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"The Walk of Shame!"

@andrealeadsom inexplicably decided to go for a stroll during the #PeoplesVoteMarch, despite most of her colleagues leaving Parliament by car...

She couldn't possibly have done it just for the optics, could she..? 🤔
"You're going to Jail, Mike!"

Never one to miss a photo opp, @michaelgove saw the warm reception Andrea Leadsom received, and decided to 🚶‍♂️ out on his own #WalkOfShame

Either that or he's gone full #YellowHammer and is now preparing for the fuel shortages...🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
"Shame! Shame! Shame!"

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg followed Leadsom and Gove. He knowingly and intentionally walked his child into the protest.

A spontaneous chant of "Shame!" broke out as protesters realised he was using his son as a human shield!

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Nan's daily reminder that we must NOT allow telling big lies and repeating them to be normalised. There lies tyranny.

Today Nan's wondering why we didn't agree HOW to Leave in '16. That's got her thinking...How to "No Deal?"

It's bigger even than you think & worse for leavers
Everyone's aware by now of the standard #Brexit No Deal problems. Thread👇 something from a year ago which is about 95% the same as #Yellowhammer.

It's not good but you would have thought if we're making that big of a sacrifice Leave is benefiting?

Think again.
No Deal leaves the Government tied up in court for years. No #BritishIndependence
Principle of Government by Consent dates in concept back to Magna Carta.

This is very simplified, but basically, consent isn't given by omission - divine rule

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#BorisJohnsonLies #LeaveOct31st #RemainerNow #Yellowhammer #Brexit #brexitmehole

So the Boris honeymoon must be over now that Leavers are hating on him as much as Remainers. So while you #BoycottWetherspoons
maybe you can find a someone from the other side and play a game
With Boris' mense horribilis barely out of the way, it got me thinking, these guys and gals are lasting less and less time

We used to ger 7-10 years out of a PM, now we're lucky if 10 months go by before they're up for grabs.

But hell that means we should already know...
Who's next, unless Rory has a sudden bout of leave love, or Jeremy gets a strategy, we are gonna be


and that's the game that'll bring us together

We're going to build the biggest profile of Prime Ministers in history

To see what works.
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Thread: I just wrote to and sent copies to media:
Reading the #yellowhammer leaked and redacted publicised versions, it is evident that #Brexit is the disaster the experts have been warning about. #
2/ We also know why the 31/10 date is so important as it will allow the people that donated their money to the Johnson campaign to recoup their investment by betting on the markets. The public can not be fooled anymore. #LiarJohnson #RevokeArticle50
3/ We would like to put it on record that if anyone dies because of no deal, we will hold the Government accountable and we will prosecute the Government for their death. #LeafAlliance #StopTheCoup
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Current state of play with trade agreements planning for life after the EU:

Trade agreements that have been signed:

Antigua and Barbuda
The Commonwealth of Dominica
The Dominican Republic
The Republic of Guyana

Saint Christopher and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Faroe Islands

Papua New Guinea
Palestinian Authority
South Korea

Mutual recognition agreements signed:

New Zealand
United States
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#Brexit means that the super-rich get richer and everyone else gets screwed. What did you expect from a policy promoted by hedge funds?

Follow the money.

NB: I originally posted a variant of this saying "the rich get richer...", but I suspect that there are a lot of comfortable middle-class people thinking that they'll do OK.


The only people who will benefit from #NoDealBrexit are traders betting against the UK Pound.
I suspect that there are whole lot of people thinking "well, I don't work in the car industry, so it won't affect me".


Do you use electricity?
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Someone on Reddit noted that the best way to get a message out there is to stick a minion on it. So I thought I’d make some. #Yellowhammer @ByDonkeys
Of course, for authenticity, I ought to compress them with JPEG multiple times. #Yellowhammer
I’ve lost the details of the person who transcribed the #Yellowhammer PDF into a Google doc. Sorry.
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There were 3 big revelations yesterday in UK politics (11/9/19).

With so much going on it’s easy to get distracted by just 1, but I argue these 3 must be considered together and what they add up to (THREAD).

