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Me estoy asustando con los anuncios que me salen últimamente en @Facebook. A simple vista, cosas curiosas. Si nos fijamos: #magia, #esoterismo, #pseudoterapias, #sectas... Recomiendo pedir ayuda a @InfoRIES, @Infosectas, @redunecontacto u otros. [ABRO HILO]
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, Deusto Salud (empresa que juega engañosamente con el buen nombre de @deusto sin tener nada que ver) ofrece "formación" (#StopBulos) sobre "Programación Neurolingüística"... con el aval de @UCAM! Aquí @Psyciencia explica lo que es:…
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, otro centro con nombre rimbombante... ofrece la misma pseudoterapia: PNL. Aquí, con un supuesto aval de la @UEMC. Y si se sigue el enlace aparecen @Nebrija y hasta el Gobierno: @justiciagob! He alertado, y silencio por respuesta:
#StopPseudociencias ImageImage
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I only became certified as an executive #coach as I experience SUCH bad coaching...I can't even begin to describe all the levels of wrong. But this is one of those times (a lot of my life) when someone harmed (on my dime no less) then I was motivated to create something better
A part of me was like yeah, yeah, yeah..I know this stuff...hurry up and give me the darn certificate. But.... I have to say, I see myself changing in practice sessions: able to not tell/be a consultant but open up space, listen, reflect THEIR words, then get them to go deeper.
I see SO many harmful bad..coaches out there...who beat you up to try to motivate you while also talking of compassion. *sigh*

I am learning that I care SO much about #safety (which I knew) - it is the trigger when I fail to be a coach and become ED doc/pediatrician
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#CoachingNuggets🧵from reading 3 more chapters of James Flaherty's 🔥book on Coaching:

1. It's easy for a coach to slip into more familiar roles (for me that is #mentor & #educator)-resist that pull.

2. Coaching is "mutual"-it goes both ways (trust, respect & free expression).
3. Trust is a gift that we can give to people. We can make up our mind and do it. It is not something compelled or "earned".

4. A #coach must bring 3 things: openness (no withholding, no judging), listening (beyond auditory) and absolute confidentiality.

🧵2/5 Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash
5. Practical tips for better coaching relationships:

a) Say what you will do, do it, point out you did it, repeat
b) Share you thinking process and analysis openly
c) Change in response to feedback and speak truth to power

These seem very applicable #Leadership as well!

🧵3/5 Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
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This thread 🧵is going inside the mind of the master adaptive learner with @mpusic and @RB_Cavalcanti at #ICRE2021

Hold tight. This is going to be a crazy ride!… Image
Let's start with some definitions. Love that.
@mpusic and @RB_Cavalcanti at #ICRE2021 are starting us off at the beginning, but it got deep Image
Learning is part of the core identity of a clinician. We equally need adaptability.

We need to skate between innovation and efficiency for each patient. @mpusic assures me that we CAN teach for adaptability.

#ICRE2021 Image
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida waiting on the bell to ring #letsgo #fitsierpien #fit #fatburn #burn Matt Fl
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida flexing out the ring #flex #flexing #mondaythoughts #MondayVibes #MondayMorning
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Matthew Alfieri of Melbourne Florida boxing light heavyweight training #musclegrowth #train #lift #gym #coach #athlete Matt Fl
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #training #fitnessaddict Matt Fl
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I am a regular listener of @Royal_College #KeyLimePodcast. I love the quick reviews of high impact, current #MedEd literature. This recent episode stirred up a lot of thoughts, enough for me to listen 3 times, and thought I would share in a thread. 1/…
On this episode, @LaraVarpio @drjfrank @sherbino and @LindaSMedEd review a 2020 conceptual paper by @APSawatskyMD et al: Coaching versus competency to facilitate professional identity formation.…
The authors use a case scenario to demonstrate the tension between a learner who embodies a #growthmindset by demonstrating #vulnerability, which in turn negatively influences her career development.
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#Thread #Cricket

It's important that credit should be given to the right individuals where 'coaching' is concerned. Let's not be blind to some leading contributions that have come from lesser-known names.
#TeamIndia #coaches
Blindly crediting a Rahul Dravid or a Ravi Shastri for years of hard work someone else has put in is not fair. Here's a list of individuals responsible for the success of Team India players...
#TeamIndia #coaches #AUSvsIND
Shubhman Gill -- his father Lakhwinder Singh.
Rohit Sharma -- his childhood coach and go-to man Dinesh Lad.
Cheteshwar Pujara -- his dad Arvind Pujara
Ajinkya Rahane -- Pravin Amre
Virat Kohli -- Rajkumar Sharma, Ravi Shastri
Rishabh Pant -- Tarak Sinha, Ricky Ponting
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The 12 ̷d̷a̷y̷s̷ hours of C̷h̷r̷i̷s̷t̷m̷a̷s̷ @HampshireCB 2020

A look back at our notable moments/interactions from the past 12 months.....



