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Inside: Tiktok's enshittification; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/
Tiktok's enshittification: The company manually allocates surplus to creators, and they can take it away again, too.

Hey look at this

* Rethinking Tech Regulation and Creative Labor…

* OGL Will Be 'Irrevocable' @CreativeCommons license…

* AA Promises Flight Attendants Free Bowl Of Chili If They Don't Picket… 3/
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A thread on @MikeBloomberg’s history w/ #Flint:

He donated $3M to help elect Republican Gov Rick Snyder who passed the emergency manager law.

.@MikeBloomberg-backed Snyder had his original emergency manager law repealed in a REFERENDUM - like Michigan voters literally voted to repeal it.

But he passed a second version which couldn’t be repealed.

.@MikeBloomberg-backed Snyder directly oversaw the Emergency Manager who made the decision to change #Flint water source to corrosive Flint river water, despite many pleas not to.

It would save the city money, they decided.

It ended up poisoning 9000 kids.

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Thread on what happened in #DemocraticDebate!
Here are my big take aways:

1. #BloombergBust
2. #WarriorWarren
3. Steady Pete
4. Bernie sticks to his message
5. Whats stays in Vegas wont stay in Vegas

I'll break everything down point by point, lets get right into it 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 1/18
1. #BloombergBust

Lets get it straight, #Bloomberg had a terrible night. Thats the (GOP) elephant in the room. He took incoming from everyone. But lets add a bit of nuance and separate out between Bloomberg in the first half and the second half.

Bloomberg-1 was terrible. 2/18
like. Awful. Dumpster fire. Got whacked first question out of the gate, gave a terrible answer on the #NonDisclosureAgreements and tried a mea culpa on #StopAndFrisk. Neither one was effective, and the others didnt let it slip either. Bloomberg-2 did okay though. He gave 3/18
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Bloomberg’s probably gonna take shots from everyone tonight. But who’s gonna take shots at Bernie? He’s the front runner right now, in case everyone forgot #DemDebates #NexstarDC Image
Damn. GAUNTLET DROPPED right out the gate from Elizabeth Warren. Harshest words in any debate so far #DemDebates #NexstarDC
Mayor Pete also came out fired up. Strategy is clearly to paint himself as the middle ground between socialist #Bernie and republican (#Bloomberg). He also answers my question -he’s obviously going at Bernie early/often #NexstarDC Image
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Whoa. All of the gloves are off. #DemDebate
There's a lot I like about Mike Bloomberg. I worked 6 years for his admin. I've voted for him. But #StopAndFrisk remains a stain. And we must certainly listen to @JumaaneWilliams who himself was stopped & frisked under that wrong & dehumanizing policy.…
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🚨THREAD: More leaked audio clips from the 2015 Aspen Institute event that #MikeBloomberg wants to hide so badly that he blocked the video’s release.

@BenjaminPDixon posted the stop and frisk clip below and was attacked. Listen to it and the clips below to discover #HiddenMike.
#MikeBloomberg labels an entire religion and a block of countries as “the whole crazy Islamic world.” #HiddenMike
#MikeBloomberg sees “nothing wrong with” conservative billionaire David Koch influencing elections with his fortune, calling it “what democracy is all about” and “the democratic process.” Bloomberg says he is “annoyed” by the criticism. #HiddenMike
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We looked at the last six months of tweets containing the various #Never<candidate> hashtags, limited to the eight Democratic candidates still in the race. #NeverBernie was the most frequently used, followed by #NeverWarren, #NeverBiden, and #NeverPete.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote Usage of #Never<Candidate> hashtags increased sharply in the opening weeks of 2020. #NeverWarren, #NeverBernie, and #NeverBloomberg have each experienced boosts or spikes in volume tied to specific events during that time (further info in figure.)
@ZellaQuixote Who's using the #Never<candidate> hashtags? The retweet network for recent tweets is comprised mostly of obscure accounts (not candidates/journalists etc) and breaks down into 3 clusters:

• right-wing accounts
• pro-Sanders left-wing accounts
• anti-Sanders left-wing accounts
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1) Check-out my latest piece for @washingtonpost on Bloomberg, the devastating effects of Stop-and-frisk, and the Democratic Primary…
2) Stop-and-frisk is traumatizing and violent. Growing up in the Bronx, I felt the brunt of it. Traveling in New York felt like navigating a police occupation.…
3) Mike Bloomberg is lying about #stopandfrisk and strategically apologizing for black votes after two-decades of advocating for the program. Voting for any candidate without a shown commitment to anti-racist policies is dangerous.…
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I want to speak less about Mayor Bloomberg and more about the program he misused and the people it impacted.

