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🇬🇧 It's Election Day in the UK 🇬🇧
As Tom gloriously displayed on his guitar this year... FUCK BORIS! So to celebrate exactly 10 years since Killing In The Name shocked the UK to become the No.1 single, let's tactically kick Boris OUT of power. To do this in a UK election... (1/9)
📍Aberavon to Bridgend (2/9) may need to #VoteTactically depending on where in the country you vote. Here's a definitive list of all the 'seats' and what the best vote would be to stop a Tory candidate winning it. If enough do this, Boris Johnson CAN be kicked out of power
📍Bridgwater & W to Dartford (3/9)
So let's celebrate @RATM being No.1 a decade ago by removing Johnson from No.10

Find your nearest polling station and any last minute seat updates here:

"some of those that vote Boris, are the same in Trump's office"
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Tactical voting #CitiesofLondonAndWestminster

Polls & sites seem to suggest vote for Lib, not Lab - data shows there will be a Tory win without strong Lab movement to LibDems now.

In our strong Remain constituency, make your Remain vote count - however hard to cross that box.
A serious threat: Cities of London & Westminster will end up without an MP that reflects strong Remain constituency, by a split vote.

Most #tacticalvoting polls now advise LibDem @ChukaUmunna.

Get closer to another ref & deprive Johnson of a majority. Strong switching needed.
Whatever your usual voting habits, tactical voting really matters now.

It can stop a heavy Johnson majority - or unseat him/Raab.

This isn’t only about Brexit, but the country we become, as Johnson cracks down on the institutions that hold him to account. We can stop that.
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#VoteNotTory #GE2019 #VoteTactically #VoteLabourDecember12th


So you might be wondering who to vote for in the General Election.
I recently finished my Bachelor's Degree in History and Politics, so you might be interested in my reasons for voting the way I do...
I'll be voting Labour, to kick out the Tories. If the Lib Dems/Greens can do that in your area, vote for them.

Here is why...
(1) Economics.

Macroeconomics is a complex subject, but what I've learned over time is that capitalists are genuinely bad at capitalism. They can't do it, because they (the Tories) are too interested in looking after the rich...
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1. The Land is toxic
2. The Plants are sick
3. The Air is poisonous
4. The Seas are polluted
5. The Birds are starving
6. The Trees are being killed
7. The Water is contaminated
8. The Animals are endangered

The Ecological Emergency should be front page news every day
The BBC says:

Labour is 'devoting the top section of its manifesto to tackling the environment crisis.'

'Conservatives far behind'.

~ Roger Harrabin @RHarrabin BBC environment analyst

* #VoteLabour #VoteTactically *

General Election 2019.…
The planet we think we're living on no longer exists.

Read this insane thread to learn about mass extinction, climate breakdown & ecological collapse, all caused by the destructive madness of colonial, corporate capitalism.

Total system change required:👇
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UK according to Putin - Nine Russian business people who gave money to the Conservative Party, named in secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy, suppressed by Downing Street Boris Johnson.
Oligarchs & other wealthy Tory donors were included in the report.
Suppressed #RussiaReport highlights illicit Russian activities in Britain by cross-party intelligence committee.
Some Russian donors personally close to UK prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Alexander Temerko, who has worked for the Kremlin's defence ministry, gifted £1.2m to Tories.
Alexander Temerko who has spoken warmly about his friend Boris Johnson.
MPs on the ISC, which conducted an 18-month inquiry, were also briefed on Alexander Lebedev, the former KGB spy in London.
Lebedev's son Evgeny invited Johnson when foreign secretary to parties. @GCHQ @NSAGov
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Something really big is about to happen. I can feel it. I think the British public is going to cause an earthquake on the 12th December, and, when everything is pulled down, we will finally be able to rebuild our country - this time with many more decent MPs.

They are not more powerful than us, mes Sabs. They may have power temporarily, but they are not more powerful than us, and we are going to defeat them, and it will be sooner rather than later.

Too many lives depend on our remaining in the EU. We have to win.

Be optimistic! Look how far it gets us! Look at every march. Look at Steve Bray, out there every day, refusing to let them get away with it. Look at Hugh Grant WHO IS VERY DELICATE, and doesn't do cold and frost. He is out there for you. The least we can do is cheer them on!
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You believe Corbyn is a Brexiteer. (*For this tweet*, let's say he is).
So you don't vote Labour despite them being the clear tactical choice in your area.
As a Result, Boris Johnson makes Brexit happen.
Who wins? Corbyn.
If you want to hurt Corbyn: Vote Labour!😉
How stupid would you feel if you found out Corbyn had intentionally dragged his feet for 3 years before supporting a referendum so people like you would be so frustrated with him you wouldn't vote Labour, and therefore Brexit would happen?
To sum up...
Refusing to #TacticalVote for Labour because you believe Corbyn secretly wants Brexit is bat-sh** insane, because you'd be helping him get what you believe he wants: Brexit.
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.@SwapMyVote was a powerful #TacticalVoting tool in 2017 and helped to deny the Tories a majority.

