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Some fcukin bastards do not deserve ANY mercy. They take our money, our taxes and build bungalows for themselves, YES I am looking at your #Matoshri. They travel in range rovers (hi AU) while ppl in #Mumbai get crushed in trains. They drink in 5 star bars while bridges ..
fall on their damn heads. They pollute #Mumbai with hard drugs (not talking about weed) but #meth, #cocaine, #LSD, #MDMA and ruin our youth through it. They can bring in ‘maal’ from #Malaysia, #Nepal, #Afghanistan but cannot feed the poor on the streets in the city. They run..
over homeless ppl sleeping on streets and then make bakchod movies & shows like #Tubelight & #BiggBoss14 and we are expected to pay to watch that shit. They pay #ViralBhayani & #ManavManglani etc to take photos of #Diwali parties with their wives but don’t tell you about how ..
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#Diwali: #True_Story_of_Origin_of_Tyohaar_e_Misbah

Part-1: Celebrating Diwali in India began from the year 1762. Before that, there was no such festival called Diwali. After his decisive victory over Maratha forces lead by Sadashivrao Bavu in the third battle of Panipat,...
Part-2: Ahmed Shah Abdali went back to Afghanistan. But he developed serious guilt and depression.

Abdali wanted to establish friendship with Peshwas. In return, the Peshwa sent a great psychologist from Odisha called Dr. Devdoot Phatanaik.
Part-3: Abdali gained his piece of mind back with the help of Dr. Devdoot. Abdali and Dr. Devdoot became great friends. To celebrate their friendship, Abdali began the Tyohar E Misbah (festival of lamps) and named it Devali (Dev from Devdoot and Ali from Abdali). ...
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Diwali was demonised but Xmas is put on pedestal in #India.

My research on Xmas:

Roast turkey increases indoor pollution 200 micrograms/m3.

Entire turkey supply chain creates 23.5kg CO2, 58% of which is methane and Nitrous Oxide.

Xtians in #India create 1,600 tonnes/year Xmas plastic waste. Their Xmas creates 1 month of CO2.

Add Xmas in malls, airports, hotels, corporates and now upper middle class Hindu homes and parties, this figure will be many times more.

A plastic Xmas tree creates 40kg CO2.

Pastors claim Xmas acts as "bridge to avoid environmental imbalance, pollution" (see news from Bhopal 👇)

But this one convoy created:
- 1 tonne CO2 vehicle emissions
- 1.6 tonnes CO2 from polyester costumes
- 2,320 balloons which create slow painful death for marine life

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What were the most Tweeted about conversations, hashtags, and people in India in 2019?

🥁 please…

Here is our annual Year on Twitter report!…

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भारत में 2019 के सबसे अधिक बातचीत, हैशटैग और लोगों के बारे में ट्वीट क्या थे?


प्रस्तुत है ट्विटर की वार्षिक रिपोर्ट!…

इन हैशटैग के साथ 2019 की बातचीत में शामिल हों #यहहुआ
This year's Golden Tweet (or the most Retweeted Tweet) was @narendramodi's Tweet after winning the #loksabhaelections2019.

This also happened to be the most Liked Tweet this year
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Couple of myths about Diwali I wish to clarify.


By Hindu calendar, the financial new year begins on Padva. Business folks buy new account books, do their puja, etc. Gudhi Padva, generally in March, is our regular new year.

#thread #Diwalimyth #diwali #Diwali2019
So, Gudhi Padva is equivalent to 1 st January.

Diwali Padva = 1st April
(31st March is the last day of the financial year.)

#thread #Diwalimyth #diwali #Diwali2019


On Dhana-trayodashi day, many Indians perform puja thinking They are doing it to increase Dhan,
because of the word Dhan in the name of that day. This practice was started some 100/200 years ago by business folks.

They also started a practice that on this day, one should buy some silver / gold, but mainly silver.

#thread #Diwalimyth #diwali #Diwali2019
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Fireworks on Diwali
(A Thread)

One of the earliest paintings depicting such firework grandeur is that of Dara Shikoh’s marriage in 1633. Paintings from 16th & 17th cent. suggests that fireworks were part of celebrations/festivals by the masses (royalty as well as non-royalty)
@DalrympleWill @Mughal_imperial @IndoIslamicPage @Go_Movie_Mango @Redhotpedia @Royal_Mughals The only time when people were denied of fireworks was during Aurangzeb’s tenure. From 1665 onwards, Aurangzeb banned fireworks during Diwali because had considered it to be “Hindu practice”.
@DalrympleWill @Mughal_imperial @IndoIslamicPage @Go_Movie_Mango @Redhotpedia @Royal_Mughals Our ancient Sanskrit texts referred to Saltpetre as “Agnichurna“, its usage for producing smoke was documented 2300 yrs ago in Kautilya Arthasastra. Also, Chinese texts dating back to 7th century says that Indians were aware of Saltpetre & its usage for producing purple flames.
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Ye #Diwali Do it Yourself Wali #DIY

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Step 2 - Open Screener and select the 12M return filter

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Step 5 - Select a timeframe of 1week or 1 month and reshuffle the portfolio based on new list

For any Query DM Me

Even If one of my follower will be able to do it and save the hefty advisory fee i will be more than happy. #HappyDiwali #Diwalipick #Mahurat2019

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Demonisation of #Diwali2019 starts. Lies about pollution led by #Bollywood. Let's expose these lies

Juhi Chawla's favourite holiday destination is Switzerland. One visit for her family creates 34.53 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Her Jaguar creates 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions/year

Juhi Chawla favourite perfume is Jeane Paul Gautier. "Volatile chemical products (i.e. perfume) emerging as largest petrochecmical source of urban organic emissions" McDonald et al. (Science, 2018).

