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Dear Westjetters, I join you in the frustration of being sidelined by @WestJet led by the failed leadership of @AHoensbroech and will proactively use my cancelled time not to grieve missing Christmas, but to analyze data on their failures to deliver while other airlines could. 🧵
2/ Today is a good day to analyze incoming data about flights because @WestJet "proactively cancelled" them due to #ONStorm.…
3/ I'm more convinced it was because of resource management failure & I'll track flights coming out of #YYC (their hub) to these destinations to see it in comparison to other airlines like @AirCanada @FlairAirlines @Lynx_Air and @SunwingVacay. Something you should do too @CTA_gc
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So Dix with his 'plan' to decant complex care hospital patients to LTCs (without consulting) in the face of an expected new wave of Covid and flu

Let me tell you why this is laughable, and BC Gov is making up policy on the fly

#BCpoli #BCed #Nanaimo #YYJ #Vanpoli #YVR
1: seniors, cancer patients, others with serious modals are in hospital for a reason - the need care that requires medications, physical movements requiring nursing and doctors at a level that cannot be provided at home or in long term care
2: Most LTCs are basically serviced by health aides, not nurses - there is be an LPN assigned for each shift for medications - but the aides are not trained or licensed for the care Dix expects - also holds for LPNs, mush of this type of care requires an RN
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There is an animal rescue in #Vancouver that is refusing to adopt animals to trans people, and is planning to euthanize a cat rather than adopt to a trans woman who has been fostering him.

Willing to chat with media about this.

#yvr #animalrescue #catrescue
Folks, for those who are asking me to name and shame publicly immediately: my first priority is to prevent this ‘rescue’ (run by one person) from spite-killing this cat. Once I get the cat to safety, I can do more.
The trans woman who is fostering this cat is now also willing to talk to media about this situation.

Here is Muttaz, the cat who has been taken - FROM THE VET, where his foster took him because he was sick - by the ‘rescue’.

He has a family who loves him.

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Tyre dust: the ‘stealth pollutant’ that’s becoming a huge threat to ocean life

Plastic in the depths: Scientists spent decades on the trail of a mystery toxin killing #Salmon en masse. Mystery of the mass deaths seemed to occur after heavy rains #pnw #yvr…
first real breakthrough happened when they tested actual runoff collected from a nearby road and exposed test salmon to it. The fish died within hours
Tested this product @environmentca🤔
..carefully shaved tiny fragments of tyre & soaked them in water. “When we tested the tyres it killed all the fish".. culprit a toxic chemical 6PPD-quinone, product of the preservative 6PPD, added to tyres to stop them breaking down #Plastic
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THREAD #Cascadia thinks green. We think we're they climate leader that we Can, Should and Must be. But despite promises + initiatives, #GHG emissions from #BritishColumbia, #Washington & #Oregon just keep rising. 1/9
#GtZ #PNW @invw Viz by @compatibilism @grist
Today @invw launched a year-long reporting project about #Cascadia's capacity to gear-up on climate action, get off fossil fuels, and slash carbon emissions... A deep dive on how 1 region can DECARBONIZE. 2/9
#GtZ #PNW #BritishColumbia @springshoeanimation
@invw's series Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia opens with #BritishColumbia, #Washington & #Oregon's Lost Decade - How #Cascadia set some of North America's first and boldest #GHG targets, and failed to deliver. 3/9…
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Independent Pandemic Response Observatory.
This is a body that is referred to to justify the public health measures.
The public's adherence to public health rules would increase
Evidence needs to be made public.

"We haven't seen modelling since the spring."- @ehyshka

The data will help people buy in to the measures that are being

Shay wonders - What are they hiding? Who benefits from this censorship?
#RedAlert @ryanjespersen #RealTalkRJ
Double Bunking in an ICU is absurd.

Yes, warm bunking is normal in Oil & Gas but double bunking is a huge flag for the capacity of #abpoli health system.
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Had a starter conversation with @Cath_Cullen, @piya, and former Premier @BrianGallantNB on @PnPCBC this week about Mayor @kennedystewart's motion to seek a federal exemption to decriminalize drugs in Vancouver.

Some narratives worth addressing
1. The collision of COVID+OD epidemics makes drug law reform more urgent, yes, but criminalizing people who use certain drugs is no more or less unjust now compared to before. It has always been racist, classist and wrong.

As Dr. @RebeccaSaah and I wrote in @AmJPrevMed
You can read that paper here:…
and follow a thread about it here:

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Dear @CityofVancouver
I am writing in regards to the motion to reduce the City's 10 Year Housing Target.

I moved to Vancouver with my wife, who is disabled an unable to work (at least for the next few years). I am a 33 year old professional with a pre tax income of
approximately $100,000.00.

Despite my upper middle class income, there are next to no options for myself and my wife to purchase a modest condominium or duplex in this city to start a family.

For me, the numbers look like this: an average 2 bedroom condo costs approximately $1M
and requires $200k down-payment. If I can save 15% of my after tax income (approx. $11,000) it will take me between 15 to 20 years to qualify. That ignores likely further increases in property values. And of course, I can't save the 15% because of the exorbitant rentals rates
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NEW: Man punches woman, yanks out her hair after she stands up for Asian women on Vancouver bus, authorities say in latest possible #COVIDー19 related attack.… @TorontoStar @starvancouver #cdnpoli #yvr #vancouver
.@TransitPolice are asking for help identifying the man who allegedly attacked a woman, punching and kicking her and pulling her hair so hard he removed a “significant” amount.

