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People with courage exist.

We allow children to be kept in concentration camps.

America disgusts me.
I can't wait to go on trial for over 3 years of my life against #TheState!

The #CityOfPortland wants me in jail and I will demonstrate that my peaceful #FreeSpeech was both entirely truthful and correct. #Portland's City Council colluded with @G4S to sign a $10 million contract.
Mayor #TedWheeler's cowardly City Council rammed-through a new 5-year contract without public testimony, and while ignoring KNOWN PUBLIC DISAPPROVAL.

@G4S security also armed, trained & included #OmarMateen in their "security agent" ranks - the #Pulse mass-shooting killer of 49.
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I'm not so sure @torontolibrary that you can justify the rental of space to be used by a third party in order to promote hatred against an identifiable group in violation of your own policies. We lose the right to #freespeech when we start promoting hatred. 1/4
s.319(2) Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of [an indictable offence with a max of 2 years or a summary conviction offence.] 2/4
Identifiable group means any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or mental or physical disability. 3/4
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WATCH - the Two faces of #NDP leader Jagmeet Singh
#debatenight #CanadaVotes #FreeSpeech #Democracy
for tracking purposes. 7:58 a.m
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@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Good morning: As a female professional who has fact-checked for years, let me say that Flanagan sounds exasperated w Sonmez bc Sonmez's actions against #JonathanKaiman were extreme in the heat of #MeToo. Sept 2017: Sonmez & Kaiman were drinking alcohol at an all-day party. 1/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Kaiman says Sonmez initiated kissing him at the bar. (Sonmez did this knowing he had a girlfriend?) Sonmez admits she drove him home on her scooter. (Again, she was irresponsible. Sonmez drove a scooter in the streets while drunk, jeopardizing others' safety?) 2/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic It was late in the night. Both Sonmez & Kaiman were drunk messes. Sonmez claims Kaiman digitally penetrated her w/o her consent while the 2 were on her scooter, & was aggressive. (But she drove him home to his apt, instead of screaming, kicking him off, & driving away?) 3/x
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Thirty years ago, an admirer of Václav Havel expressed his appreciation of the dissident playwright on his 53rd birthday by submitting a glowing tribute to the birthday greetings section of the Czechoslovak Communist Party official paper Rudé Právo. (Thread)
2/7 The admirer, a young man called Petr Rýgr, knew that the paper wouldn't accept the tribute if he used Havel's real name, so he substituted the name "Ferdinand Vaněk", though he did use a real photo of the playwright.
3/7 Anyone familiar with Havel's work knew that "Ferdinand Vaněk" was a character who appears in several of his plays as a stand-in for Havel himself. But the Rudé Právo employee who accepted the birthday tribute was clearly unaware of this.
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If BBC censored an acct of Holocaust 4 fear of offending Germans wed rightly call it Holocaust denial. But yesterday a distinguished Sikh leader, Lord Singh, resigned his 35 yr tenure @BBC Radio when his talk reSikh Gurus was censored bc it may offend Muslims.
Lord Singh was sharing historical facts re Sikhisms 9th Guru & his execution 4 objecting to forced conversions to Islam. To honor TRUTH & courageous Sikh heroes who gave their lives 4 religious freefom, add to this thread & be sure 2 tag @Tim_Davie. & @BBCWorld
Share Sikh history on this thread & stories of the many other Sikh martyrs who perished resisting Islamic persecution. Use hastag:
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Working directly with Ecuador, the US govt spied on #Assange 24 hours a day via an illegal livestream surveillance operation set up by a private security firm and approved by Ecuador’s president. @jimmysllama @WikiLeaks @CourageFound…
@jimmysllama @wikileaks @couragefound Spain’s High Court is currently investigating security firm UC Global for what has been exposed as a mind-blowing, complex, and invasive surveillance operation set up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in order to monitor #Assange’s every move
@jimmysllama @wikileaks @couragefound After being hired by Ecuador’s intel agency, Senain, UC Global bugged virtually everything in the embassy including the women’s bathroom. UC's founder David Morales also admits to passing docs, vids, and audios of meetings #Assange held at the embassy to the CIA.
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#LIVENow in a few minutes with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Global Gestapo 12: Gloria Naylor & Stephen O'Keefe--The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate at -- join us!
#YoutubeCensorship Global Gestapo 12-- apparently too hot to handle for Youtube has been REMOVED, as violative of Community Guidelines on Hate Speech. I have sent an appeal but will upload on Vimeo & Bitchute in a few. 2/
While Dr. Karlstrom & I speculate on reasons why, I think it mostly means someone reported this video as "hate speech." This raises the question at heart of #HateSpeech #FreeSpeech: Is it a crime to speak about #Zionist imperialism, #Jewish supremacism, and facts of history? 3/
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Do not make me Do a thread on this..
5 Ways The Right Thinks Obama Is Trying To Disarm The Police…
Shocking: Obama to Disarm – Demilitarize Police
Who'Next Mu. In Congress? Ilhan Omar she will continue where Obama left off.. Don't Say I didn't Warn you!!!…
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1. Quite the to do, red carpet and all for Australia's prime minister Morrison. 170 invited guests. Rare state dinner hosted in the Rose Garden. But, is there more to it?

