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Science says: In contrast to the global change in light that occurs every day at dusk and dawn, a solar eclipse changes illumination of Earth and its atmosphere under a comparatively small region of the Moon’s shadow.
#SolarEclipse #SolarEclipse2023 Image
This localized blocking of solar energy is useful for studying the Sun’s effects on our atmosphere, especially the upper atmosphere, where the Sun’s energy creates a layer of charged particles called the ionosphere.
#SolarEclipse #SolarEclipse2023 Image
The ionosphere electron density concentration is sharply reduced to a level closer to night-time values. This affects radio communication through the ionosphere and produces a disturbance in satellite navigation.
#SolarEclipse #SolarEclipse2023 Image
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April 20th - Solar Eclipse in Aries with Rahu

So the most fearsome time of the year has finally arrived. You will soon start seeing the effects. Everyone will feel its negative effects in some way or the other. Nature will also show her anger . #solareclipse #governments
As this Solar Eclipse is happening in Aries and being aspected by Saturn you really have to be careful.

Take care of the health of father and fatherly figures. This Eclipse is going to be extra powerful because Rahu is with the Surya
Surya represents leaders and Rahu represents extremes and events that are shocking and surprising. The Eclipse will be the set off period which will keep on showing adverse results till the end of this year.
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology CHINA TAKES TAIWAN 2025
USA #ChipsAct: Resulting from a decision by the #PriestKings negotiating since 2017, Taiwan's public transfer to China giving the US time to relocate assets.
{Taiwan's US chip factories come online by 2026}
2022 controversy surrounding Taiwan and actions of US/CCP political influencers.
Biden Signs ChipsAct 8-9-22
Nancy Pelosi had just arrived back from her August 2/3 visit where she solidified the contract to surrender Taiwan and give go ahead to Biden.…
This tumultuous time is reflected in Taiwan's Natal chart where immense pressure is building due to generational influences from heavy malefic planetary alignments to crucial natal positions. This is the destiny of Taiwan. It will be assimilated back into China and soon (2025) Image
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Our new paper: »The sun was darkened for 17 days« (AD 797). An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Celestial Phenomena between #Byzantium, #Charlemagne, and a #VolcanicEruption. #MedievalWorlds 17/2022:… (1/9)
#Byzanzforschung, @imafo_oeaw
The blinding of the #Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI in #Constantinople in August 797 CE and his overthrow by his mother Eirene was used as legitimation for the #coronation of the Frankish King #Charlemagne as emperor of the Romans on 25 December, 800. (2/9)
In #Byzantine sources, Constantine VI´s #blinding was linked with a spectacular #celestialmanifestation of divine disapproval: “The #sun was darkened for seventeen days and did not emit its rays so that ships lost course and drifted about.” (3/9)
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Solar Eclipse in the Rig Veda!!

#Thread 👇
It is in Rig Veda that Rishi Atri, the human son of Brahma, speaks of eclipses in metaphors of demons & devas.

यत तवा सूर्य सवर्भानुस तमसाविध्यद आसुरः

O Sūrya, when the Asura’s descendant Svarbhanu, pierced thee through and through with darkness.
The Sage describes how Svarbhanu created eclipses of the Sun and Moon and how Sun appears after an eclipse in the sky.

Svarbhanu is Sva+Bha+Anu.
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#InPics | Partial #SolarEclipse as witnessed in Jammu and Amritsar, respectively ImageImage
#InPics | Partial #SolarEclipse underway, visible over most of India, apart from some parts in the Northeast.

Visual from Delhi Image
#InPics | Partial #SolarEclipse as seen in Bhubaneswar, Odisha Image
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The Doors of these two temples remain open even during the solar eclipse.

