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‼️WTF Is Trump’s Former AG Matt Whitaker Doing Meddling in Kosovo’s Election?

Trump’s former appearing Attorney General appears to be celebrating his freedom from the searing highlight of the Trump adm by involving himself in… Kosovo’s election.…
Whitaker, maybe extra well-known for his previous position with a “scam” firm that promoted time journey tech & the hunt for Bigfoot than for something he did throughout his quick stint on the DOJ, hit the Kosovo marketing campaign path w/ gusto this week.…
The short-lived AG stumped for Kadri Veseli, a Trump-supporting candidate Tuesday in an look that was rapidly met with a assertion from the U.S. embassy in Kosovo stressing Washington’s neutrality in the nation’s Oct. 6 elex.


@RepAdamSchiff ^^…
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Why didn't POTUS fire [Rod Rosenstein] after reporting re: offer to wear wire?
Why did #WHITAKER / #BARR retain [Rod Rosenstein] to the END?
Who signed off on the MUELLER summary report submitted by BARR yesterday?
Who signed fraudulent #FISA warrants?
Deputy AG Rosenstein assigned Mueller to "oversee the previously-confirmed FBI investigation of Russian gvmt efforts to influence 2016 election & related….co/hwxZvuZevz
The only way to regain the trust (re: equal justice under the law for WH, FBI, DOJ, Senate, Congress, #FVEY, US gvmt) of the majority of the American people is to provide truth, #transparency, & #prosecutionVGlk
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Report: Attorney General Barr Gave Mueller Permission to Indict Trump's 3 Adult Children & Jared…0V6k via @gatewaypundit
Re_read drop:
>>[#MUELLER] sealed #indictments installed [DC] prior to [Rod #Rosenstein] loss of >>power?
>>Sealed indictments [DC][#blockade last resort] installed post >>#SESSIONS depart assumption?
>>Sealed indictment count [DC] post_SESSIONS departure?
>>Sealed indictment count [DC] pre_WHITAKER assumption?
>>Power of AG BARR?
>>Can a sealed indictment be pulled post filing?

Sealed…ogle Drive Page
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Okay, this is a blockbuster article you just have to sit down and read through slowly.

You gotta believe @nytimes fact-checked the hell out of it before printing.

Here are the highlights (or lowlights):…
Creepy acting AG #Whitaker told people his role at @TheJusticeDept was to “jump on a hand grenade” for @realDonaldTrump.

His real job is exactly the opposite: rule of law, fearlessly followed.

This merits further investigation. OPR/@JusticeOIG are you awake?
.@realDonaldTrump tried to put a “loyalist” in charge of the SDNY investigation (doing Cohen case and more), obviously to protect himself.

This is strong evidence of an attempt to obstruct justice, also meriting further investigation.
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#Whitaker, who served as chief of staff to then-Attorney General Jeff #Sessions until President Trump tapped him for acting role in Nov, is now a senior counselor in associate attorney general’s office…
#WHITAKER remain DOJ senior staff?
Senior counselor in the associate attorney general’s office?
[Nov 2018] Senator Chuck Grassley said he will relinquish his job as US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman next yr, creating a coveted vacancy atop a panel that reviews judicial nominations & was among those examining Russia’s role in US…ggGR
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#QAlert #QAnon

Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller re: 'designed to' drops.
Probe conclusion coming?

Attempts to retain 'BLOCKADE'?
Attempts to prevent public release of the TRUTH?
ZERO leaks re: HUBER?
Do not mistake 'public' silence for inaction.
"This is not another 4-year election."
#QAlert #QAnon

An anon welcomes Q back to the board:

We never left.
It's time to return publicly.

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Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller
re: 'designed to' drops.
Probe conclusion coming?

#thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA
[2] NEW Q!
#Coincidence 'conclusion' occurring as new AG installed?
What is the purpose of #WHITAKER?
Re_read drops re: #Scaramuccimodel
Who did Scaramucci remove?
Optics important?
What occurs post installed 'BLOCKADE' removal?
[RR] 'complete' removal?
OIG release of findings?
How are they preparing to combat [narrative = vital]?
#FISAbringsdownthehouse #TheStormIsHere
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⭐️NEW Q!! #QAnon 2/9/19 #WWG1WGA

Welcome Back

We never left.
It's time to return publicly.
FAKE NEWS attacks continue?
Ask yourself, why?
What happens when the news no longer reports FACTS?
What happens when the news no longer reports TRUTH?
Enemy of the people.

