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What books would you assign in a grad seminar tentatively titled "Reading and Writing Ethnographies" to discuss issues like methodology, voice, genre, affect, ethics and politics, temporality, archive, etc.? Especially looking for relatively newer ethnographies. #anthrotwitter
Here are some from my list:
Katherine Verdery – My life as a spy
Ieva Jusionyte – Threshold
Audra Simpson – Mohawk Interruptus
Anna Tsing- The mushroom at the end of the world
Laurence Ralph- Torture Letters
Angela Garcia- Pastoral Clinic
Lisa Stevenson – Life beside itself
Julie Livingston- Improvising Medicine
Michael Taussig – My Cocaine museum
Ruth Behar – The Vulnerable Observer
Kathleen Stewart- Ordinary Affects
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If I were to pick one constantly reiterated assertion that has done the most to limit anthropologists' understanding of publishing, or of what it might take to pursue different models or forms of publishing, it's this one. #anthrotwitter
Wiley doesn't just profit: the majority of that profit goes back to the AAA & its sections, which in turn funds some of the editorial labor & other activities. Wiley is also undertaking the work of making scholarship readable, findable, placed in a particular info system, etc.
The real complain (+ others) is that Wiley charges too much for its services, which scholars benefit from & have come to expect, even when they have little sense of what is involved. And "digital" has added another layer of abstraction to these services.
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I remember that there was a strange cultural practice among certain indigenous groups (In Canada, I think?) where they deliberately destroyed their own possessions to signal status, but I cannot find it on Google.

Can anyone help me?

#Anthropology #Anthrotwitter
Thanks to @pilesofskulls : the answer is Potlatch, a custom of the Chinook people and many other small tribes and "nations" from aboriginal America.
"A potlatch involves giving away or destroying wealth or valuable items in order to demonstrate a leader's wealth and power."
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Today starts the 2nd #advent list to honor BIWOC this month. We’ll be learning a bit abt a different BIWOC’s work each day. Bookmark the thread. More of a mix of premodern, CRT & some STEM scholars this year.

#medievaltwitter #shakerace #adventcalender #citeblackwomen
Like last year, it'll be impossible to mention all the amazing WoC scholars. This is just a starter pack &you all should be finding, reading & citing these women et al. If I missed anyone, nothing personal. I’ll try &catch you next time. #citeblackwomen
Day1: Adrienne Merritt @BlackPhDE is a fierce medievalist & German Studies scholar. Her areas of expertise vary from Old English to late medieval mystical writings, decolonial theories, identity & inclusion of marginalized students/scholars within German Studies. 1/
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The Very Specific And Limited Way Of The Masks (Lévi Strauss)

Also @RobGMacfarlane's landmark book would never have worked if it had been called The Very Specific And Limited Old Ways
ditto Howard's Very Specific And Limited Way
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#anthrotwitter I am updating a release form that gives me ownership of physical property (image, audio, etc) I collect. I am drawn more to the paradigm of stewardship bc of its Indig. framework (e.g. we steward the land & natural resources for future gen. but do not own it). 1/
I am challenged to claim ownership for materials I document as part of oral history because culture workers should be stewarding of stories and traditions for future scholars as well as the community itself. 2/
I have no prob with ownership of IP but want to incorporate language that represents stewardship of images and audio. Anyone have resources they can point me to? TIA!

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Here's a thread of some articles surrounding these topics from the @culanth archives! All free and open access! Any other ideas, #AnthroTwitter, #ClimateTwitter?
This 2017 article by Sarah Vaughn details the epistemic politics that shape the climate adaptation of sea defense in Guyana.… Image
In this article from 2018, Jason Cons explores recent development projects that seek to instill resilience in populations likely to be severely impacted by climate change.… Image
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Sometimes we all need a little lift in the weirdness of these times, #AnthroTwitter & #AcademicTwitter, so:
What's a recent (today, yesterday, this past week) small victory of yours?
Can be as small as you want!
Comment below!👇
e.g. me (Adam) yesterday: 200 words on the page after struggling to write!
Also maybe now's not the time to share...that's cool too!
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🙌Hi everyone, @afleisch_anthro back on the accounts this week! 🙌
This joke format's a bit passé at this point, but I did have one about tenure track positions in U.S. anthropology. Unfortunately, only 21% of anthropology PhDs will get it...
Nothing like millennial dark jokes about the jobs crisis in academic anthropology to get your week started! /s

Wishing you a week full of small successes, etc.!

