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It's been pretty brutal for #EuropeanSuperLeague this morning in #EUhearing against @UEFA

EU countries lining up to call it a "cartel" that rubbishes "Europe's model of sport."

Romania, Poland, Malta, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia. None of them had a positive word for #ESL /1
Norway was also there. (It isn't an EU member, but it took up its right to plead before ECJ). It noted that Norwegian teams from the provinces had been promoted and played European sport because of the openness of UEFA structure, on sporting merit. #ESL puts that at risk /2
Shame there was no mention of @ErlingHaaland even though his old club was mentioned as one of the places that benefitted from the UEFA model.

"Its about preserving opportunities," Norway's lawyer said. /3
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One-way traffic at ECJ today against the #EuropeanSuperLeague

Country after country is standing up and backing @UEFA 's right to block ESL attempt to set up a rival league. Small countries (Estonia, Ireland, Denmark etc) see themselves excluded from the 'closed competition.' /1
They also note the money they get from @UEFA which feeds into the grass roots. They reckon their clubs would never get into the closed-shop ESL.

They say the UEFA regime of authorizing rival events serves legitimate purposes of protecting European sport /2
Side note: Ireland did its pleading in Gaelic which was bloody lovely.

It said there would be "devastating consequences" if "large clubs" could grab all the revenues from the game. Estonia and Greece agreed. /3
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"Do you believe that @UEFA will ever authorise a competitor to the Champions League?"

#EuropeanSuperLeague lawyer Miguel Odriozola starts ECJ hearing with a rhetorical question.

"The answer that you are all thinking of is NO. Never." /thread
Both sides went at it for an hour or so this pm. UEFA and FIFA on one side, ESL and its promoter A22 on the other.

The shortest summary:

ESL: "you're an ugly monopoly, UEFA!!!"
UEFA: "you guy's are a money-grabbing cartel!!!" /2
SuperLeague started with a takedown of UEFA for never allowing anyone to set up any other competitions. It said UEFA had a conflict of interest that need to be unwound. It's a conflict between regulatory role and the economic interests of organizing competitions. /3
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We are about to kick off and our speakers are already warming up. We'll be tweeting live in this 🧵
Join the live event on
and aks your questions on
#EconomicsForSociety #soccernomics #EuropeanSuperLeague #Football Image
And we're live! @joachim_voth opens tonight's session, introducing our speakers: Ignacio Palacios-Huerta at @LSEManagement and @sszy at @UMKines
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta explains the fascination around the game: The clan (football club), the temple (the stadium), the war (the enemy is the other club or another city or another country), and eternity (a shirt and a flag).
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🇪🇺 Key Opinion leaders ⚽

Recently, the failed #EuropeanSuperLeague project set #Twitter on fire.

Between the millions of tweets published on the subject, some voices had a particularly important weight.

Here are the #KOL of European football according to #data:

This thread is the continuation of the analysis I shared on the impact of Twitter on the Super League collapse.

The #dataset used is the same: 2.6 million tweets posted by 876,000 unique users in 5 languages (🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇦 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 )

In my first analysis, I focused on the contents (sentiment analysis, semantic cartographies...), here the goal is to analyze the influential content providers in Europe.
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🇪🇺 #EuropeanSuperLeague

Using my #data analysis tools, I tried to measure what role Twitter played in this failure:

Without this network, would the closed league project, led by the 12 richest clubs in Europe, have had the same fate?

To analyze what happened and answer this question, I extracted a large amount of data:

2.6 million tweets posted by 876,000 unique users
5 targeted languages : 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇪🇦 🇮🇹 🇩🇪
56 million likes and 7.8 million retweets
The tweets collected start from April 17th at noon to April 22nd at midnight.

I'm going to go back over the facts chronologically so that we can relive this story from the Twitter standpoint.

