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#SarbatKhalsa #ਸਰਬੱਤ_ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ

meaning of 👏🏻“Sarbat Khalsa👏🏻
“is (All The Khalsa)
it literally Translates to The entire Sikh Population

The first Sarbat Khalsa was called by the 10th Sikh guru,#GuruGobindSingh before his death in 1708
#Vaisakhi #Punjab
The first Sarbat Khalsa was called by the tenth guru, #GuruGobindSingh before his death in 1708 and the tradition of calling #SarbatKhalsa has continued ever since at times of hardship or conflict.👇
After the demolition of the #MahantSystem by the #Khalsa Panth, S.#KartarSinghJhabbar called the Sarbat Khalsa in 1920.He was not the Jathedar of the #AkalTakht but a #Sikh leader. In the resolution of that Sarbat Khalsa,#TejaSinghBhuchhar was announced as Jathedar of AkalTakht👇
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In their 80s, Vijay Sinha used to live peacefully in Ranchi, Jharkhand after retirement from Bank with wife Malambika Sinha

MISTAKE: trusted Md Naushad, Md Aurangzeb & Md Nafar Ansari

#Diwali 2021: Malambika Sinha hired Naushad to paint her house but he couldn’t finish

#Holi 2022: Mohammad Naushad came along with his uncle Aurangzeb & Nafar to Sinha’s and offered to finish the work.

Trusting them, Malambika Sinha opened her doors & served them food.

Vijay Sinha was not at home, so they suddenly started asking her for money and jewellery.

When Malambika Sinha refused to give money, Aurangzeb slashed and stabbed her on her neck while Nafar looted the house. She was attacked 15 times with knife.

Even the chain she was wearing was snatched and they left with 4 mobile phones & cash.

Naushad helped them escape.

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#JainismAbroad #JainNews

🔊 16.11.22: Our Auspicious Namokar Mantra was sung for the first time in Capitol Building, #WashingtonDC, USA🇺🇸 during the celebration of #Diwali this year in November.

#jain #jainism #india #NRI #USA
#Diwali was celebrated at the Capitol Building with the support of JAINA (Federation of Jains in N.America), Art of Living & 2 other organizations with Swaminarayan Sanstha taking the lead. Senate of America, Congressmen from Chicago,Texas,New York,Washington etc came.
(2) Image
JAINA Public Relations Chair Mrs. Savita Rahulji Jain introduced Senator Hogan & JAINA President Mr.Haresh Shah. On the auspicious time of lighting the lamp, Savita ji chanted the auspicious #Namokar mantra in her melodious voice.
(3) Image
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Do we have to pay #taxes on the gifts we received on #Diwali ?

Diwali fever has passed. Everyone loves gifts. Each of us receives gifts from our loved ones, friends, clients, and bosses.

Keep in mind that not all gifts are tax-free. Some are taxed 🤯 Let's understand 🧵
Generally gifts are in form of Cloths, Sweets, Cash, Bonus, Vouchers, Cards, Gold, Shares, Securities, Jewellery, Bullion, and Virtual Digital Assets. #Crypto

As per @IncomeTaxIndia provisions, gifts of items defined as "movable property" are only subject to tax.
Gifts covered in definition of Movable Property are-

Cash, Diwali Bonus, Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards, Gold, Shares, Securities, Jewellery, Archaeological collections, Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Any work of Art, Bullion, and Virtual Digital Assets like #Bitcoin #NFTs
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Is India's Consumption is Booming or Bombing ? keep updating the thread with Nuggets ...
Kantar's FMCG Pulse report .. April-Aug 2022.
Average MONTHLY sales of FMCG packs were 19.2 bn, or 62 packs/household, from Apr-Aug 2022
vs PRE-COVID: Average MONTHLY sales of FMCG packs 15 billion or 51 packs/household => 20% Increase in VOLUME

BUT #DEVIL lies in the #detail
packs bought pre-pandemic weighed 438 grams on average, the size has shrunk to just 309 grams now amid soaring inflation .... thats a 30% reduction in Volume/Pack...