Now it’s back for #GE2019 and officially open for business!
Sign up here:

Want to know more about how it works? Read on…

#SwapMyVote #StopTheCoup
@SwapmyVote Alice lives in Town X. She’s always voted for the Red Party, but they can’t win where she lives. If she wants a progressive MP to represent her, she needs to vote Yellow, because they can win. It’s not ideal.
#TacticalVoting #SwapMyVote #StopTheCoup
@SwapmyVote Bob lives in Town Y. He’s a lifelong Yellow Party voter, but they don’t stand a chance in Town Y. The Red Party can potentially win if all progressive voters get behind them though. He’ll vote Red, although he’s not that keen.
#TacticalVoting #SwapMyVote #StopTheCoup
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You don’t have to love who you’re voting for, just preserve the country from the “We will rewrite the constitution to give ourselves autocratic power” Vote Leave govt
Seriously people
You’ll have the ability to push a Lab or Lib driver to steer the UK bus in another direction if needed
If you let the lying, lawbreaking, ethicsophobe VL Tories drive it off the cliff it’s over
And I don’t just mean Brexit cliff here.
I mean the constitutional cliff, the line between democracy and autocracy
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#VoteTactically ---->> #GTTO

It's as simple as that.

Otherwise, this corrupt, extremist Tory party is going to critically damage the institutions that allow us to democratically oppose them. These are the institutions that make our home a democracy 1/5
So if you're in a seat where #TacticalVoting will #GTTO, but you are a loyal party activist, PLEASE campaign in your nearest target seat instead of splitting the vote in your seat.

It is really motivating to help in a target seat where your efforts make a bigger impact. 2/5
And, while sharing power with other political parties may feel wrong to you, it's actually vital at this point that we do. And it's not just because of the immediate need to #GTTO

Cross-party policy making in areas where there is agreement makes for better governance. 3/5
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A thread about the marginal seats that will decide the next election..

1. Aberdeen South
Tories ahead, but SNP could overtake them
2. Alyn & Deeside
Labour won last time, but Tories looking strong now
3. Angus
Conservative seat, SNP within their sights

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Right, gonna level with all the anti TV remainers out there, I can't be certain what will happen if you all follow TV guidelines. But I do know this, all *current* data tells us if you don't Johnson will win and we will leave on 31/1/19. That's about as certain as a certain
thing in a box marked certain thing inside. You can hope for a LibDem surge that will deliver 326 seats (seriously?) or you can expect Labour with their totally confused position to sweep into power (seriously?). Neither will happen. But if you think you can leave it to
your chosen party and selected leader to save the day I can assure you that isn't happening. The maths isn't there, wake up! You will be facilitating Johnson, handing him the majority he needs.

The parties can't agree but we can. If they won't sort out the pacts we can consult
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Imagine it for a sec.

An election called to decide what to do next with Brexit. The majority vote NOT to go through with Brexit without a referendum but Boris Johnson becomes PM anyway and we have a decade of painful negotiations in DIRECT violation of the People's wishes.
Can you even begin to imagine what that would do to our country? Stuck for years, with our politics consumed by a divisive process the majority voted to avoid.
Or... You could #VoteTactically and avoid all that.
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Our families, neighbours and communities can no longer afford or endure another Tory GOV

Tweet 1/5

▪️A homeless person dies on average every 19 hours in 🇬🇧

▪️Homeless households in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 have risen by 75% in the last decade

▪️There are more than 320,000 homeless people in 🇬🇧
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▪️ Highest suicide rates in 🇬🇧 since 2002 with a dramatic increase in people aged 10 - 24

▪️In 2018 former members of the armed forces in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 took their own life every 6 days.

▪️120,000+ NHS patients wait more than 8 weeks to see a doctor regarding mental health
Tweet 3/5

▪️ Austerity to blame for more than 130,000 preventable deaths since 2012

▪️Over 230,000 people sanctioned whilst on UC since May 2016

▪️Between April 2018 - March 2019 Trussell Trust provided 1,583,668 emergency Food parcels to those in crisis
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So @UKLabour claiming they can deliver Brexit next year without “trashing” the economy or the NHS

This is simply not true

Plain and simple

It is a lie

If a Labour MP or PPC claims this, call them out

I shall now explain below
A customs union will not get the UK frictionless trade

A CU will not get the UK access to the EU services market

Only full EU members get frictionless trade

Only EU/EEA members get access to the EU services market
Only full EU membership will get the UK the things Corbyn promises in the @UKLabour Brexit deal

His proposed deal will not deliver what they say.

Basic knowledge of trading with the EU makes this clear.
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Big clap for Jacob Rees-Mogg!! 👏🏿👏🏿
Say the people who burned to death in Grenfell Tower lacked common sense✅
Attack expertise✅
Blame working people, even though the CLADDING put there by a council that didn't care about poor people made the 'Stay Put' policy a death sentence✅
I mean, the f*** wow...
Jacob Rees-Mogg has a history of blaming working class people for not being able to survive the actions of rich people because rich people are 'better at managing' these things.
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1. Register to vote!
2. If you vote for a party that has no chance of winning, it's a wasted vote.
3. If you live in a one party seat, make your vote count by persuading someone living *elsewhere* to change their vote or to vote when they weren't planning to.
4. Want to stop Brexit?
- Vote LibDem if they're in with a chance in the seat (or SNP in Scotland)
- Vote Labour as the "emergency parachute" if there's zero chance of the LibDems (or SNP) getting the seat. Be honest.
- Vote Green in Brighton Pavilion
5. If you're a student, you're allowed to register to vote at two addresses: your home address, and your term-time address. (You can only vote ONCE, but you can choose where you vote so long as you registered both addresses.)
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