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New paper with @piersforster now out in @NatureClimate - Energy budget constraints on historical radiative forcing…

Provides a top down energy budget constraint on historical radiative forcing of 2.3 (1.7 to 3.0) [5-95%] Wm-2. Thread: [1/n]
Radiative forcing is a fundamental quantity for understanding the drivers of climate change, yet significant uncertainty remains in our quantification & model representation of it. For example see any paper that includes @gunnarmy including this epic… [2/n]
What we do is combine measurements of historical temperature change dT & Earths heat uptake dN alongside model reconstructions of Earth’s radiative response Y. Constrains historical forcing F via energy budget eqn F=dN+YdT. Like Otto etal… in reverse [3/n]
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We just published a paper on climate sensitivity in #CMIP6 models:…

Figured it was time for my first twitter thread!
We found that effective climate sensitivity (#ECS), when averaged across all #CMIP6 models* (orange), was larger than in #CMIP5 (blue) by about 0.6 deg C (about 1 deg F).

*that were available by the end of 2019
This is mostly (but not entirely) due to stronger positive feedbacks from changes in low-level clouds. That is, most models predict that as Earth warms, cloud properties change so as to allow more sunlight to be absorbed, causing additional heating & ultimately more warming.
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Today we launched #ECS Capacity Providers at #reInvent. Capacity providers change how you think about and use compute capacity to run containers in ECS. 1/n…
With capacity providers, you can do the following new things in ECS: (1) create a service that uses a mix of on-demand and spot capacity, at a predefined ratio for the service. For example, you can run 2/3 of the tasks on EC2 On-Demand instances and 1/3 on EC2 Spot. 2/n
(2) Run a service that is automatically balanced across multiple availability zones, and the balance is strictly enforced by the service scheduler. 3/n
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Today during the #reInvent keynote, we have announced Amazon #EKS on #Fargate. So proud of my team! AWS customers can now run both native #ECS tasks as well as #Kubernetes pods on Fargate. In this thread, I'll try to explain our reasoning behind some major design decisions. 1/n
For #EKS on #Fargate, we wanted to give customers a native k8s experience. You can use your existing tooling to run pods on Fargate. Fargate operates at the task (ECS) and pod (K8S) level, so any higher level abstraction (deployments, replicasets, etc.) built on top works. 2/n
When designing #EKS on #Fargate, instead of building a one-off integration with Kubernetes, we've asked ourselves "What additional capabilities does Fargate need in order to become a service on which other multi-tenant serverless containers offerings can be built?". 3/n
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🎉 Boom! 🎉

New and exciting for #aws #ECS: ECS now supports running clusters of GPU-based instances (p2 and p3 instance types)

🔢 Set # of GPUs in your task and ECS will schedule and pin physical GPUs to the correct containers 💃🏻

➡️ Full post here:…
i've moved the issue over to shipped on the public roadmap:…

happy building, or in this case, maybe training? 😂
🗒️ if you're looking for an actual "what's new" post (instead of the documentation i accidentally linked to) here ya go:…
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principais (na minha opinião) serviços da #Aws e sua utilidade

a thread
Elastic Cloud Compute #EC2: maquinas virtuais, você pode usar subir aquele linux (ou windows) para montar um servidor

o serviço é altamente configurável e escalável, acaba servido de base para outros serviços da plataforma, é cobrado por hora/uso

o famoso servidor na nuvem #aws
Elastic Container Service #ECS: é um orquestrador de contêineres #docker, utiliza o #EC2 como base, aqui você monta as definições das suas aplicações/containers, conseguindo escalar, diminuir, atualziar de um jeito bem fácil

e ainda compartilhando recursos de hardware #aws
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THREAD: The FAANG-ification of 🇺🇸 #cannabis

There's blood on the streets in #cannabis-land, the latest twist in what's been a turvy year. I could choose from a lot of charts here but chose a global lens and zoomed out to paint the complete picture. Talk about vol. #woof 👇
2/ A few things jump out to me on that chart. The first is the bubble and bust; boy I've seen a few of those in my day. Scary as all hell, all sorts of wealth destruction; never fun. But I also notice the uptrend, which remains in tact. That's sorta a big deal given the vol.
3/ Context matters too. #Cannabis is mind-numbingly a schedule I narcotic-- ILLEGAL. So the growth driving that uptrend has occurred *despite* the best efforts of governments / ruling bodies. Not only is that changing but it will be driven by SCIENCE / EFFICACY / WELLNESS...
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