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1/ Phosphate mining in Florida is a huge problem. Radioactive roads, fish kills, toxic mountains, cancer, and sinkholes...think #PineyPoint. There is ONE major company responsible for almost all of it, which is Mosaic, HQ'd in Tampa. ImageImage
2/ Phosphate mining is how chemical fertilizer is mass-produced. It involves strip mining the surface of the land, and creating gigantic toxic waste piles called "gyp stacks".…
3/ This time lapse video shows the scale of phosphate mining in Florida's "bone valley" over the last 40 years.
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Many of you may be wondering who Byron Donalds is? Let me enlighten you on my two time opponent.

Byron Donalds has an open rebellion among other Republicans in #SWFL for attacking women in public with him and his staff physically intimidating them (and me)…
Byron Donalds loves Donald Trump (and also DeSantis) and is playing them both. But he also loves being the guy that can say things other Republicans can’t.…
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Mexico's West coast is preparing for the landfall of Major #HurricaneRoslyn in coming hours. A Code Red maximum warning has been issued in Puerto Vallarta a tourist resort town south of the landfall location of the center of the hurricane.…
The forecast path of the hurricane is similar in relation to the coast line to that of #HurricaneIan, and #Roslyn is of simlar strength.

#Roslyn will cause significant storm surge to its East as it travels up the coast, blowing water ashore along a 462km stretch of coastline.
Puerto Vallarta is not the only coastal town in its path and, not the most vulnerable. These three towns are closer to the landfall point which is over a low lying flood plain.
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[#ExtremeWeather #ClimateChangeNow DATA ANOMALY THREAD – Central & North America]
In this thread I release five sets of data which appear to show atmospheric geo-engineering over North America at unprecedented scale, seemingly for the purpose of keeping hurricanes away.
During observations of #Invest91L #HurricaneJulia & #TSKarl in Central America there was an issue elephant sized mystery in the room – a tangential one, namely what is going on with the Arctic?
The constant impact of a the endless series of arctic blasts on forecasts came particularly obvious when hurricanes in both the Atlantic and Pacific were shown in a forecast moving south in model forecasts.
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Its now pretty clear what is going on. #HurricaneKarl #TSKarl is caught in an atmospheric river generated by #TD99E (in a similar way to how #HurricaneIan was) and headed towards florida - not Mexico.
The second overlay is a special "steering" product that allows you to see where a cyclone is headed - it focusses on the 500-850hpa wind range (1.5 to 5.5kms high winds ) which are particularly important for pushing cyclones.
And as you can see #HurricaneKarl is being steered towards northern Florida at present.
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This IR satelllite image [src: @TropicalTidbits] shows #TSKarl is unquestionably now #HurricaneKarl. It also shows it is not moving towards the Mexico coast line as per the current @NHC_Atlantic forecast - but moving NE. And the transformation into this was 3 hours ago.
Here are its first three hours as a hurricane.
And this is the most recent @NHC_Atlantic discussion bulletin for #TSKarl, issued 2 hours ago.
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THREAD ON IAN’S DEAD: Of the 119 deaths so far due to #HurricaneIan, most died during the hurricane and most were elderly. Others died due to car accidents or putting up tarp, incidental deaths that would not have happened but for Ian. And then there was this jarring line:
I write about understanding how people die. It isn’t good enough to simply give a number. How this person as compared to that person perished is relevant to understanding what we might do to prevent it in the future. From @TheAtlantic 2/…
And here is a book interview for THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS with @williams_paige for @NewYorker about what is commonly called “stupid deaths,” a term coined by the Haitians to describe those deaths that could be avoided. How people die matters. 3/…
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Cat 1 #HurricaneJulia is now making landfall over Nicaragua, its core covers 3/4 of the Eastern Seaboard and will extreme rainfall is underway over more than 50% of the country already. The scale of the storm is comparable to #HurricaneIAN was at Cat 5 on approach to Florida.
#HurricaneJulia's IR presentation on landfall. The colour gradation represents cloud top temperature with yellow representing the coldest and highest parts of the cyclones structure.
Forecasts expect #HurricaneJulia to decay rapidly, but as it is travelling over very warm rainforested areas with lots of recent rain, and it is dragging in moisture from a very wide area of convection it may maintain more integrity than expected.
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#CentralAmerica #ClimateChangeNOW #ExtremeWeather #HurricaneJulia #IMPACT 16-day assessment THREAD.

