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These 3 tribal sardars were members of Soviet influenced NAP (ANP) & allies of Indian sponsored Awami League in 1970 elections.

Following India’s invasion of East Pakistan they met with Bengali diplomats to plan Balochistan’s secession from Pakistan.…
In 1973 Nawab Akbar Bugti publicly disavowed the plan & exposed the ‘London Plan’ as a conspiracy to break Balochistan away from Pakistan on behest of KGB & RAW.

Akbar Bugti was made Governor Balochistan & he oversaw an army operation against Marri & Mengal dominated #BLA.

Parallel with creation of #BLA another terror group BLF was formed in 1964 by leftist baloch students in Syria.

Balochistan Liberation Front-BLF was formed by student leader Jumma Khan Marri in Syria, son of Sardar of Ramkani clan Hazar Khan Marri & senior BLA commander.

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India can not afford to be dependent on EU-US actions over belligerent and rogue China. India needs to confront China on its own might - “Actions of China meant threats to India and Southeast Asia: Mike Pompeo justifies US' revised military posture”. :…
The loud sloganeering of #HindiChiniBhaiBhai and #Panchsheel Doctrine of Nehru has betrayed us terribly. China always wore a mask to deceive, can no more be been taken on face value. India must assert - Read about China’s intrigues & belligerence 👇🏽:…
India will have to be on high guard in view of the fresh satellite images uncovering China's ploy in Galwan Valley, besides opening new front in Depsang. More on this here by Col. Vinayak Bhat(Retd). :
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1/n #Ladakh
#Changa #Leh: #IndianArmy Ammunition Supply Depot:
Approx 6km from Ladakh aiding counter #China Mil strategy of #India
Main hot supply facility to Ladkah/#Kargil
Vital target for China in case of escalation
@zlj517 @SpokespersonCHN
2/n #Ladakh
#Changa #Leh: #IndianArmy Ammunition Supply Depot:
RC Box Type (HPM) Missile storage+more
Ammu/Explosive storage/ CAD
Vital target for #China in case of escalation
#Leh is next impt point for securing #Chinese interests
@zlj517 @SpokespersonCHN
#Changa #Leh: #IndianArmy Ammunition Supply Depot:
Vital target for #China for it's territorial security & economic growth
US is eyeing Ladakh for direct access to Tarim Basin & Tibetan Plateau
For China Nubra,Leh #Ladakh r impt

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People of #Pakistan & some politicians from #Turkey boast a lot about their friendship

Being a true #Hypocrite @ImranKhanPTI head of 1st islamic state has shaken hands with #China

Here is a thread on how Turkic Muslims #Uighur are treated in China

#Shame 👇

First of all. Lets us get to know #Uighur Muslims

Who are they ? ? ? ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

#Uighur Turkic muslim follow Sunni #Islam the same religion that is followed by 75% - 95% of #Pakistan

👇 Their Introduction


What is happening with the #Uighur the Turkic muslims in #China ?


Systematically Oppressed

Horrific stories of separating mothers from children

Traditional muslim names not allowed for new borns

Spy apps on muslims phones to keep a check

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1. #China’s recent aggression at the border with India at key strategic locations in Union Territory of #Ladakh is nothing new nor is its betrayal of historic treaties with (former) J&K, #Tibet & HK. However, the dragon now faces a new India that attempts to tame it. A thread:
2. #China already occupies about 1/5th of original state of Jammu & Kashmir incl. Aksai Chin and Sakshgam valley “gifted” by #Pakistan. However, historically, these parts have been a part of formerly princely state of J&K that officially & legally became a part of #India in 1947.
3. Not just J&K but significant parts of #Tibet were also controlled by J&K rulers. Here’s the chronology of how #China illegally occupied these territories and clearly flouted the treaties signed during these times.
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Since Boycott China has been trending at the top in #Pakistan
Here is thread on how
#HumanRights &
#AnimalRights are being violated in #China openly
Also, the culture and super hit songs of China against other nations
China is responsible for #coronavirus Image

This is how the administration treats #women & kids in #China

Boycott China


Brutally Killing People, shooting them with pallet guns & violating #HumanRights is a common practice in #China

Boycott China
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Bill introduced in #US Congress ( Lok Sabha) to declare the #USA will consider #Tibet as a free independent nation separate from #China . Interesting to note the proposal has come from a Republican Congressman @RepScottPerry who is a former @USArmy Brigadier General.
If & when this passes will open up assistance funding & support for the #Tibetans in exile in #India & elsewhere.
Will also open up routes for the #USA to sanction #China & any other nation ( #Pakistan ) that uses an illegal #CPEC /route passing through occupied #Tibet.
As I've said on a different fora earlier #India is key to helping rebuild #Tibet as a free nation for #Tibetans . I believe the @PMOIndia would've already started working on modalities with HH the @DalaiLama & the Govt of #Tibet in exile at Dharamshala & Bylakuppe.
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#China-#India stand-off at Laddakh & consequences 4 #Pakistan

What I think of new tension?