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#Whitaker takeaways:

Is it just me, or did the guy look more like a lost bouncer in a suit than an acting Attorney General of the United States?
Whitaker did political hit work for a front group called FACT that does not reveal its donors.

Today he admitted that its donor was Donors Trust, an entity that hides the identity of right-wing donors.

That means the unknown real donor hid behind two entities.
Double-layered deception? Who tries that hard to hide? Not anyone up to any good.

We need to keep digging — “follow the money.” And look how touchy #Republicans were about this!!
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democrats/deep state/ media
had a devastating week.
President @realDonaldTrump
CRUSHED them even more than usual🤣

What fake news narrative lurks around the
corner on this Feb Friday to attempt to distract?

#MAGA #WWG1WGA #FridayFeeling
And here we go...
A hearing designed for democrat fundraising. Clowns posturing, creating unlimited democrat fundraising videos & msnbc and cnn content for a weekend news cycle. A clear attempt to continue the treasonous coup.
#MAGA #Whitaker #WWG1WGA
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Some of the news in today's #TrumpRussia avalanche:
-Mueller investigation close to completion—Whitaker
-Cohen to testify to House Feb 8, w/ new legal team
-Manafort sentencing hearing delayed
-Trump doesn't rule out pardon for Roger Stone
-Barr discussed Mueller probe w/ Pence
Watch #Whitaker sweat up a storm announcing he’s been “fully briefed” on Mueller investigation & “thinks” it’s “close to being completed.” Seems very anxious to get his hands on it to “review.” And Wray? They look like my kids up to no good. #maddow #inners
It's alarming Whitaker's even commenting on the Mueller investigation/report. Is he pressing or hoping for no more indictments? The "review decisions" remark is very alarming. Is he saying someone's reviewing HIS decisions? Or that he's (already?) reviewing Mueller's decisions??
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Thread: @arimelber asked me last night whether #TrumpShutDown was at all related to the pressure brought to bear by the #MuellerProbe. Let’s consider this more closely. It’s a distraction & attempt to show strength at a time that #Trump has been weakened.
First, #MuellerProbe will continue full steam ahead. It is funded and not impacted by #TrumpShutDown. The shutdown isn’t wise or good for anyone. So a shutdown only serves to help Trump if it makes him look strong and like a “winner” to his base. Wrong-headed But Trumpian logic.
Things to remember as we wake up to a partial #GovernmentShutdown: You will still get Medicare, Medicaid, SSI services. Dept of State, DOJ, DOT r among the agencies that will have to shut some activities. Homeland security won’t stop border enforcement, courts will operate.
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#QAnon #QAlert @HuberHammerQ
RT & Follow!

Q Thread for Thursday December 20, 2018


2) #QAlert

Q posts a photo of his Dec 17 drop re: No Name’s role in leaking the #FakeDossier to Buzz Feed and links today’s Fox News article on the same matter.


But NOW we have the #KEYSTONE…

#FakeNews #FakeIntel
3) @threadreaderapp please unroll this thread 🧵
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The Biggest 'ACCURATE' Conspiracy….


Why would the FBI DIR take the time to visit ALL 56 FBI FIELD OFFICES around the entire United States?
Completed this week.
Logical thinking.

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.@GerryConnolly “Today, as one of their last acts in the majority, our Republicans are holding their latest partisan hearing to air unsubstantiated allegations against the Clinton Foundation.”
“So, let’s look at these latest allegations. On our next panel two private individuals, both Republicans will explain how they submitted a complaint to the IRS and FBI against the #Clinton Foundation.”
“They have already conceded that they are not whistle blowers. Instead, they are would-be plaintiffs in a lawsuit looking to make money.”
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🚨 #QAlert 🚨

Q is back! I just got in, and the chans are lit! Buckle up! 😎

This will be my Q thread for Dec 6th

#QAnon #TheStorm #WWG1WGA
2. New QDrop 2560

Q links an article re: whistleblower that brought forth evidence in 2017 against the CF.

Q says: Read carefully
Why is the CF back in the news?

Article here:…
3. New QDrop 2561

Link to past drop & Q asks us to dig further into what role each person has. Scarramucci model? YES!

