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The Metaverse is a digital universe, a new virtual society with no borders, giving the option for billions of people to exist almost exclusively online.
It could be imagined as the Internet with large virtual city to be explored by means of avatars; Image
@SolDate_org where, users can pay using digital currencies and where smart contracts establish links between integrated services (movies, music, video games, learning: all kinds of things are potentially part of the metaverse) and users.
@SolDate_org will be the first of its kind online dating platform, built on the powerful Blockchain of Solana.

Here you date on the Metaverse ❤️
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#gedankenvonnailah #taglicherenewal
It takes a very STEELY CONVICTION to tell someone that you LOVE DEEPLY, that as much as you LOVE them, you’re not afraid to walk away from that relationship. Because staying in conformity w/ God’s purpose for your life is of paramount importance to you.
To get a wee bit personal here, I’ve had to say goodbye to several relationships w/ very high profile, prolific & well-to-do men. The exact minute that it became abundantly clear that our values did not align.
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Someone tweeted about #dating and reminded me of an utterly weird experience I had several years ago.

I talked to someone who just... didn't make sense.
I would say "give me the confidence of a first year med student who doesn't think anything exists if they can't picture it in their minds" but this was "break from reality" levels of confusion.
Honestly this is why a lot of people screw up #dating.

You think you know what you want and have an idea of how to attain it, but at 22, without any world experience, you are likely to have a mashup of your parents' hopes and the esoteric lore you cribbed from "Sex in the City."
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I've tracked 1500+ startups (seen 10x more) and talked to 100s of investors in the last year.

Here are some of the exciting trends and startups I've noticed or come across. It's a mix of early & late stuff.

Check 'em out 👇
#NoCode: This year was big! @airtable & @zapier are king, then @webflow & @bubble. Tools that sit on top include @MemberstackApp/@memberspace (memberships), @StackerHQ (app), @obviouslyai & @levityai (AI/ML). Jump to @makerpad to learn more about this space.
#Productivity: @NotionHQ looms large. @coda_hq & @clickup have a bit more data capabilities. @retool to go straight to your back-end. @raycastapp & @getcommande are like @Superhuman UI for your mac. @commanddot_ for calendar. @usemotion for browser
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Just saw a post that someone "would never forgive the medical industry for inventing birth control that gave women cancer instead of investing in male birth control," and I have two things to say:

1. It's amazing how you want to blame everything except modernity.
As RZA said, you were taught birth control and abortion.

Historically these things are not normal and did not arise naturally. If they're causing you to suffer, why be mad that men don't have pills instead of being mad at the people who taught you this was a good idea?
2. You apparently don't know the actual story of birth control.

Russell Marker was trying to figure out a fertility drug for women who had trouble conceiving. He instead found a compound in yams that could trick the body into thinking it was already pregnant.
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#DatingAgain #NotLikeRidingABike
I want to be in a relationship again but cripes sakes that means dating. My goal when my husband passed was to focus on my kids. They are adults now & less likely to kill any male I date. In fact they are a ‘little’ too invested I start dating. 1
A few years back I did invest in #EHarmony that old guy on the adds convinced me it was high quality & based on personality matches. Well I found that 2 be bull. A few matches here & there UNTIL my friends got access & added a bit to my bio. Not going say what they added 2/
but I got ALOT of matches. Needless to say I found #eharmony exactly like a bar ACCEPT no alcohol & I enjoy alcohol not so much the pick ups. I left eharmony. How does one start #dating during a pandemic 🤦🏻‍♀️? Is there somehow I can skip the dating & just be in a relationship 🤷🏻‍♀️3/
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1/ Q: Thinking about #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: is there anything new I can try to improve my mental health during the #COVID19 crisis?

A: Yes, there is and there is hope! Read on
2/ Let's start with the facts. A recent report from @KFF estimates 45% of Americans suffered worse mental health since start of the pandemic:…
It appears that more than the 1 in 5 Americans struggle with their mental health in a given year.
3/ So perhaps the good news is that, because we are all experiencing this together, more and more resources are popping up every day. And for the #nerdygirls, this also means we will be getting more data (and hopefully more answers on what works/doesn't work).
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How to use Twitter as Tinder & Happn?
Sipping coffee in a Cafe. Simply take a Selfie, hashtag Cafe name and upload on Twitter! Other person can easily search with hashtag and timestamp.

#dating #valentine #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #barneystinson #love
How to use Twitter as Tinder and find a Date this Valentine?
Sipping coffee in a Cafe. Simply take a Selfie, hashtag Cafe name and upload on Twitter! Everyone around can easily search with hashtag and timestamp. 🥰

@CafeCoffeeDay @baristacafebar @Starbucks
@CafeCoffeeDay @baristacafebar @Starbucks How to use Twitter as Tinder and find a Date this Valentine?
Sipping coffee in a Cafe. Simply take a Selfie, hashtag Cafe name and upload on Twitter! Everyone around can easily search with hashtag and timestamp.

@IndiaMentos @MentosUS @AXE @Sprite @sprite_india
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Why do monosexual people (in my experience particularly cis het men) ask pan/queer/bi people which gender they prefer? Men keep asking me this on dating sites. I truly don’t understand what they are trying to uncover with this question.
If I say men, does that make them feel more secure? If I say women, does that make them feel like they have to work harder or do they feel special to be a man dating a woman who prefers women? And what if I said I prefer non-binary folks? Would they even get it?
I think this question baffles me too bc I’ve had more sex w/ men, but more sustained intimate relationships w/ women & prefer the company of women & non-binary ppl socially. So are folks asking about a sexual, social, or romantic gender preference? Do they know the difference?
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