🇨🇳’s move into #Laddakh & establishing a hold over Galwan river valley comes after 🇮🇳 coerced Nepal by encroaching it’s border territory & reviving Kalapani dispute.

China says that #India actually encroached in its territory. The similar holding over of river valley led to 1962 war between India and China.

What strategic compulsion weighed in behind the Chinese move?

A) What immediate reasons?

1. 🇮🇳 ’s aggressive behaviour re Nepal reviving Kalapani dispute, indirectly implicated 🇨🇳-es interest.

2. Post Aug 5 annexation of IOK w/ 🇮🇳-n intention 2 turn Laddakh into union territory rattled 🇨🇳 that 🇮🇳 is materially changing status of th region contested by🇨🇳& 🇵🇰.

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So, finally it begins. Happy2 know China took d 1st step.Clears us from & on many things. Now,dat we've a situation.I expect & suggest2 Go all out. No holding back of any sort.Dis is d time4 everything that we ever wanted is there up for grabs.
Whole heartedly agree. International community supports only when dey know dey won't have any repercussions. India hv always done well in assuming & ultimately hving seen absolute non-supportive behaviour of the world. We're alone in this & shud work according2 dat only.
Hong Kong iron-clad unity will mean new incursion & skirmishes between India-China border areas. Now, it won't be limited to just Ladakh. Upcoming events will involve North East & Nepal.
Yes, Nepal too. Troop deployment will increase.
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TREAD! Pakistan-Iran fencing?

Why fencing #Iran border w/ Pakistan is a big challenge for Islamabad, not due to money but for the following reason—I am delineating below:

There are 4 issues related but distinct....

1. Narco route
2. 🇮🇷’s grey economy
3. Human trafficking
4. Border economy

I ll address narco issue first:
Illicit drug trade originates from #Afghanistan; is worth up 2 $70B yearly in #UK streets; up to $3 bill is invested back in region rest end up in western banks. 2/
Porous border is used 4 narco logistics/route.

Drugs cartel funds terrorism, & warlordism & mafias in border regions of 🇦🇫, 🇵🇰 & 🇮🇷; they have influence in weak state like 🇦🇫 & desperate elements in structures in Iran 🇮🇷 who do not want stringent border between 🇮🇷 & 🇵🇰.

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As I told y'all earlier.This is how a cyber warfare starts.Official confirmation turns into portrayal of betrayal thereby leading2 blind patriotism & excited & angry population.Soon, every cyberspace will B filled with intense hatred & anger towards India.
This isn't just another statement. It has deep meanings & implications.
Looks like we're ready to take up the mantle & do things on our own.
But will we take charge?
Has to be decided ASAP
#AtmaNirbharBharatAbhiyan #AtmaNirbharBharat #AatmanirbharBharat
War, simply, isn't [all lost/all win] situation. It's a message of changing dynamics 2-d world. Many things change B4 d War, during d War & after d war. But
Change shall remain constant.
Is India ready for that change?
As a naive optimist I am.
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India need to take tough stand when Pakistan is already isolated and China is facing outcry of world in this #ChineseCoronaVirus India should also strengthen Chahbahar port to counter #CPEC and defeat unholy alliance btw Pakistan and China.
@narendramodi @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
1. Historically, Balochistan was a sovereign.In1947, when the British left the sub-continent. Kalat-Balochistan remained a free and independent country. The Khan of Kalat approached India for protection but no positive response by the Jawahar Lal Nehru led government.
2. Balochistan, the most volatile province in the southwestern borders of Pakistan has been struggling since 1948 against Pakistani illegal occupation. Balochistan got independence from the British on August 11, 1947 but was illegaly occupied by pakistan since march 1948.
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I’ve been focusing on #Pakistan and #CPEC recently, but wanted to tell you all about this article on #India that @WilfriedSwenden and I published recently. In it we assess Lijphart’s claim that India should be coded as consociational 1/n.
Wilfried and I aren't the first ones to do this but we use new data, some from @TCPD_Ashoka to assess power sharing in #India in relation to #religion #caste, #territory and #language 2/n
In relation to the Union #Cabinet we find that #Muslims are under-represented according to their proportion of the population and that this is getting worse 3/n #India Deviation from proportionality in Indian cabinet based on religion 1947-2018
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Today liberal academics & leftist student activists are glorifying acts of terrorism by two student activists turned confessed #BLA terrorists as political activism.

