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A photo of celebration cake presented to 🇨🇺Cuban pitcher #RaidelMartinez by his #ChunichiDragons teammates with an imprint saying “NO ASYLUM SEEKING” as inside joke causes an uproar in Japan for obvious reasons. The photo was posted by #ChunichiShinbun, the team’s owner company.…
A closeup of the cake posted by the cake’s baker. It says: “Congratulations on making the 100 saves. NO ASYLUM-SEEKING, EVER.” The baker baked as ordered but has absolutely no clue what is wrong with the message they imprinted. Instead, they’re proud to have been selected.
On the backdrop of all this was this incident which happened only a couple of month ago.

#ChunichiDragons athlete and another 🇨🇺Cuban, #YarielRodriguez, sought asylum to the 🇩🇴#DominicanRepublic and actually ‘defected’ (in baseball terms) in hopes of signing up with the MLB.…… Image
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 852,789 signatures
Previous: 616,389 signatures.
Difference: 236,400 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #GTTO
1) #UnitedKingdom 842,029 (+232,982)
2) #France 2,298 (+660)
3) #Spain 1,285 (+361)
4) #UnitedStates 840 (+283)
5) #Germany 798 (+279)
6) #Australia 773 (+262)
7) #Netherlands 423 (+133)
8) #Canada 402 (+138)
9) #Ireland 387 (+130)
10) #Switzerland 320 (+110)
11) #NewZealand 306 (+113)
12) #Italy 233 (+79)
13) #Belgium 209 (+64)
14) #Portugal 206 (+71)
15) #Sweden 192 (+70)
16) #Denmark 131 (+47)
17) #Japan 113 (+34)
18) #Greece 106 (+33)
19) #Norway 104 (+33)
20) #IsleofMan 97 (+33)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 616,389 signatures
Previous: 606,921 signatures.
Difference: 9,468 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
It is sad that a time like this a poll like this doesn't get millions of signatures 🙁
1) #UnitedKingdom 609,047 (+9,327)
2) #France 1,638 (+25)
3) #Spain 924 (+24)
4) #UnitedStates 557 (+7)
5) #Australia 519 (+8)
6) #Germany 511 (+10)
7) #Ireland 290 (+5)
8) #Canada 264 (+3)
9) #Netherlands 257 (+11)
10) #Switzerland 210 (+2)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 15th October 2022

Current: 606,921 signatures
Previous: 570,208 signatures.
Difference: 36,713 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
Parliament will debate this petition on 17 October 2022.

You'll be able to watch online on the #UK #Parliament #YouTube channel

Need the petition to be at least 1 million signatures by then.
1) #UnitedKingdom 599,720 (+36,255)
2) #France 1,613 (+88)
3) #Spain 900 (+45)
4) #UnitedStates 550 (+43)
5) #Australia 511 (+24)
6) #Germany 501 (+36)
7) #Ireland 285 (+23)
8) #Canada 261 (+28)
9) #Netherlands 246 (+16)
10) #Switzerland 208 (+16)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 9th October 2022

Current: 570,208 signatures
Previous: 555,757 signatures.
Difference: 14,451 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
1) #UnitedKingdom 563465 (+14286)
2) #France 1525 (+36)
3) #Spain 855 (+14)
4) #UnitedStates 507 (+17)
5) #Australia 487 (+15)
6) #Germany 465 (+13)
7) #Ireland 262 (+6)
8) #Netherlands 233 (+7)
9) #Canada 230 (+5)
10) #Switzerland 192 (+5)
11) #NewZealand 177 (+4)
12) #Italy 143 (+4)
13) #Portugal 132 (+5)
14) #Belgium 125 (+1)
15) #Sweden 107 (+3)
16) #Denmark 79 (+1)
17) #IsleofMan 72 (+3)
18) #Norway 67 (+1)
19) #Greece 66 (+1)
20) #Austria 58 (0)
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Ready for a #WHA75 tweet thread recap?!

We're about to tweet it all Agenda Item 15 #WorkingforHealth #Healthworkforce

Recordings, Committee B,…

@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/1 #WHA75 #Working4Health #USA "We are interested in co-sponsoring the resolution! The Biden Initiative will focus on protecting #healthworkforce, advancing digital tech, e.g. telemedicine and there must be equity" @USAIDGH @POTUS @Atul_Gawande @IFMSA
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/2 #WHA75 #Working4Health #China "Welcomes the progress on the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030 and is interested in co-sponsoring the resolution"
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Wednesday's #Covid19 megathread makes an early start as there's so much news to bring you!

#Omicron takes centre stage in Europe with a raft of records (recap coming up), but #UK ministers are increasingly confident the NHS won't be swamped despite England's lack of restrictions
It turned out to be a terrible Tuesday, not just in #UK, which was just one of TEN European countries to hit all time high daily #Covid19 infection numbers.

#Cyprus #France #Greece #Iceland #Italy #Malta #Montenegro #Portugal and #Spain the others to set new records.
Concern in #Norway. The #Omicron wave looked to be beyond the peak; is it making a comeback or is it still delayed Christmas cases?
4,702 new #Covid19 infections, fewer than 100 down on last Weds.

