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Given that Australia's anti-China propaganda has been in overdrive these last few days, I thought it would be timely to announce the new project I'll be launching next month... CO-WEST-PRO English Language Education.
There's an urgent need for Western propaganda literacy now, and I'm doing my bit by utilising my skills and qualifications (a Master in #TESOL). Each fortnight I will be publishing #ESL lessons about Western propaganda for free on my site for ESL learners in the global south.
The speed of my output will be quicker if my followers here on Twitter can suggest themes and topics for each ESL lesson. So please message me liberally! There will definitely have to be several lessons dedicated to @ASPI_org!
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UEFA v #SuperLeague has ended. Lots of Qs from judges, hinting where the fault lines of the case are:
- Treaty articles on sport & antitrust
- 'closed competitions'
- Solidarity payments
- notion of 'restricting competition'
- specificities of sport
Settle down for a /thread
Jan Passer, reporting judge, asked about money. He wants to know how much cash countries get from UEFA. What %age of their income? He asked #ESL what its plans are.

#ESL has a solidarity fund. But it is voluntary. Still, they reckon it's better than UEFA's. /1
AG Rantos asked why doesn't ESL just set up outside the UEFA ecosystem.

ESL said the clubs would get sanctioned & might face bankruptcy. They need some time to build the new league, it said. For that it needs the money, and the sanctions for leaving are "draconian."/2
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It's been pretty brutal for #EuropeanSuperLeague this morning in #EUhearing against @UEFA

EU countries lining up to call it a "cartel" that rubbishes "Europe's model of sport."

Romania, Poland, Malta, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia. None of them had a positive word for #ESL /1
Norway was also there. (It isn't an EU member, but it took up its right to plead before ECJ). It noted that Norwegian teams from the provinces had been promoted and played European sport because of the openness of UEFA structure, on sporting merit. #ESL puts that at risk /2
Shame there was no mention of @ErlingHaaland even though his old club was mentioned as one of the places that benefitted from the UEFA model.

"Its about preserving opportunities," Norway's lawyer said. /3
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One-way traffic at ECJ today against the #EuropeanSuperLeague

Country after country is standing up and backing @UEFA 's right to block ESL attempt to set up a rival league. Small countries (Estonia, Ireland, Denmark etc) see themselves excluded from the 'closed competition.' /1
They also note the money they get from @UEFA which feeds into the grass roots. They reckon their clubs would never get into the closed-shop ESL.

They say the UEFA regime of authorizing rival events serves legitimate purposes of protecting European sport /2
Side note: Ireland did its pleading in Gaelic which was bloody lovely.

It said there would be "devastating consequences" if "large clubs" could grab all the revenues from the game. Estonia and Greece agreed. /3
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Update: EU court opened with skating dispute, saying it was the "warm-up" for #SuperLeague
Short summary:
- very engaged court
- will pose qu's later on conflicts of interest at @uefa
- will explore EU treaty conflict btw sport & competition law
- Opinion slated for Dec 15
This morning was about International Skating Union @ISU_Speed against @EU_Commission over #antitrust decision that excluded @marktuitert from Dubai-based events.

ISU imposed bans because the Dubai event featured betting. EC said the eligibility criteria were not transparent. /2
Jan Passer (Czech judge) is leading the questions & was forensic. Wanted to know about where ISU got its powers from (derived from IOC @iocmedia ? or member associations?). Also wanted to know about "conflicts of interest." This is a governing body having regulatory powers.../3
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Huge day of sport at EU’s top court. If you like football or indeed love speed skating, then I’ll be there for you.

In short, it’s about whether UEFA can block rival competitions such as the #SuperLeague Here’s what it’s about /thread
15 judges at @EUCourtPress are reviewing the fight between #ESL and @UEFA

Despite the club mutiny, ESL is still pursuing its case in Madrid court over UEFA’s rules being unfair & blocking rival competitions. A Madrid court has asked the EU court for help. /1
The main question: is @uefa a business abusing its power to run football? By threatening lifetime bans for players/clubs from the Euros or the #ChampionsLeague is it misusing that power? That would breach EU competition law. /2
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1/8 This is by far the most common conversation I have with school leaders on how to assess emergent bilingual English progress in international and bilingual schools: #EduTwitter #EAL #ESL #ELL
2/8 Question: which is the best assessment to track and report English progress for English language learners in my school?
3/8 Answer they want: [Generic product name] test will work for you.
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1/ OPEN LETTER TO @SkySports

amazing how suddenly you care about "fans" with your incredible focus on #MUFC protests against the Glazers

where were you when #LUFC was being destroyed by Ken Bates & their fans protested? where were you when #BuryAFC was battling to survive?
2/ when #BWFC went to the brink, @SkySports most certainly didn't do anything to push their fans' agenda, yet here you are pushing Man U fans' agenda

your hypocrisy is nauseating, considering how you created this bloated, average @premierleague that wallows in obscene money
3/ @SkySports doesn't care about fans, your ridiculous influence on match scheduling & your inconsiderate changing of kick off times proves this

