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#Canada #Covid19 update April 26.
I wanted to wait until after the weekend underreporting to say this: Canada's weekly case rate is clearly in decline. (Though the level remains high.)
Several provinces are seeing declines. Alberta and Manitoba are the main exceptions.
The Ontario and Quebec populations drive Canada's trend and they show definite declines in weekly case rates.
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The invisible enemy. The "propaganda advantage of eternal mystery"...

"War on terror": Sept 2001 to March 2020.

"War on virus": March 2020 to 2030 (???/guesstimate).
Mar 21 2020: Israeli PM Netanyahu, the week prior:

"We are at #war with an invisible #enemy: the coronavirus... #Israel is going to use #counterterrorism technologies to track coronavirus carriers"...

Trump tweeted, "The world is at #war with a hidden enemy. We Will Win."
Sept 10, 2020, CNN: "What the war on terror teaches us about #COVID19"

"...anti-vaxxers providing aid & comfort to the "invisible #enemy...

"...the pandemic could rage across much of the world, affording more opportunities for #mutation..."

"This virus is never going away."
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Have you noticed how the people making the arguments for a hard or no-deal #Brexit aren’t formally connected, but sound similar?
And have you noticed how none of their arguments seem to be a positive thing for the #environment?
There’s one very good reason why.
All those pushing for market deregulation and for the #UK to enter into trade deals that could be catastrophic for the #climate are connected
As a new map from DeSmog shows, there is a large network of lobbyists and campaigners based out of offices in and around Westminster’s
55 Tufton Street – with ties to climate science denial on both sides of the #Atlantic – that is now calling the #Brexit shots
Tufton Street Network
The map shows around 2,000 connections between the supposedly separate groups in the network, all operating around #Tufton Street.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/16/2020
Introducing Atlantic Planet - The Atlantic…

#atlantic #planet #ClimateChange
Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year | Zero Hedge…

#MiddleClass #workers
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🚩WESTERN MED: 4 shipwrecks in 2 weeks! Where is the public outrage?

Besides the boat with ~63 people we reported missing for two weeks now, there have been reports of three other shipwrecks along the #CanaryIslands route, just in the past three days.…
One of the three capsized boats reportedly left from #Mauritania and another two left from Western #Sahara. Our condolences to all the victims of European borders and their loved ones.
The militarisation of European borders has produced longer and ever-more dangerous routes, including those across the #Atlantic Ocean. Death at sea will cease when freedom of movement ceases to be a privilege and becomes a right. #BordersKill
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This was the #AtlanticBubble 500 million years ago – underwater! In fact, Nova Scotia wasn’t even land back then. It was sand, silt and mud at the bottom of an ocean.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton #novascotia #AtlanticBubble @NS_Museum @NS_Energy_Mines ImageImage
It wasn’t until continents collided 400 million years ago that these sediments were lithified (turned into rock) , squeezed, folded and thrusted up into mountains – eventually becoming the province we know today.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton #novascotia #atlanticbubble Image
You can see the west coast of modern #Newfoundland and northern #NewBrunswick outlined on this map but all of #Atlantic was off the coast of the continent Laurentia which hosted most of North America.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton #novascotia #atlanticbubble Image
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With #Covid19 as the ultimate catalyst, the push is on to implement the financialization of nature.

The Natural Capital Coalition is made up of approx. 300 orgs/corps while working w/ thousands. Partners include #CocaCola, #Shell, #Walmart.

Those with money will own #nature.
Those w/ $ will own #nature.

The very corporations that have brought us to the precipice of #ecological #collapse - will now be appointed as the new stewards of nature. This has been dubbed (#XR Business - Elkington/Volans) as the new biosphere economy.

Let's take a look at how #Covid19 has been successfully leveraged (both fear & distraction) in order to aid the largest transformation of the global economic system in modern history. Assigning monetary value to nature ("natural capital") will replace #GDP.