This goes right to the heart of #Brexit and what is really going on.
The following revelations came to light on 11/9/19:
1) Operation #Yellowhammer document was published
2) Currency speculation with the Pound being shorted post 31st Oct, betting on Brexit happening on schedule and Sterling crashing.
3) Three judges ruled #Prorogation unlawful.
1) Operation #Yellowhammer document was published.

See excellent commentary from @lewis_goodall. Clearly #brexit by the governments own analysis would be deeply damaging in many ways. And there is wide suspicion this isn’t the worst case scenario.…
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"Even if only 1/10 predictions happen you can't call it project fear.

When it's the secret assessment of the guys who invented project fear"
That point in the movie when the kind old lady who's been saying,"it'll be ok dear" turns out to have skinned the hero's wife and is creeping up behind him with a knife dropping in blood".

Maybe time to talk?

The thing they fear, often a ghost, appears behind them, but at first the characters ignore the audience's warnings of danger. The characters soon circle the bench, followed by the ghost, as the audience cries "It's behind you!"

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Quick thought on the short Yellowhammer doc just released. It is of course extremely alarming, and exposes the sheer madness of Brexit... I think we also need to remember... [cont]
😠✊🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺 #StopTheCoup #YellowHammer
...that this document will have been compiled by earnest and professional civil servants, striving to choose their words carefully and to be measured in their tone. That means that there could be a great deal of BATSHIT CRAZINESS contained in some of the assessments. [cont]
For example, “significant electricity price increases” - already alarming, but is “significant” 10%? 20%? For anyone on a modest income, even a 5% increase in an electricity bill might be unmanageable. [cont]
😠✊ #StopTheCoup 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
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Gove refuses to publish Prorogation comms. Govt again in contempt of Parliament. Yellowhammer doc is published.

Some highlights:

Delays of 2.5 days at Dover, delays to medicines, shortage of foods, rising food/fuel prices hits lowest paid hardest, rise in public disorder. 1
3 According to Gove's letter to @hilarybennmp the redacted paragraph is on the basis of 'commercial sensitivity.'

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So here we are.
Read it.
Talkt to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours about it.
This is from August.
From this Govt.
Don't let this Govt destroy our lives.
❓My main question is: what is redacted #Point15?…
Something about Northern Ireland?
Something about increased mortality/loss of life due to no-deal, e.g. to do with cancer treatment?
Something about imposing martial law?
Something about job losses?
.................................................................. 2/
Also: this on EU citizens is rubbish. We already know that the Govt would be using no-deal to strip us of more rights and undoubtedly there would be new problems and discrimination. I also expect a rise in hate crimes as previously indicated by police reports. 3/
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BREAKING: #YellowHammer documents released on UK government's worst case planning assumptions for No Deal as of 2 August. Thread follows…
The worst disruption to the short Channel Straits might last for up to 3 months before it improves by a significant level to around 50-70%... In a reasonable worst case scenario, HGVs ·could face maximum delays of 1.5-2.5 days before being able to cross the border.
Dependent on the plans EU Member States put in place to cope with these in.creased immigration checks it is likely that delays will occur for UK arrivals and departures at EU airports and ports.
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I have been trying to get my head around today's #Brexit news - on the court cases and forthcoming #Yellowhammer release (or not)

So that resulted in a new, simple #BrexitDiagram just for these decisions
I can't put probabilities on these yet - I just want to get the routes and options right first.

My guess would be that "non justiciable" would be the case outcome, and "heavily redacted" the #Yellowhammer outcome - but happy for arguments to the contrary
And as ever high res images and files on my blog:…
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Thread of Threads.

The Remain/Leave war is the most irresponsible act of political sabotage in history. Only enabled by a willing Press.

But worst, we're all so distracted...From what you ask?

So much.

But to get you going, if we're leaving, what are we joining?
The Popular Diary of a 47 3/4 Dominic Cummings.
Much requested.

And note. How much does his blog already call out the political lies told every day? Everyone who cares should read it.

Enter the Matrix

Probably the best place to start if you're just waking up to the fact we've all been manipulated, leavers and remainers alike.