In Other Words, CONSUMPTION per household in FMCG is Down 15% .... Cant recall such a BAD SCENARIO in 35 yrs..
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3 easy #ayurvedic #drinks to lose that excess weight post #Diwali

1. Buttermilk : masala chaas, a great pre & probiotic…take 1/2 cup curd, 1 cup water, add cumin, black pepper, 1/2”ginger, 4-5 mint leaves, rock salt to taste, blend. Garnish with fresh coriander.
#healthy 1/4 Image
… 2. Coriander-Curry Leaf Tea :
Take 1 tbsp coriander, 1/2 tsp fennel
seeds, 10 curry leaves, 5 mint leaves and
1 inch grated ginger in 2 glasses of water
(500 ml) and boil it for 7-10 mins on a
medium flame. Then strain it- add half a
lemon juice. Drink on empty stomach. 2/4 Image

3. CCF Tea
Take 1 tsp of each of cumin, coriander
and fennel seeds in 1 glass of water.
add a pinch of turmeric, (anti-inflammatory) & black pepper for its absorption in the system. Boil for 5-7 mins, strain and sip on it slowly. Consume an hour post-meal for #weightloss
3/4 Image
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Had #Diwali been one of the guiding factors, this man wouldn’t have issued orders to arrest anyone bursting crackers in Delhi.

This is the msg given to him by his handlers following Rishi Sunak’s appointment & how it kickstarted a narrative around Muslim PM in the country!
The fact that he specially mentioned a Muslim Country and how it has currency notes with pics of Indian Gods is about taking the Muslim PM narrative further. With this @ArvindKejriwal has proven it beyond doubt that he is merely a puppet of others.
It's not his love for gods or Hindus but a task given to him for furthering the “Minority PM" narrative, that was carefully crafted after Sunak’s elevation
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For those who call #Deepawali
a cultural celebration,
this thread is a- step by step must follow:
1- Begin with preparing your Pooja Sthal for invoking Shri Ganesh, Mata Lakshmi, Vishnu ji, Kuber ji, Navgrah Devtas, Shodsh Matrika, Kul Devi Devta, Kalash/ Varun Devta,Deep Devta.
2- After Aachman, Pavitri karan & Sankalp, invoke all the Devi Devtas,

First of all do Poojan, Snan & Abhishek of #Ganesh ji .
3- After Ganesh ji, do Poojan & Abhishek of Lakshmi ji.
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Tips for travelling to Vietnam

A thread ( 1/n)

1. While in Hanoi, book Hotel Lotte

PS: Thank me later
2. Book Airport transfers through @KlookTravel app and surf other offers
3. Book Cabs through @GrabVN and @gojektech

Normal fare would be Rs. 200-400

#vietnam #traveltips
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This is a cuneiform tablet from 1350 BC.
It is a letter communication from Tushratta of Mitanni to Amenhotep III of Egypt negotiating a royal marriage!

Sounds like King Dasharatha.

Read the whole thread. All references are given.
#Diwali in Egypt Image
The tablet is currently in British Museum. (Where else?)
Here is the museum tag if you want to look it up yourself.…
Who are Mitannis? What is their connection to Bharath?

Mittani empire is never talked about.

Bharath, Egypt and Iraq have a connection.

Mittanis were Hurrian speaking Kingdom from the Tigris river basin. Image
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#RishiSunak is the new Prime Minister, the first person of colour to become prime minister, and on #Diwali too. This is a hugely symbolic and representative moment for many, many people, and not just the usual suspects, those on the right of politics. 🧵
To dismiss or ignore this fact is to discount and dismiss facts, just as asking people of colour to celebrate Sunak becoming PM, by virtue of him being brown, is equally reductive, tokenistic, and dangerous.
Real representation has to be meaningful otherwise it’s pure tokenism. And real representation means actioning politics that don’t harm the people and communities you espouse to come from, the very people and communities disproportionately harmed by the multiple crisis
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Scottish leaders vow to work with new PM - in contrast to Liz Truss

