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This is a threaded version of Chapter 4, titled,

“The Doors of Perception:

“Each of Us Is Potentially Mind At Large... When Perception Is Cleansed, All Kinds of Nonordinary Things Happen”

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ED 4/1
of the book, *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

by Michael Adzema

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ED 4/2
Chapter 4 is the beginning of “SECTION TWO: TRANSCENDING WORLDS”

& it explains: “Why Everything Appears Infinite when the Doors of Perception Are Cleansed: “Mind at Large” & The Awakening”

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ED 4/3
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“We Are What We’ve Experienced & The Perinatal Paradigm:

“Our Conception, Gestation, & Birth Create Our Windows to the World

is Chapter 3

of *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

by M Adzema

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ED 3/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Going Beyond Jung...Our Prenatal & Perinatal Experiences Predispose the Nature of Our Mind” []

THREAD… #psychology #perinatal #consciousness #prenatal #quantum #templates #anthropocentrism #paradigm #knowledge #spiritual

ED 3/2
[] “You cannot convince a fish it lives in water. You can only give the fish the experience of being in air; then it will understand.” []

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“We Can’t Know What We Can’t Know but We Cannot Unknow What We Are:

“Our Reality Is Species Determined & the Relativity of Science”

Ch 2

of *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

M. Adzema

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ED 2/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Ultimately our going to demonstrate that essentially there is no such thing as matter. All there is, is mind & motion.” —Armand Labbe []

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ED 2/2
[*Chapter 2 text begins:*] *Relativity of Science*

“But what of our science, one might ask, which can reputedly extend the range of our senses?”

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This thread begins the book,

*Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

By Michael Adzema

Starting with PART 1.





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ED 1/1
Chapter 1 is titled,

“Creating Worlds:

“Our Science, Too, Is Built on a Judeo-Christian Assumption of Humans Being “God’s Chosen Species””

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ED 1/2
“*The Probabilities Are Enormous That There Are Unperceivable Beings, Unimaginable Realities, Unknown Ways of Infinite Number of Worlds*”

READ/DWL BOOK… #psychology #consciousness #quantum #holographic #perception #physics #mystical

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62/bbr “The J curve of Institutional reform” (2020)… showed that anti-black money crusade can’t b sustained w/o Institutional reform. Corruption is a systemic problem in India(origin Bureaucratic Socialism) & can only b solved by policy+institutional reform
63/bbr This is encouraging, but more needs to be done wrt #EODB/#EORC and to translate the policy reforms announced during last 3 yrs into rules, regulations & simpler procedures for producers & exporters.…
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YOU as an #individual are a YOUniverse unto yourself. U can choose to #resonate with higher frequencies to differentiate you from the collective or u can fall within the basic bandwidth #frequency OF the #collective. Whatever you've CHOSEN and ACCEPTED as your #paradigm is what
kinds of data the #simulation will bombard you with, ie. racism, politiks, NWO camps, peaceful communities, living in & exploring "space"...
Your nervous system will be saturated with that which affirms & confines u to your own prison.
If you're a #freespirit, u entertain an exponential number of ideas outside the collective's prison paradigms, thru #intuition, #empathy and #imagination. We CREATE our reality based on our immortal soul and the wishes for which the eternal consciousness wants to experience.💖
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What happens to BNP when a person is started on #sacubitrilvalsartan?

#BNP should go up, right?

Thanks to work by @pmyhre in our group, we have some new and interesting data.

A 🧵, read on! 👇
When the #PARADIGM-HF study was published, one of the things immediately noticed was the increase in BNP that occurred after being started on sacubitril/valsartan.

This is because through effect of sacubitril, neprilysin is inhibited. Why might this lead to an increase in BNP?
#Neprilysin is a ubiquitous metalloproteinase that assaults BNP (among other targets including ANP and CNP) and cleaves it in numerous places as shown.

Note that in BNP, there are cleavage sites that involve numerous places where immunoassays for measurement of BNP may bind.
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(1\46) I have discussed quite extensively on why I see $eGLD as the people’s #blockchain based on Tech & design that delivers #Decentralization #ValueSharing & #Inclusiveness. $CEL the people's #CeFi by giving 80% back to the user. I want to discuss Y this is so Important to
(2\46) long term success as it relates to the ever-changing landscape of technology & value accrual in #Crypto. The Internet in the 1990’s was the ability to exchange data & information on a global scale. This also allowed Apps to be built on top of the internet. Facebook,
(3\46) Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. The ability to exchange information & join communities of like mindedness (social media platforms).

The biggest issue with this was it was void of any real ability for the exchange of value or assets & the end user being able to
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I'm fiddling with the content taxonomies on my blog, so I thought I'd post some of the tag pages for the most common themes here.
My articles tagged #ABA
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A must-read!

#EPeeps #Europace - Supplement Issue

A dedication to Prof Harry Crijns

#Innovations and #Paradigm Shifts in #AFib Management”

Now online👉🏻

@EHRAPresident @escardio @ESC_Journals

@GerdHindricks @ABollmannMD
@kvernooy @JordiHeijman
Role of #genetics in atrial fibrillation management

By M Rienstra, @patrick_ellinor et al.

Paradigm shifts in electrophysiological mechanisms of atrial fibrillation

By U Schotten, @stefzeemering et al.
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The 2nd Special Rapporteur on the #RighttoFood, Olivier de Schutter, delivered his final report to the Human Rights Council of the UN General Assembly on 24 Jan 2014. It was titled "The transformative potential of the right to food"
De Schutter's 6-year mandate (2008-2014) coincided with the Global Food Crisis of 2007 - that preceded the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. He visited 13 countries, prepared 10 reports on thematic issues and 2 special reports on the Global Food Crisis -
He said:"The #righttofood is the right of every individual, alone or in community w others, to have physical & economic access at all times to sufficient, adequate & culturally acceptable food that is produced & consumed sustainably, preserving access 2 food 4 future generations"
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Important @jonykipnis statement 👉”Recent advances have directed our knowledge of the #immune system from a narrative of “self” versus “nonself” to one in which immune function is critical for #homeostasis of #organs throughout the body”… Image
IMO, this shift away from “self vs. non-self” extends to “#autoimmune” disease 👉 Here, I explain how “autoantibodies” in patients w/ #SLE, #MS etc are likely created in response to persistent #pathogens (and react w/ human tissue via molecular mimicry)… Image
It follows that science + #medicine + #pharmaceutical companies must move towards a new #paradigm 👉 which the human #immune response is no longer treated as the enemy, but is instead regarded as our strongest ally in maintaining #microbiome + system-wide #health.
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