First of all, here is the distribution of the tweets I collected on the period:
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🇪🇺 Leaders d'opinion ⚽

Récemment, le projet avorté #EuropeanSuperLeague a fait s'enflammer #Twitter.

Au cœur des millions de tweets publiés sur le sujet, des voix ont un poids particulièrement important.

Voici les #KOL du foot européen selon la #data :

Ce thread est la suite de l'analyse que j'avais partagé sur l'impact de Twitter dans l'abandon de la Super League.

Le #dataset utilisé est le même : 2,6 millions de tweets postés par 876 000 users uniques dans 5 langues (🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇪🇦 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 )

Là où dans la première analyse je me consacrais sur les contenus (sentiment analysis, cartographies sémantiques...), ici l'objectif est d'analyser les émetteurs de contenu influents.
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🇪🇺 #EuropeanSuperLeague

En utilisant mes outils de #DataScience, j'ai essayé de mesurer quel rôle a joué #Twitter dans cet échec :

Sans ce réseau, le projet de ligue fermée mené par les 12 clubs les plus riches d'Europe aurait-il vécu le même sort ?

Pour analyser ce qu'il s'est passé et répondre à ma question, j'ai extrait une grande quantité de données :

2,6 millions de tweets postés par 876 000 users uniques
5 langues ciblées : 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇪🇦 🇮🇹 🇩🇪
56 millions de likes et 7,8 millions de retweets cumulés Image
Les tweets récoltés vont du 17 avril midi, jusqu'au 22 avril minuit.

Je vais revenir sur les faits chronologiquement pour qu'on revive cette histoire en suivant l'angle Twitter.

Voici tout d'abord la répartition des tweets que j'ai récupéré sur la période : Image
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#BREAKING Manchester City withdraw from European Super League plans, says Club
#UPDATE The proposed European Super League collapsed after Premier League clubs withdrew from the deeply divisive project following a furious backlash by fans and threats from football authorities
#BREAKING Chelsea, the last of the English Clubs signed up to the European Super League, confirms they will withdraw, as the European Super League says it will 'reshape' the group
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🇺🇸 The #EuropeanSuperLeague represents the ‘relentless Americanisation’ of the sport , this is how 👇…
❌ No relegation
🆙 No promotion

Since 2000, in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys have won 177 games and lost 169. Yet they are the most valuable sports franchise worth $5.5 billion. Mediocrity pays
There are no rewards with winning.

📊For every 10 per cent more games that an NFL franchise wins, they will only earn 0.14 per cent in extra revenue - ‘Whoever wins, everyone wins’…
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The #europeansuperleague:

1. Most people will always prefer the status quo because they hate change.
2. Many who have accused others of being xenophobic recently, seem to have the most xenophobic views on this issue.
3. Did those creating The Premier League, care about the football League?
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#BREAKING 'No doubt whatsoever' that FIFA 'disapproves' of Super League: Infantino
#UPDATE FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday that there is "no doubt whatsoever" that football's world governing body "disapproves" of the proposed European Super League
#BREAKING 'There's time to change your mind': UEFA chief tells Super League clubs
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#europeansuperleague konusu aslında tipik bir neoliberalizm hadisesi. Neoliberalizm öncesi dönemde ekonomik yapılar bu kadar etkinlik ve verimlilik üstüne kurulu değildi. Etkinlik ve kâr dışında sadakat, şirkete yıllarını vermek de mühim bir değer olarak görülürdü.
80’lerde bunların hepsi değişti. Cut-throat yani acımasız neoliberalizm tüm şirketleri etkiledi. Bu değişimin öncüsü de McKinsey gibi yönetim danışmanlığı şirketleri oldu. Güçlü olan taraf artık güçsüze tolerans göstermemeye başladı. Bu futbola da yansıyor.
Güçlü takımlar “Dinamo Kiev ile oynarken, dünyanın her tarafından insanlar beni izliyor, neden kendi payımdan keseyim ki” diye düşünüyor. Bu açıdan çapraz sübvansiyon ile de ilişkilendirmek mümkün. Peki ne olacak? Bence kabak bizim başımıza patlayacak. Nasıl mı?
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Short thread 1/x

To all those that don't follow football, here's a brief explainer of the issue at hand with the #europeansuperleague

There might be some options to unravel this but the main issue is fairness to existing (non breakaway) premier league clubs.