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has congratulated Rishi Sunak "notwithstanding our political differences".
Ms Sturgeon had become embroiled in a war of words with Mr Sunak's predecessor Liz Truss amid calls for another referendum on Scottish independence.
She says in a tweet: "That he becomes the first British Asian - indeed the first from any minority ethnic background - to become PM is a genuinely significant moment. It certainly makes this a special #Diwali."
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1/ Congratulations to @RishiSunak - I wish him well and, notwithstanding our political differences, will do my best to build a constructive working relationship with him in the interests of those we serve.
2/ That he becomes the first British Asian to become PM is a genuinely significant moment. It certainly makes this a special #Diwali
3/ As for the politics, I’d suggest one immediate decision he should take and one he certainly should not.
He should call an early General Election. And he should not - must not - unleash another round of austerity. Our public services will not withstand that.
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Happy Spiritual Diwali/Dipawali to you all.

But do you know why Jains celebrate Dipawali ?

Read rhe thread.
Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in india. For Jains it is a very important occasion. It is a festival of glory and achievement of Bhagwan Mahavira who attained nirvana on this day.
A brief history of diwali in jainism:

#Diwali was known as Deepalika- the Festival of Lights. Deepak is a symbol of light of abolishing the darkness of ignorance.
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1. Fathers, Sons and Fireworks on #Diwali

Fireworks are ancient. In one form or another, they have always been present to signal our enthusiasm to the big wide world on a happy occasion. We have industry made fireworks now but in one way or another they have always been with us. Image
2. Fireworks is my first memory of Diwali. It is what I used to wait for. We did not have a tradition for buying new clothes on Diwali and children as young as me were seldom interested in clothes. Food was also something in which I was hardly interested. Fireworks were my focus.
3. In those days, the cracker shops would open almost a month before Diwali. And we would gather them over the period of the month. It was scarcely possible for buying them in one go. The excitement was palpable all over the colony. Image
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On 30 Oct 1990 then CM of #UttarPradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav ordered PAC to fire on Hindus from across #India who had gathered at Ayodhya to demand the liberation of Ram Janmabhoomi. Undeterred, kar sevaks regathered on 2 Nov when they faced bullets again.
Many died.
I was with The Statesman those days and was in #Ayodhya on 30 October and 2 November, 1990.
A sadhu standing next to me on Ram Chabutra took a bullet on his forehead when the firing began. He crumbled into a heap.
All you could hear was the crack of rifle fire and 'Jai Sri Ram'.
Along with other journalists, including Mark Tully, I took shelter behind a dilapidated structure.
When the firing stopped, we stepped out. Ayodhya was littered with slippers and bits of clothing. There were people lying around -- injured or dead.
There was an eerie silence.
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Well that escalated quickly.

@OpIndia_com and @HinduHate have picked up the revelation that a New York Diwali event was linked to Pakistan's radical Jamaat-i-Islami.

It's not the first time American orgs have skipped due diligence.


Here is the @OpIndia_com piece on the Diwali event. They've gone for the Hamas angle.

Jamaat have a history of funding terrorism and extremism.

Their charities are amazing, but they do skim.
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Hindu parents,think about the underlying messages in #Diwali ads

How can we help our young ones process them? There’s no quick band aid.

Are we aware that everything leaves an impression on the subconscious, & leaving kids to market forces alone isn’t an option?

Some examples+

“This Diwali, cancel out the noise or bring out your unheard side”

What your child hears: “firecrackers are a nuisance. I can buy earbuds to tune out the noise! Wow this is a neat solution!”

What parents must see: consumption is an alternative to engaging with festivals

2. “A Zen-ful Diwali”

What your child hears: “Oh what’s this Zen? This guy looks good. I want to be like him! Umm…being a classy Buddhist is cooler than being a noisy Hindu”

Parent: A sensitive Hindu child often becomes besotted with Buddhism after history lessons in school
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Special Judge Vikas Dhull of #Delhi's Special CBI Court, Rouse Avenue will today continue hearing submissions of Adv. Sushil Gupta appearing for #AnkushJain & #VaibhavJain, in @AamAadmiParty Minister #SatyendraJain bail plea in #moneylaunderingcase.