People often refer to #stopandfrisk as if it were simply a misguided police tactic. I believe they envision it as an unpleasant but brief encounter with the police.
Even the name “stop and frisk” sounds like it could be a children’s game like hide and seek. I want to dispel that.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I was never stopped and frisked in my neighborhood but I’ve seen it done.
The times that I witnessed it, multiple police cars would pull up, grab as many Black men as they could, and slam them against the wall. They would shout “shut the fuck up,” “get against the wall,” and other expletives. They would not ask questions.
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New @QuinnipiacPoll shows just how massive wealth can purchase amnesia and acquiescence: If a Dem primary was today, more black Dems would vote for Bloomberg than any other candidate except Biden, and Biden only leads him by five points. Sad to see this. #StopAndFrisk Image
And that’s not even the most striking number in the @QuinnipiacPoll: Black Dems actually support Bloomberg more than any other group of people. (They tie at 22 percent with senior, but of course there is overlap there.)
I need to repost this here.…
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📣 New Podcast! "Episode 807 | Bloomberg's Racist, Classist Past | What Happened To Pete? | Moderates for Bernie" on @Spreaker #biden_ad #bloomberg #notmeus #wallstreetpete…
Audio of @MikeBloomberg’s 2015 @AspenInstitute speech where he explains that “you can just Xerox (copy)” the description of male, minorities 16-25 and hand to cops.

Bloomberg had video of speech blocked.

Perhaps because of the problematic explanation he gives for #StopAndFrisk
Bloomberg requested the video not be released.

Perhaps because of his explanation for #stopandfrisk, admitting that all the cops are sent to minority neighborhoods and, “yes we’re arresting minorities for marijuana” but “that’s where the crime is,”…
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The real agenda of the @NYPost, prosecutors, and law enforcement has finally been revealed (they have been acting in lockstep)....and like I expected it is INCREDIBLY regressive #BailReform…
@nypost The real agenda is to ROLL BACK not just bail reform, but also the prohibition against pretrial incarceration based on dangerousness.

This prohibition has been in effect in #NewYork since 1971 (when I still lived there)…
@nypost This was never about their problems with bail reform, they saw this as an opportunity to throw away protections against the presumption of innocence using scare tactics and misleading anecdotes
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A thread on @mikebloomberg & #stopandfrisk:

When I was a med student in NYC, I was stopped/frisked. I was a young, brown man in a hoodie in Washington Heights.

In 2012, he spoke at the @PDSoros conference. I took the Q/A opportunity to bring it up.

He called the idea that I would question this racist policy “dumb” and proceeded to ask if I thought he should be stop/frisking rich old white ladies with handbags on the upper east side.

He couldn’t imagine that maybe he just shouldn’t be stop/frisking ANYONE.

In his pursuit of power now, he wants us to forgive and forget. But that’s the thing - so many young black and brown men in NYC didn’t get that option.

In his eyes, they were guilty until proven innocent. There was no forgive and forget for them.

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(1) @NYPDONeill is in the @nytimes today, defending the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition, but his defense left us with more questions than answers. S.T.O.P. and other advocates have challenged the #NYPD’s facial recognition dragnet. #NYC needs reforms, not PR.…
(2) The truth is that the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition system is biased and broken. Their database will return more than 200 possible “matches” for every single photo. Meaning that AT BEST it is wrong 99.5% of the time. All too often, NONE of the “matches” will be the real suspect.
(3) #FacialRecognition can be a powerful tool, but only when used correctly. Per @GeorgetownCPT, #NYPD artists #Photoshop images before testing them, altering the faces and copy/pasting #celebrity photos. This isn’t #ForensicScience; it’s an art project.…
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