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1/14 #Men and #women experience disease differently. This is reminiscent of #SyndromeX and other chronic disease like #MECFS, #slow #virus manifestations, and even #LongCovid and post-acute sequelae of #SARSCoV2.

A thread summary article 🧵….
2/14 "#Women are up to 75 per cent more likely to experience #adverse #reactions to #prescription #drugs than #men because of a range of differences in #traits between the #sexes, according to a new study from The #Australian #National #University (#ANU)."
3/14 "The researchers believe more should be done to take this into account when treating #diseases."
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*लहान मुलं आणि औषधोपचार*

आजकाल मुलं जन्माला येताना कॅल्शियम, आयर्न, व्हिटॅमिन आणि मिनरलची कमतरता घेऊनच जन्मतात काय? निदान मेडिकल मध्ये #prescription मध्ये हेच दिसतं.

जवळपास प्रत्येक बाळाला जन्म झाल्यावर पहिल्या दिवसापासून डॉक्टर ही औषधे द्यायला सांगतात. बाळ निरोगी असेल तरीही!
काय लॉजिक आहे त्यामागे हे त्यांनाच माहिती. आणि डॉक्टरांच्या फायलींवर लिहिलं असतं की पाहिले 6 महिने बाळांना आईचं दूधच द्यावं. किती विरोधाभास आहे. सर्व बाळांना या औषधांची गरज असते का?
त्यापेक्षा बाळाच्या आईला सकस आहार घेणे compulsory का नाही करत? म्हणजे, दुधातून आवश्यक मिनरल, व्हिटॅमिन बाळाला मिळेल. बरेचदा आईला दूध येत नाही ही समस्या देखील सांगितली जाते.
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Common Medical #Prescription #Errors

1. Medical errors are unfortunately common, and they can cause patient harm as well as increased healthcare costs. The idea of this post is not to find fault but to caution healthcare professionals (HCPs) so that these errors can be reduced.
2. In an Indian study, out of the total 24,572 medication orders in ICU, 2,624 had prescription errors (PEs), an error rate of 10.7%.
7.2% PEs did not result in patient harm and 3.5% PEs required interventions and/or resulted in patient harm.
3. In Emergency department setting, the prescription error rate was 16.5%. Ref:…
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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1/ Prescription applies to all legal claims & debts and means that after the lapsing of a certain period of time, the debt or claim will be extinguished. The amount of time afforded to a specific type of claim/debt before being extinguished is prescribed by the Prescription Act.
2/ As a rule, the consequence of prescription is that the person who is indebted to another person will not be liable to pay the debt and is no longer under any obligation to pay same after the prescription period has lapsed.
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1/ New paper out w/ @bnrome @Beatrice__Brown @akesselheim @PORTAL_Research examines how top-performing hospitals mark up prices on clinician-administered drugs.

🧵 below.…
2/ As of January 1, 2021, hospitals must now post payer-specific prices for all goods and services, including clinician administered drugs.…
3/ Early compliance with the rule has been sluggish. See great work from @suhas_gondi @AdamLBeckman @averyofoje @JMichaelMcW…
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Plus de 80000 tweets #metooinceste #metooenfant c'est historique
votre silence et votre inaction st accablants @gouvernementFR @EmmanuelMacron l'Etat devra répondre devant la #justiceinternationale d'avoir toléré une telle #impunité pr de si graves violations des droits humains
pr rappel les États ont l'obligation de prévenir ces violences sexuelles, de protéger les victimes et d'en punir les auteurs, le Parlement européen ds sa résolution 2330 exhorte les États a en faire une priorité politique, à les rendre #imprescriptibles + de voter #seuilDAge18ans
il n'est plus l'heure de débattre il faut ACIR et vite, il est intolérable et inhumain que tant d'enfants en soient victimes en ce moment, et que les #pédocriminels continuent à sévir ! pourquoi n'avez-vs pas peur pr eux ? #StopImpunité #StopPédocriminalité #StopPrescription
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What Skerrit is saying in regard to not bringing #tobacco under the prescription model is complete rubbish. The @TGAgovau site explicitly mentions novel #nicotine products - #SLT & #HTP.
Huh.. @hollieahughes just said they're due to report by /18th/ December. I'd thought it was the 1st of December.
Emily Banks 'sum total of world experience' .. yeah, with some heavy #CherryPicking.
The Oz #ANTZ /all/ seem to be loving 'the #GatewayEffect' which is a 'real thing'.. 🙄
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Walk with @DusetzinaS on a complicated journey of how generic #prescription #drugs are costing #Medicare beneficiaries MORE than brand-name drugs in some cases.

Read the full study in @Health_Affairs here:… ImageImageImage
These drugs are used by older folks who have serious or rare conditions. We're talking about #cancer or #diabetes or #MS.
What the study finds is that people who pay between $20K and $80K per year for their medications pay less for brand-name drugs than generics. Weird, right?

It's due in part of how #PartD works and the economics of pharmaceuticals and, well, it's super complicated.
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1/ It's all scaremongering isn't it about #brexit and #drugs? Stockpiling, price hikes, and, as @MattHancock warns, dead patients. Well, here's the lowdown and it's not pretty. With or without #softbrexit.
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2/ Patients with long-term conditions such as #diabetes, #asthma or #schizophrenia, #blood pressure, #heart problems or #cancer down to daily medicines for #rashes and skin problems, take for granted that they will be able to get their medicines when they need them.
3/ According the UK's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
73 per cent of pharmaceutical imports in the UK come from the EU. This equates to around 37 million packets of medicines every month from the EU worth £18.3 billion.
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Everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable #healthcare, but we need to take action to better control #prescription #drug prices Image
Mass. is the home of much of the bio- and pharma-innovation in the nation, but it is unconscionable that everyday people are struggling even to afford #insulin or #epipens— commonplace and essential prescriptions that save lives and preserve health
That’s why I’m thrilled to stand with @Barber4StateRep, @HCFA, & @MASSPIRG to propose this bill to improve pricing transparency, give #MassHealth the power to negotiate for drug prices, and use tried-and-true policy approaches to address out-of-control #Rx costs
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