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@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ ivan_8848
War Is Inevitable?
The #war in #Ukraine started on Feb 16. Russia #responded 8 d later by preempting the Ukrainian ground assault on #Donbas.
People are dying in a #US #proxy war that was deliberately #provoked by the US-centralized empire
@Europarl_EN @EP_President The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by #Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this.
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ TaranQ
14/ "Here’s the top adviser of #Zelensky, #Arestovych in 2019 talking about how their plan to join #NATO will prompt #Russia to #invade Ukraine.“ They must do this before we join NATO.” Our #PRICE for joining NATO is a big #war with #Russia."
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Soon will be presented the book of the #Armenia's 3rd President #SerzhSargsyan - "On the Frontline of Negotiations". I'm not aware of what he wrote, but I know for sure that the obvious pro-Russian forces of 🇦🇲 do not forgive Sargsyan for signing the #SEPA with the #EU. #Yerevan ImageImageImageImage
And in 2018, 7 days before his resignation, the #RepublicanParty of Armenia, led by him ratified the document with the #EU. In 2018, under severe threats from #Russia, Serzh Sargsyan founded the #EurasianEconomicUnion with #Putin.
However, due to active work, in November 2017, Armenia signed the #SEPA with the #EuropeanUnion. In 2013, Serzh Sargsyan made a big mistake, but in the end, he saved a chance for Armenia to go into deep cooperation with the #West after him.
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[Thread] Joey Gibson trial for felony riot starts with pretrial motions. One motion by defense tried to prevent testimony from woman who was knocked out by Nazi Ian Kramer, with a baton.

#PatriotPrayer #Riot #CiderRiot Courtroom for Joey Gibson's...
Judge denied motion to keep her from testifying, but agreed she couldn't talk about her broken vertebrae/concussion as she isn't a doctor. These are injuries Andy Ngo falsely tried to claim were faked.
Motion granted to prevent Joey Gibson from being referred to as leader of the group, but not "perceived" leader of group.

He is leader of Patriot Prayer. These right wingers met at his rallies.
Another motion doesn't allow his beliefs to be referred to as "extremist beliefs"
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No @senatortimscott your comments are diabolical, disgusting and disgraceful. You should know better as a Black man than to spew such trash. It’s not surprising. I am a constituent and I will be contacting your office. I’m a student of history and I’m hard pressed to find
Anywhere in American history where “woke supremacy” enslaved Africans in the Americas, committed Native American Genocide, Seceded from the Union to uphold white supremacy and slavery, committed domestic terrorism acts - lynchings, race massacres, church & house bombings, rapes
and I missed the history chapter where woke supremacists stormed the Capitol to overthrow the US government.
You sound like a fool who’s a tool of the White Supremacist power structure and status quo. You reek of opportunism and self loathing.
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In March of 1857, the United States Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, declared that all blacks -- slaves as well as free -- were not and could never become citizens of the United States. The court also declared the 1820 Missouri Compromise unconstitutional,
thus permiting slavery in all of the country's territories.

The case before the court was that of Dred Scott v. Sanford. Dred Scott, a slave who had lived in the free state of Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin before moving back to the slave state of Missouri,
had appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes of being granted his freedom.

Taney -- a staunch supporter of slavery and intent on protecting southerners from northern aggression -- wrote in the Court's majority opinion that,
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Congresswoman @ayannapressley does not mince words. She speaks truth to power. A white supremacist mob waving trump, maga, blue lives matter and confederate flags in the US Capitol were incited and encouraged by trump.
It was all based on a lie about a fraudulent election and a desire to invalidate millions of Black votes. There must be accountability for all who were responsible. The Impeachment will likely not result in a conviction.
This is due to the lack of principles and morality in the @GOP specifically the @SenateGOP . They are feckless and spineless. #neverforget #sedition #trumptreason #whitesupremacy #republicanparty There is no “turning the page” with out accountability.
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1/ This will be my very last Trump post ever. No other words, no further breath is warranted for this flagrant con man, this congenital liar, this cauldron of debilitating vanity.
2/ The person who will be remembered for trafficking in the certifiably conspiratorial, in a web of half-truths based on quarter-truths that has now saddled this country for a generation with the doctrine of relativism.
3/ The upside-down bible-holder. The 400 day golfer. The groper, rapist, gleeful philanderer. The utterly faithless hero of rube evangelicals. The Head Grifter of a family of grifting rats. The child-cager. The non-wall non-builder.
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Slouching Towards White Nationalism

In 1902, a black minister warned the #RepublicanParty about Its slide towards #whitenationalism! He notes the global impact that #whitesupremacy in the party was having on those in #PuertoRico 🇵🇷 & #Philippines 🇵🇭.

Presbyterian Minister, Rev. Francis Grimke, on the Republican Party (speech delivered on Oct 12, 1902):

1/ “A party with such men, as it had in it years ago, may well be called, "The Grand Old Party." I take the term, grand, to apply to the old party— ...
2/ ... the party as it used to be, not to the party as it is today, with its petty little programme of a White Republican Party in the South; the elimination of Negro office-holders in the South, out of deference to white southern sentiment; white supremacy in the Philippines ...
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To learn how the banks in the states operate to this day with the help of the current system DE FACTO.  Here's The Bankers' Manifesto of 1892. 

We (The bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of....
... restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. Organizations in the United States should be carefully...
...watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them. At the coming Omaha convention to be held July 4, 1892, our men must attend and direct its movement or else there will be set on foot such...
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🎙 New Episode of #RepublicansDefeatingTrump is up:

@RonSteslow talks with @Honestly_Tara host @TaraSetmayer about how we went from the party of Lincoln to the current #RepublicanParty, discuss the #FlagofTreason, and @realdonaldtrump’s response to the George Floyd protests.
Listen & Subscribe now:

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The Story so far...#DominicCummings (#DomCum) Tour 2020

19.03.20: The Prime Minister, #BorisJohnson makes a nationwide statement about #CoronaVirus aka #Covid19……

23.03.20: The Prime Minister, #BorisJohnson announces measures for a nationwide #UK #Lockdown as a response to contain #CoronaVirus aka #Covid19…
23.03.20: The Prime Minister addresses the nation once more.

"That is why we have given the clear instruction that people must stay at home – unless they have one of the reasons we have set out, & with your help we will slow the spread of the disease."…
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In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, “When Black Meant Republican”

“It’s easy to forget now, but just a few generations ago African-Americans overwhelmingly identified themselves as Republicans.”

#maga #RepublicanParty
In the fall of 1895 Atlanta put on one in a series of “International Expositions” designed to highlight its progress in recovering from the war. Racial tensions had been growing since southerners, at the end of Reconstruction, began instituting Jim Crow laws.
The organizers of the Exposition invited prominent black leader Booker T. Washington to give a keynote address. The position he took in that speech was a calculated gamble.
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