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Wondering what is really behind #BadPlanning #Travesty4OireachtasScrutiny & want to know what the Government is doing just on one of many bills before the #Dáil rises for summer recess next week? Well then brace yourself for this👇
On Apr 6th over 2 mnths ago, MoS
told the Seanad the Gov. planned to introduce #Seanad amendments on a whole range of other matters & to other legislation to an already complex & controversial #Planning bill on #SubstituteConsent
But they didn't, instead ...👇
..instead the Gov waited until the Bill finished in the #Seanad and with a week to go before the Dáil rises as the bill arrived in the Dáil for 2nd stage,
announces the Gov are bringing all those & even more changes to the bill. In fact ...
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Wondering what is really behind #BadPlanning #Travesty4OireachtasScrutiny & want to know what the Government is doing just on one of many bills before the Dáil rises for summer recess next week? Well then brace yourself for this👇
On Apr 6th over 2 mnths ago, MoS @peterburkefg told the Seanad the Gov. planned to introduce #Seanad amendments on a whole range of other matters & to other legislation to an already complex & controversial #Planning bill on #SubstituteConsent
But they didn't, instead ...👇
..instead the Gov waited until the Bill finished in the #Seanad and with a week to go before the Dáil rises as the bill arrived in the Dáil for 2nd stage, @DarraghOBrienTD announces the Gov are bringing all those & even more changes to the bill. In fact ...
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As an Irish citizen of a Constitutional Republic - I am yet again appalled this morning by what I witnessed this Government do to the #Oireachtas in the making of #legislation - facilitated today by @smytho a Minister of State in #DECC from @greenparty_ie - details below👇
On 14 June in 2nd stage debate on a bill on #CircularEconomy & #Mining the Minister flagged in less than 6 lines of words - a major scope change to the bill for "essential amendments on Committee Stage in this House to address some urgent matters concerning energy capacity" BUT👇
17 days later the Government:
😡Had not briefed even informally the JOC HLGH responsible for Planning or the JOC Env & Climate Action responsible for the EPA on the changes
😡Had not ensured a copy of the amendments was on the Oireachtas website for today's debate on them
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1. Timely that we're having the #unity conversation now because we're going through the biggest constitutional change in a generation, said @moneillsf @IrelandsFuture
2. We're in a period of massive change, we have a chance to grab it and make something better said @moneillsf @irlelandsfuture
@moneillsf 3. We have to be mature and respectful enough to have the conversation about change, said @moneillsf. After a century of division there is nothing for nationalists to celebrate. But I accept those of unionist identity come at this from very different viewpoint @IrelandsFuture
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Here comes the floor fight. The opposition parties are trying to provide for a 40-minutes debate on the possible reallocation of speaking time… but the Government is now trying to nix the debate and head straight to a vote. It's 9:30pm and a long night beckons. #Dáil
There's even a scrap between the opposition parties over who gets to give out first. Image
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🚨 Neasa Hourigan has just voted against the Government
Dáil was voting on a Labour amendment to Govt’s new tenancy Bill, which renews rent freeze/evictions moratorium - but only for those who self-certify as having financial distress

Labour wanted to extend it on a blanket basis; Govt says unconstitutional; Hourigan supported anyway
Ironically Hourigan herself is the Green Party’s Dáil whip, so the immediate disciplinary process is unclear
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Another bunfight beckons in the Dáil today: the Dáil reform committee (with proposals backed by Govt and SF) is reassigning speaking time so that the smaller parties and independent groups are squeezed. Currently they have disproportionate speaking time but won’t cede it lightly!
A (fairly crude) illustration of what is proposed for a debate on a new Bill. Basically the Government and SF will get an extra speaking slot between the opposition parties and proportionately more time.

Other parties say new proportions are okay but sequencing marginalises them Image
Jennifer Whitmore of the SocDems raising this on the floor now. Varadkar says he is "not au fait with the details" but says it is "entirely appropriate" that speaking time be allocated in a proportionate way, otherwise "microparties" get time and Govt backbenchers do not
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🚨 NEW: Heather Humphreys tells #Dáil her Dept "could have communicated more effectively" that PUP and JA recipients were not allowed to leave Ireland - Dept will review all cases where holidaymakers had payment stripped (1/3)
🚨 Humphreys also accepts [!!] that the travel advice has changed and that there is now no advice against travel to the Green List countries - regulations will be revised to make this clear, and Jobseekers will be permitted to travel there. (2/3)
🚨 She says once legislation to pup PUP on a legal footing has been enacted, she will sign regulations to put PUP on a similar footing.

