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The #startup world's dirty not-so-secret: most startups fail. Startups are risky and so investors place bets on lots of startups and fold the ones that don't show promise, which sucks for the company employees, but also for the users who depend on the company's products. 1/ The staring eye of HAL9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Cente
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
You know what this is like: you sink a bunch of time into familiarizing yourself with a new product, you spend money on accessories for it, you lock your data into it, you integrate it into your life, and then, one morning - poof! All gone. 3/
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🧵Thread! 1/8 : @jakecreps asked about what OSINT can be gathered using DevTools. One of my favorites is using Google Reviews to see what date a subject was in a location, file name used, upload time and date.

#OSINT #devtools #browser #sourcecode
🧵2/8 : The techniques within this thread are to be used on Google Reviews, the intelligence gathered can't be seen or obtained without using Dev Tools, the first initial work on this came from @BanPangar, whom I assisted in the final steps for the different dates understanding.
🧵3/8 : Let's start with my chosen photo which is a cup of coffee. Using exiftool, we can see the photo was taken on the 27th of September 2022 at 17h57 +2 GMT. *I will change the file name to "ilovgoogle" Image
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Maybe you are not aware that #developers know everything about current state of the project and the future plans for it

Lets start the #DevAlphaLeak series (this is the moment for RT)
#blockchain #web3 #gaming #web3gaming #AAA
Who knows from where does it come from and what does it mean (image below)?

#DevAlphaLeak #TaskForHero

Some clues:
I am also sure that you all #web3gaming community are waiting for these juicy #NFT from @starheroes_game

Probably you are wondering where you will be able to mint?
#DevAlphaLeak #TaskForHero
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🔹Hello #DigiByte Familly. Today we want to introduce you to our most recent project. An #OpenSource DigiByte #wallet. More details in our next thread! @DigiByteCoin @DGB_Foundation @DGBAT_Official @digiassetX @jaredctate (1/7)…
🔹This is a CLI wallet and it's intended for educational purposes, that's why it's coded in a very simple way. Also, it has been developed with #JavaScript in the #NodeJS platform and we used our DigiByteJS package. (2/7)…
🔹This is a standard compliant wallet, because we followed all the industry protocols such as BIP39 for mnemonic phrases, BIP32 for hierarchical deterministic derivations, BIP44, BIP49 and BIP84 for legacy, native and segwit addresses and Digi-ID authentication. (3/7)
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#unrugged as a new trend 🔥 in #cryptocurrency market #LUNAtics

#smartcontracts on @terra_money are migratable means that at any time the owner can change the logic of its operation while keeping the same contract address
- indicating the admin address in the constructor (when instantiating the #smartcontract)
- implemented migrate function in the #smartcontract
sending #tokens (native, cw20 or LP) for a given contract without the possibility of confirming that it is not migratable does not mean anything and should not be considered as evidence
⁉️so watch out
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Our analysis reveals that the #SourceCode that has been released as the “backend code” is grossly incomplete. Though any effort at transparency needs to be lauded, much of how the @SetuAarogya operates is still opaque…
@NICMeity @GoI_MeitY
The code released on 20th November does contain code that corresponds to the #frontend of the website and the code released also contains code that lets the website interact with the application through the #webview.
#COVID19 #ContactTracing
However, some of the libraries/modules that the code depends on have not been released and very little of the released code is meant to run on the #backend.
#coders #aarogyasetu #COVID19 #FOSS
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dass sich das #PeppPT-Konsortium offenbar gegen die daten- & damit auch grundrechtsschonende, auf #Dezentralität aufbauende Variante #DP3T für #CoronaApp entschieden hat, ist leider ein echter Rückschritt!
(2) anders als das vom deutschen #HHI favorisierte, bis heute weitgehend intransparente, zentrale Modell ist der wesentliche Vorteil von #DP3T die große Transparenz, inkl. #SourceCode bei Github
(3) die Offenlegung des #Sourcecode wurde in den letzten Wochen immer wieder als zentrale Bedingung für dringend benötigtes #Vertrauen der Nutzer genannt. Auch daher erscheint jetzige Entscheidung fragwürdig #CoronaApp
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