It’s important to expose this heinous nexus between liberal academia, student activism & terrorism:

We must remember that #BLA is an internationally recognized terrorist organization:

Govt of #Pakistan has been trying to bring #BLA terrorists to justice, and appealing to all international organizations & government action against #BLA:

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Pakistan-China Industrial Cooperation #Thread


Pak-China Industrial cooperation, compounded with the guidance of Chinese experts, will provide an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to strengthen its industrial capacity & capability.…

CPEC's potential impact on Pakistan has been compared to that of the Marshall Plan by USA in post-war Europe. Analysts predict that CPEC will result in creation of upwards of 2.3 m jobs between 2015–2030, & add 2 to 2.5 % points to the country's annual economic growth.

The future of Pakistan lies in export led growth strategy, which makes development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) vital to improve the country's capacity and to complement the export requirements.

#CPEC #IndustrialCooperation
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تھریڈ:ایکطرف حکومت فسطائیہ ریاستِ مدینہ کا ڈھونگ رچاتےسودی نظام کیخلاف قراردادیں منظورکرتی ھے-
دوسری طرف نسلوں کا مستقلTbillsکی مدمیں13.5٪شرح بیاج پربین الاقوامی ساہوکاروں کےپاس گروی رکھوایاجارھاھے-
حکومتی قرضہ جات کو debt instrument کے زریعے ری فنانس کر کے ڈکیتی مار جا رہی ھے
گذشتہ دس برس میں صرفPMLNکی حکومت نے شرح بیاج کو بتدریج کم کرتے, مہنگائی کو قابواورکاروبار کی حوصلہ افزائی کی. Tbills lکی مدمیں اربوں ڈالر سود کی بیرونی ادائیگیوں کو کم کر کے پیداواری صلاحیت میں اضافہ کی ضروریات کو پورا کرنے کیلئے سرمائے کو کیپتل گڈز کی درمدات کیلئے استعمال کیا
چینی صدرکےدورے سےقبل نیازی نے دھرنےدئے #CPEC کوقرضوں کاشکنجہ قراردیتے- جبکہ 13.5٪ کے مہنگے TBILLS کے برعکس #CPEC کے 2فیصد پر سستے قرضے ملکی تعمیر و ترقی کیلئے اہم سنگ میل تھے- لیکن آج بھی قومِ یوتھ کی مفلوج زندہ لاشیں ان قرضہ جات کو حالیہ معاشی زبوں حالی کا موجب قرار دیتی ہیں
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Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — and chanted slogans against the media group and set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) What Mr #ImranKhan said on #PressFreedom when #TheNews & #JangGroup were under attack by Mr #NawazSharif (1997-1999)
Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — and chanted slogans against the media group and set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) What Ms Maleeha Lodhi
said on #PressFreedom when #TheNews & #JangGroup were under attack by Mr #NawazSharif (1997-1999)
Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — chanted slogans against the media group & set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) When #PervezMusharraf attacked #PressFreedom , PTI Leader Roedad Khan said Musharraf has to go or Pakistan won’t survive
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#China #India #ModiXiSummit 2019.
Few Things not Talked, But are Conveyed & Understood in Unspoken & Informal Communication Arena !?

Twelve (12) Points;