1. Shree Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga.

2. Srikalahasti temple, Andhra Pradesh
There is no effect of eclipse in the temple of Mahakal as Swayam Shree Mahakal is beyond time , so there is no obstruction in the temple due to any eclipse, darshan in the temple is not stopped.
Srikalahastheeswara at Srikalahasti temple is having all the 27 Nakshatras (stars) & 9 Rashis (planets) in his kavacham thereby controlling the entire solar system.
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#SolarEclipse2022 is going well
Steady progress
The setup. The most important piece: no clouds!
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#AMAAVAASYA - The #PITHRU Thithi (Titbits) -🧵

As per Lunar calendar there R 16 thithis (Lunar days) out of which 14 gets repeated twice in a cycle of 30 days starting from Prathipada ending with Chaturdasi. Other 2 thithis that occur once in a month R Pournami & AmaAvaasya. +
A lunar month ending with Poornima is called #PoornimaAnta & the one ending with Amavasya is called #AmaAnta.

Chaturdasi overlapping with AmaAvaasya is called #Sinivaali & Amavasya overlapping with Prathipada is called as #Kuhu. Both are astrologically considered as malefic. ++
AmaAvaasya is also known as #Darsha thithi. Darsha (Darshana) means the day AmaAvaasya is visible. On this day of Darsha when Amaavaasya thithi is prevailing around afternoon time (#Aparaannah vyaapini) Thila tharapana is given to forefathers. ++
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⏳4592307816 Occurs at position 60 in π. It includes the ten numbers. 666 relating to 6x6x6=216. 216 relating to the diameter of the moon 2160 Miles. 351, 26th Triangular. 26 letters in the English alphabet. 60, a whole when taking about time. 22/7=3.14... 2083 the 314th prime⌛️ Image
"Sixty Time" = 459! WOW! Image
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Lots of talks of #EclipseLunar and upcoming #solareclipse on Dec 14. I am not for any form of fear mongering and astrological justification. In natal charts - eclipse effects only if it's visible and hitting upon natal grahas/nakshatra/cusp (esp natal Sun/Moon/Asc/Midpoint etc).
Further - for major negative to trigger - very crucial for natural malefic to cross such eclipse sensitive degree. Until then - these are minor aberrations just like natural malefics conj/hard aspects. I tend to not read too much into any of frequent transits. Avoid needless fear
Likewise - don't think too much of major conj/opp/hard aspects etc. Until they are closing on to natal graha/sensitive degrees (incl cusp etc). Even Sat/Jup close conj is good/bad only when connecting with natal grahas or house cusp. Each chart needs to be weighed-in accordingly.
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Varahamihira describes the nature of the solar eclipse in the Brihatsamhita nearly 1500 years ago. #SuryaGrahana #SolarEclipse
Varahamihira also goes on to describe the methods to be employed to determine the nature of the eclipse (whether it is partial or total). His Pancha Siddhantika texts describe the methods employed to determine the exact time & occurrence of the eclipse #SuryaGrahana #SolarEclipse
Varahamihira also makes a clear distinction between the shadows cast during solar & lunar eclipses, describing the size of the object casting the shadow.
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Today we are celebrating #InternationalYogaDay which is co-inciding with a major solar eclipse.We know #COVID19 is spreading like fire and it is not recommended to go out especially during eclipse time.During this time of crisis, #MEDITATION is the best method to celebrate the Image
auspicious gift of yoga & connecting with higher energies on eclipse. For people who are into mantra chanting,I will recommend to chant 'AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA'.

#SolarEclipse2020 #YogaDay2020 #Internationalyogaday2020 #YogaDay #YogaForAll #solareclipse #InternationalDayOfYoga2020
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Este domingo tenemos una cita astronómica, la primera del cambio de estación y es que este 21 de junio tendrá lugar un eclipse anular solar que nos dejará imágenes tan espectaculares como esta. #eclipsesolaranular #SolarEclipse2020 #solareclipse #Eclipse2020 Image
La totalidad del eclipse podrá verse en África central, sur de la Península Arábiga, la India, China, Taiwán y el Pacífico mientras que podrá verse de forma parcial en algunas zonas de África, Asia, el sur y este de Europa y en el norte de Australia. (📸Time and Date web) Image
El eclipse parcial comenzará a las 03:45 hora UTC con su punto máximo a las 6:40 UTC y finalizando a las 8:32 UTC. La duración total del fenómeno será de 348 minutos (algo más de 5 horas y tres cuartos). (📸ViajesTGM) Image
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Remedies, Precautions and Rituals for upcoming solar eclipse -

