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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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*लहान मुलं आणि औषधोपचार*

आजकाल मुलं जन्माला येताना कॅल्शियम, आयर्न, व्हिटॅमिन आणि मिनरलची कमतरता घेऊनच जन्मतात काय? निदान मेडिकल मध्ये #prescription मध्ये हेच दिसतं.

जवळपास प्रत्येक बाळाला जन्म झाल्यावर पहिल्या दिवसापासून डॉक्टर ही औषधे द्यायला सांगतात. बाळ निरोगी असेल तरीही!
काय लॉजिक आहे त्यामागे हे त्यांनाच माहिती. आणि डॉक्टरांच्या फायलींवर लिहिलं असतं की पाहिले 6 महिने बाळांना आईचं दूधच द्यावं. किती विरोधाभास आहे. सर्व बाळांना या औषधांची गरज असते का?
त्यापेक्षा बाळाच्या आईला सकस आहार घेणे compulsory का नाही करत? म्हणजे, दुधातून आवश्यक मिनरल, व्हिटॅमिन बाळाला मिळेल. बरेचदा आईला दूध येत नाही ही समस्या देखील सांगितली जाते.
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Fazit zur Anhörung zur #Atomgesetz-Novelle im #Umweltausschuss:
Wie zu erwarten will neben CDU und CSU auch FDP in Richtung längerer Laufzeiten - und fragen in Richtung Aufweichung der Sicherheitsstandards.
Grundsätzliche Sicherheitsprobleme werden von SPD und Grünen nachgefragt. Aber auch sie ignorieren die bekannte konkrete Sicherheitsprobleme. In allen drei AKW gibt es den Verdacht auf unerkannte #Riss-Bildung, in #Neckarwestheim und #Lingen seit Jahren hunderte gefundene Risse.
Dass das einzig noch verbleibende #Argument der Netzstabilität bei hohem (!) Stromangebot auftritt, wird im Umweltausschuss überhaupt nicht thematisiert - genausowenig wie die Gründe: Ein Strommarkt, der keine Rücksicht auf Leitungskapazitäten nimmt.
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"Argument-Making in the Wild"

Today's SFI Seminar by Simon DeDeo (@LaboratoryMinds), streaming now. Follow our thread for pull quotes and slides:

First, let's divide human history into three eras, or regimes of #knowledge #production and #consumption:

• #premodern/#archaic
• #modern + #postmodern
• the #egregore (online content sharing)

• The premodern era is defined by caloric restriction.
• The modern era is characterized by a small number of sellers of #information vs. a large number of consumers (see also #HerbertSimon's remarks on the "poverty of #attention")

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Thread "How to argue in court" - an easy to understand explanation to day to day Court Language.

1) First learn, "What is a Statement and how to make a statement to open an argument in a court.

a) "Defendant is fraud" This is your opinion. This is not

#lawyers #lawstudents
2/ a Statement for purpose of argument.

b) "Defendant has cheated me." This is again, your opinion. This is not a Statement for purpose of argument.

c) "Defendant cheated me of 50 lakh rupees by giving promise of giving a flat". This can do. The Judge

#lawyers #lawstudebt
3/ can understand what is your problem.

Judge can then ask you, "Why do you say so? What is your basis for saying so?"

Now here you are supposed to answer with some evidence (documents or other things) from which it is obvious that you might be speaking truth.

#law #lawyers
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#6_Things to Remember When You Are Upset with Your Spouse.

1. Control your #anger whenever there is an argument with your Spouse.

2. If one has to win an #argument, let it be the other. Even if you find your spouse being unreasonable, be patient, back off and let the…

argument finish. This will save your marriage from turning sour.

3. If you have to #criticize, be just.
One should speak up or correct their spouse when needed; but should say it with kindness and if possible present it as a suggestion rather than criticism.

4. Do not drag in the #past.
Don’t bring in past mistakes in the argument. Try to settle whatever the issue is, as amicably as possible.

5. #Apologize and seek forgiveness if you were wrong.
Couples should apologize to each other and seek forgiveness from Allah. It is..
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At #GlobalScienceCongress #ScientificThinkingAndAction we talked about the relationships between relatability, trust, #scicomm, communicating about pseudoscience, and changing people's minds.
Regarding all the above, the last one, I'd like to share a story.
It was the eve of the third and last day at our country's largest #science festival held by @Akademie_ved_CR.
I was at our skeptic organization's stand, when an older gentleman approached me, among the last visitors there.
"I'm an engineer", he introduced himself.
"Do you believe in #aliens?" he continued, without pause.
I smile and reply, my voice box tired: "We can't rule out their existence, the Universe is a big place."
The engineer leans over my table, wagging his eyebrows conspiratorially: "But do YOU believe that they are among us?"
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Dominican Republic girls have a very high risk of not surviving during the abortion. Doctors will require a consent form for the women to have a decision for the women.#Njcurj #MyBodyMyRight's
Hospitals are not taken good care on their services on having girls who are going to do abortion and girls who are having their baby’s all in the same room #illegal #DominicanRepublic #NeedSolutionNeedRegularisation
Girls do not have power over their body’s choices. The lawmakers in the Dominican Republic have mentioned that every man should decide whether the girl should have an abortion or not.#Njcurj #lawmakers #socialchange
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Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Korach called "Argument for the Sake of Heaven". You can read it in full here: and download the accompanying Family Edition here: #ShabbatShalom Image
#Judaism has sometimes been called a “culture of argument.” It is the only religious literature known to me whose key texts – the Hebrew Bible, Midrash, Mishnah, Talmud, the codes of Jewish law etc – are anthologies of arguments. That is the glory of Judaism.
But the Sages drew a fundamental distinction between two kinds of conflict: #argument for the sake of #truth and #argument for the sake of #victory.
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