Her favourite designer brand Armani ranked worst for environment

Juhi's 1 holiday + car = 60 tonnes of CO2 a year

The average fireworks display in the UK (attended by about 5000 people) creates 17kg of CO2. That's the same as 50 KM ride in her Jaguar.

Her CO2 on 1 holiday + car = 1.7 crore Indians bursting crackers


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I've spent the past hour trying to find a bleeping parking space in Gandhi Bazar!!

And the lines outside Vidyarthi Bhawan indicated that पहले पेट पूजा, फिर काम दूजा (food, then everything else) - was also out

For such hungry & aggrieved, a small darshini played saviour #brunch
See you in a bit, fellows, after I empty out all the flower stalls
Went to a totally different part of Gandhi Bazar than I usually do

My God, the sugary, candy colours! The drunken, dizzy bees!
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2 days later on Oct-13 its a full moon. #SharadPoornima 🌓 On this day #Hindus r supposed to fast n stay awake at night to get d “blessings” of dark matter in d universe. Then 14 days later v’ll celebrate #Diwali as moon wld hv completed its phase—AMAWASYA/new moon. 1/n
2/n #Hinduism doesnt associate darkness with evils. Its a western concept! This is y we celebrate #Diwali which falls on AMAWASYA (new moon). It is believed that every new moon is the beginning of a new manifestation cycle. Sharad poornima is associated with health n wealth.
3/n So on this #SharadPoornima manifest good health for urself. Yeah u will hv to fast too, so that ur body detoxifies itself n prepares for the winter. 😃 Sharad poornima is associated with Laxmi Devi. Interestingly, so is #Diwali.
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I received a very beautiful message this #Diwali and found it #TooGoodNotToShare ..
Most know that Diwali is a #FestivalofLights

#TheFiveLamps ..

While we all light our houses, do spend some time today to light a few lamps inside you and sit in silence with your eyes closed.
#Light the first lamp inside u and let it burn your #anger and or #jealousy that u may have for any one till date; see it melt away...

Light the second lamp and let it burn away unwanted #greed and desires... feel #happy and contented with what you have been blessed with.
#Light the third lamp and let it fade away all #insecurities that you may have in your mind related to anything or financials; just believe that #God has given u life and he will surely give you enough to survive.#
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I am praying for the light today. When I say that I am praying for the light what I mean is that I am deciding to become the light. I also accept that there is darkness in the world. I understand that the darkness I see in the world is also the darkness I see in myself. #Diwali
There is no darkness in the world that does not also abide in some form in me. When I acknowledge the dark, I am also acknowledging that I could not know the blessing of light without first naming the darkness. #Diwali
Therefore while I pray for and love the light I will also love the darkness because whatever I choose to authentically love I allow it to be free. I choose to let my darkness be free so it can stand next to the light. #Diwali
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SC says it has other 'priorities' rather than decide on decades-old #AyodhyaRamMandir case
And here are the priorities Indian Courts are busy with!
#Ordinance4RamMandir #BillForRamMandir #GiveGovtLandForMandir
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No complete #ban on #firecrackers: Supreme Court
» SC to regulate sale of firecrackers
» Crackers with less emission allowed
» Sale only by licensed traders
» No online sale of crackers
» SC refuses to direct blanket ban on the sale of #firecrackers
» Only #GreenFirecrackers will be sold which is less polluting
» SC restrains eCommerce websites like @amazonIN and @Flipkart from selling #firecrackers
@amazonIN @Flipkart #SCFirecrackersVerdict:
Bursting #firecrackers allowed on #Diwali for 8 PM-10 PM
For #Christmas and #NewYear, cracker bursting allowed for 11.55 PM - 12.30 AM
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प्रणाम - रघु राम की नगरी अयोध्या से।

#travel #Ayodhya
Journey of #Ayodhya begins with Litti Chokha at Guptaar Ghat #travel #vegetarian #incredibleindia
Sri Ram Paduka at Guptargarhi or Chakrahari Tirth at #Ayodhya #travel #indology
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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1. Hearing in the #Diwali firecracker ban Petition has commenced. Counsel for the Union is reading out the suggestions for further regulation of firecrackers for this Diwali.
2. Mr. Shekhar Naphde, Senior Counsel for the State of Tamil Nadu, is responding to the suggestions of the Union. Mr. Naphde submits that he finds it rather surprising and mysterious that the Union did not consult FRDC before making the suggestions for further regulation.
3. Mr. Naphde explains the specific mandate of the FRDC and the very object of its creation.
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Laddus are healthy says #Ayurveda !!

Read #thread & pls RT

Let everyone know how logical our festivals are

Laddus are called as Amrita Phala in #Ayurveda Mahodadhi. They pacify #Vata & #Pitta and increase #Kapha useful to nourish the body.
Laddus provide strength and stability to body and are very useful for those doing daily workout, kids for nourishment.
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#narakchaturdashi is celebrated with Ubtan ritual. Know it's benefits as per #Ayurveda
RT to spread the word

#DidYouKnow Ubtan application should be a part of daily regimn or Dinacharya as per #Ayurveda
Let's know more about it.
Before Ubtan; warm oil must be applied to whole body. Sesame oil is the best recommended for all. Other Ayurvedic oils can be used as well.
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