We are experiencing a powerful #solareclipse on 21st June, 2020. Eclipse is a powerful time for doing remedies. Also, there are certain rituals and precautions - 1/10 Image
1. You should chant ‘Aum namah shivaya’during the time of eclipse. This mantra is very powerful to go inwards and capitalize on this powerful eclipse energy. You can also listen to Shri Rudram whole-heartedly. It is the most powerful hymn of Lord Shiva. 2/10
2. Soma is the deity for the Mrigashira nakshatra. Soma is another name of moon. Worship lord Shiva as ‘Somnath’ as he was the one who kept moon on his head. Don’t see moon with naked eyes on 20th June as its rays can be harmful. 3/10
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🤩I am constantly marveled by the endless ways in which we #Pathology and #LabMedicine, can use Twitter to engage, share, support & learn from each other. Here is the link to my presentation that celebrates the unlimited opportunities to harness Twitter👉🏽 Image
Like the #SolarEclipse that occurred in August 2017, to me, Twitter has been a community wide experience of marveling a visual process that can create a burst of awe at an organic velocity. It's really exciting to be engaged in this global experience. Image
#AcademicTwitter is using Twitter at the University and Research setting to teach. It has wide range benefits and I recommend reading the following article written by @soragnilab and @Aiims1742 published in @nature that describes this phenomenon.… ImageImage
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சூரிய கிரகணத்தால் உலகில் எந்த ஒரு ஜீவராசிக்கும் தீங்கு ஏற்படுவது இல்லை. இதில் முக்கியமாக நாம் தெரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டியது என்னவென்றால், இவர்கள் குறிப்பிடும் 6 கிரகங்களில் சூரியன், சந்திரன் இரண்டும் கிரகங்கள் இல்லை. சூரியன் அறிவியல் ரீதியாக ஒரு விண்மீன். சந்திரன்..

பூமியின் துணைக்கோள். கேது என்ற கோளே, நம் சூரிய மண்டலத்தில் இல்லை. புராணத்தின் வழியே கூறப்படும் கற்பனை.

சூரிய கிரகணத்தின் முழுமையான நேரம் காலை 8.06 லிருந்து காலை 11.14 வரை மட்டுமே. இவர்கள் சொல்லுவது காலை 8 மணி முதல் மதியம் 1.15 வரை என்று. இதுவும் தவறு. மேலும் இவர்கள்..

குறிப்பிடும் மூல நட்சத்திரம் என்பது,விருச்சிக ராசி மண்டலத்தில் பூமியிலிருந்து 550 ஒளியாண்டுகள் தொலைவில் உள்ளது.தனுசு ராசி 5000 ஒளியாண்டுகள் தொலைவில் உள்ளது. சூரியனோ பூமியிலிருந்து 14.79 கோடி கிமீ தூரத்தில்தான் உள்ளது. இதில் எப்படி சூரிய கிரகணத்தால் மூல நட்சத்திரம் மற்றும்..