Better health data. 315 in hospital, down 13 since y'day, although 120 are in ICU
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He was born a French slave, he became a Spanish General and he commanded an all Black American militia in Florida. He was the real Django Unchained. His name is George "Jorge" Biassou. Haitian know him as #wapkonjoj Thread 1/17
Imagine a time where you felt slavery was so brutal w/ the French, that you felt necessary to align yourself w/ the Spaniards who also believed in slavery b/c you had a common enemy. That is exactly what happened in colony of St. Domingue at beginning of #HaitianRevolution 2/17
Biasson was son of slaves in world's most lucrative colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). The French slave owners were notoriously brutal. In 1791, thousands of abused slaves rose up and poured out their fury onto them. 3/17…
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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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🧵Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID. This second thread is dedicated to pregnant women worldwide who lost their lives during the pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid Image
In a worldwide study of 2,100 pregnant women, those who contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy were 20 TIMES MORE LIKELY to die than those who did not contract the virus. #SoulsLostToCovid… Image
Getting a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy protects you from severe illness from COVID-19.…
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Fourth installment of the Drug Book saga:
"Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking in the Second Decade of the 21st Century in the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Venezuela, French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe"
"This work is an analysis of the power relations between Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) and the apex trafficking States of the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Venezuela, French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe in the second decade of the 21st Century...
This analysis focuses on the business models of TOC groups involved in these apex trafficking states of the Caribbean Basin, their trafficking methodology and the response of the State in their war on drugs to the operational presence of these TOC groups...
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At today's WHO Member States Information Session, Vice Health Minister @iverene presented on the #COVID19 pandemic response in 🇩🇴, and indicators used to monitor & control the outbreak. To mitigate economic impacts, 🇩🇴 has gradually opened up after a lockdown.
The #DominicanRepublic’s #COVID19 response reflects the highest political leadership commitment, private-public sector collaboration & partnership with WHO. 🇩🇴 has focused on strengthening contact tracing, surveillance & infection prevention & control measures.
We thank the government of #DominicanRepublic for following the WHO guidance and the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan in their national response, and for taking part in the WHO Solidarity Trail.
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Dominican Republic girls have a very high risk of not surviving during the abortion. Doctors will require a consent form for the women to have a decision for the women.#Njcurj #MyBodyMyRight's
Hospitals are not taken good care on their services on having girls who are going to do abortion and girls who are having their baby’s all in the same room #illegal #DominicanRepublic #NeedSolutionNeedRegularisation
Girls do not have power over their body’s choices. The lawmakers in the Dominican Republic have mentioned that every man should decide whether the girl should have an abortion or not.#Njcurj #lawmakers #socialchange
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@Manuelrojasrod Interesados y empapados del tema me pueden dar #Following y haré lo propio-Estamos preparàndonos para reportar el tema, publicar #Blogger en inglés, etc. con miras a las elecciones de febrero/mayo.
@Manuelrojasrod Traducciòn libre >>> #BMD = "ballot machine device" (equipo de marcaciòn de boletas), #Handmarkedpaperballots (boletas marcadas a mano) ....{único sistema al momento que los activistas en E. U. mantienen, pueda garantizar que evite fraude en comparaciòn con el voto automatizado)
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This is the UN briefing room Inner City Press is banned from for 573rd day by corrupt UNSC @AntonioGuterres - Inner City Press has submitted 10 questions to @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric, who answers nothing on #LuandaLeaks #Coronavirus, #Cameroon #Nepal - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi With China-purchased UN Sec-Gen @AntonioGuterres still silent on #Coronavirus in China, his spox @StephDujarric just read out a bland statement about WHO Tedros. Guterres who bans Press to conceal UN bribes by CEFC China Energy, is corrupt…
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Even after throwing investigative Inner City Press out of the UN, SG @AntonioGuterres can't handle softball questions. He canceled press conference on Jan 20, then now on Jan 28 (afraid of being overshadowed by Trump's Middle East plan). #pathetic
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So here is the UN press briefing room Inner City Press is banned from for 454th day by corrupt UN Sec-Gen @AntonioGuterres. Before 9 am it submitted 10 questions to @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric, on #Cameroon, #SriLanka, #Haiti, UN corruption, no answers. Thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC Banned Inner City Press asked on #Cameroon what are SG Guterres' comments and actions if any on pro #Ambazonia activist Abdul Karim no seen since Wednesday after appearing on Equinoxe Television in Douala amid Biya's dubious dialogue after burning villages?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @NeverAgainGC @Beatriceijang @NjobehPatrick @AmparasKing @simonateba Banned Inner City Press asked On #Haiti, what are the comments and actions if any of the SG and his mission that opposition leaders are calling for a nationwide push Monday to block streets and paralyze Haiti's economy as they press for Moïse to give up power?
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Time to give @NesoBank and #dominicanrepublic some love. It appears that a number of these shitbox wannabee banks are (and have been) are controlled by venezuelan's.... Image
@NesoBank Some class acts amongst this lot Image
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This retraction by @AlJazeera actually raises more questions than answers, and to my mind at least, brings to the fore, the fact that our Federal Republic of Anyhowness, has gone global...
Yesterday, asides @AlJazeera_World, other news outlets, including the Twitter only news outlet, @spectatorindex said that #Nigeria's ambassador had attended the opening of the American Embassy in #Jerusalem.
Isreali outlets such at @TimesofIsrael and @HamodiaIL also ran with the news. @haaretzcom actually went so far as to publish an infograph that included #Nigeria's name as one of the country's "celebrating with them" on the grand new opening...
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