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𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐑 𝐁𝐇𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐀 𝐃𝐀𝐌 - A recent ill-conceived development

The development project by #Pakistan in the occupied areas of #JammuKashmir is of considerable concern to #India. The 8 MAF reservoir with 272m height will be the tallest RCC Dam in the world
Facts about the dam

🔸It will be built on Indus river in #POK (Gilgit Baltistan)
🔸The dam site is situated near a place called "Bhasha", hence the name and is 40Km downstream of Chilas town and 315Km from Tarbela Dam
🔸The dam will produce 4800 megawatts of electricity
🔸It will store an extra 10.5 cubic kilometers of water
🔸Extend the life of Tarbela Dam located downstream by 35 years
🔸Will control flood damage by the River Indus downstream during high floods.
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#India #China
STATUS : 7 Points

1. Talks & Meetings at All Levels (Military, Diplomatic & Special Representatives) & Disengagements towards DeInduction & DeInduction...In Progress
2. Tensions and Preparation for Any Contingencies and Security Challenges...
3. Review, Reset & Changes at All Elements of Power : Diplomacy, Economy, Trade & Decisions/Resolutions/National Wills...RECAST...
4. Trust in #China & #PLA SHATTERED. Especially on their Agreements, Protocols and Practices after 15 Jun 2020 - #Galwan : New Rules Of Engagements (ROEs)
5. Complete Restoration of Status Quo, Complete Disengagement and also be Prepared for QPQ, incase.. : Current Glare
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#Ladakh is 1 of India’s UTs. What’s the big deal if India-PM makes a trip there & talk to Army? It’s in India!

US Presidents (+some European heads too) keep making trips to AFG/Iraq etc, even though it’s thousands of miles 4m their countries.

Stop making overuse of #56Inch😏
As if @narendramodi gone to #Ladakh to start जंग with #China🙄

I would wait when PM goes to #PoK or #CoA .. or PM allow police to go and raid various #NoGoZones (many in WB, Maha, Hyd and many other states as well) which are within India. Show #56Inch in against enemies within!
Absolutely and it’s shame on India as PM can’t go to own territory with open announcement. Seems our security-apparatus still in hangover of Pre-370 days in J&K.

सीमा पर जाना है तो छाती ठोक के जाओ? किसका डर् है? Wonder if NSA #AjitDoval did any pre-work?
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2019 സെപ്റ്റംബർ മാസം ആദ്യ വാരം ഇന്ത്യയുടെ നാഷണൽ സെക്യൂരിറ്റിയെ ചോദ്യ ചിന്നം ആക്കി കൊണ്ട് ഇന്ത്യക്ക് ഉള്ളിൽ തന്നെ വളരെ ഗുരുതരവും അതു പോലെ തന്നെ ഭീതിയോടെ നോക്കി കാണേണ്ട രണ്ട് കാര്യങ്ങൾ നടന്നു

1- ആദ്യത്തേത് 2019 സെപ്റ്റംബർ 4 തീയതി ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ ആണവ നിലയമായ കുടങ്കുളം
ന്യൂക്ലിയർ പവർ പ്ലാന്റിൽ (KKNPP) അഡ്മിനിസ്‌ട്രേറ്റീവ് നെറ്റ് വർക്കിൽ മാൽവേർ അറ്റാക്ക് നടന്നു

ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ ആണവ നിലയമാണ് KKNPP റഷ്യൻ രൂപകൽപ്പന ചെയ്ത് വിതരണം ചെയ്ത രണ്ട് 1,000 മെഗാവാട്ട് വീതം ശേഷിയുള്ള VVR പ്രഷറൈസ്ഡ് വാട്ടർ റിയാക്ടറുകളാണ് ഉള്ളത്
ഈ രണ്ട് റിയാക്ടർ
യൂണിറ്റുകളും ഇന്ത്യയുടെ തെക്കൻ പവർ ഗ്രിഡിനെ ബലപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു ഒരേ ശേഷിയുള്ള നാല് റിയാക്ടർ യൂണിറ്റുകൾ കൂടി പ്ലാന്റ് ചേർക്കുന്ന നടപടികളിൽ ആണ് KKNPP
NPCIL ന്റെ പ്രസ്താവന പ്രകാരം മാൽവെയർ ആക്രമണം സെപ്തംബർ 4 CERT-IN (ഇന്ത്യൻ കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ എമർജൻസി റെസ്പോൺസ് ടീം) ആണ് കണ്ടെത്തുന്നത്
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#Thread @adgpi Chief Gen MM Naravane outlines vision as Chief. Advocates ABC: Allegiance, Belief and Consolidation. “We swear our allegiance to the constitution of India... As in the preamble Justice, equality and fraternity. That is what we are fighting for.
Gen Naravane: Belief in ourself, our organisation. Our superiors and subordinates.. We will not fall prey to vile rumors and innuendos. Belief is what will keep us strong.

