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1/19 So what's the story behind this man & why did he take such an oath?

The 1960s were full of instances of Sikhs fighting for their right to wear their turban all over the UK. #ThursdayThread

⭐️Sant Singh Shattar (Royal Mail) Birmingham, 1960
⭐️Amar Singh (TFL) London, 1964
⭐️Mukthiar Singh Pardesi (Manchester Bus) 1967
⭐️Tasem Singh Sandhu (Wolverhampton Bus), Wolverhampton, 1967-69
3/19 In a similar vein to Amar Singh (who worked for TFL, on the left), Tarsem Singh Sandhu (right), after suffering an illness, returned to work in 1967, wearing his turban and beard.
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#ThursdayThread #July22nd💜 Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 6️⃣5️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea

Meet #FratPack Member #JacobEngels again, b/c we shouldn't forget. Image
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🔊The Prime Minister has delivered his big speech on the 'levelling up' agenda ⬇

But what do we already know about 'levelling up'?

And what does the research show about how regional equality can be achieved?

Read this #ThursdayThread to find out more!🤳
Reflecting on lessons from elsewhere in Europe on how to achieve regional economic convergence, @thomasforth @ODILeeds @TheDataCity argues for a commitment to invest more in skills, transport, research and development & culture in cities across the UK👇👇…
@michaelkenny_ & @TKelsey915 lay out the evidence that 'a top-down plan for place-based intervention, based upon bilateral negotiations with local areas, runs the risk of enforcing the priorities & orthodoxies of the centre'📝…

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In today's thread, we're asking if the US is on track to meet 70% of adult Americans getting one shot by July 4th.

The short answer is it depends.
And contrary to popular belief it actually doesn't solely depend on convincing red states to roll up their sleeves.
(2) Let's start with where we're at. There's been some confusion about what we're measuring. If you look at states with 70% of eligible residents vaccinated, those numbers are abysmal.

Fortunately, Biden's goal is just adults (18+)
And that makes a big difference. We're at 65%.
(3) BUT there is a HUGE difference from state to state and as you might expect it depends entirely on whether we're talking red or rural areas.

Yes. Red states are dragging our average down. Way down.
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#ThursdayThread Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.
#TheMoreYouKnow #June3rd

Day 17 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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#ThursdayThread Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies and stories #thread.
#TheMoreYouKnow #May27th

Day 10 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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#ThursdayThread Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies and stories #thread.
#TheMoreYouKnow #May20th

Day 3 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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In our #ThursdayThread we're discussing how Majorie Taylor Greene wants to debate @AOC on the Green New Deal. Should Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez consent to debate Greene in a public forum?

Fuck no.
Here's the top five reasons why.

(2) Reason #1:
Greene hasn't even bothered to read the bill, which is only 14 pages and pretty easily digestible.

There's no surer sign that this is a publicity stunt than Greene's lack of awareness about the topic she's proposing debating.…
(3) Reason #2:
Greene is a professional provocateur. She's not there to debate policy. She's a clout chaser.

The easiest way to get her to stop poisoning political discourse is to ignore her bad faith antics.…
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For our #ThursdayThread , we're asking a question that has no easy answers.

How do you solve a problem like Joe Manchin?
I mean honestly. What the hell does this dude want?
(2) Manchin's come forward again today with more bluster about how he will never ever eliminate the filibuster, which certainly means any hope for significant voting rights legislation is withering on the vine.

So what are we gonna do about Joe Manchin?…
(3) There isn't much Dems can do. Historically, West Virginia was a Democratic stronghold but those days are long gone. Today the GOP dominates the state.

Manchin isn't up for re-election until 2024. And it's not clear he'll run again.…
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For our Thursday thread today we’re trying to answer a pretty simple question.

What the hell is wrong with the media and what can we do to stop enabling false equivalences and “both sides” coverage?

(2) I think there are two things fueling the current infuriating headlines and leading to false equivalences and both sides coverage.

The first is competence.
When government is functioning as it should, outrage clickbait becomes harder to manufacture.…
(3) The second factor in play here is pure laziness and a reliance on access journalism.

Far too many media outlets have leaned into this problematic approach for far too long. It prioritizes scoops from those in power over independent accountability.…
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(3) After yesterday's hearing, Biden followed up with an announcement that he'll move to appoint three Democrats to fill vacancies on the USPS board of governors. This would give Dems the majority on the board.

Problem solved, right? Not so fast.…
(4) There are two hurdles to jump. The first may not be a big deal but the second is nearly insurmountable at this point. Let me explain.