Each year all the premier league teams play each other twice - once at home and once away.

They play 38 games as part of this competition.

The clubs also compete in other competitions.

At the end of 38 games the few teams that finish at the top win a chance to compete in the following years european tournaments.

Although this is often the same clubs it can vary year on year. It gives some of the other teams a chance to play in the euro club tournaments.
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We are delighted to announce we are one of the founding members of the #EuropeanSuperLeague of Councils.

We have signed up alongside Barcelona Council, Milan Council and Handforth Parish Council to this elite group.
We will compete against these elite authorities in several council-based fixtures for a chance at the grand prize: a state-of-the-art Highways line-painting machine.

We remain fully committed to our domestic duties in South Yorkshire, but are excited for this new future.
We are delighted to announce we are the first Authority to quit the #SuperLeague of Councils.

It was a stupid idea that we never supported in the first place.

Best of luck to Milan, Barcelona and Handforth Parish Councils as they battle for the Highways line-painting machine.
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Karena udah banyak yang bahas soal teknis, saya mau bahas soal tiga sosok yang "ditempatkan" di hierarki teratas European Super League.

Florentino Perez, Andrea Agnelli, dan Joel Glazer.

Dan alasan kenapa mereka jadi chairman & vice-chairman

Pertama soal Senor Florentino Perez.

Embrio ide kan dari dia nih. Udah sejak tahun 2009 dia nelurin wacana soal Super League ini.

Meskipun duitnya katanya dari JP Morgan, hierarki teratas tetep mesti orang Eropa. Kan namanya juga European Super League 😁

Biar tetap relate.
Perez ini relatif stabil buat dijadiin Chairman.

Finansial oke, maksudnya gak akan terbentur urusan apapun. Grupo ACS, perusahaan yang dipimpin Perez di bidang Konstruksi dan Teknik Sipil, dan komunikasi bakal tetep jalan.

Bahkan ketika dia gak jadi bos Real Madrid.
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@martynziegler @TheAthleticUK

The 'buzz word' in business - Footy is soon to get it's dose

What's this about though?

#Control #Money #power

These 'Elite' club owners will point to #UEFA & #FIFA chequered pasts & say "We'll do it better"

Despite massive numbers in revenues💰💱 Football clubs are so bloated, the top guys feel they need more!

For long term planning, they need control of the rules of competition too.

The huge swathes of capital hoarded by the investment banks/rich are willing to fund this new comp
The #PremierLeague will end up a place for the 'Elite' teams in the new #EuropeanSuperLeague to play their so called reserve squads - Because the rewards on offer merit that.

That said, with the huge revenues they will dominate, those reserve squads will still be the best ⚽️🤯💁
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This #Messi story is massive news for all footy followers ⚽️

Will English fans get the pleasure of seeing the genius grace the #EPL ?
Will #ManCity replace 'El Mago' with 'El Dios'?

As amazing as his on-pitch story is, the background with Barca is juicy to say the least 💸🔁🤯
Recently I read #FootballsSecretTrade (brilliant!) & started watching #Gomorrah (also brilliant)!!
Then started doing a bit of digging into the history of Messi and Barca...

Now, I know the angle I'm looking at this from is heavily influenced by those 📕📽️ BUT wow!

Messy 🦹💸
Barca is an incredible football club #MesQueUnClub & Messi has given us fans some of the most magical moments ever seen on a pitch #MesQueUnJugador BUT the club has a really 'interesting' past which hangs over this current situation.

Let's start with how the club is run...
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