1. #Kashmir ; No mediation Please
2. #CPEC through PoK ; NO GO Please
3. #Terrorism ; Radical Islamic Terrorism
4. #Pakistan ; Go, Went & Gone.
5. #POK ; Next. When ?
6. #Trade ; Need for Balance.
7. Mutual Trust, People to People - Contact & Connect.
8. Convergences on #WTO, Climate Change, Globalisation & Terrorism.
9. Respect each other's Sensitivities, Core Concerns & National Interests.
10. Resolve Boundary Issue/Question/Dispute & Complete LAC Exchange of Perceptions. Peace & Tranquility at LAC.
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#راه_ابریشم_نوین یا #ابتکار_کمربند_جاده یا #یک_کمربند_یک_جاده مهم ترین نمود و نماد #ژئوپلتیک_راه در جهان امروز است. اهمیت #راه_شاهی و #راه_ابریشم نمایان گر مرکزیت #ژئوپلتیک_راه در سامانه سیاسی-اقتصادی-فرهنگی-اداری ایران است./1 #سیمرغ_ایران #NewSilkRoad #BeltandRoad #silkroad #bri
#راه_ابریشم_نوین طرح کلان سرمایه گذاری #چین در زیربناھای اقتصادی ۶۰ کشور جھان است که مھم ترین سویه اعمال قدرت #چین در ورای مرزھای خود برای دھه ھای آینده خواھد بود. گذشته از مسیر زمینی٬#راه_ابریشم_دریایی و #راه_ابریشم_یخی بخشی از این مگاپروژه هستند./2 #Maritime_Silk #Ice_Silk_Road
ایده پرداز اصلی #راه_ابریشم_نوین #شی_جین_پینگ رهبر چین است. راه افتادن این طرح همراه با دگرگونی های ژرفی در #ژئوپولتیک و چیدمان قدرت در #خاورمیانه_بزرگ خواهد بود و بر جایگاه ایران در منطقه و جهان تاثیر خواهد گذاشت. این امر به دلایل زیر باز می گردد:/3
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As per chatter in high-level bureaucratic circles GoI is in talks with foreign multinational corporations for development of Srinagar-Jammu Industrial Corridor, including Chinese ones. A major Kashmir Development Summit slated to be organised soon with global investors lined-up.
Meanwhile discussions are also underway for a possible deployment of American missiles in Kashmir - possibly Ladakh. The move already rejected by Australians.

Washington withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces INF Treaty, the sametime military was deployed in Kashmir
Both Australia and South Korea have categorically rejected US demand for the deployment of American ground-based missiles on their soil.

Hence, India is on the cards now.
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#CPEC is the backbone of #Pakistan's Grand Strategy. Enemies are keen to foment trouble in #Balochistan to sabotage the project.
A hike in terror attacks has been witnessed in the past months in Balochistan especially in areas in proximity to #Gwadar which is part of #Sabotage.
Killings of #Hazara Shias in Balochistan helps the enemy kill two birds with a stone.
1. It causes trouble in Balochistan,
2. It decreses confidence of Shias in the state of #Pakistan and leads to anger and frustration in Gilgit Baltistan, The Critical province in #CPEC.
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#Rouhani invites #Japan to invest in #Chabahar. Interesting how #Iran is bringing countries that have policy issues with #China to get in the port to counter #CPEC/#Gwadar.
This should not surprise anyone. This is a consistent policy of involving states with issues with #China like #India/#US/#Japan to counter #CPEC/#Gwadar.
This is why it is important that #Pakistan engages #Trump Admin and convinces it that waiver on #Chabahar to #India/#Iran not in #US interest. It strengthens lobbies in #Afghanistan opposed to Trump peace plan.
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Organized misinformation campaign is underway inside #Pakistan agst economic deals with #IMF+#China+#KSA+#UAE. It seeks to fail the economy by paralyzing govt decision making. Campaign originates from elements/sources known to coordinate on issues of interest to regional actors.
This campaign disguises itself as oversight of Govt deals but it is actually focused on disinformation, demoralization, & generating an overall environment of uncertainty to paralyze Govt & State. This campaign has all the hallmarks of information operations & is not dissimilar
to earlier campaigns on #Yemen #IMCTC #KSA #Turkey #US #CPEC & #China. A key objective in these campaigns has been to paralyze the State & confuse public opinion to facilitate damage to #Pakistan's strategic interests through indecision & chaos. IMF deal is being presented as
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With #US sanctions on #Iran, this is the time for #Pakistan to squeeze #Tehran on #IRGC's destabilization inside Pak+alliance with #India in #Afghanistan+#Chabahar. #Islamabad should leverage IRGC's use of Pakistani markets/ports for smuggling and evading
#US sanctions. #Pakistan should not look away this time as it did during #Iran-#Iraq war in 80s when #IRGC used Pak facilities to dodge sanctions. Let's remember how the Pasdaran, who are #India's allies in Iran, bluntly threw Dr AQ Khan under the bus in 2003 creating the biggest
crisis for #Pakistan's nuclear program, and how #Iran joined #India diplomats in openly lobbying #China to end #CPEC part of #BRI bcz "#Balochistan is not safe" while sponsoring terrorism to ensure #Beijing changes its mind. This is the moment to isolate
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