#UmpStrikesBack podcast started with a #WomensCricket special ft @C_Edwards23 🏏
25 Episodes now available -

➕Clubs across Hampshire signed up for @allstarscricket & @DynamosCricket 😎


The last month of normality and we visited Grateley Primary to recreate the 2019 World Cup winning moment! 👏👏

@josbuttler & @JasonRoy20 #InspiringGenerations

@Chance2Shine @JonoMaton3

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Where to go and how to get started hiring a #Coach by @barryoreilly and @kleto:

1. CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE for coaching.

#HRwithEM #Leadership #Management #CareerDevelopment #EmployeeExperience
Be accountable to why coaching matters to you, not something else. It's your personal professional development - own it.

#HRwithEM #Leadership #Management #CareerDevelopment #EmployeeExperience
2. IDENTIFY A CHALLENGE that you are personally struggling with.

#HRwithEM #Leadership #Management #CareerDevelopment #EmployeeExperience
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Design Thinking A Funny Take, Coach’s Persona Study.
Life Coaches
They do what they do best! Makes you super motivated on every aspect of the idea. Everything seems.. (#designthinking #leadership #coach #management #business #agile #mentor #humancentered #startup #entrepreneur)
possible. Your heart pumps fast and you feel like an adrenaline rush. Occasionally gives you magic templates to fill. “Do now, Right now!” is the motto. High chances of passing out of extensive exhaustion if you are a normal human being and not on energy drink diet. By the end
of the session, you may silently contemplate to leave your current domain and take up life coaching design thinking as your full-time career.
Corporate Trainer
Take you through the whole syllabus without actual implementable learning. A Very relaxing session, you may topple
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There is some fundamental discontinuity between India's game development vocation and business of gaming. The business of gaming is not a part of the curriculum of gaming colleges. This ambiguous dissimilitude among team and.. (#gaming #gamer #gamedev)
processes impact evaluation of performance of funding with respect to the growth metrics. Although evaluation and metrics is a secondary concern. The prime reason for despair among indie game design & developers, that limit them from collaborating with unfamiliar developers at
the growth stage is lack of knowledge of the nitty gritty negotiation vocabulary & process structures around the business of gaming. Incubation centers introduce bare bone applications that seldom could be filled by incubators. The following training programs would establish
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Master list of how to SCRAPE any category of leads.

Ecommerce, local biz, info product providers, enterprise, *anything*

Likes / Retweets appreciated

1/ Ecommerce Stores

Use BuiltWith.

For top level tech use Shopify.

Further filter based on other apps installed.

Selling email marketing? Further filter by Klaviyo.

Want to get more specific?

Filter by tech spend, traffic, or keywords on their site.

Instantly get the list
2/ Local biz

Think med spas, contractors, restaurants, accountants.

D7 Lead Finder

*But wait*

Don't use the emails they give you.

Here's what you do...
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Did you miss this last time? Another opportunity to attend this workshop on Setting up in Private Practice.
Sat 22nd August, 10am-4pm.
All you need to know about confidently setting up your practice. Includes access to templates for GDPR, contracts, social media, marketing & more Image
Places booking up! Opportunity for support in setting up your private practice, creating a visible profile, getting your legal responsibility, GDPR & contracts in place, & creating your social media, branding & marketing plan! & post-workshop network group for continued support! Image
Feedback from delegates, who attended the 'Setting up in Private Practice' workshop last weekend.
Next workshop on Saturday 22nd August.
Email to book your place.
#Counselling #Therapy #Coaching #selfemployed #solopreneur #ownboss ImageImageImageImage
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All that I see everywhere is Freelancing Platforms that showcase Vocational work and on the other hand Business Networks that have pool of Consultants with phonetic designations. #Coach #Consultant #Careers #Jobs
Synopsis of technical expertise is available everywhere but in the name of EQ there is survey questionnaire. How much would you rate yourself in Leadership in the scale of 1 to 10? 🥴
Some post of LinkedIn have compelling storytelling on interpersonal relationships in a certain environment. But that never reflect in the resume in time of evaluation.
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A lot of Companies are on firing spree. Everyone need to be more vocal about it. This will create collective needs, that will lead to Process Improvements. Designing those processes and new Ecosystems will give jobs to many Coaches, Analysts, Consultants & Image
Software professionals. News, Information & Media need to take active participation to capture the personal scenarios. This is the actual meaning of a "Progressive Society". Exchange of thoughts develop needs. Growing needs require investment in newer product and
services. Utilization of product and services create returns. This results in exchange of commerce, maintain value and a healthy economy.