#PMLA #Bail #plea
The court has assembled. Adv. Sushil Gupta begins making his submissions before Spl. Judge Vikas Dhull.

#PMLA #satyendrajain #bail #plea
Gupta mentions Lala Sher Singh Charitable trust in which certain cash transactions were made. He states that #ED has made this a "proceeds of crime". He also states that there has been "unfair investigation" by @dir_ed.
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Here's Prime Minister @narendramodi 's jam-packed schedule in the run up to #Diwali
PM Modi will be on back-to-back visits to #Gujarat, #Uttarakhand and #UttarPradesh .
PM @narendramodi 's three-State travel would cover defence to diplomacy, education to environment, spiritual heritage to sports, roads to ropeways, temple rejuvenation to tourism, light house to LiFE, infrastructure to industry.
PM @narendramodi will visit Gujarat on 19-20 October. He will dedicate and lay foundation stone of projects worth Rs 15,670 crore.
On 19 October, he will participate in five different events.
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SS RAJAMOULI'S PROTEGE ASHWIN GANGARAJU TO DIRECT '1770'... V VIJAYENDRA PRASAD TO PEN SCREENPLAY... #AshwinGangaraju - who assisted #SSRajamouli in #Eega and #Baahubali [both series] - will direct the multi-lingual film #1770TheMovie.
Based on #BankimChandraChatterjee's #Bengali novel #Anandamath... #VVijayendraPrasad is writing the adapted story and screenplay of #1770TheMovie... Author and film-maker #RamKamalMukherjee is the creator.
#1770TheMovie will be produced by #ShhailendraKkumar, #SujayyKuttiy, #KrishnaKumarB and #SurajSharma... Will be made in #Hindi, #Telugu, #Tamil, #Malayalam, #Kannada and #Bengali... The team will lock the main lead before #Dussehra and will announce the cast by #Diwali.
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11-12 Nov'47 when whole India was celebrating first Diwali after Independence, 10000s of Hindus were being massacred in Rajouri city of J&K.

#RajouriMassacre arguably one of the most brutal & biggest genocide in India's modern history, yet Unreported & #Undocumented #Thread 1/n Image
#Rajouri was a predominantly a Hindu populated city, surrounded by Muslim populated villages.

Till Sep'1947, Rajouri was a town with a population of 5,000. By early Nov, this number had swelled to over 40,000, with Hindu-Sikh refugees streaming in from the west. 2/n Image
12 Oct'47, Paki invaders had attacked and occupied the areas of J&K. Brig. Chattar Singh of Mirpur Brigade ordered Col Rehmat Ullah, who was commanding 9 JAK Co, posted at Jhangar, to recapture Sensa tehsil. 3rd JAK, under the command of Maj. Nasarullah was also sent to help. 3/n ImageImage
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When the issue of #GurugramNamazRow was going, @yasirerkus from Turkey contacted me for an interview.

Since he didn’t publish my views, I’m putting out the questions and answers myself.

Note: Sharing this chat with his approval (refer third picture)

I responded to all his questions and even requested to share the article with me and tag me on Twitter while putting it here.

But then, @yasirerkus had more questions.

Since a foreign journalist @yasirerkus was asking about my country and also questioning about my #Hindu identity, I felt it important to respond.

(I’ve written his questions first and then responded)

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1.Intersectional Perspective on Diwali Crackers. Comrades! We all know how Diwali is a fascist festival associated with the Savarna hegemony of Vaishyas and Brahmins over the Dalits, women, LGBTQIA+ community and other assorted marginalized beautiful individuals.

2.This power hierarchy is also deeply visible in the fire crackers that fascist Hindus burst on this very important day. The power dynamism and resident inequalities of the Hindu society are deeply visible in the fire crackers.
3.Let us start by the shape of these fire crackers. Don’t most of them look like phallic symbols? They are all long and pointy ended, and are the psycho-sexual expression of hidden male hegemony in Hindu society.
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