This is only the 2nd state dinner Trump has hosted. The 1st was for France, 514 days ago on Apr 24th, 2018.
2. Brainstorming... Yesterday @POTUS and @Scavino45 hosted Mark Zuckerburg, executives and attorneys from #Facebook at the #WhiteHouse. I posted a silly caption on the photo of that meeting. Though, it was a surprising sight to see in my opinion.

3. Highly interesting that Zuckerberg's meeting with @realDonaldTrump had very little press lead in and I haven't seen a single post-meeting statement by Zuckerburg of any weight. Somewhat ironic when compared to the massive hype around #8chan's debacle.

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🚨Facebook dichiara di essere un editore🚨

#Facebook ha ammesso in un documento federale di essere, in effetti, un editore, non una piattaforma!

#20settembre #censura #Italia #CasaPound #libertàdiparola #Renzi #GovernoConte2 #scissionepd #Bibbiano #governogiallorosso #Salvini
Ciò significa che"la decisione di #Facebook di disattivare un account non può essere attaccata perché,secondo la legge,né FB né nessun altro editore possono essere responsabili per la mancata pubblicazione del messaggio di qualcun altro"

#20settembre #FreeSpeech #Italia #Salvini
"Definirsi come editore apre #Facebook a cause legali per diffamazione e altre responsabilità per i contenuti pubblicati dagli utenti, qualcosa contro cui erano stati precedentemente immunizzati."

#20settembre #Italia #Salvini #FreeSpeech #WWG1WGA
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Now we've destroyed your country you can pay us to rebuild it.
We accept Natural Resources like oil & drugs as payment.

Democracy - meh!
We don't give a fuck about about Democracy - its all about MONEY & Corporate Profits.

Let's invade other countries and bomb the shit out of them.
Then we can grow and transport the drugs back to good 'ol USA and Europe.

CIA and the Arms Companies will make $bn's!

So the ultimate aim is to chip everyone to completely control them.

To do that we need to scare the shit out of them by starting lots of Wars, recruit lots of terrorists, & scaremonger about future famines & crop failures.

We'll make TRILLIONS.
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I been looking for Articles on 8chan and now they show up so conveniently on the Search Engines! wtf ever. LIES! 8 chan is not where hatred and violence is its a Forum board. #FreeSpeech smh.. Now MSM gonna start more trouble with lies give more fuel to Dems. lol
Thread 1
2 Here's one of the Articles I found Claiming @CodeMonkeyZ Platform is VIOLENT HATE SPEECH * Implicated all the shootings? Are you Serious?…
3. I have Warned my Friends to Not post on 8chan, 4 chan, go to Discord and such. Its all a Trap. Just lurk the boards and get info.
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The phalloplasty livestream has been taken down due to the endless amount of hate that Scott has received. This is what tolerance and acceptance looks like in the LGBT community. Most of you bullies are the first to cry over hate speech yet YOU are filled with hate.
It doesn't even matter if you like or dislike what his views are. What you morons should have gotten out of the video is this... phalloplasty IS a complicated and a risky surgery. Those that suffered major complications should be heard as much as those that did not.
I can not even begin express how upset and frustrated I am right now. This is why unpopular opinions remain unpopular. Because when people speak out they are attacked. So these opinions remain "unpopular" because no one wants to speak out. It is rare that we all do.
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Why are Rep. Adam Schiff (D) and Sen. Martha McSally (R) introducing more "crime bills" to fight terrorism, when White Nationalists and other domestic terrorists can be prosecuted under existing law?

#FreeSpeech #FirstAmendment

Rep. Schiff's HR4192 targets anyone who "obstructs, delays, or affects interstate or foreign commerce" or uses "any facility of interstate or foreign commerce" to "influence the policy of a government" (ANY government) and creates a "risk" to a person or property.

In plain English, "commerce" can be roads, the US or international mail, and especially the Internet.

That's broad enough to include exercising your right to free speech in public or on the Internet.

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Billy Joyce podcast.
#MaximeBernier not allowed in Canadian #LeadershipDebates - Death of #FreeSpeech
Thought you'd enjoy. 😉
@TomTSEC @QuigginReport
Watch the first 5 mins.
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#Twitter sta auto-bannando gli utenti che postano meme a favore del #VoterID

Capite? Gli algoritmi leggono e bannano i contenuti delle immagini, a discrezione dei #BigTech!

#Censura #StopTheBias #Mameli #4agosto #Italia #Salvini #Europa #DecretoSicurezzabis
E se iniziassero a bannare i meme che chiedono la verità su #Bibbiano?
Sul ponte Morandi?
Sul carabiniere Rega?

State. pronti.