FYI this number came from 2 separate studies published in 2018, one of them here at CulAnth:…
And Speakman et al. published in PLOS ONE in 2018, "Market share and recent hiring trends in anthropology faculty positions:"…
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While #anthrotwitter isn't always rosy, we have to ask: what's happening in @AmericanAnthro's Communities listserv? As anthropologists, we can examine peoples' practices and explore their broader meanings; pls add ethnographic data to this thread so we can understand these people
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A couple of ironic bits about the Harper's letter: 1. they are condemning ... the very thing they are supporting .... speech. They want controlled speech without consequence. That's just not how speech works. Enough people pipe up, there are consequences…
2. I am against government censorship of speech. It is good to be confronted with some degree of diversity of opinion and difference. But liberalism ideology around speech & free speech is often damn naive and needs an upgrade and Harper's letter clings to the naive version.
3. Speech has consequences. That's why things happen with words. That's why Aristotle identified rhetoric as a powerful weapon. That's why speech can wound. That's why people fight against hate speech. That's why we change our norms around speech.
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En antropología existen varios protocolos cuando alguien “acompaña” en trabajo de campo a la antropóloga/ al antropólogo. Las personas/ interlocutores deben saber para qué está la persona que acompaña porque se trastocan los resultados #AnthroTwitter
El trabajo de campo no es un “paseo” para ver qué dicen los interlocutores. La presencia de un acompañante o varios, como menciono, tiene que ser explícito en los protocolos de investigación y resultados #AnthroTwitter
Lo anterior, dicho de manera muy sintética, son buenas prácticas en antropología de quien lleva a cabo trabajo de campo (investigación) y deben ser explícitas, en especial por lo delicado del tema y para saber de qué forma participaron los interlocutores #AnthroTwitter
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[Long Thread]. I keep trying to find the time to write something more formal b/c I want to offer some insight into how the #AmAnth2020 Program Committee came to make certain decisions this year. (At some point, that will happen.)
But Black folx are being killed by police & the military. Globally, people are mobilizing for resistance. And we’re in the middle of a pandemic that is still killing hundreds and making thousands sick. Writing abt the conf feels unimportant right now.
But I also understand that institutions & orgs will move forward. People will continue to work, research, teach, write, & create. And because of capitalism & its unrelenting hold on the academy & knowledge production, there will be so many ways we will be…
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Join @yarimarbonilla, Junaid Rana, and @nargesbajoghli on May 8th @Distribute2020 as they discuss the imperial, racial, and labor politics of a global pandemic. How is imperialism unsettled in the era of the coronavirus?… sketched drawing on a man i...
And on Saturday, May 9th tune in for the #Distribute2020 Keynote with Miyarrka Media: "Making Worlds Otherwise" · "Hacer mundos de otra manera."
This video is an invitation to participate in the Yolnu art of connection.
@SocietyVisAnth @arjshankar satellite image of coastlin...
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The @SocMedAnthro's Anthropology of Mental Health Interest Group has put together "a few recommendations for the moment, a Coronavirus Care Package, as it were":
[see the footnotes!!!]…
(via @EmmaLouiseBacke) #AnthroTwitter
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Ok but what if instead of doing my comprehensive exams I just write a tweet thread about how my list of 100+ texts help us to explain and understand how we can conceptualizing and responding to the #coronavirus. #anthrotwitter #phdlife
We could start with the history of medicalizing and pathologizing difference, treating illlness as a condition of the “Other’s” body and then using that difference to justify forms of medical governance, scientific experiments and colonization
Then we could discuss the metaphors often employed to make sense of disease, and how those metaphors encode moral ideologies about sickness, who is responsible for spreading disease, and what illness says about one’s ethical character
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I recently read Joseph Dumit’s book “Drugs for Life” (2012) that boasts a clever title, intriguing cover art, and relatable topic. The aesthetics are great, but the content left me only partially satisfied. Get ready for a #BookReview #AnthroTwitter
Do you want to know something wild? A leading clinical researcher told Dumit that “being on five or more drugs for life is a minimum” (12). Wild for me. But for my parents, who use pill containers for their many prescriptions, maybe not. My parents actually gifted me one. Yikes.
Main idea: the definition of health has shifted. Being healthy makes us insecure b/c we're always at risk yet don’t know what we could/should be doing to counteract that risk. Instead of being happy I'm healthy, I know I’ve said, “I’m going to get sick soon. It’s been too long."
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1/17 Ever wonder how whiteness is privileged in the social sciences? #anthrotwitter #AnthroSoWhite [A Thread]
2/17 The Open Syllabus Project (OSP) surveyed over 41,000 anthropology syllabi.… @Beliso_DeJesus and I analyze it. Let’s see how many assigned-texts are authored by Black scholars…
3/17 In the top 1,000 texts taught in anthropology courses, only 9 are authored by Black scholars. Let's explore what they are, who they're written by...and what that says about #anthropology
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It's #syllabus season! I'm putting together some syllabus-writing resources for an upcoming pedagogy class, so here's a thread. 👇🏽

