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These #fascist #anarachist #communist #leftist #liberals have been intimidating/threatening/shaming/silencing our platforms... organizations... employers.... companies, WHEN SOMEONE DON'T BOW DOWN TO THEIR VICIOUS IDEOLOGY. ❌


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#BLM inc., is a Marxist Communist Fascist Anarchist organization that is currently aligned, and is collaborating with #antifa domestic mob terrorist group terrorizing people of America & traumatizing Americans. #SeattleRiots #PortlandRiots #KenoshaRiots

#HindusForTrump🚩 @POTUS
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In 2018, Sheriff #DavidBeth went on a bizarre eugenics rant, claiming that the police’s job should be to stop “these males” from “getting ten other women pregnant & having small children.”
by @AlanRMacLeod #kenoshaprotest #Kenosha #KenoshaRiots #JacobBlake
Being in the midst a summer of unprecedented racial and political unrest was apparently not enough to stop Kenosha police from emptying seven rounds into the back of yet another unarmed black man.
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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Radical Leftist leaders in Wisconsin are holding press conference singing from pro-BLM/Antifa/mob playbook. Lt. Gov. and Gov. Evers decrying "systemic racism," bending the knee. Condemning armed citizens. NO outrage about violent criminal rioters/looters.…
Alabama, Michigan, and Arizona will be sending National Guard troops to assist in Wisconsin, but under state supervision, not federal. #KenoshaRiots
FFS. @GovEvers and @LGMandelaBarnes are total propagandists for BLM/Antifa. Evers defended trashing cops involved in Jacob Blake incident. Both repeated lie that Leftists were "peaceful." Without naming Kyle Rittenhouse, they blamed armed citizens for threatening 1st amendment!
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The 3 shot (2 killed) in #Kenosha, Wisc. at the BLM riot have been identified.

Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, was the first one killed. Video allegedly shows him chasing teen shooter & throwing something at him. Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender for a sex crime involving a minor.
Anthony Huber, 26, was shot & killed in Kenosha, Wisc. at the BLM riot. He was filmed chasing down the armed teen and hitting him when he was on the ground with a skateboard. He has a criminal history that includes charges of battery & repeat domestic abuse. #KenoshaRiots
The third who was shot (& survived) is Gaige Grosskreutz, 26. He's a member of the People’s Revolution Movement. He was filmed chasing after the teen w/a pistol. He was shot at close-range in the upper arm. He has a criminal record that includes being intoxicated & armed w/a gun.
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Der #ORF vermeldet in d #zib2 "keine Erklärung" seitens d Behörden v #Kenosha, wieso Beamte geschossen hätten. Das #FS3 erlaubt sich d aufgeblähten "Nach-Richter" diese als Bild nachzureichen. #Journalismus wäre eigentlich ganz einfach...


Die angebl. "friedlichen" #AntiFa Rabauken (Neusprech: Protestierer) in #Kenosha attakierten d Mann v d "Bürgerwehr" mit d autom.Waffe, was in d #zib2 tunlichst verschwiegen wurde. "Helfer" mit einer Walther-PPK? #Journalismus ist doch gar nicht so schwer, oder?

#C4Q ImageImageImage
In slow motion erkennt man genau, dass d Schütze mit der AR in #Notwehr gegen d bewaffnetwn Angreifer d #AntiFa/#InterNazis Schergen in #Kenosha handelte. Er war bereits z Boden gerissen & wurde v diesen dummen "Zombies dennoch weiter attackiert...

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Police scanner audio in Kenosha indicates a woman called 911 to report Jacob Blake was at her home & wasn’t supposed to be, & had stolen her keys. Responding police were made aware of Blake’s arrest warrant for domestic abuse & a felony sex crime. #KenoshaRiots #BlackLivesMatter
I have published the raw police scanner audio of the 23 Aug. 2020 incident involving #JacobBlake, who was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a felony sex crime charge & more. A woman called 911 & asked for help because Blake showed up at her home. #BLM
Clarification: Dispatcher told officers there was “an alert at this address for a 99 for this subject.” 99 refers to an active warrant. Court records show a warrant was issued last month for a felony sex crime charge, trespass & disorderly conduct. #JacobBlake #BlackLivesMatter
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@SlightlyOffens 0:00: Single shot heard. Unclear if this hit anyone

0:04: 4 tap burst at man with no shirt who rushes a gun holder. Unclear if gunman who fired shot at 0:00

0:07: 3 more shots. Unclear if any victims or if same shooter as 0:04

0:09: Shooter from 0:04 emerges (green shirt)

@SlightlyOffens 0:10: Man in black shirt appears to motion to gunman that he is not a threat with passive hand motion goes on to tend to man shot.

0:15: shooter from 0:04 now standing over man who he shot in the head

@SlightlyOffens 0:20: Gunman now has phone out, he will go on to place a phone call. Worth noting this is ~15 seconds after the 4 shots at 0:04

0:25: Man in black shirt rendering first response frantically removes shirt, likely to tend to the victim's wounds

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GRAPHIC: Rioters chase down a man with a semi-auto rifle. He shoots them. Video by @BGOnTheScene. #KenoshaRiots
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: @Julio_Rosas11 recorded up-close footage of one of the men who tried to attack a man who was on the ground but armed with a semi-auto rifle. Half of his upper arm was blown off. #KenoshaRiots
Correction: Video of the man with the badly injured arm was recorded by louriealex (Instagram).
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Extremely graphic: Someone at the #KenoshaRiots was just shot in the head. @livesmattershow was there to record it.
Daily Caller reporter @RichieMcGinniss was almost shot. He’s seen in the footage taking off his shirt to help stop the bleeding on the man on the ground. #KenoshaRiots
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Getting oriented, I'll call out if I hear anything big
Fire alarm at the museum, rioters are seen on-site and police are responding.
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I used to live in uptown #kenosha. I'm not surprised by the #KenoshaRiots. The homeless population was being helped for years by a group in the area called First Steps. Some of yall might remember seeing all the homeless folks in the area sleeping in tents outside there (1/?)
for a while, up until the city gov decided to shut First Steps down because 1 Alderman didn't want to see homeless people in their district. It was more important for them to put the homeless population out of sight than it was to help them. (2/?)
If an officer is called to a situation where a homeless individual is involved they now are instructed to bring that homeless individual to the outskirts of town to the job center (which has no resources for the homeless population) instead of bringing them to First Steps (3/?)
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.@CNN on tonight’s #KenoshaRiots:

About 75 police in riot gear remain in a long line stretching one block in front of the Courthouse, protecting the front door and building facade directly across from Civic Center Park. Image
“About half an hour ago, ‘tensions spiked’ as ‘protesters’ hurled bottles at the police line, chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘F*** the police.’

Police ‘threw tear gas’ into the crowd, dispersing many of the protesters. The smell of tear gas still permeates the air now.
Fireworks are being set off every few minutes. Protesters have resumed throwing bottles, now hidden behind one of the burned-out dump trucks from last night.”
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