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We’re celebrating #WorldNewsDay! The theme is ‘Journalism Makes a Difference’ & throughout today we'll be highlighting some of our members' stories.

Each one showcases different themes but all demonstrate good journalism & why it's worth promoting + defending #JournalismMatters Image
🇬🇭Firstly, we feature @thegbcghana whose journalism makes a difference when it galvanises citizens to address societal issues.

Most recently, a news piece on the state of neglect at a rural primary school yielded positive results...

#WorldNewsDay22 #JournalismMatters #Ghana
“Travelling across rural Ghana reveals a huge disparity in accessing education for the rural and urban child,” GBC News Coordinator Peggy Ama Donkor explained.

“The aid makes a difference in the lives of the [students] in terms of enrolment and retention.”
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“From zero to 500: building a global #JournalismMatters movement”

Madhav Chinnappa @natalieturvey @CherilynIreton @kathyenglish @journalismfest #ijf22
Natalie Turvey: “We’re launching the 5th editions of the #worldnewsday which is gonna take place the 28th September 2022”.

@natalieturvey @journalismfest #ijf22
Madhav Chinnappa: “One of the things of the pandemics is that people understood the importance of news".

@journalismfest #IJF22
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Dramatic shift in Amazon's influence:

The company is raising wages for workers across U.S.

To compete, to hang to talent, other companies — family-owned, but also giants — are also raising wages.

Important new insight in this WSJ story.

(Free below.)…
2/ Amazon has had a reputation for decades as a challenging place to work — reasonable, if not great, wages.

But a relentless work pace, monitored, logged, and then judged employee by employee.

But this WSJ analysis says 'The Amazon Effect' is turning positive.
3/ Here's the thing:

If Amazon (#2 largest employer in country) raises wages, other business, including small business, will squawk that they can't compete with the behemoth.

But if Amazon corrodes wages — do those employers pay up above AMZN?

Not typically. Pay down, in fact.
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i stay out of the wars between factions & camps,
my main concern is doing a great job as a journo,

I know some might find this disloyal or whatever,
but my priority is & always has been to do a good job as a truth-teller & occasional entertainer
My experience is if U let concerns of loyalty outpace truth, then U can put Urself in ugly positions

using a softer framing for a contentious issue or a vulnerable population is fine to a point,

but U should never say what U know to be false cuz its an easier pill to swallow
It might seem at the time to be beneficial to sell fake news to your audience cuz they want it,

But you are doing them no favors by helping them to believe in a fantasy
#journalism #journalist #journalismmatters
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11جون، 2011ء کو پشاور میں 2 دھماکوں میں 39 افراد ہلاک اور 100 سے زائد زخمی ہوئے تھے۔  دھماکے میں ایک صحافی اسفندیار عابدموقع پر ہی جاں بحق  جبکہ آٹھ دیگر زخمی ہوئے تھے. ایک صحافی شفیع اللہ بعد میں زخموں کی تاب نہ لاتے ہوئے  17 جون کو انتقال کرگئے تھے۔
ہم میڈیا کے ان تمام اہلکاروں کو خراج عقیدت پیش کرتے ہیں  جو اس طرح کے حملوں کی اگلی صفوں میں اکثر خود نشانہ بن جاتے ہیں۔

11جون کو 11 بجکر 45 منٹ پر ایک ریستوران میں لگائے گئے کم شدت کے دھماکے نے امدادی کارکنوں اور پولیس کو جائے وقوعہ کی جانب متوجہ کیا۔
چونکہ متعدد الیکٹرانک اور پرنٹ میڈیا دفاتر بھی اس گنجان آباد علاقے میں واقع تھے اسی وجہ سے وہاں کام کرنے والے صحافی فوراً موقع پر پہنچ گئے ۔ اس کے چند منٹ بعد ہی  اس علاقے کو ایک زوردار دھماکے نے لرزادیا جب موٹر سائیکل پر سوار ایک شخص نے  اپنی خودکش جیکٹ کو دھماکے سے اُڑادیا
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It's a sick joke to claim a journo as accomplished as @nhannahjones shouldn't be hired into UNC with tenure because she lacks an "academic background." She is EXACTLY who should be getting tenure at a j-school. #yesyoureracist @ncpolicywatch has receipts:…
@nhannahjones @NCPolicyWatch Who's doing ideology-based canceling on campus? The UNC Board of Trustees, not faculty or students.
@nhannahjones @NCPolicyWatch ICYWW, top journalism programs like Berkeley, Medill, Columbia and yes, NYU, hire accomplished journalists all the time who lack PhDs and sometimes even MAs (hello 🙋‍♂️). Sometimes they even come in with tenure. NHJ (who incidentally has a masters from UNC) is eminently qualified.
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We are the journalists of the Southern California News Group. We love what we do, and we are organizing to ensure that we can continue doing it.