What information should you include in your syllabus? Check to see if your institution has a template or list of required information. If not, here's a good general checklist:
When will your class meet? This calendar tool from Caleb McDaniel will quickly generate a list of class meeting dates.…
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Thread: Another overview amazing #Muslim *female* achievement.

Did you know the first university in the world was built by a Muslim woman approx 1200 years ago?

This is the story of Fatima Al-Fihiri (800–880 CE). #BadassWoman #twitterstorians

2. Daughter of a wealthy businessman, the family moved from Tunisia to Fez, Morocco during the rule of King Idriss II. When both her husband and father died, Fatima and her sister inherited a fortune.

They chose to spend their inheritance on building educational institutions.
3. In 859, Fatima built the Al-Qayrawan #Mosque, decorated in the Andalusian style with Kufic calligraphy (early style) engraved throughout. At 3,000 sq ft, it can fit 22,000 people.

She stacked it with Islamic works (Qur’ans, #Hadith collections, etc).
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Crash course: I teach a paper called 'The Anthropology of Evil' at @Otago. It just got very real. This thread will unpack some ideas from the course in relation to the #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack. Questions, not answers. #anthropology #anthrotwitter #ChristchurchMosqueAttack [1]
When the world is shattered, human meaning-making kicks in fast. We try to 'locate' evil within existing worldviews, including theological, secular, and academic. We collectively ask what/who/where, & WHY?! This gives us the social resources to assign blame, prescribe action. [2]
What is 'evil'? An inherent quality of a person? Their intention/motivation? The action itself? The consequences of the action? Watch how the media and legal system frames this for #ChristchurchTerrorAttack. And what about a white supremacist who has never committed violence? [3]
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Hey #anthrotwitter, we compiled a list of #anthropology and anthro-adjacent #podcasts. Read to the end, it's good all the way down.

Share widely! If we missed some, let us know & we'll add them. @AmericanAnthro @JasonAntrosio @anthroworks @EASAinfo #humanitiespodcasts #scicomm
.@thisanthrolife Crowdsourcing the Human Condition.

Contra* from @criticaldesignl, a podcast about disability, design justice, & the lifeworld.

@AnthroAlert, bridging the gap between academic & applied anthropology, providing an anthropological perspective to current events.
.@sfaapodcasts, sessions from the annual meetings of the society for applied anthropology.

@survivesocpod, every ep we each pick a topic that has made us angry, & talk about why it matters from a sociological perspective.
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