She also says PUP and JA claimants will be allowed to go to non-Green List areas for essential reasons, if they notify a welfare office first.
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.@HollyCairnsTD raised the issue of #Flood management in #Dáil highlighting the need for a holistic government response and a commitment to working with affected communities in creating robust flood defences and mitigation strategies #ClimateChange Image
Too often, poor planning and inaction over years has resulted in flooding, which forces communities into accepting highly-invasive and expensive infrastructure when simpler measures combined with good planning could have avoided and alleviated flooding.
There is an insufficient use of a watershed approach, which integrates flood protection, stream and wetland habitat restorations, and water quality improvements. Instead of looking at flooding in a piecemeal fashion - we should be addressing it on a watershed scale
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“You can’t be what you can’t see” (Marian Wright Edelman). If that’s true our students, students from low income backgrounds, students of colour and students with disabilities can’t see themselves in the teaching community in Ireland. @1GaryGannon #Dail Image
Race is something that is in all of our minds given the terrible situation in America, but we have to take that outrage and injustice and look at ourselves. What are we doing or rather not doing in Ireland to tackle racism. #BlackLivesMatter #EndDirectProvision
Diversity in teaching community vital. @1GaryGannon applauds @Education_Ire pgm that allows migrants with educational qualifications a one year course to become qualified teachers in Ireland and asks Minister for Ed to double this years 40 places in 2020/2021
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It doesn't take long to realise how our land is managed, and who gains from it - is the result of political choices.
So change can only come about where there is the political will to do so. - This inspired me to engage in politics. @HollyCairnsTD Image
The power of the beef lobby is often mentioned... cartel like practices, decreasing prices for farmers, & the disgraceful treatment of workers.
Too often discussion around clusters in meat processing have focused on where some workers are from a divisive “us and them” narrative
But if there were an “us versus them”, the ‘us’ is farmers, consumers, butchers, and Irish-and-migrant workers, and the ‘them’ is an industry dominated by a small number of players who reap most of the rewards. @HollyCairnsTD #Dail
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School alignment process crucial to get right for #LeavingCert2020 What of schools on upward trajectory - example @LarkinCDETB- will there great results over last years be factored in? @1GaryGannon asks Min for Education in #dail Image
Also raises overcrowded classrooms. 1/5 have more than 30 students in classroom plus teacher and SNAs. At any time, that's unfair. But in #Covid19 times, that's dangerous. What're the plans to resolve by Sept? @1GaryGannon
So much else to get right quickly - additional Guidance Councillors hours needed in every school - it's often emotional support; what're the plans for Class of 20201 - lost a lot this year, and unknown circumstances in Sept. Need to give reassurance quickly @1GaryGannon
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This really is a time for Marshall Plan thinking. Spanish proposal for a €1.5trillion Recovery Fund underpinned by a perpetual bond rather than loans would avoid adding to national debts, avoid austerity, and bring solidarity at #European level. @CathMurphyTD Image
Can't repeat past mistakes of austerity when we needed to invest in housing, health, sustainable forms of transport, retrofitting buildings, in modernising our infrastructure. #Europe wont get a second chance - this is make or break. @CathMurphyTD
Relying on the #ESM as the only possible #European solution in post-#covid19 era is a recipe for further austerity and hardship & is likely to be detrimental, if not fatal, to the European Project.
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Must get on top of tracing, if test & trace at scale is to be our route out of #Covid19 lockdown. Extension of test criteria overdue & now welcome, but still need more transparency and explanations on strategy - @RoisinShortall @morningireland #morningireland
Really important to have the new #Dail committee on #Covid19 with ministers & officials there to answer questions at political level. Plans to open up again need to be interrogated with experts in wide range of areas, who can come before committee and discuss in public
#Dail #Covid19 committee can also look at residential settings. Info there when being collected, but not fully reported on. We now know about nursing homes, but need to know more about for example Mental Health and disability residential settings and #directprovision
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It's clear from the #Covid19 that it's not just work that matters, but the nature of the work - work must be secure, paid appropriately, be unionised. It's not gone unnoticed that those who are paid the least and the ones the we rely most now. @1GaryGannon #Dail #Covid19ireland Image
People with two part time jobs, where one of the jobs no longer there cos of #Covid19, they're not eligible for Covid19 Payment; nor young people under 18 who've lost part time job. Their household income severely impacted - needs to be addressed
Also crucial in the context of discussions on Education to look at entrenched inequalities. Focus on digital divide, but other divisions - inequality of peace and quiet; a table to work at; Leaving Cert applied students being forgotten altogether. #Covid19ireland
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🚨 NEW: Senior Irish source says this No.10 claim - via @thetimes@hzeffman - that Varadkar told Johnson he’d compromise on Brexit, if Northern Ireland stayed in the EU’s single market, is either “untrue or a major misunderstanding”
They point out that the current British proposals would NOT see Northern Ireland remain in the EU’s own customs union, but rather a member of a ‘customs union compromised of the EU and the UK’
No Irish reaction yet to the separate @TheTimes story this morning that the EU will agree to a Northern Ireland-only backstop which could be revoked only if both communities agreed to it in Stormont…
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#Daraa Thread
Upsum: 2 of largest & most grandstanding Eastern Daraa brig. have close family/financial ties to #UAE-based #Russia-phile businessman. Rumours mounting of them "flipping".
One previously escorted & shielded #Dail econciliation envoy to Feb 2018 Sochi Con. ImageImage
Dr Khaled Al-Mahamid, rich UAE-based Daraawi businessman, been financin South brigades since 2012. Main recipients: Shabab Al-Sunnah & Usud Al-Sunnah. Since 2017, advocating #Russia view 4 'solution' in #Syria. Isn’t shy bout admitting role n negotiations re #Daraa & #Nassib ImageImageImage
Mahamid is brother-in-law of Ahmad Al-Awdeh, leader of #Busra-based #Shabab.
Mahamid is also the direct cousin of Abu Omar Zaghloul, leader of Umm Al-Mayathen-based #Usud. Both towns been linked recently with rumours of a “flip mvmt” once regime troops are on outskirts. ImageImage
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Except you don't have the consciousness to do that- only what you've, perhaps, been programmed to register, process, or maybe transmit/emit. Here in #Ireland on the other hand there are 💚s everywhere hoping to #repealthe8th #LISTENUP #Focus on #Caring #Now to ensure #legislation
2/ to #repealthe8th or/& make #abortion in #Ireland a #legal #safe #clinical #option for women, regardless of socio-economic circumstances.
3/ Think you want to **Repeal the 8️⃣️th** 💚s? This is a sane quote from here, Ireland, today:"The dissolution of the Dáil would see the simultaneous dissolution of all Oireachtas Committees. ---
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