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A long thread of online resources on 26 Dec 2019 #AnnularSolarEclipse - the where, when, how and what - and also the why. In short, get friends and family together and share the #ASE2019 with the public. Eclipses are meant to be enjoyed in the company of many strangers in public

Read further for perfectly safe ways of seeing the #ASE2019 eclipse.
This is not a total solar eclipse. The moon will be a bit farther away in its orbit around the Earth than is usual. This will make the Moon just a bit smaller than the Sun in the sky. Then it cannot fully cover the Sun, and at mid eclipse, a thin ring of the un-eclipsed Sun ...
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May on this #GuruPurnima planet of benevolence,#Jupiter/Guru/Brahaspati,bless u wid wisdom & voyages across d world. 🙏Its a full moon/Poornima tonight + Jupiter is at its brightest n largest in d sky since a month,best suited astronomical position to raise ur +ve vibrations.1/n
2/n Right nw d solar sys is lined up so that Jupiter,Earth & Sun form a straight line wid Earth in d middle,on d same side of d Sun as Jupiter.Add full moon to this line up, n u end up receiving abundant cosmic energy. There mst b something special abt this day that lord Shiva...
3/n That lord Shiva decided to impart his knowledge as ADIYOGI,to d SAPTA RISHIS,on this full moon day,after 84 yrs of sadhana.On this day,Sun moves frm
from d northern to southern run,also called DAKSHINA-YANA.Hence Shiva is also called DAKSHINA MURTHY(there r other reasons 2)
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To mark the centenary of the 1919 solar eclipse that confirmed Einstein's theory of relativity, we'll take you along on the Joint Permanent Eclipse Committee's expeditions to Sobral, Brazil and Principe. Follow along in No Shadow of a Doubt, out 4/30.…
100 years ago today, Arthur Eddington and the rest of the team traveling to Sobral and Principe met at Burlington House in Piccadilly, London to finish planning for the expedition. The eclipse was just 3 months away.…
Before setting off on this journey, meet the scientists leading the Principe and Sobral teams: Arthur Eddington and Frank Dyson.
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February 1st 2019 is 150 Days Until The First Total Solar Eclipse Since The Great American Eclipse of 8/21/2017.
Several interesting things that I believe could be pointing towards something great & marvelous.
Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019
Western Argentina & north-central Chile will be treated to a view of a totally eclipsed sun rather low on the horizon just an hour or so before the sun sets for a 'double twilight'.
As "great & marvelous" as that may sound, let me expound on several things not mentioned above.
In Chile the path of totality just so happens to cross the Elqui Valley, 465 miles north of capital city Santiago
Over the border in Argentina, the region of San Juan is the 2nd grape & wine producing region in the country, producing reds like Syrah, Bonarda & Malbec
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The #solareclipse in #Capricorn tonight happens to coincide with #twelfthnight, the eve of #epiphany—and indeed it'll already be Epiphany for many in the eastern hemisphere by the time the eclipse perfects. I have some Thoughts™, so buckle in! #astrology
It's enough to reflect on the fact that the Epiphany story, as it's told in the Xian tradition, involves astrologers being given the gift of seeing things as they really are.
In the story, God is revealed to them, not in the halls of power and privilege but rather among the destitute and the working poor in a town that we would describe today as "flyover country."
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THREAD - How about a bunch of blog posts on #Space and #Astronomy? Yes, I have more than you can imagine - especially since these are really just #physics topics. Hold on - because this is going to be a bit large.
2/ Here is an answer to my fav astronomy question EVER - "What would the phases of the moon look like if the moon was a cube?"…
3/ The great thing about the cube moon question is that it really tests if students understand phases of the moon rather than just recalling factual stuff. Here is my python model of a cube and spherical moon
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Moving on from #Asteroids #Exoplanets #SolarEclipse #StarSpectrum we now focus on #Satellites

Sputnik 1 was the first satellite to be launched (1957). Over 1200 active satellites are currently orbiting Earth.

Check out the LIVE Satellite Map…
Satellites come in different sizes: from the size of a lunch box to that of a small school bus.

And they are used for different purposes: Climate Monitoring, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Research.... How heavy is a satellite
Can #CitizenScientists access data from these satellites?

Yes! NASA makes available near LIVE data from many of its satellites in an interactive interface.

Allows browsing full-resolution, global satellite imagery!

Use it for your projects!
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