To start with, Investors need to invest in News & Media Houses to explore the latent scenarios of the current times.
#firing #hiring #hr
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1/ What a #coach does is widely available on the internet. What is not available, however, is #empathy and experience. It is not easy to see yourself as a third person when you have not practised the art of reflection - the only way of improving yourself daily. Image
2/ Why do you need a coach? Why does anyone need a coach?

Because no one else will take interest in the small movements of your day, the hidden nuances of your tone and the moments of self-doubt hindering potential the way a coach will.

A coach has to, it's their job.
3/ A coach can be your sounding board or give you bitter reality checks. The dynamics of the equation are to be decided by you. But, the end goal is, 'we need to make each session effective and end on a call to action'.

My take on why YOU need a coach:…
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1/ After working with over 1500 founders in the last decade, helping them launch their ideas, set up teams, merge, exit, pivot and more, I’ve reached one solid conclusion – founders need coaches, not mentors.
Where the above statement sounds conclusive, it is not.
2/ Coaching and mentoring is a process that needs to be opened up in parts and through a process. Mentoring primarily focuses on a long term relation formed between two individuals – it is based on respect and commitment.
3/ Not anyone can be your mentor, nor can you be a mentee to anyone. It's a relationship that grows & matures over time, & exists as an unsaid agreement b/w 2 parties. A coach serves as that guide, sounding board, listener, adviser, but with a timeline in place & KPIs in sight.
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Stay Safe.
Stay Happy.

Always learn to knock "T" out of "I Can't", because YOU CAN.

Hang in there, stand strong, you are closer to your expected breakthrough.

You are the best version of you.

Outfit by: HMD Fashion home.
📷: @omoakinstudios
Model: @transparencyspeaks . Image
Instagram: @transparencyspeaks
Facebook: Transparency speaks
Twitter: @Teepee_Speaks
Linkedln: Abodunrin Damilola

#speakitintoexistence #compere #teacher #coach #mentor
#stayingsafe #stayingpositive #stayinghome #stayhealthy #FlyTheFlag #FridayMotivation
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Pitkästä aikaa opiskeluhommia! Postiluukusta putosi ensi viikon jaksoon kuuluva kirja viime metreillä. Yllätti kyllä paksuudellaan, tietää siis mitä lukee seuraavat illat. Ja vähän viikonloppunakin.
#johtaminen #työnohjaus #coaching Image
Ja samalla pitää valita se kuuluisa lopputyöaihe. Matkalla tuntunut, että aihetta pukkaa toisensa perään, vaan nyt totinen valinnan paikka. Mietinnässä aihe, josta olisi aitoa hyötyä oman työyhteisön esimiestyön ja johtamisen kehittämiseen. Miten me hyödyntäisimme työnohjausta?
Miten teillä hyödynnetty työnohjausta johdon ja esimiestyön kehittämisessä? Vai onko? Sisäinen #työnohjaaja #coach vai ulkoa ostettu?

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The connection between Minimalism & Data driven decision. The number of variable are fewer in a Minimalist approach. Thus, the combination of variables are manageable in Minimalist approach. Minimalism makes exploration and Discoveries simpler.

#ux #minimalism #design #product Image
Quantitative Analysis. #quantitative
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These days most of the applications are developed on top of frameworks. Their Research and Design is the main engagement. Budget planning is required for the Research and Design.

#design #ux #uxdesign #uxresearch #userresearch #budget #designjobs #uxjobs #DataScience #Coach
These days most of the applications are developed on top of frameworks. Their, Research and Design is the main engagement. Budget planning & Team Management is required for the Research Sprint and Design Sprint.

#startup #investor #founder #executive #director #advisory
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So @aaron_s_fox jumped the gate on me :) w/ a thread on the #ACL #injury & #AFLW #sport #womanprobs conversation & he did a great job but I'd like my perspective to come in that special 'tone' I may be known for in presentations... My first twitter thread! Expect sarcasm and gifs
1st, I posted my perspective on #injury #women #athlete #development #biomechanics in another tweet, if you missed it, short editorial: & presentation Read those after this thread of fun, I hope the GIFs help you "hear" my tone :)
I’ve seen a bit about #ACL #injury and #menstrualcycles including news stories about organisations ready to study the menstrual cycle and #training - Let me give you some basic information to help you #factcheck before you start #cheering or #praising
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There is no #Freelance website that list the hot selling #UserResearch categories. #Research #Consulting is a short term periodical engagement best for Freelancing & on #Contract #Jobs.
1. Generative & Evaluative Research.
2. Behavioral & Attitudinal Research.
3. Experimental Image
(Interventional) & Observational Studies.
4. Summative & Formative Evaluation.
5. Qualitative & Quantitative Research.

#freelancing #uxjobs #jobs #gigeconomy #productdesign #executive #coach #business #itindustry #hotjobs #UXResearch
Please check the tweet thread for a valuable feedback. @freelancer @Upwork @fiverr #freelance #freelancer
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