now that your greed-fuelled product is under threat, you suddenly hop into the fans' camp to try & protect your own interests
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This is quite something. The French government's position on the EU move to public country by country reporting for multinational companies, a key measure to curb profit shifting abuses, appears to have been captured entirely by... the business lobby.
The French government's two-pager on its negotiating position - its critical demands - has been leaked. According to the scoop in @Contexte, the metadata of the pdf reveal the hand not of diplomats or ministers, but of a senior employee of MEDEF - the French business lobby group.
This revelation gives us two things: first, we can look at the position that MEDEF has convinced the French government to take up, and see the priorities of the lobbyists; and second, we can understand a bit more the wider French government position on tax, including at the OECD.
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#BREAKING Manchester City withdraw from European Super League plans, says Club
#UPDATE The proposed European Super League collapsed after Premier League clubs withdrew from the deeply divisive project following a furious backlash by fans and threats from football authorities
#BREAKING Chelsea, the last of the English Clubs signed up to the European Super League, confirms they will withdraw, as the European Super League says it will 'reshape' the group
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#BREAKING 'No doubt whatsoever' that FIFA 'disapproves' of Super League: Infantino
#UPDATE FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday that there is "no doubt whatsoever" that football's world governing body "disapproves" of the proposed European Super League
#BREAKING 'There's time to change your mind': UEFA chief tells Super League clubs
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I have never done a thread on Twitter despite this is my 10th year using this platform.

So, here a thread on my two cents about European Super League #ESL
The idea of creating the European Super League is not new. It was already talked about 15 years ago. About 7 years ago, US and Arab tycoons joining in to buy most top clubs in Europe that lead to the fruition of #ESL we heard today.
This should not be a surprise to anyone in the football world and certainly not from UEFA President. With all due respect Sir, you knew the 'snakes' exist but you are too naive to take action. (I don't necessarily think ESL is a bad thing).
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Chatting to the ever erudite @AliKhaled_ about #ESL today and he asked for quote for something he's writing. Hope he doesn't mind if I share it here:
"As a lifelong Newcastle fan, a legacy fan as the new ESL would have us known, I have personally been through the highs and lows..
..of supporting your team. I have been there through the Keegan 'Entertainers' years. Seen us challenge for titles and get to finals only to suffer glorious defeats. I've seen us take on the best of Europe and win; Barcelona, Juventus, PSV and more taken down by my boys...
.. I've also seen us relegated twice under the current ownership and the hard battle to regain our place in the top flight of England. In the game of football it is simple. You are where you are based on sporting merit alone. The league table does not lie. Each season is...
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Thread [#SuperLeague]
What it is - 12 European clubs have come together to announce a new competition called the Super League governed by its founding clubs. Arsenal, Atletico, Chelsea, Barca, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, City, United, Madrid and Spurs are the 12 founders
Along with the current 12, 3 more clubs are set to join them as founders making it 15 in all.
How it's going to work - 20 teams (15 founders + qualifying mechanism for 5 teams to qualify annually). Midweek fixtures with clubs playing their domestic leagues
Which is "the heart of the club game". Competition starts in August, 2 groups of 10 each and both home and away fixtures. Top 3 from each group qualify with the 4th and 5th from both groups playing a playoff round for remaining QF positions.
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This #ESL is shameless, ensuring these greedy Founding Clubs never miss out. This is a sham of a sporting competition and should be resisted by all who care about football. Fans will fight this. Players must fight this. Sponsors should be embarrassed to be associated with this.
#ESL Founding Clubs are AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Spurs. Owners effectively telling their clubs’ match-going fans they don’t matter. It’s all about global viewers.
“We will help football at every level,” Florentino Pérez, Real Madrid president & 1st #ESL chairman. No you won’t. You’ve run out of training grounds to sell. It’s all about greed. Real are a great historic club and, like the other Founding Clubs, should not be stooping this low.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Supporting High-Quality K-12 Schools Across America
Only one party understands that a quality education is a critical public good-NOT a commodity. A quality education is the right of every child. 1/13
#Democrats will make sure schools do not engage in & appropriately address, discrimination,bullying & harassment related to sex, including sexual orientation & gender identity; race; national origin; immigration or citizenship status; religion; disability; & language status 2/13
#Democrats will protect the rights of transgender students.
It is unacceptable that America’s public schools are more racially segregated today than they were in the late 1960s. 3/13 #DemPartyPlatform #TransRightsAreHumanRights #EducationForAll
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Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . #AllSaintsDay #AllSaintsSunday @pudicat11 @GingerLGriffin @StevePierce17 @KSPrior @ReynoldsShook @halehawk
Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . @TheNALC @WaltsDisneyland @EllenPotts13 @1artsciencelife #tribulation #life #Christ #faith #joy
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To expand on my thoughts re: #ESL:

Friday's news was great. The commentary from many on Twitter was not.

Everything in the RNS has been in the public domain for 6 months - except on thing: ESL has been granted an extra 6 months to become an investing Co or complete an RTO. 1/9
That was the only item of 'new' news.

The reaction on Friday, and indeed the drop in the SP this AM, is indicative of the absence of research being carried out on even the most basic of levels by many investors. It is worrying that many don't really know what they're holding 2/9
With regard to #ESL itself - DBAY essentially acquired a controlling 51% stake in the operations (at subsid. level) for £55m. This values the business at £108m, and ESL's 49% stake at £53m, or 14.0p per share.

Now, a discount should be incorporated into the value of ESL's... 3/9
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Day 1 of family self-isolation has been profitable: that’s the teddies all sorted into size order... #KidsAmusingThemselves #workingFromHome #KidsAtHome @nickisapiro Image
Day 2 of family self-isolation has been more academic in nature: the kids have (unprompted!) sorted their books into alphabetical order by the first letter of the author’s surname. I’ll teach them MHRA referencing tomorrow. #KidsAmusingThemselves #workingfromhome @nickisapiro Image
Day 3 of self-isolation has been more practice-led, with a focus on architecture and engineering. That’s just my take on things; the kids called it den building. #KidsAmusingThemselves #workingfromhome #KidsAtHome @nickisapiro Image
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