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La procédure dite «d'urgence absolue» prévue par la loi de 2015, i.e. autorisation du Premier ministre sans avis préalable de la CNCTR, n'a été utilisée qu'une fois, en décembre de la même année. Image
Quelques éléments sur les contrôles «sur pièces et sur place» effectués par la CNCTR : DGSI et DGSE ont droit à deux visites par mois. Image
Le président de la CNCTR a fait état dans son audition de trois «irrégularités sérieuses» depuis 2015. Une en 2018 : surveillance d'une personne «non visée dans l'autorisation initiale» + 2 en 2019 sur lesquelles la DPR n'avait pas d'éléments au moment de boucler son rapport. Image
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My paper on “Public Attribution of Cyber Intrusions” was published in the Journal of Cybersecurity (@OUPAcademic). It's open access so everyone can have a read. I summarize the main insights in the thread below:…
Drawing on the intelligence studies literature, I argue that public attribution is employed to shape the “rules of the game” and thereby shape the normative and operational environment for cyber operations.
I split attribution into sense-making and meaning-making processes: sense-making process refers to the knowledge-generation process that establishes what happened, the meaning-making process to deliberate actions that influence how others interpret a particular cyber intrusion
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There are a lot of reasons why #attribution is important. When I see Reddit and 9gag as the source for something, alarm bells go up.

Don't circulate photos you don't know the origin of and do not circulate them without attribution. Google Images results for p...
Photo posted to Reddit r/pics by RavenRosie. Unclear whether they took the photo or where/when it was taken.…
#attribution is important if only because people deserve credit for their work, but it's also important to keeping facts straight in an era of massive disinformation campaigns. I'm lucky I caught this one early enough the original (?) could still be found.
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#Crypto exchanges need to develop a tracking code / pixel / link that helps marketers prove whether their landing page / marketing initiative converted a buy order on the exchange (existing exchange customers already or not). A referral for signup isn't enough.
2) How is a marketer expected to prove that marketing is helping drive awareness + buyers for a #crypto project? The most he can do is increase project follow counts, develop unique tools and use Google Analytics tools to prove potential exchange conversions i.e. clicks on links.
3) We all have big plans for driving fresh eyes to #crypto and helping the ecosystem grow, but we need tools designed to help professionals prove the effectiveness of their work:

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🔥👿🔥 New working paper alert! 🔥👿🔥
"Inferno: A guide to field experiments in online display advertising"…

THREAD: This guide reviews challenges & solutions from a decade of research.
#marketingacad #econtwitter #fieldexperiments Image
“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” - Dante’s Inferno👿
Online display ad experiments are hell. They are also a proving ground for field experimenters, & have much to teach us. The guide is organized into the nine 9 circles of 🔥hell🔥 as applied to #displayad #fieldexperiments Image
🔥Circle 1🔥 Display ad effects are so small🤏 that observational methods fail🤦‍♀️. Ad effects explain so little variation in ad outcomes, that they get swamped🌊 by unobserved confounds. Like Dante entering the inferno👿, we resign ourselves to the necessity of experiments.😭😭 Image
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@MaxMustermann_1 @HonkHase Wir befinden uns immer noch in einer Situation, wo sich die einzelnen Institutionen im Wesentlichen durch #Koexistenz statt #Kooperation auszeichnen. 1/6
@MaxMustermann_1 @HonkHase Software, Hardware und Know-How wird individuell beschafft und sorgt für eine suboptimale Nutzung - leider auch nicht zum Schutz unserer Kritischen Infrastrukturen. 2/6
@MaxMustermann_1 @HonkHase Das #NCAZ, das im #Krisenfall die Reaktion der #Behörden koordinieren soll, hat unklare geregelte Zuständigkeiten, da die Entscheidung, wer zuständig ist, von korrekter #Attribution ausgeht. 3/6
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I imagine the #sonytruthers playing armchair #DFIR investigators will emerge from wherever they’ve been hiding in order to dispute the #DPRK #indictment. My advice: you were wrong in 2014-2015, and you’d still be wrong today. HT ⁦…
Because #attribution is inherently political per @RidT and @BuchananBen, you need more than “hacking” knowledge to assess national policy. Experience w/ #cybersecurity clearly helps, but gov internals, intel agency processes, bureaucracy, trade, diplomacy, LE, are all important.
I think it’s slowly changing, but a failure of #cybersecurity has been to think “soft” areas are much easier than coding, so any leet hacker is inherently qualified to address political science, history, economics, and related topics by virtue of their ability to code in ASM.
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