Consolidation leads to continuity... Somewhere along the way there will be midcourse correction. #ArmyDay
Gen Naravane on #Siachen: Siachen is very important to us. That is one area which faces the Western and Northern front.

We should not lose sight that its one place where collusivity can happen. So we should keep control
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New Year Day : 2020 & Ahead...
My Resolutions & Narrative, on #Indian National Security as a Soldier & Citizen : 10 Points !
1. #POK will be Integrated Back. Restore Our Sovereignity & Territorial Integrity upto Pamir Knot.
2. Shape Strategic Environment for #Pakistan to Verifiably & Irreversibly drop Kashmir, Proxy & Terror Cards.
3. Roll back #Terrorism, Terror Modules & Network from #India by ProActive & PreEmtive Actions.
4. Enhance Strategic Communication & Environment with #China for Convergence & Collaboration on Global Issues & Resolve #Border Issue and #China to scrap #China #Pakistan Economic Corridor through #POK.
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2day is VIJAY DIWAS,
also called #PakistanSurrenderDay,
for this is d day wen an army of terrorists dressed in uniform, surrendered to d Indian Army.
My thread on--atrocities carried out by pak Army in BANGLADESH n hw it continues 2 keep its neighbouring countries burning. 1/n
@meghdootindia @kapil_kausik @CounterDivision @desertfox61I 2/n Pak army set up RAPE CAMPS in towns n villages they went to-- to disempower n destroy vertebrae of Bengali society.
~3 MILLION innocents killed
~More than 200,000 women were raped
~30,000 war babies
~170,000 abortions
This ws worst than HOLOCAUST!
@meghdootindia @kapil_kausik @CounterDivision @desertfox61I 3/n #PakistanSurrenderDay
Story of pak Army's atrocities didn't end in 1971.They went on to plot something as sinister for #PoK too.
Someday truth of hw they altered DEMOGRAPHY in PoK will also come to light.
#ISI carries out Pak Army's dirty work in the neighboring countries.
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#China #India #ModiXiSummit 2019.
Few Things not Talked, But are Conveyed & Understood in Unspoken & Informal Communication Arena !?

Twelve (12) Points;

1. #Kashmir ; No mediation Please
2. #CPEC through PoK ; NO GO Please
3. #Terrorism ; Radical Islamic Terrorism
4. #Pakistan ; Go, Went & Gone.
5. #POK ; Next. When ?
6. #Trade ; Need for Balance.
7. Mutual Trust, People to People - Contact & Connect.
8. Convergences on #WTO, Climate Change, Globalisation & Terrorism.
9. Respect each other's Sensitivities, Core Concerns & National Interests.
10. Resolve Boundary Issue/Question/Dispute & Complete LAC Exchange of Perceptions. Peace & Tranquility at LAC.
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On a fateful night of Feb 1931 in Kanikoot, 9 members of a Kashmiri Pandit Janki Nath's families were hacked to death with an axe including ladies & children. After hacking to death, conspirators set on fire top floor of the house to destroy the evidence.
1998 Wandhama massacre refers to murder of 23 Kashmiri Pandit Hindus in the town of Wandhama, victims included 4 children, 9 women & 10 men. Attackers also demolished Hindu temple. Lashkar-e-Taiba was blamed for perpetrating the massacre.
@ashokepandit @rahulpandita @TarekFatah @AartiTikoo @mariawirth1 @samskarebyaha @PrasenjitKBasu @pratiba_sk @gurichopra @ramprasad_c #KashmirHinduMassacre

On 13th July 1931 communal pogrom against Kashmiri Hindus & Khatri traders was a pre-planned move. Hindus became victims of mad frenzy in Vicharnag, Maharajganj, Khankah Mohalla, Shopian & Anantnag. More than 100 Pandits were killed.
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#Thread 👇 on misinformation spreading after the government's proposal to revoke #Article370 in #JammuAndKashmir and bifurcate the state. #FakeNews @boomlive_in (1/n)
#JammuAndKashmir: Old Video Of Artillery Tanks Being Moved On A Freight Train Revived #FakeNews #JammuAndKashmir @mstqalander @boomlive_in (2/n)…
No, This Is Not A Photo Of Pakistani Soldiers Signalling A Truce #FakeNews #JammuAndKashmir @SwastiChatterje @boomlive_in (3/n)…
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#India #Pakistan: Unprecedented heavy shelling all along the Line of Control has been reported by many sources in the last few hours. The Pakistani side of the LoC has been cut off from the internet. Casualties reported. Not clear what the reason is for the flare up.
#India #Pakistan: 200Km area is seeing worst ever Artillery Duel post Balakot Airstrikes after Pakistani Army tried to aid Terrorist incursion in Indian Side
#India #Pakistan: @ANI news Agency: Army Sources: Ceasefire violation since morning at multiple locations along Line of Control(LoC) including Uri, Tangdhar, Keran & Sunderbani. Indian Army targeting suspected terrorist launch pads & new positions being built on Pak side of LoC
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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