It is time to consider what is about to happen in Central America from a #LossAndDamages perspective.
With less than 72 hours till #HurricaneJulia's expected landfall in Nicaragua, #TD13L #PC13L #Invest91L has already wreaked untold havoc in Venezeula, it is now over Colombia. The death toll is rising.

What is ahead is dangerous. #ExtremeWeather impacts for 200 million souls.
All of these countries are forecast to recieve extreme rainfall on coastal areas (where people are concentrated) and in many cases deep inland.

The purple and white fringed areas in the map (Top Right) are forecast to recieve 7-25 inches of rain.
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Meanwhile "diturbance" #Invest91L - which may soon become #HurricaneJulia - has taken on the appearance of a comet.
#Invest91L at sunset 5th October 2022
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#HurricaneIAN #ExtremeWeather Update THREAD

The remnants of Hurricane Ian are showing little sign of abandoning the Tri State area. This is from this morning CEST before sunrise.
And here we see #HurricaneIAN this evening. In the morning Ian had developed a distinct visible rotation at its center. And this evening this started to move south downthe coast rather than East as it has been forcasted to do for some time.
This is this morning's 24 hour forecast.
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NOAA has published a remarkable tool to allow you to look at #HurricaneIAN damage in Florida and beyond.

This image shows the heart of the coverage of the satellite data - From Naples up to Venice. Imagery reveals how concentrated extreme damage is.…
Fort Meyers Ground Zero
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I think we can now describe #HurricaneIAN's remnant storm centered roughly over NYC & 1000kms in diameter, as a "Gyre".

Gyre= "a broad area of slowly spinning air that rotates counterclockwise in the Nth Hemisphere."

Typically Gyres are not over land though.
Also as you can see here it is widening. Abd its eye is nearly complete.

Which raises the question: Is anarchy about to be loosed upon the world?
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#ClimateChangeNow #ExtremeWeatherUpdate THREAD

#Invest91L located East of the Seaward Islands has woken up at day break with explosive convection - and is starting to look organised.

This storm is forecast to move towards the Gulf of Mexico.
In the long range PWAT animation in the quoted thread above you can see one possible outcome, a massive cyclone embedded in a gyre which nearly covers the entire Gulf of Mexico.

But that is still a long way off and can probably be considered a worst case scenario.
Hurricane's are not predictable at such long ranges. But large scale dynamics about atmospheric water dynamics are fairly reliable at range.

At this point the NHC remains unconvinced by Invest91L itself. And gave it just a 20% probability of formation only this morning. ImageImage
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#ClimateChangeNow Update THREAD.

The unusual, unpredictable and #ExtremeWeather of #HurricaneIAN is still continuing in the North East of the US. The remnant low has strengthened and remains parked off the Maryland coast.

This storm has now spent nearly a week over the US.
Last night I posted a fairly discursive thread looking at the Tropical Atlantic, and some threats in the long range GFS forecast - including the threat posted by the remnants of #HurricaneIan
Here we are looking in particular at the stationary low pressure center off the coast of Maryland (Top Left) in the animation above. The impacts are becoming more significant now as the remnants of #IAN - back over the Atlantic are strengthening again.

Last 12 hours in DC.
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#ExtremeWeather Update.

There is a lot going on in the Tropical & North Atlantic over the coming fortnight in this latest GFS run. Including two hurricane's and the continuing impact of the remnants of #HurricaneIAN in NE Nth America.
Here's the PWAT version. For Texas's sake it would be best if #Invest91L does not become a TS/Hurricane.
But there are a few other features in that forecast which are alarming. In the short term the MLSP shows the remnants of #HurricaneIAN remaining stationary just off the coast of Maryland for the next 48 hours. Which means this storm is not going away for two days.
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Latest HWRF model run is predicting hurricane development out of #Invest91L 2nd image shows very closely aligned track forecast data which puts this system on a very similar track into the Carribean to #HurricaneIan
Overnight Satellite presentation on #Invest91L
Note that there is a second area of interest being monitored by NHC a further East also in Hurricane alley.

In this CMISS diagnostic animation of #Invest91L you can see it has favourable low shear conditions for further development and a fairely clear circulation.
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Thread: The #HurricaneIan death toll and how to reduce the next hurricane death toll (USA)

👉Currently 44 officially reported deaths in FL, and 4 in NC.

👉As always, it will increase, over about two weeks.