No Deal doesn't deliver anything like Brexit

And Leavers are your friends. Embrace them while they stab you

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I want to read the unredacted #Yellowhammer report and I believe it needs to be printed across all media with the clear guidance that it is NOT a worst case scenario.

The government think we’re too stupid to understand it.

Please RT if you’re in agreement, thanks.

My tweet has upset the bots and hardcore Brexity types 🤷‍♀️

Why so upset about people wanting to read a government report?

Rhetorical, no need to reply!
For clarification purposes, my line about the Govt believing we would not understand the #Yellowhammer report is in direct response to multiple MPs insinuating, and in fact stating as such, during the debate.

They know only too well the ramifications of said reports publication.
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When do we cross the Gross Negligence line?
The casual hand waving at experts?
The arrogant shrug at scientists?
The use of Parliamentary Privilege to undermine analysis.
18 months ago we put together a list of #DeathByBrexit risks. Ignored and dismissed. 95% acurate.

The most serious issue of Brexit Accountability is the collaboration between press and politicians.

Supressing Yellowhammer only happens when Journalists call it it Project Fear. This must never happen again.

The no deal #death@@ list? 👇

How to deal with media corruption without supressing free speech?

Well one thing I know is the shrill for free speech did nothing to prevent the corruption of media through the brexit debacle. Our democracy was attacked not with their protection but with their assistance
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Tim Montgomerie is going to advise the government on social justice.
Let's take a look at his past record, shall we?
(@SebastianEPayne, in case it might interest you...)
@SebastianEPayne @ByDonkeys there might be a few gems that might interest you here.
Let's start with this.
Note that "best thinkers" may not be the "best achievers"
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1/ A reminder re today’s #Yellowhammer story👇

The government haven’t got back to the v experts they have been seeking advice re #nodealbrexit pharmaceutical supply issues...since March
2/which is why all of @BorisJohnson & @MattHancock s ‘updated’ plans for pharmaceuticals for #NoDealBrexit can be summarised like this👇...A BLANK SHEET OF PAPER...cos nothing has changed since I spoke to #Newsnight in APRIL🤷‍♂️…
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"Why @jeremycorbyn should back Ken Clarke for PM".
Ahead of 27 Aug meeting between Corbyn & other anti #NoDealBrexit politicians, I'll argue why it is in his & Lab's interest to back Ken Clarke as a temporary PM to support a #PeoplesVote rather than a #GE19. 1/
Here's Corbyn's 14 Aug letter where he set out the case for him becoming temporary PM with the "aim of calling a General Election". As LOTO, he has a very strong, reasonable case to put himself forward here. 2/
However @joswinson didn't think he'd get enough support in HoC. A look at top 50 LibDem target seats shows that they are mainly Tory ones. Supporting JC4PM would be used as a weapon by Tories to scare off Remainer Tory voters Lib Dems need. 3/…
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Enter the No Deal Matrix?

If you yearn for Brexit to be a fight between leave vs remain you're lost. We can't help.

If you're ready to see how you're used to hide the real pillaging of our country then take a #nodealsteal and see it's not brexit at all
Don't try to understand the other side, that's impossible.

Instead, only try to realise the truth...there is no other side.

Then see that they are you and you are they and your existential war has been oh so helpful for the real criminals. #tragedy
Blame Remain
So smart, so wise, so selfless. And 3 years spouting rational philosophy that no Leaver understood. Empathy with your enemy would have helped much more

So cruel to make you Merv, you think you're Neo right?

Time for Empathy Remain
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B R E A K I N G: A statement on the #YellowHammer leak from @MPIainDS and @OwenPaterson

“This operation yellow hammer leak is the version of what the contingency executive put together.” 1/6
“We remember attending a briefing on privy council terms which they said was not worst case but reasonable worst case. Theresa May had asked for this to be done. It was obviously project fear dressed up.” 2/6
“For example, on the delays at the port we asked if they had discussed their expectation with the port authorities of Calais/pas du Nord who had already said that there would be no extra delays at Calais and they said, (after a great deal of shuffling of feet) ‘no’.” 3/6
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