We dig and decipher further below
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Wow. Here’s a headline. No collusion?…
This is the pleading. Smells of collusion to me.…
This is a good capsule summary, providing some factual context regarding @realDonaldTrump’s recent Twitter rants against the Special Counsel investigation.…
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1/ SG filing in SCOTUS on #Whitaker appointment. Leads with nonjusticiability. W/r/t the merits, nothing new.…
2/ On VRA as "alternative" to 508, SG focuses, as expected, primarily on use of the adjective "exclusive" in 3347(a) and on the elimination of the express AG carve-out between the Senate and conference versions of the VRA.
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1. In light of today's #NewQ, it's time to update my old #D5 thread from back in Aug. Thanks to @StormIsUponUs, @intheMatrixxx, and @BasedBasterd for connecting dots here. Let's dig in.…
2. #D5 #Directive5 #DirectiveFive is a Sept. 11 era plan to basically institute #MartialLaw in response to some domestic emergency. It involves the activation of a National Incident Management System (NIMS). Sounds eerily like Q post #34, the most famous of all. #Coincidence?
3. We've seen time and again how @POTUS has turned control mechanisms made by the bad guys against them. #D5 was Bush's plan to take control in the wake of his Sept. 11 "War on Terror," now it's about to be used to restore our republic. #BoomerangSuicide #HuntersBecomeTheHunted
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The OLC’s constitutional argument for #Whitaker as Acting AG is entirely based on historical precedent.
They don’t acknowledge that it can’t find a precedent *ever* for a non-Senate-confirmed acting Attorney General as a "head of a department." 1/…
The only OLC precedent for an unconfirmed Acting AG is
1) from 1866,
2) for just a week
3) under the chaotic Andrew Johnson
4) who is infamous for flouting Congress and was impeached for it,
5) before the AG was even a “department head,” b/c DOJ did not yet exist.
3/ The Constitution identifies “Head of a Department” and “the principal officer of an executive department” as meaningful categories, whose significance is overlooked by OLC. Whitaker would be the head of DOJ. And thus he’d be a principal officer, needing Senate confirmation.
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My op-ed in @washingtonpost: "Think Whitaker is a hack? He's one of many."
The past century has been full of corrupt crony AGs.
A historical argument for making the Attorney General and DOJ structurally independent from the president. 1/…
2/ For more historical detail, including categorization of every long-term Attorney General in US history, plus a discussion of the Founding's original understanding of prosecution and AGs - against the unitary executive theory, see my paper here:…
3/ For my historical argument about Congress's creation of the DOJ in 1870 as a way to reduce cronyism in the government and to promote professional independence (but also a fraught relationship with black civil rights), see my longer article here:…
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I think I caught a major legal error on p. 5 of the OLC memo on #Whitaker.
OLC argues that the Vacancies Act applies to DOJ statute 28 USC 508, because the DOJ statute cross-refers to the VRA.
That would be difficult b/c Congress passed 28 USC 508 before the VRA. See my thread:
This is the part of the memo with the error. This DOJ statute (28 USC 508) was passed and amended in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. No later changes. The 3345 reference pre-dated the VRA.
VRA passed in 1998.
It would be impossible for the DOJ statute to “cross-reference” the VRA.
Here’s my better mark-up of the OLC memo and its legal error at p. 5:
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More reasons why Whitaker appointment as AG is illegal: Vacancies Reform Act arguably does not apply to the AG.
Please read this report by the Senate Committee on Govt Affairs on the VRA, linked below. 1/ h/t @JamesDissent
Adding to my earlier post:…
2/ Senate Committee Report, summary on p. 2:
"The bill applies to all vacancies in Senate-confirmed
positions in executive agencies with a few express exceptions.
Second, current laws...that provide for the President or..."…
3/ "...the head of an executive department to designate an officer to perform the functions and duties of a specified office in an acting capacity are maintained, as are those statutes that themselves stipulate who shall serve in a specific office in an acting capacity."
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1. DOJ Chief of Staff. The day after my brother John finished his last case as Janet Reno's Dade County Chief Asst prosecutor he was at a ceremony at Bobby Kennedy's grave in Arlington as Janet Reno's guest. After the ceremony Ethel Kennedy held a private reception.
2. The only non-Kennedy's there were Janet and John, Bill and Hillary Clinton. John was soon tasked as a prosecutor in Janet's office as Counselor to the AG. On his first day Janet came into his office with a stack of files with claims of wrongdoing during Reagan and Bush41 that
3. might implicate the DOJ. Janet told him, "Investigate them, charge them or close them." I think only one of his investigations was ever made public. Given the title IraqGate John was tasked with trying to determine if Reagan and/or Bush ever armed Saddam Hussein with WMD.
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