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I am sorry #NewZealand, but this solidarity has skewed too much towards misogyny.
You are essentializing #Hijab.
Please refrain from playing into the hand of Islamist groups.
Does @jacindaardern know that that enforced hijab, whether legally or socially, is one of the painful issues women suffer from in the Middle East?
#Hijab is not a symbol of faith like the Jewish Kippah. The nearest equivalent is the Kosher wig.
Would @jacindaardern wear a wig if the victims of #ChristchurchTerrorAttack were Jewish???
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With breaking news—#Facebook releases new information about how it handled #ChristchurchTerrorAttack video—read @jgeltzer's analysis of this latest disclosure.

"Sizing Up Facebook's New Disclosures About the Christchurch Shooting"…
Geltzer's analysis of Facebook's overnight disclosure of #Christchurch video includes reference to these great questions raised by @CraigSilverman:

Geltzer's analysis of Facebook's overnight disclosure of #Christchurch video also includes reference to this important set of points raised by @intelwire @selectedwisdom and @informor 👇
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Much has been written these days about the connection between the ideology and methods of Radovan Karadzic (his final verdict in a few hours) and the #ChristchurchTerrorAttack. I feel that most analysis missed the key concept - dehumanisation. This will be a long thread. 1/
Dehumanising Bosnian Muslims to filth, spawn of Ottoman occupiers, traitors who sold the ancestral faith, vermin that needs to be annihilated and removed is Karadzic's most devastating legacy. This has enabled unimaginable cruelty to be unleashed by neighbours on neighbours.. 2/
This is what normalized the killing of 102 children in my hometown, for example. Not that the killers were somehow driven insane by hatred, but that in fact they saw this as a necessary, dirty work that simply must be done if Serbs are to enjoy freedom free of "invaders". 3/
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Crash course: I teach a paper called 'The Anthropology of Evil' at @Otago. It just got very real. This thread will unpack some ideas from the course in relation to the #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack. Questions, not answers. #anthropology #anthrotwitter #ChristchurchMosqueAttack [1]
When the world is shattered, human meaning-making kicks in fast. We try to 'locate' evil within existing worldviews, including theological, secular, and academic. We collectively ask what/who/where, & WHY?! This gives us the social resources to assign blame, prescribe action. [2]
What is 'evil'? An inherent quality of a person? Their intention/motivation? The action itself? The consequences of the action? Watch how the media and legal system frames this for #ChristchurchTerrorAttack. And what about a white supremacist who has never committed violence? [3]
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Tarrant's inspiration 👇 (Thread)

1 (of 15) Tarrant’s manifesto (pp 74) is clearly modelled on Anders Breivik's (pp 1,500) – all very tedious and familiar.

@mehdirhasan @MazMHussain #ChristchurchTerrorAttack #NZMosqueShooting #philosophy #Islamophobia #twitterstorians
2. They’re vomits of personal, narcissistic, paranoid, hysterical efforts of soul-searching.

Psychotic, xenophobic and Islamophobic, they’re autobiographical and ideological mash-ups. Don't look for cryptic codes; they're schizophrenic confusions.

@DMRDynamics @SethN12
3. They take from what politicians and governments, quasi-intellectuals and media have opined openly for decades. My French colleague has long called France ‘the main Western laboratory for Islamophobia’.

Evidence indicates he's onto something. 🇫🇷
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Some people doubt the scale of Islamophobia in the media, claim it is limited to certain views of Katie Hopkins, Rod Liddle and Melanie Phillips, and believe the far-right attitudes come from extreme rather than mainstream sources. This thread aims to challenge such assumptions.
There are a plethora of false, racist or misleading front pagers that have helped create this deeply worrying "othering" of Muslims. A small selection is here but many more exist. This thread, however, will focus on the less well known cases, to demonstrate the scale of the issue
Firstly, it is mainstream media reporting about Muslim communities that is contributing to an atmosphere of rising hostility towards Muslims in Britain, according to a University of Cambridge/ESRC Roundtable held at the House of Lords.…
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Who is #BrentonTarrant really? #FiveEyes reminds at #Gladio? Inzernational connections in the #ChristChurch #PsyOps via @williamcraddick…
(2) FLORES: #NewZealand's #Christchurch Tragedy - Facts, Patterns, and Pieces Tell a Problematic Story @FortRussNews…
(3) #Christchurch - Why were the videos, showing two additional gunmen removed from social(ist) media? Why the narrative of a "single culprit" if they were additional arrests made by NZ police. Why it was stated that "a 5th suspect" did flee to Israel?
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