The woman had spoken up after he verbally berated two Asian women.… #COVIDー19
Two Asian women were wearing protective masks on the bus.

“Go back to your country; that’s where it all started," the suspect shouted.

That was when the female bystander spoke up to defend the two women, telling the man to leave them alone.…
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Dear #Vancouver,
#translink 72-hour strike notice is out. If negotiations keep going poorly by Thursday night, Friday’s commute is going to be chaotic.

“Hire more drivers & buy more buses” feels like they’re striking more for my benefit than theirs!…
Ok #Vancouver,
We don’t yet know if the #translink #transitstrike will happen Thursday midnight.

We don’t know if it’ll be a full shutdown, rolling strike, or a work-to-rule slowdown as they fulfill exactly the parameters of their contract:…

It’s all TBD.
Our 2001 #yvr #transitstrike lasted 123 days until legislation forced unions back to work. (…). Then, blame was placed squarely on TransLink’s chair.

We have even more people using transit now. And unions are asking for things that benefit riders. Ridership increasing since 1999
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Good morning! I’m heading to BC Supreme Court to cover latest hearing in #Huawei Meng Wanzhou extradition case for @starvancouver. We expect lawyers to argue she was unlawfully detained at #yvr airport last December at the direction of US authorities.…
And just for fun it is pouring rain! Photographers outside, wearing black, have been here for an hour already. #Huawei @starvancouver @TorontoStar
Lots in suit jackets outside this courtroom. About 3 dozen+ in line, plus 9 very official-looking (legal team?) huddled in a circle at the back of the line. #Huawei
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We’re covering Hong Kong from Vancouver as well as Toronto, including Canada links. Follow @starvancouver @TorontoStar @temurdur @JennyPengNow @Nuttallreports for more.
@starvancouver @TorontoStar @temurdur @JennyPengNow @Nuttallreports My briefing for the @CKNW @steeletalk show on what has happened in Hong Kong the last two days.… #hongkong HT to all the reporters on the ground in Hong Kong providing 24/7 coverage.
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So... @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman @scottfraserndp et al. @bcndp just going to turn a blind eye to #Unistoten situation or are you going to step up and act like leaders on this? #BCpoli #CdnPoli #Deescalate #UNDRIP #NoConsent #NoPipelines
...there's an aching silence right now that for #BCNDP folks in particular should smell a lot like the days leading up to August 18, 1995. #BCpoli
also - I think @jjhorgan @SohiAmarjeet @DonaldsonDoug @GeorgeHeyman @michellemungall @lanapopham & @BruceRalston should withdraw from the @BCNRF #BCNRF19 until the conflict is resolved in order to show respect. #BCpoli #UNDRIP
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Who else will be at the #YVR community dialogue session on national pharmacare tonight? 🙋🏻
Two years ago I attended the public consultation for federal disability legislation. Even though it took a long-ass time for the Accessible Canada Act to be proposed afterward, the consultation itself was one of the most memorable and edifying events I've ever attended.
That consultation—and the one tonight—never would have happened under the Conservatives. Every day I'm grateful that Harper's not PM anymore. The prospect of being back under the Cons terrifies me, but it's a real possibility 'cause Trudeau didn't follow through on #ERRE.
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Incredibly disappointed to hear such ignorant rhetoric from @jkenney on harm reduction & supervised consumption sites in #yql:… #ableg
As noted in the article, Kenney's comments run counter to #yql law enforcement, front line workers & local gov't, all of whom support the innovative, life-saving initiative.… #ableg
Before moving forward, the City of Lethbridge conducted research, visiting SCS sites in Europe. Sites in #yql will include addictions counselling, harm reduction supply distribution, nursing services. #ableg
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Details on the first of our neighbourhood consultations & forums coming up later tonight. Stay tuned! #vanpoli #yvr #bcpoli
We're happy to announce a West End tenants' forum & consultation Wed, May 31 630-830pm @ Gordon Neighborhood House w/ @WEFAVancouver #yvr
.@WEFAVancouver If you rent in West End, come out May 31 to find out more about VTU! Invite neighbours:… @WEFAVancouver #vanpoli #yvr
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Enough is enough. Join us in demanding:
- Real Rent Control
- Eviction Protections
- More Housing For All
#BCelxn2017 #bcpoli #vanpoli
Everyone, regardless of class, lifestyle, ability, age, gender, race, sexuality, or citizenship deserves a safe, secure, and affordable home
If you agree with this, join our union today. There's strength in numbers! Sign up here: #bcpoli #vanpoli #yvr
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Doors now open. Membership table is already busy! People signing up to be founding members of the Vancouver Tenants Union. #vanpoli #bcpoli
We're here at St Patrick's Church at 12th Ave and Main (2881 Main) until 8pm. More info on our website: #vanpoli
And, yes, there's FOOD, coffee and child care available!! Come on down and join w/ other tenants in Vancouver. #vanpoli #yvr
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Rent in Vancouver? You're invited to join the Tenants Union. Come to our launch tonight! Deets:… #yvr #vanpoli
Annual membership dues start at $1. More if you can afford. Come tonight & be one of the founding members! #Vanpoli #yvr
The Vancouver Tenants Union launch starts at 6pm at St Patrick's Church (2881 Main St. @ 12th Ave)
See you there!
#vanpoli #bcpoli
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