👉Many such deaths are preventable.

Here is the official page to check for updates on the Hurricane Ian death toll in Florida:

I'm going to list some of the most common ways to die in a hurricane.

But first I'm going to talk about the political culture in FL that worsens the problem.
And by the way, every major issue like hurricane harm reduction is already political and politicized. I'm not politicizing a tragedy. I'm giving y'all the honest truth about how to save more lives next time. I consider it my civic and ethical duty.
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#HurricaneIan Update.

Additional extraordinary satellite observations.

As Hurricane Ian was making landfall in the Carolinas its atmospheric river exhaust was arriving in the Netherlands & Germany.
Even the most generous forecasts of the sheer extent of #Hurricane's impacts did not come close. As you can see here in the 12 hours after SC landfall, the Hurricane's remnants brought rain to all of West Virginia and Pennsylvania as well as NYC.
But that was not the end of it, in the evening and overnight yesterday the storm separated from its supporting atmospheric river and continued to revolve over Ohio, NC and Pennsylvania. The center of rotation appears to have been over WV and Eastern NC
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"B.C. saw less rain in 3 months than Hurricane Ian dumped in 1 minute."

-much of BC has seen hot & dry weather served with a side of smoke, including in our beautiful temperate rainforest

Our new alien world.

#ClimateCrisis #Ian #HurricaneIan…
@s_guilbeault are you paying attention to the west coast?

Right now children are *again* going to school breathing smoke. The 107 & 153 AQI here are samples from the #Vancouver region this morning

A few weeks ago, we hit the purple zone (the image says it all!)

#ClimateCrisis ImageImageImage
@s_guilbeault - the deniers are out in full force

You could be doing *much* more to talk about the running impacts of the #ClimateCrisis. It is not 'just' the one off disasters as terrible as those are

Millions are now breathing smoke, more & more regularly in #BritishColumbia
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#hurricaneian @NHC_Atlantic @winknews @MattDevittWINK @weatherchannel @backinblack_wx my thoughts on Ian, a thread. In SWFL for 32 years and 19 tropical system eyes within 60 miles of house,
have had my experiences. First I have to thank my son Brandon. He is a meteorologist at @NWSMobile He has kept me safe through numerous weather events often from a far. He beats himself up during these events when things dont go as planned but I know he is doing his
absolute best with the info he has to keep his entire family informed. He needs to try to remember property can be replaced, lives can not and that is what he has saved so thank you, you saved lives. Henry is grateful. Cant put into words how proud and thankful I am of you
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Payaso Patrol: Mayor Ponzi Postalita @FrancisSuarez got called out for fleeing Miami for a ritzy fundraiser in New York City while #HurricaneIan hit Florida, so now he’s hijacking rescue resources for a pathetic performative photo opp. #BecauseMiami
Last April, @CityofMiami Chief Resilience Officer quit after 11 weeks on the job; the 3rd CRO to leave since 2020. @FrancisSuarez's staff told a CRO “resilience is not a priority,” it's "too long term" with no immediate political or PR value. #BecauseMiami…
The @CityofMiami, climate change and sea level rise capital of the U.S., removed solar panels from city hall last July without permits required by their own codes and with no plan to replace them, claimed they haven't been working since 2017 #BecauseMiami:…
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As I said, #HurricaneIan efforts will get political fast, the familiar politics of destruction. But this is inartfully phrased by VP and should be clarified. It does not reflect the law, nor important achievements by the Biden WH for fairer distribution of disaster relief. 1/
The law, the Stafford Act, is clear. Section 308, 42 USC 5151 below. The last phrase, "economic status," has always been interpreted as a prohibition on means testing for assistance. Assistance is based on level of uninsured loss -- not race, gender or socioeconomic status. 2/
One can disagree, but it is the law and it has precedent, policy and practice supporting it. It will confuse things in the field to suggest standards are changing midstream. But, before you pounce on me, the VP was reflecting (inartfully) an important shift led by Biden WH. 3/
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Just a guess, but I reckon with the amphibious Littoral Response Group (North) in the Mediterranean on Op #Achillean, @HMSTrent & her @42_commando @RoyalMarines team will probably be heading for the Gulf of Guinea for a bit of anti-piracy work?
While, of course, on the other side of the World, the @RoyalNavy's @OverseasPatrol remains busy, with @HMS_Tamar recently enforcing sanctions off Korea.
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