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Reading @NASAOIG's report on NASA's management of the Commercial Crew program, which can be found here:…

"Final vehicle certification for both contractors will likely be delayed at least until Summer 2020."
@NASAOIG "NASA continues to accept deferrals or changes to components and capabilities originally planned to be demonstrated on each contractor’s uncrewed test flights. Taken together, these factors may elevate the risk of a significant system failure."
@NASAOIG "NASA will likely experience a reduction in the number of USOS crew aboard the ISS from three to one beginning in spring 2020 given schedule delays in the development of Boeing and SpaceX space flight systems coupled with a reduction in the frequency of Soyuz flights."
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This isn't a crazy argument. Stone/Manafort's innovation, years ago, was to realize that once (as campaign consultants) they helped elect a candidate, they then has outsized influence with that politician which they could peddle as lobbyists. Lobbying is where the big $ are...
... So they began offering their campaign consultant services for FREE. Stone worked for Bob Dole for free. Manafort worked for Trump for free. Consulting was the loss leader that let them sell INFLUENCE over (Dole, Trump, etc.) for $ millions. ...
... So why would Stone tell Trump he had access to Assange, even if he didn't? Bec if his (not very risky) hunch was correct, and Assange did release dirt on Clinton, Stone would look like a Serious Player -- and Stone could peddle that.

Stone's defense = I was BSing the Prez.
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I was there too. Although Cardinal Müller's appearance tonight was sponsored by a pro-family nonprofit (see…), Princess Gloria's introduction of the cardinal suggested she was responsible for bringing him to speak in the U.S. or at least in Washington ...
... Princess Gloria began her introduction of Müeller: "I am very happy to be able to tell you that it is my greatest aim to bring before you the leader of the Catholic orthodoxy today that nobody is getting past, because he’s been clear. And clearness is something we lack. ..."
... The princess went on, "The only person today in the today that gives us clearness is Donald Trump--and Cardinal Ludwig Müeller! It goes so far as that I said that Cardinal Müeller today is the Donald Trump of the Catholic Church."

She knows Trump's world well. ...
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"ACT’s argument is that choice is good. A counterpoint is that chaos is bad."

ACT is going to let students retake a single section *on a computer*. This is the piece to read on this BFD in standardized testing.…
A couple thoughts:
Staffing proctors sounds like a mess.
Will there be equitable availability of this option? Will all sites will have a computer ACT?.
Tutors are going to benefit--take one more bite! That means the benefit could advantage the advantaged most of all.
Here's the nightmare scenario and gamesmanship that ACT just introduced:

Take the whole ACT once as a sophomore in the fall just to get the "one whole test" out of the way. Then spend sophomore, junior, and senior year working on one section at a time. You'd have 11 shots.
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Even the best intentions don't excuse the lack of research or reasoning. Where to start? Obvs, motor vehicle licenses barely cover their own plate and admin costs and they are "permissions" to take giant dangerous moving objects through public space, a public trust. 1/n #ldnont
Next, obviously people on bikes are pretty much regular people even if they are BIKE RIDING PINKOS and, although they should get tax breaks for riding a bike some of the time (I mean it, they should), they don't. They pay taxes & pay for roads even if they only use a sliver. 2/n
In fact, it's motoring that is subsidized by the public purse. In ever so many ways that include propping up a failing industry, for example, but also directly. It takes many more of us to pay for roads than actually use them. A simple search tells you about costs of modes. 3/n
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Fair warning... Get ready for a thread celebrating H.H. the @DalaiLama's 84th birthday 🎂! Performances included! Honored to join @IRF_Ambassador, @AmbDMitchell, @USAID & @officeoftibet @NgodupTsering7 on the visit of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts to the U.S. & Canada.
First, a #quote. Whether #HongKongProtests or #girlseducation in South Asia, or a myriad of issues in #America, don't forget:

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." ~H.H. the Dalai Lama

Next: Get ready for some video! ⬇️
A beautiful evening begins w/ the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), founded by the Dalai Lama in India, in exile from Tibet, in 1959. Then the Tibetan Music, Dance & Drama Society, it was established to preserve Tibetan artistic heritage, esp. opera, dance & music.
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1/ "I think we should never forget that Brexit is a problem created by Britain, so the onus is on them to come up with solutions." - Leo Varadkar.

No. It's this type of thinking that's the problem. Why should the UK's democratic and legal right to leave the EU, be seen as a
2/ "problem"?

The UK didn't magically create Article 50 out of thin air. It already existed under EU Law. All we're doing is exercising our right to action it.

The only "problem" here is the EU's intransigence, as they see fit to punish the UK for daring to leave. They wish to
4/ set an example of us, before others decide to do the same.

I've long argued that if the EU was the perfect utopia that Remainers believe it is, there wouldn't be any need to punish the UK. They could let us go, and we'd "suffer our fate", for the other members to see.
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Let's not forget that under slavery, African-American "unemployment" was 0%.
The Q is not whether a person works, but whether they can benefit from the work they do. If society is structured against this, unemployment #s mean nothing.
When folks who hold racist views celebrate low unemployment in the very groups they disdain, you can bet they aren't concerned about their holistic flourishing.
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