Here's why we're doing it:

Southern California's local newspapers are essential. We document communities large and small, bringing news to millions of readers. In some of those places, we are the only ones left ensuring someone keeps an eye on the institutions & trends that affect people's daily lives. 2/9
As the workers of the Southern California News Group, we represent journalists spread across four counties, covering the news under one unified banner. We love what we do, and we are organizing to ensure that we can continue doing it. 3/9
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For the Sideshow Conspiracy Caucus of Congress -- central platform: "Bleh! Faux victimhood manufactured from disinformation! Bleh!" -- two observations:
1) They likely won't pass any bills, even if their party regains power.
2) They won't lose votes for their ineffectiveness.
Generally speaking, "ineffective" doesn't resonate with strong intensity for voters when you're driving up someone's negatives -- unless you tie it to something hyper-sensitive to their district, like if they couldn't prevent a major employer from closing despite intervention.
Instead, the Sideshow Conspiracy Caucus will argue, "I'm fighting for Super Important Values Statement someone told me a statistically significant number of you care about! Didn't you see me on TV?!" even if they'll actually do absolutely squat to achieve their stated objective.
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The investigations had 1 aim: Hold a child-welfare system accountable to families, public oversight.
I've a nose for injustice. Even I was shocked by how far judges/AG Office/DCS went to silence my reporting & the families. Mil gracias @AZPressClub for recognizing their stories!
Honored to share @AZPressClub awards for state/fed government & statewide social issues reporting w/some of the best AZ reporters.
¡ORALE! @mpolletta @ByIanJames @AndrewNicla @elizabethwhitty @ac_woods
Keep holding power to account! Felicidades, everyone:…
Many families took risks to share their stories w/me after I reported on government efforts to silence @AZDCSWarriors, a grassroots group of parents, grandparents who took their own risks monitoring court, AG Office, DCS actions to sever parental rights.…
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A thread about interns:

Our first virtual class came on this summer and, hoo boy, it's been a ride.

We were all working remotely, they joined the weekend the protests hit, and everything was chaos.

They had to get to know us, our work and our policies via just a screen. 1/
But while not idea, with the help of their mentors/professional partners here, they've adjusted so well and I am so proud of them.

I haven't done enough to promote them, so here's a thread to digest today: 2/
.@briah_lumpkins pitched a story about POC during Pride Month, and how this year is different. She took us inside an important story to open our eyes.

"Pride is about uprising." 3/…
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6 districts in Haryana have imposed a ban on social media news platforms using provisions - Section 188 of the IPC, Disaster Management Act 2005 and Epidemic Disease Act, 1957.
#FreedomOfSpeech #WebsiteBan #Haryana
The reason for the said ban is stated to be “dissemination of unverified and misleading news from such platforms may disturb tranquillity in the society and may adversely affect the mental health of common man during the COVID-19 pandemic".
#Covid_19 #pandemic #FakeNews
These six districts include #Sonipat, #Kaithal, #CharkhiDadri, #Karnal, #Narnaul and #Bhiwani.
The News platforms upon which the Ban has been imposed are based on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Public App and LinkedIn.…
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While I'm enjoying the newfound interest in celebrating #JUNETEENTH2020, let's not forget exactly what we're celebrating.
Juneteenth isn't the day African Americans were freed from slavery.
It's the day when African Americans FOUND OUT they had been freed from slavery.
The Civil War was over, Lee had surrendered at Appomattox and the defeated Confederates retreated back home to their farms and their plantations, knowing that they had lost and that the reason for the war, African American slavery, had come to an end.
But once back home, knowing their world had changed, did the white slave masters release their black slaves and wish them good luck? Or even try to negotiate a paid position for the men and women who fed them, provided their living and took care of their children?
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1/In sanctuary for #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral due to start in about an hour. Family and friends are wearing black and white, filing past the open, gold-plated casket. Everyone wearing masks. @AP and @HoustonChron posting photo.
2/Family and guests taking seats #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral. @JJWatt and @channingtatum spotted. @tylerperry Jamie Fox and @FloydMayweather expected.
3/ The latest from #GeorgeFloyd family and funeral in #Houston…
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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Our reporting on the true #COVID19 death toll is one of four TV exclusives recognised by @pressgazette

Thank you to all those who have the courage to speak out and trust us to tell your story. #journalismmatters
You can see the original reporting here:
Kudos to fab team @JoshHo_ & @luciajwalker
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It's hard to capture the absence of activity. How do you show something that is missing? These wonderful @reuters pictures do just that.

First, the National Mall in Washington on March 15.

Pic by Carlos Barria

#coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #PictureOfTheDay #photography
An empty lecture hall at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on March 16.

Pic by Piroschka van de Wouw
A swimming pool in Mumbai on March 16.

Pic by Francis Mascarenhas
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Yesterday, Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney suggested that Canadian energy is produced "at the highest environmental, human rights and labour standards on Earth." #abpoli #ableg /1
He also said he wants Alberta to "fight back" against people who "lie about how we produce energy" and to "tell the truth assertively." /2
Then he said Ottawa plans to impose new laws that "will make it impossible to get pipelines approved in the future." /3
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What were the most significant Canadian news stories for you in 2018? As the year draws to a close, there’s no doubt in my mind that the ongoing Trans Mountain saga remains top of mind and critical for many people. Here are the ones that stood out for me:
It might not be a surprise that senior public servants advised the federal government that the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion project would be good for the economy. But did you know public servants recommended...
... fast-tracking the federal review in January 2016 to prevent Texas company Kinder Morgan from walking away? It all may have started with a phone call from oil pipeline executive Ian Anderson. Here’s what I reported in April:…
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