First, these nominees to fill the board openings have to be approved by the Senate. Sigh.…
(5) If we can get all three nominees onto the board without too much fuss, then we can fire DeJoy, right? Yeah, not so fast. One of the Dems on that board is actually a DINO and he's part of the problem.

Democrats would need his support to remove DeJoy.…
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In today's #ThursdayThread, we're looking more closely at the Dem strategy moving forward. Will Democrats continue to fall for promises from the other side of the aisle or will they govern with the power of the mandate they've been given?

(2) There are some good indications that Schumer and Senate Democrats outmaneuvered Mitch McConnell quite neatly on the filibuster issue earlier this week and that they plan to move forward on stimulus without regard to GOP dissent.…
(3) It's important to note that as much as the wins in Georgia provided Dems control of the Senate, they hold the slimmest of majorities in both chambers and that hampers their agenda.

Because of the filibuster, passing legislation requires 60 votes.…
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Yesterday we released a NEW report #WhatWouldNoDealMean.

And, you've guessed it, this report is the subject of today's #ThursdayThread. 🧵…
.@BorisJohnson has said that no deal with the EU would be a “good outcome” for the UK.

This report highlights what it would mean in terms of trade, fisheries, connectivity, the impact on citizens, Northern Ireland, economics, security, foreign policy, politics and more.
On #trade, the two sides would revert to #WTO rules.

We’re talking tariffs, customs checks, and regulatory checks. In other words, increased hassle, increased time and increased costs for businesses trading with the EU.

@CSBarnard24 explains.
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Hello! It’s Thursday. Which means it’s time for another #ThursdayThread

Any guesses what it’s about this week?

That’s right, the #InternalMarketBill

If you found it all a bit confusing, you’re in the right place – here’s everything you need in one thread
Want to know what the #InternalMarketBill means for #NorthernIreland?

Our senior fellow @hayward_katy explains in a 2-min video…
For those who prefer things in writing, @hayward_katy also wrote a short piece for @BelTel…
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Yesterday, @MichelBarnier gave an update on the #Brexit negotiations.

So where have things got to?

@HusseinHKassim’s explainer tells you everything you need to know.

Here’s a quick summary……


Seven formal rounds of talks have taken place so far.

The UK and the EU remain far apart on three main issues: fisheries, state aid rules and governance.
The talks have fallen behind schedule – there was supposed to be an agreement on fisheries by 30 June and a decision by the EU on financial services equivalence.

Both sides have recently talked up the possibility of no deal being reached.
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Today’s #ThursdayThread revisits the third article in our #UKICELongRead series on #Brexit and the #environment by @CharlieBEU. 📖
EU membership gradually transformed the UK into an important player on environmental issues.

Yet the environment barely featured in the #Brexit referendum. 🗳
The environment has shot up the political agenda recently.

The climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests have gained increased attention.

And in the 2019 UK general election, the environment was one of the top three issues for a quarter of voters.
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Today is A-level results day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our #ThursdayThread looks at the potential impact of #Brexit on higher education, with highlights from @nickhillman’s recent #UKICELongRead. 🎓
Nick argues that UK universities played their hand badly in the #Brexit referendum, taking a contradictory approach to the Scottish referendum.

'University leaders looked unwilling to defend one union, the United Kingdom, but keen to defend another union, the EU.'
Universities stressed the importance of EU money, Nick says, but did little to explain what they actually did with it, such as tackling disease and combating climate change.
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We've had a busy few months producing reports on different aspects of the #Brexit negotiations.

For this week's #Thursdaythread, we bring together some highlights for your summer reading list. 🔆 📚
Our #WTOrevisited report explains what the WTO is and what trading on WTO terms actually means legally and practically. It updates an earlier version that we published in 2018.

You can read a summary by @CSBarnard24 and @anandMenon1 here 🔻…
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As ballots for the Liberal Democrat's new leader opens today, we've just released a NEW short report:

Where next for the @LibDems?

It's by @ProfTimBale, @Aron_Cheung, & @DrAlanWager & loos at the electoral geography of the party.

READ the highlights below. 🔻

#Thursdaythread Image
While in most places they've dropped out of contention, the report authors identify a 'yellow halo' of rising support since 2010. Image
How competitive are the Lib Dems now?

This graph puts the partial rebound in 2019 in a bit of context: the party is in second place in 91 seats, and has over 30% of the vote in 50. Miles away from 2010, but in a better place than after 2015. Image
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