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Attention subducters! 12 part THREAD on our new @VoiLA_NERC paper in @Nature, led by @Cooper_geo. TL;DR? Not all #subduction zones recycle water the same way & #LesserAntilles recycling changes in time and space [1/12]
So how did the @VoiLA_NERC team, funded by @NERCScience, use boron isotopes to show that water subducted by the #Atlantic Plate is directly linked to volcanic and earthquake activity in the #Antilles? [2/12] Title and abstract of Cooper et al (2020) paper in Nature
@VoiLA_NERC is tracking #water right through the #Antilles subduction zone. We chose this site because it contrasts with the much better studied Pacific margins [3/12]… Block schematic diagram of Antilles subduction zone
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The greatest threat to the world’s oceans and all denizens of the deep is Not plastic, or climate change, or ignorance of sharks. The Chinese Communist Party paramilitary fishing fleet has invaded the globe Image
and they are wreaking havoc and destruction, while stealing everything possible, including minerals from adjoining lands. They have sellout minions who distract from this with a host of minor conservation missions that suck up well intended activists,
and the money of people who thought they were helping. With control of media the real story is fully censored for locals in many places. Any real ocean lover, activist, educator, or conservationist will stand for this cause. The rest will sit down, for the CCP.
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In the 1800s, #NovaScotia sold the best #grindstones in #NorthAmerica! A #grindstone is a round stone, usually #sandstone, used for sharpening tools. #LowerCove in #Cumberland County was the main area where the #stones were extracted, shaped and exported from.
#nspoli #NS #mining ImageImage
The biggest company was #Atlantic #Grindstone which operated from 1831 to the early 1900s in #LowerCove because it had excellent quality #sandstone and access to #tidewater for exporting. Access to tidewater is still a key advantage for #NovaScotia #mining companies.
#nspoli #NS Image
Prior to the 1800s, #Acadians produced #grindstones from #LowerCove and other sites on #ChignectoBay for domestic use. The #British army used grindstones from #LowerCove to sharpen their weapons in the #Warof1812.
#nspoli #NovaScotia #NS #mining #minerals #geology Image
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@ChinneryRoy @RT_sputnik @georgegalloway @francisbeckett @GayatriGalloway @RT_com @UKLabour I don't believe you've read much history of WW2... if you had you wouldn't have come out with such an uninformed statement!
1st & foremost, George is correct - Britain fought for 2 years on our own & that is what saved the world... & what America conveniently forgets! ...cont
@ChinneryRoy @RT_sputnik @georgegalloway @francisbeckett @GayatriGalloway @RT_com @UKLabour 2. There were more '#British' troops landed on D-Day than #American troops.
The #OmahaBeach disaster was the #Americans fault - They screwed up there as they did in #NorthAfrica, #Sicily & #Italy & in the #Pacific at #PearlHarbour on #Tarawa & #Pelelieu & elsewhere. ...cont
@ChinneryRoy @RT_sputnik @georgegalloway @francisbeckett @GayatriGalloway @RT_com @UKLabour 3. #USNavy CnC Earnest King caused a disaster in the #Atlantic in late 12.'41-05'42 when over 600 merchant ships were sunk in sight of US coast, because he didn't want to take #British Advice.
Of all the #American commanders only #Eisenhower & Marshall were Not Anglophobes! ..ct
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We often tout #NovaScotia's amazing #geology but all four #Atlantic provinces have great geological sights - partly because we were all connected in supercontinent #Pangea 200-300 million years ago! We're going to talk about some spots in #NL, #NB and #PEI this weekend.
#nspoli Image
This is #AtlanticCanada 10,000 years ago. #PEI was still connected to the mainland - no #ConfederationBridge needed! Sea levels are lower during ice ages because so much water is frozen. It wasn't until 5000 years ago that rising sea levels made PEI an island.
#nspoli #NovaScotia Image
#Newfoundland's #BellIsland had iron mines from 1895-1966. The #NovaScotia Steel and Coal Co. helped open the first one. The iron was made into steel in #Sydney, #CapeBreton. Steel is iron and carbon (which is derived from coal) so #CB coal and #NL iron were a good match!
#nspoli ImageImage
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NEW: “I have all the authority I need” per @DeptofDefense Sec Jim Mattis when asked about countering possible #Russia info ops/#cyber attacks red #Election2018
"We all saw in 2016 what happened when the #Russia|ns & possibly others, but the Russians for certain tried to do both influence operations & actually get in & actually corrupt some of the election process" per SecDef Mattis before meeting w/#British Defense Sec @GavinWilliamson
"The adversaries may be more than just #Russia" @DeptofDefense Sec Mattis tells reporters re #election security "We are not focused solely on one country. We are focused on protecting the elections themselves"
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hearing—"#China's Worldwide #Military Expansion" is a dramatic bellwether of growing concerns in Washington & beyond.

Now online—hard-hitting arguments + many data points, some deeply-analyzed yet hard to find elsewhere in public domain:
CAPT Jim Fanell, USN Ret, former @USPacificFleet N2:

"today, the PLA Navy consists of over 330 surface ships & 66 submarines, nearly 400 combatants. As of 4 May 2018, the @USNavy consists of 283 battle force ships: 211 surface ships and 72 submarines."
"By 2030, it is estimated [by Fanell & @SCheneyPeters in their chapter in @NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime Studies Institute's Chinese Naval Shipbuilding volume… @USNIBooks that] the PLANavy will consist of some 550 ships: 450 surface ships & 99 submarines."
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