain cases, animals. The most famous is the 'imperial purple' obtained from the glands of Mediterranean sea snails.
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@ChinneryRoy @RT_sputnik @georgegalloway @francisbeckett @GayatriGalloway @RT_com @UKLabour I don't believe you've read much history of WW2... if you had you wouldn't have come out with such an uninformed statement!
1st & foremost, George is correct - Britain fought for 2 years on our own & that is what saved the world... & what America conveniently forgets! ...cont
@ChinneryRoy @RT_sputnik @georgegalloway @francisbeckett @GayatriGalloway @RT_com @UKLabour 2. There were more '#British' troops landed on D-Day than #American troops.
The #OmahaBeach disaster was the #Americans fault - They screwed up there as they did in #NorthAfrica, #Sicily & #Italy & in the #Pacific at #PearlHarbour on #Tarawa & #Pelelieu & elsewhere. ...cont
@ChinneryRoy @RT_sputnik @georgegalloway @francisbeckett @GayatriGalloway @RT_com @UKLabour 3. #USNavy CnC Earnest King caused a disaster in the #Atlantic in late 12.'41-05'42 when over 600 merchant ships were sunk in sight of US coast, because he didn't want to take #British Advice.
Of all the #American commanders only #Eisenhower & Marshall were Not Anglophobes! ..ct
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From tomorrow, every day, I'll tweet in this thread my personal A to Z of #Sicily. Four tweets for each letter. History, culture, people, food, towns & cities, curiosities. Of course, it'll just be a 'taste' of each subject in 280 characters but, it'll serve as an introduction >>
Tomorrow we start with A for: Agrigento;
arancini (or arancine);
A for Agrigento. To appreciate Sicily's history you must visit the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. You'll feel more in Greece than you would in Greece, especially on a scorching hot summer day. 7 ancient Greek temples to see, the most impressive being Temple of Concordia >>
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1. Tomorrow #Salvini is visiting Corleone in #Sicily to speak about "liberation from the #mafia". Thread >>
2. Everybody knows that, in order to break the omertà that surrounds mafia crimes, those that speak out, rebel, resist, need protection, along with their families. On this score, Salvini's record since becoming Interior Minister on June 1st 2018 is somewhat lacking >>
3. In September 2018 protection for Benedetto Zoccola, Deputy Mayor of Mondragone was reduced. He testified against local Camorra clan & suffered bomb attacks, losing use of 1 ear & 1eye. He took legal action & full protection was restored on 14 April 2019…
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"Don't forget the Cannoli - a day trip to Corleone."…

#Sicily #bloggers
After a few days on the beach this trip to Corleone was much more interesting than I was expecting.…
Made famous by the Godfather movies, I didn't realise that Corleone continued to be such a crucial mafia stronghold.
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