#4agosto #Italia #Censura #ParlateciDiBibbiano #CSM #BIBBIANOPOLI #BibbianoPD #MarioCercielloRega #Salvini #FreeSpeech #Mameli
+ tutti gli account che Twitter ha sospeso perché stavano postando info in real time su #ElPasoShooting in contrapposizione ai #FakeNews che stavano diffondendo molte versioni discordanti assurde(tipo caso #CiercielloRega)

Non hanno più il controllo della narrativa. E lo sanno.
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The trial of two #ProudBoys involved in the #NY9 incident began yesterday.

Defense contended #GavinMcInnes was a satirist whose work was taken out of context.

@ADL dir. @orensegal stated violence is a core tenant of Proud Boys charter.

@RVAwonk @lighttuponlight
2/ In 2017, (during an #IRB approved research project), I sought to probe Gavin’s #altright connections & explore the possibility that the #ProudBoys were a #radicalization vector.

Prior to this I had studied foreign #terrorism.… @JD_JournalDerad
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Hey @TwitterSupport: What kind of stupid shit is this?

It's not enough that you INTENTIONALLY mess with (change) our settings daily, but now you guys alter our languages settings and we can't un-select them?

Seriously, WTF?

@parscale @WhiteHouse #FreeSpeech #WWG1WGA
@TwitterSupport @parscale @WhiteHouse Can't imagine why my acct is set to Estonian, Romanian, Czech, Welsh, and Hindi. And now I can't even change back to English only. But you guys aren't messing with Conservatives.

Ok, sure.

This is some straight up bullshit.
@TwitterSupport @parscale @WhiteHouse Oh...and Korean. Because yeah...I need that one too.
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The crowd welcomes President Trump to the stage at @TPUSA's #TSAS2019.

Watch 🔴LIVE:
@TPUSA "We believe in the American Constitution…we believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms."

Trump speaks at @TPUSA's #TSAS2019 - 🔴LIVE:
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@aaronjmate @TYT @MotherJones @theintercept @democracynow But Aaron, there is a price to pay for pushing fiction, rather than facts: And that is that most of these (fake-) news outlets lost all or at least a lot of credibility and what is #journalism without credibilty?
@aaronjmate @TYT @MotherJones @theintercept @democracynow 2. I recall a time when #CNN was "first for breaking news", the go-to channel when big news broke (from the passing of Princess Diana to 9/11), since #Election2016 many rightly called it "The Clinton News Network" & I hardly tune in.
#TrumpRussia #Media
@aaronjmate @TYT @MotherJones @theintercept @democracynow 3. Many great papers made the same mistake: The #NewYorkTimes, with 127 Pulitzer Prizes, suddenly allowed opinion pieces to be written by conspiracy nut #LouiseMensch. You can damage your good reputation with just one lousy piece.
The #NYT:Not completely fallen yet, but weakened!
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The ultimate bias on Twatter AOC with 4.7 million followers gets a retweet ratio of 1.1% and like ratio of 2.7 % let’s compare this to Donald Trump keep in mind a retweet or like does not mean someone is supporting or not it’s just a engagement or activity so with a similar ratio
President Trump would have the following numbers at same ratio with 61.9 mill followers 680,900 retweets he has 14.1k. 656,000 short his like ratio should be 1,865,700 likes it’s 1.8 million short with is less that 4% of a equal ratio or a 96% suppression on likes and a 98%
Suppression on retweets! No one can deny that this is bias. The analytics retweet bias it’s not 5 % or 10% or 20% or 30% or 40% or 50% or 60% or 70% or 80% or 90% it’s 98% suppression !
This is ridiculous! @realDonaldTrump #Freespeech #Politicalbias #QAnon #WakeUpAmerica
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#UN Launches All-out War on #FreeSpeech
In other words, forget everything about the free exchange of ideas: the UN feels that its 'values' are being threatened and those who criticize those values must therefore be shut down.…
Naturally, #UN assures everyone that, "Addressing hate speech doesn’t mean limiting/prohibiting freedom of speech. It means keeping hate speech from escalating into smth more dangerous, particularly incitement to discrimination, hostility & violence 🙄
Except the #UN most definitely seeks to #ProhibitFreedomOfSpeech, especially the kind that challenges the #UNAgendas.
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@realDonaldTrump 1. The very important step in #SocialMedia is that #Tech-companies can no longer lock out #users by hiding behind "we are a private company & our rules apply"!

Social media today is part & parcel of #freespeech & participating in the public forum of ideas.

@realDonaldTrump 2. So #banning people from main #SocialMedia-sites is like a form of exile: "Your ideas are no longer wanted here!"

Access to social media today is like access to a phone 25 years ago - It is now a main tool of social interaction.

@realDonaldTrump 3. So rules, regulations, if need be laws, are required forcing #SocialMedia-companies to stop acting like an autocratic #BigBrother, #banning & muting people almost at will (hiding behind "our rules").

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